Sony Pictures launches Clary Fray Pinterest page


“See life through Clary’s eyes… and pins.”

Sony Pictures has launched a Clary Fray Pinterest page from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

The Pinterest boards feature Clary’s art and art supplies and promised upcoming boards focusing on quotes, hair ideas, fashion and lifestyle.

Here are some sketches featured in the “My Art” board:

Sony has recently launched other social media sites, including City of Memes, and a Simon Lewis Tumblr.

This Pinterest page is such a great idea and is something that Clary definitely would have used for her art had Pinterest been in existence in 2007. We continue to love Sony’s marketing strategies for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Be sure to follow Clary on Pinterest!

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9 thoughts on “Sony Pictures launches Clary Fray Pinterest page

  1. I honestly cannot find a single reason why CoB won’t be a box office smasher by the end of summer. Kudos Sony for being a serious studio with excellent marketing plans!

  2. These are all great things coming from Sony, but they need to maintain and feed them. The Simon Lewis tumblr has not been updated since the first announcement.

  3. I agree that these are wonderful ideas and a first as far as I know where any movie and its fans have received such support and it’s great!!! But again, Sony needs to make all of these support mechanisms available to everyone. The one venue that I was most interested in was and I can’t join cuz I’m not in the US and this gives me little interest to look into other venues if I am only going to find out – after getting all excited about it – that I can’t join or take part because – I don’t live in the US.

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  5. I love the marketing for this movie, it all feels very genuine as if they are trying to bring the movies to life for the fans by bringing the characters to life. Don’t get me wrong I get that its all about building hype to make more money but its not as in your face as other campaigns can be. Hopefully it will turn out to be a good thing and not a bad thing though. Do we know who the artists really are?

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