The Herondales tarot cards by Cassandra Jean

Cassandra Clare shared two more tarot cards by the artist Cassandra Jean, this time we have the Herondales: Stephen, Amatis and Imogen (the Inquisitor).

Here’s what Cassie had to say:

Slightly less often seen Herondales: the Inquisitor, her son Stephen and his first wife Amatis (Luke’s sister.)

From Cassandra Jean’s Shadowhunter Tarot.

What do you think? Who could be hiding behind Imogen? Sound off in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “The Herondales tarot cards by Cassandra Jean

  1. I think that it is Jace, since Imogen commented on how much he is like his father… But it very well could be just about anyone.

    • I was right; it is Jace! I looked at Cassandra Jean’s Tumblr, and she said that it was Jace. I cannot believe that I am actually right!

  2. It may be Stephen, the shadow behind the inquisitor’s life. And by the way, I kinda ship Jace’s parents in that card…

  3. a very romantic and tragic card of Stephen and Amatais. i love the second one too. i defnittlye’s think Jace is in the back when imprisoned

  4. I really love the inquisitors card, you can see her eyes are empty like she has lost everything. Love the Stephen and Amatis card but I was one of those people who thought Brother Zachariah was Stephen but on this card his hair is fair but Brother Zachariah was dark so I guess that theory is out then… back to the drawing board…

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