Special Content for ‘City of Lost Souls’ Revealed

With City of Lost Souls just about three months away from its May 8 release, Cassandra Clare has shared some news regarding the special content that will come in different editions of the book.

Four different stores in the US will be carrying a different form of special content.

Special Content:


BARNES AND NOBLE will be carrying their own special edition. It will contain a letter from Stephen Herondale (Jace’s real father) to Jace, written before he died. It will be detachable and affixed to the back of the book.

WALMART will be carrying its own special edition. It will contain the short story “A Dark Transformation” about how Jonathan Morgenstern took over the identity of Sebastian Verlac.

COSTCO will be carrying its own special edition. It will contain “The Act of Falling”: the “alleyway kiss” from City of Fallen Angels from Jace’s perspective.

Target will be carrying its own special edition: the short story “A Question of Power” in which Alec and Camille talk about Magnus and his father.

In Canada:

INDIGO/CHAPTERS will be carrying the same special edition as BARNES AND NOBLE in the US. COSTCO CANADA will be carrying the same edition as COSTCO US.

In Australia/In the UK:

Still waiting on this info.

This has got to be the best collection of special content to be released with a book.

Keep in mind that all special content will be available to read online after an exclusivity period of between 3-6 months.

Which edition will you buy? One? All?

What special content are you most excited to read?


  1. What about the Nook…..will it get the same content as the B&N edition?

    • Most likely because Barnes and noble made the nook but idk. I hope so cu I also Hav a nook. I’m so excited. I can’t wAit until may

  2. Costo please.

  3. And which edition will be sold in france?? I dont mind reading in dnglish but i hope i will have at least one special scene!!

  4. I can’t decide if I want the one from B&N or Target….
    maybe both….
    Someone help!

  5. I’m a huge Malec fan so I really want the Target version and I want to read the letter that Stephen wrote Jace

  6. Down With Jem says:

    I have to go to 5 stores? Crap -_- XD

  7. Ah bugger, I’ve got only Walmart.

  8. Special content in england? :(

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