Sony Pictures unveils new character graphic of Alec Lightwood

After an exciting start to “Week of Mortal Love” celebration (in which we got images of Simon and Isabelle), Sony Pictures unveiled the third graphic after another day filled with clues leading up to the reveal.

Check out Kevin Zegers as Alec Lightwood:


Here’s the blurb from Sony:

The hunt for his love is in the shadows… for now.

Here’s what Cassie had to say:

Things I noticed: — um, I can’t see that much, the background is pretty blurred out! Kevin’s eyes are really blue, and he looks kind of like he just saw someone he knows in the distance. :) The rune on his neck is Block/Deflect and I’m going to say he’s in front of  a window. Just a guess though.

Here’s what Kevin had to say:

Thanks for all of the nice comments. Can’t wait for you all to see the film. Pictures don’t really do it justice.

Here’s the full still from

Kevin Zegers as Alec Lightwood

Here’s the blurb from

But from the looks of things (and, they definitely have the look right, as Zegers is sporting the Shadowhunters tattooed markings), Alec Lightwood is having an intense moment at The Institute. Perhaps he had a pow-wow with his rough-around-the-edges sister Isabelle (Jemima West) about what to do with their unexpected guest Clary (the tale’s heroine, played by Lily Collins) or maybe he’s just caught the eye of fellow Shadowhunter Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) or the warlock Magnus (Godfrey Gao).

Sony will reveal more character images every day (at the same time 8 PM ET/5 PM PT) leading up to Valentine’s Day on Thursday.

Be sure to follow the film’s official social media accounts: TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

Check out all of the official photos released so far

Thoughts? Who do you think we’ll get tomorrow?

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31 thoughts on “Sony Pictures unveils new character graphic of Alec Lightwood

  1. I tried so hard, I’m trying to force myself to like Kevin as Alec, but it’s just not happening. Maybe I’ll feel better about him when I see the movie.

  2. Awwww Alec, soo cute and handsome, though he looks a bit older than how i imagine him in my mind, but still very Alec, and now i cannot wait for Magnus, show our dear Malec already Sony…xD

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  4. He just doesn’t look like the Alec in my head when I read the books. He’s too buff. So Im intruiged to see how his potrayal of Alec will change my mind. Hopefully in a positive way.

  5. Going to be honest I wasn’t sure about Kevin Zegers at first, I was afraid he was too old and he didn’t look as I had pictured Alec. But i have got to say with every picture and glimpse we get of him I am getting more excited. He is really growing on me and I think this picture really nails it, that look on his face is totally Alec. And he seems a really nice person and cares about the fandom which is always a bonus.

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  15. OMG. That is going to be what Alec looks like in the movie. He looks like he is in his mid 20’s to early thirties. Alec is meant to be a 16-18 year old teen not a middle aged man.

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