Sony Pictures unveils new character graphic of Jace Wayland

After an exciting start to “Week of Mortal Love” celebration (in which we got images of SimonIsabelle and Alec), Sony Pictures unveiled the fourth graphic after another day filled with clues leading up to the reveal.

After a fake-out by Sony, in which posted a screenshot of Jamie Campbell Bower from the teaser trailer, Sony revealed the REAL graphic.

Check out Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland:


Here’s the blurb from Sony:

“This Valentine’s Day, have a little faith.” unveiled the exclusive image.


Here’s what Cassandra Clare had to say:

“Today’s still is Jace. Looking very angry. Interesting to see more of the seraph blade than we got to see in the trailer — they are very beautiful, the weapons, in person, and they shine: they’re made out of a sort of crystal, I think, and are quite heavy. (I tried to steal one.)

Thanks to and for the still and there are more coming up.”

Sony will reveal more character images every day (at the same time 8 PM ET/5 PM PT) leading up to Valentine’s Day on Thursday.

Be sure to follow the film’s official social media accounts: TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

Check out all of the official photos released so far

Thoughts? Who do you think we’ll get tomorrow?

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44 thoughts on “Sony Pictures unveils new character graphic of Jace Wayland

  1. Erm what? We’ve already seen this… is this a joke? Also… it’s not like the other valentine pictures! Oh God, I do hope this isn’t the real one! Even though, it probably is! DAMN! I feel cheated xD

  2. Okay. This picture is not new. They did a couple the first time. They led us on by giving us Alec. Then JACE. SONY IS MORE EVIL THAN LORD VOLDEMORT.

  3. Noooo buuuhu! Though I adore in the NEW (Not the old one from the trailer) still of Jace, i’m totally bumped it wasn’t Magnus! They totally ruined my day AND my thoughts of the couple things! I hope they won’t ruin Valentines day! I WANT MAGNUS!

  4. i love it! and guys it’s not exactly the same as the one with jace izzy in the background! both are awesomeQ in this one, jamie’sjace expression is lethal, perhaps a bit suspicious . he seems as if he may be possibly be about how hunt something down like the blue haired demon. it’s a look do you don’t want to mess with. tommorow and thursday has gotta be clary, and mangus! I’m so excited!

  5. I missed the fact that the backgound clues matched the pandemonium set from the trailer… must fangirl harder.

    This picture is cool, and I’m grateful an everything. But I’m afraid that there are three more important characters they need to show us (Clary, Magnus, Valentine), and only two days left. Who’ll be left out? Valentine seems the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day doesn’t he?

  6. Oh look at all the lovely things cassandra said about jamie.
    Oh wait.
    She didnt say anything nice about jamie. She never does.

    I feel genuinly sorry for this guy, of the young actors in this movie hes probably the most commendable, more talented and the least obnoxious yet he get’s ignored while everyone harps on about the others.

    • Why is the Jace still so unprofessional looking? Like it was taken straight from the trailer? Yet all the other characters got a proper unseen still?
      As Jace is my favourite, and i’ve been looking forward to his image for days, i’m so dissappointed.

    • She has said lots of good things about Jamie in the past and raved about his commitment to the role, etc. numerous times. I really don’t think she meant to slight him and was talking about the prop, is all.

  7. Tomorrow Clary and then and and then hopefully Magnus. But I am beginning to think they will not show us Magnus and it will be Valentine.

  8. I bet it’ll be Clary next…though, there are lots of characters that might appear instead; and I can’t help but think about Valentine, Jocelyn, Luke, Hodge and Magnus…so anxious!

  9. Remember the description in the book of him looking predatory like a lion on the Serengetti? This is that expression. For those who think this is similar to the previous still, think again. It’s a totally different expression, BEFORE he saw Clary.

  10. I love it!!!!!!!!!! It’s not totally the same as the previous shot. I’ll take anything Jace / Jamie that I can get my hot little hands on!!!! I think tomorrow’s will be Clary and Valentint will be on Valentines Day. As Magnus has remained unseen up until now, I kinda think we are going to have to wait a little longer to see him.

  11. Oh I love it sooo much!!! And I am really good at guessing these! I kinda figured it would be Jace next, seeing as he’s Alec’s parabatai. Now, I’m thinking Clary is up next!

    And this shot makes Jamie/Jace look totally sexy. Wow.

  12. Soooo NO golden eyes then. Maybe they thought “too Twilight?”. Screw that! I want my Jace. Does JCB have some issue with having good hair? Gah!

  13. Jace looks angry, not bad at all. But i guess we have to wait for quite some time for Sony to show us Magnus, cause ive a feeling tomorrow will be Clary turns, oh well, save the best for last, Team Magnus/Malec all the way. ^^

    • there are 2 days left so maybe valentine as well. i dont think magnus will be shown. they are worse than valentine!!!!!

  14. I really like this picture. Jamie is Jace there. For real.
    Now I’m really happy that Jamie got the part of Jace and not Alex. Alex mabye looks like Jace but he’s not the greatest actor in the world. Jamie is a much better actor after all. He’ll do it very well. I’m sure. :)

  15. OMG! these pictures gives me chills! Jamie looks amazing! I can’t wait to see him in action on the big screen! These still are lovely, and I can’t wait to see who the last two will be!

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  17. ok I feel like the biggest idiot, I only just realised that “have a little faith” is the line Jamie says in the trailer…. what kind of fangirl am I!!?? But I have got to say he really is working that sexy smolder, I think I just feel in love with Jace all over again. I love the seraph blades they look awesome

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  20. I adore this picture and screamed when seeing it. Jamie does well! But no Golden Eyes… Possible theory (spoilery): Sony/director/studio wanted the brother-sister situation to be believable. Golden eyes would be a give away that Jace & Clary aren’t related, since Jocelyn and Valentine have different colors. Maybe reading too much into this.

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