Th3rd World shares new full-color ‘City of Bones’ graphic novel panels

Th3rd World, the company creating the City of Bones graphic novel, released two new full-color panels of the forthcoming first issue.

Read more about the City of Bones graphic novel.

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  1. very nice layout! Lots of drama.

  2. ” Jesus! ”
    “Actually it’s Simon, but I’ve been told the resemblance is quite startling.” ;)

    Oh Simon… hehe

  3. mina blak says:

    Sooooo cool!
    I’ve been anticipating this Graphic Novel as much as I’m anticipating the CoB movie! I cannot sing enough praises to Nikky – she’s just a phenomenal artist with incredible drawing style and a unique sense of characters…
    I think that today’s “manga generation”/majority of kids aren’t used to reading the beautiful classic comics that some of us, older fans, grew up on and that’s why they’re having a hard time “understanding” the way the characters are supposed to look. To me, the characters simply couldn’t look better, they’re exactly how I’ve imagined them in my head – just perfect! :)

  4. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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