‘CITY OF ASHES’ to go into production in the fall, Harald Zwart to direct


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones doesn’t hit theaters until Aug. 23, but  executive producer Martin Moszkowicz has confirmed that The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes will go into production in the fall with Harald Zwart back in the director’s chair.

Jessica Postigo, who penned the City of Bones script, started working on the City of Ashes script when City of Bones began filming last August.

Robert Sheehan (Simon) said in an interview that the actors are signed on for multiple films.

Constantin Film previously discussed filming City of Ashes and City of Glass back-to-back to save production costs. But no word yet on whether or not that will be the case.

As for whether or not The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes will be filmed in Toronto like its predecessor, it seems likely:

What do you think, Shadowhunters?! How excited are you? Which scene are you most looking forward to seeing in The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes? Sound off in the comments!
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64 thoughts on “‘CITY OF ASHES’ to go into production in the fall, Harald Zwart to direct

    • Actually I imagined the Seelie Queen a little bit older… like 40 or 50 :D
      Haha maybe I just missed sth in the book.. :D

      • Yeah, I definitely imagined her a little older too. I think Eva Green would be a cool Seelie Queen!

      • To be honest when I first read about the Seelie Queen I kept thinking Cate Blanchett’s Galandriel but then I read the passage about her age which specifically says that the Seelie Queen is ageless and could either be 16 or 45 I couldn’t help but thinking Chloe Moretz. Eva Green is awesome for Lilith, but she can totally be the Seelie Queen. So, yeah Chloe and Eva need to be in TMI.

    • i think she could be really good or how about liv tyler or julia roberts or maybe amanda seyfrid? but this is awesome!

  1. :) PS I just want Chloe Moretz in TMI for either the Seelie Queen or Maureen or Camille or someone! OK that’s all.

  2. Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth in GoT) for The Inquisitor. Soon as I saw her, I could see her playing it!

  3. They are so confident the movie will be a success they are already making the sequel!!!!! :D OMG so glad! Can’t wait!

  4. Yayy! That’s so exciting! City of Ashes was my favorite book of this series! I’m actually really excited to see the scene in the epilogue and when Simon actually becomes a vampires and rises!

  5. Omg I’m so excited they gave the go ahead!!!! I think all the fandom reaction has pushed it forward!! See people? It pays to tell Hollywood you want more!!!

  6. This is so amazing and remarkable for three reasons. We get to keep Harald, they are starting quickly in the fall, and they have enough confidence that they begin this work now without finding out about the Box office numbers for COB. For me, this means they will likely expend enough resources to promote COB to help ensure its box office success.

  7. Okay, I know all you guys are freaking about casting and scenes, but here I am super happy/fangirling that we still have Harald Zwart. Lol. Hooray for Harald Zwart! I really wanted him to direct the next movies as well and this news is like an early Christmas present. :))

  8. I just hope there is more Malec scenes and Godfrey Gao will be back as Magnus Bane, i dun want anyone but him as Magnus Bane.

  9. SOOOOOOO EXCITED!! Hopefully we will at least get all three TMI books. I was really worried that they would only do the first, I was picturing everyone who hadn’t read the books coming out after seeing it thinking ‘what the hell!?’ At least if they made sequels they will understand eventually. Can’t wait for the Seelie Court! “You can close your eyes and think of England if you like” “I’ve never been to England” Ok officially fan-girling!!

    We haven’t even seen City of Bones yet!! *HYPERVENTILATING*
    Ok.. I just died.
    I’m looking tooootally forward to the series!
    …I’m officially a crazy fangirl..

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  12. I had a random dream months back that Jessica Mauboy played Maia. lol. No idea why! Anyway, this is cool news. :) Alex Ferris is kinda how I imagined Max, but he’d probably be too old for the character now. It will be cool to find out who will get the roles though.

  13. So good news, YAAAAAAYY!
    It seems like only the first three books are going to become movies, or am I wrong? Will they do the whole series?

    • I think right now it’s a very unsure thing, since although they suspect that TMI is going to be successful (which of course it will be:)) but it’s not a given just yet… And not to mention that the first three books is like it’s own trilogy and from 4 to 6 it’s another TMI trilogy… it’s like part one (books 1 to 3) part two (books 4 to 6) We’ll just have to see<3 and hope for the best<3

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  15. OH. MY GOD. Can’t deal. Is this a dream? *Slaps face repeatedly*

  16. yay yay yay! so glad it’s happeneing and i’m glad lily, and jamie are on board! i’m sure the rest of th cast will follow and hopefully they’ll come back to toronto! i really want to make a visit this time!

    • I think all of them are on board I heard Robbie mentioning once that all of them have contracts to be appear in the next film.. it’s just that Jamie and Lily are like the center of the story so of course not to make it too complicated they just say their names

  17. WoooooHoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing cartwheels everywhere!!!!!!! What a way to end my day…..coming home from work to get this fabulous news :) :) :) I AM going to find a way to get to Toronto this time, come hell or high water!!!


  19. I hope they put that scene where Jace tells Clary he wishes he could hate her. I love the emotion in that scene and would love to see it on screen!!

  20. City of Ashes became my favorite the second time I read it and I couldn’t be more excited to watch it on film.
    I’m SO hoping everyone will be back for the rest of the movies (all 6 :)) and please no re-casting. I HATE it when that happens (except for Dumbledore which was really necessary).

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  25. I’m so excited to see the vampire Simon plot line. It’s my favorite part of the books and I can’t wait to watch Robbie Sheehan playing it. I hope there is official confirmation soon that ALL cast is signed on for CoA as well.

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