Mortal Movie Character Reveal Day 4

TMI movie cut

It’s the third day of Sony Pictures’ ”A Week of Mortal Love!”

On Monday we got our first look at Robert Sheehan as Simon Lewis, Tuesday we got a look at Jemima West as Isabelle Lightwood and yesterday we got a look at Kevin Zegers as Alec Lightwood.

Now Mortal Movie is back with more clues about the third character reveal (to be revealed at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT).

Throughout the day, Sony will be sharing clues on Instagram and Twitter as to who the next character to be unveiled is. The photo will go live on the Mortal InstrumentsFacebook page at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.

Keep tweeting #ShareMortalLove on Twitter and checking back throughout the day for clues, which will also be posted here.

Share your guesses with us throughout the day!

Clue #1


“I am powerful in my own right. Who am I?”</em

Clue #2


“I’m not going to hold back.”

Clue #3

[no photo]

“A closer look might be more necessary than you think.”


  1. Valentine!!


  3. Idk it could be Valentine, Jace, or Magnus

  4. I’m PRAYING for Magnus

  5. It looks like the first image of Isabelle, Alec and Jace in the club with the blue haired boy on the ground…the blue lights in the background that was released months ago. If this is the same pic, it’ll be Jace.

  6. luluonline99 says:

    it could be jace or magnus. but please let it be magnus!!!!!

  7. luluonline99 says:

    its jace, those are the lights from the pandemonium so it has to be jace.

  8. I think it’s jace, mainly because of the blue lights

  9. KikilovesJace says:

    I think it’s jace! Please let it be jace!

  10. luluonline99 says:

    wait, it could be magnus in one of his partys and magnus does have blue flame thingy and the “lights” are blue so maybe.

  11. jace maybe? but maybe clary> but then again jace, but both jace and clary have special shadowhunter powers

  12. I was hoping they would save Jace until tomorrow or Thursday but this is definitely the background from Pandemonium.

  13. I really think it could be Clary. Everyone seems to forget that she was there too. And if it is Jace, so what? It’s not a big deal they’ve shown us so much already. Plus if they’re holding certain characters back maybe they want your anticipation. Clearly they are doing their jobs, and I want to thank them for this because some directors dont pay attention to the fan base and ours does. We shouldn’t be getting angry at the fact that we aren’t getting certain images when we should be rejoicing the images that we were given… C’mon guys <3

  14. And Jace never holds back with his sarcasm either.

  15. might be Magnus at Chairman Meow’s party

  16. luluonline99 says:

    we’ve already seen pics of jace, so it would be nice if it was magnus.

  17. ilovedivergent43 says:

    either jace or clary,but most likely,jace.i think they’re saving magnus’ photo for valentine’s day

  18. Was Magnus at Pandemonium? Where did Isabelle get his card?

  19. nevertrustaduck says:

    plot twist: magnus was in pandemonium disguised as izzy

  20. Magnus <3

  21. nevertrustaduck says:

    the last clue is making me wonder if its the blue haired demon, but only a little

  22. Its Jace in the pandemonium club. Sorry i dont know if i spelled pandemonium right.

  23. luluonline99 says:

    why isn’t there a pic for the 3rd clue? maybe there trying to trick us so it looks like jace but it’s magnus instead?

  24. Magnus was my first impression, but this last clue has me leaning towards Luke. He’s powerful in his own right (they can’t come out and make a werewolf reference, since that needs to be a surprise to anyone new to the franchise). He’s not going to hold back (remember the shackles from CoB? Luke holds that werewolf part of himself back for a long time). And a closer look might be more necessary (for a big chunk of the first book you didn’t yet know Luke was a werewolf.

  25. n a t a l i a says:

    Pandemonium.. Jacce?

  26. Jace, Jace, Jace, I want Jace!!!! <3

  27. nevertrustaduck says:

    if its jace its gonna be a pic we’ve already seen. people have been comparing them to a still we already have and the clues fit in perfectly with it.

  28. Lidia Foote says:


  29. It’s def Pandemonium but from Clary’s POV. I think it’ll be Clary, Magnus, then Jace on Thurs…!

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