‘City of Lost Souls’ Book Trailer Premiere

Photo: Dirty Robber

The highly anticipated book trailer for City of Lost Souls premiered on Entertainment Weekly late Wednesday morning.

Produced by Dirty Robber, the folks behind the Clockwork Prince book trailer, the trailer takes a dark look at Sebastian and his plans for City of Lost Souls.


City of Lost Souls will be released on May 8th (less than three weeks now!).

Cassandra Clare wrote the script, which Dirty Robber used to create the trailer.

“My name is Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. I had a father but he is dead. I have a mother but she is dead to me. I have a brother and I will bind him to me. I have a sister and I will teach her to love me. My name is Jonathan, but everyone calls me Sebastian. And I am going to burn down the world.”

Clare had this to say about the trailer:

In answer to a few questions: I didn’t know Sebastian was going to have a British accent till he opened his mouth in the trailer. I kind of like it though. I wrote the script for the trailer (text above) and Dirty Robber took it and created all the imagery. The girl wrapping the scarf around Seb’s neck is Clary.

A cool tidbit about the actor portraying Jace in the trailer: He is indeed the same guy on the City of Lost Souls cover and he will be making an appearance at Cassandra Clare’s book launch in Naperville, IL on May 8.

Also, Natalie C. Markey of TMI Examiner did an awesome interview with Dirty Robber and found out that the City of Lost Souls trailer will be featured on television. Details coming.

What was your favorite part of the trailer? Does the trailer have you worried about the events that go down in City of Lost Souls?

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  1. Sarah (thepaisleyowl) says:

    To be honest, my favorite part was where Clary is smiling at Sebastian. I think it shows he (Sebastian) will use his bonding to Jace to make Clary love him. I think the lack of love from Jocelyn and Clary matters way more than he’d have show. I am so excited, yet a little terrified. This book will be a punch to the gut I believe.

  2. TeamEdwardJace says:

    loved the trailer! it was dark and epic with some romance in there . i believe with the romance, humor and darkness, that this will the best mortal instruments book so far.

  3. TeamEdwardJace says:

    i watched it twice! will watch it again later and i agree with what Sarah saying

  4. sebastian looks a little like strify from cinema bizarre to me.


  6. He who must not be named says meow says:

    That is one wicked trailer! :O

  7. the wizard says:

    And I will burn down the world

  8. Gabrielle says:

    He is so wrong in the head and I love the trailer

  9. mina blak says:

    Yes, I’m definitely worried about Sebastian’s plans…..he’a got a completely warped idea of the world and the people in his life, but it’s clear that he does want to be loved in his own, twisted way.
    Liked how dark the trailer is and am more eager for CoLS than ever!

  10. there are no words to say how epic it was.

  11. That was awesome! Although, I wish they would have made Sebastions lines a bit more epic. Like, ” I have a father, he is dead.” he could have paused. ” I had a father… but he is now dead.” Ah well, not going to complain… Althouuuughhh, the part where he’s like ” My name is Jonathan, but everyone calls me Sebastion. I’m going to burn down the world.” The music should have been like DURNAAAAAA DURNNAAAAAAA Like hardcore, not some soft sound. >< Ah well, i'm still excited to read it! — All this waiting has been making me like Sebation a bit more. xD

    • I know what I'm talking about says:

      Wow, why weren’t you doing it? oh yeah, you’re not a directer. They do what they do for a reason. I think if he had used any of those things you suggested that they should have, it would have sounded like… well, almost every other trailer. that’s the popular formula, clam quiet music comes to the end point where they say something dramatic (Sometimes not) and then it goes into some hardcore music. If you’re looking for that, it’s all around you.
      This is more of a calm I’m going to kick your ass, it doesn’t need the hype like smack talk thrown that means nothing, he’s going to kick your ass and there is nothing you can do about it.

  12. I think JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER would make the PERFECT sebastian instead of JACE !!! agree ? !!!

  13. bellacolella says:

    Reblogged this on Paranormal Book Club.

  14. I HAVE IT ON PRE ORDER Awesome Trailer. I agree, tayla, I think Jamie would be great as Sebastian.

  15. Best trailer so far! <3 Can't wait for the book!!! And kind of hope Sebastian will really burn the world… And I loved it when he put blood on his face… Don't know why, kinda weird

  16. Is it wrong that I like Sebastian? I mean, I hate that he killed Max and all the stuff he’s doing now, but I still love him. He’s an awesome evil character. :)

    I like the end where he says, “my name is Jonathon but everyone calls me Sebastian. And I am going to burn down the world.” and the music stays mellow yet has some attitude to it, it’s chilling I think, calm but scary. doesn’t need a hardcore spike in the music, It’s perfect.

    This is the best trailer done for any of Cassandra’s books yet. all the other ones look kinda stupid but this one actually looks good. I’m partly surprised because almost all book trailers look and sound so dumb and cheesy. :)

  17. The highly anticipated book trailer for City of Lost Souls premiered on Entertainment Weekly late Wednesday morning.

  18. I love the trailer!!! i’m not worried what sebastian would do i’m excited!!! after watching the trailer i like sebatian. is it so wrong that i like him…..? my fav part is at the end when he says, “My name is Jonathan, but everyone calls me Sebatian. And I am going to burn down the world.” AHHHHHH!!!! He’s soo cool!!! I think I love him.

    • It’s not wrong at all, Sebastian is awesome. I was sad when he was killed in City of glass. I like psychopaths, oh how sadistic of me. ;)

  19. The highly anticipated book trailer for City of Lost Souls premiered on Entertainment Weekly late Wednesday morning.


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