Why they Live OR Die? : Maia & Jordan

I have noticed a bit of a theme in The Mortal Instruments fandom this week. The subject of CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE can send even the sanest of fans running to the nearest corner knocking their head against the wall in fear. With the most recent snippets and the placeholder cover for CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE , I have decided that now would be the most opportune time to reveal my first in a series of articles leading up to the release of the book in May, called. “Why they live? Or Why they die?”

If you are a theorist like me you have the notion to think in the worst possible scenario. (Unfortunately Cassandra Clare has the tendency to blow your theory into the water so it rarely helps but I just pretend like it will.) For example if I had never read The Little Mermaid, I would assume that this girl would be turned into a human and the guy she gave up her family, home and voice for, would eventually fall in love with someone else leaving her to be more than, utterly alone, doomed to a life of depression. (Fun fact that is near to how the original story played out.)

This series of articles is not meant to scare, more help with any outcome that could happen in the book. Having given my proper disclosure I shall start with my first victims characters

Why they Live or Die:  Maia & Jordan

Where we left them: Maia and Jordan successfully rekindled their romance in City of Lost Souls and continue to help “Team Good”

Why they live: I think that the only saving grace with these two is that they may not be considered “main characters” They are in love and Maia has a bit of a bind with the Preator Lupus since she swore Luke’s help but made a possibly devastating promise to the Preator

“And Luke isn’t just any pack leader “ She said, “He is the lycanthope’s representative on the Council. If you helped cure him you would know that the Preator would always have a Council voice in their favor.”
Scott’s eyes glinted. “Interesting…”

“…Oh and Maia Roberts” he said, and his voice held a note of warning. “I hope you understand that when you make promises in other people’s names, it falls upon your head to make sure they follow through.”

This could go either way. I believe that if it effects Maia then it could mean a death for Luke (We will get to that later) and pain and guilt for that death the rest of her life.

As for Jordan…. I don’t see him as a big player which is why he could miss the (silver) bullet. On the other hand…

Why they die: Being not a key player could be exactly why Jordan could die in CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE

Preator Scott’s warning could also mean that if Luke goes against the Preator, they could take their anger out on her. Leaving Jordan with a hard decision of staying with the group that helped him be the man he is today or defy them in the name of love.

The main point of these two that I will have to bring up is the fact that we left them in CITY OF LOST SOULS, happy. If that doesn’t breed an ominous feeling with anyone then I don’t know what will. We see it often. Jocelyn and Luke are planning their wedding and Luke nearly gets killed . Clary and Jace think that they are blissfully in love… and they find out they are brother and sister. Alec and Magnus go on romantic getaways together and (insert crying here) Don’t even get me started on those two.

In the end my theory is that these two will not make it, mostly because of the “being happy” ending they got in CITY OF LOST SOULS.

But I could be wrong! (and most likely am!) This is where you come in. Tell us your theory on if you think Maia and Jordan will live or die in the comments, and stay tuned as there will be more of these articles to come as we closer to the release of CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE in May of 2014.

The Outsiders Perspective – A review from a “Non-Fandom” View

While waiting for the premiere of  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones to start I got talking to a wonderful fan who had won premiere tickets, and whom I had previously met named Teiah Faulk (16). I asked who was with her (who turned out to be her brother Marc Brooks [27].) Knowing how fans can come across I told Marc that he was a very nice older brother and asked if he wouldn’t mind giving me his complete and utterly honest opinion about the movie, as sometimes a review from a fan like me could be taken as biased.


When the movie ended  Teiah  said ” I thought it was amazing… They got most of the facts from the books in. There were some changes but it all worked…If you don’t die from the Clace feels then I don’t know you must be a mundane”  Then I asked what Marc thought to which he replied a short and sweet “I thought it was pretty good.”  As that was not the most sparkling of reviews (and I didn’t want to keep them from getting home) I thanked both Teiah and Marc and they went on their way.

It wasn’t until later when I was contacted by Teiah on twitter informing me, if I would like a more in depth review from Marc we could skype call. I immediately agreed and the following is my interview with Marc…. The 27 year old male who brought his sister to the premiere … non-fandom … TMI virgin (if you don’t mind the term)


What did you think of the movie?

“I was trying to be objective as I watched it. I like action movies and the action sequences were done really well. The set up of the storyline was easy to follow and really fast to understand.”

On a scale from 1-10 what would you rate this movie as?


What was your favorite part of the Movie? 

“The one girl shadowhunter the one with the whip I thought she was pretty cool.”

Anything that you found interesting?

“I’m really anxious to see what happens with the incest story line, that was a little weird.”

After seeing the movie would you read books?



“The way that the movie exposed the story was done well.  I’m interested to see what I would come up with  in my own mind as a opposed to seeing it on the screen.”

Would you see the sequel? 

“Yes. I’m excited for the sequel I want to see what happens.”

Would you suggest it to your friends? (Particularly guys)

“Yes. I think the action sequences would be something that they would like, and the world they set up was very dark, it was really cool.”

I wanted to personally thank Teiah and Marc for their reviews. It’s always good to have a super fan and an outsider’s view. I think that Marc’s reaction speaks for itself. This truly is a movie that is not just for the “fangirls” but for a good, entertaining, action packed movie.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hits most theaters August 21st. Make sure you take that “non-fan” with you and tell us how you both liked the movie!

Three More Character Playlists on Spotify from Republic Records


The Release of The Mortal Intstruments: City of Bones draws near, and Republic Records has released playlists for Jace, Valentine and Simon on Spotify to celebrate! Check out the playlists below!



Here are the track listings on Jace’s playlist:

  1. “End of The Beginning” by Black Sabbath
  2. “Rowing” by Soundgarden
  3. “Headache” by Metz
  4. “Awake” by Godsmack
  5. “Blitzkrieg Bop [Remastered Version]” by Ramones
  6. “Fuel” by Metalica
  7. “Bad Karma” by Ida Maria
  8. “Night Terrors” by Valient Thorr
  9. “High Heel Leather Boots” by Baby Bee
  10. “Save me” by Hinder
  11. “We’re in this Together” by Nine Inch Nails
  12. “Roads” by Portishead



Here are the track listings on Simon’s playlist:

  1. “I’m Not Okay” by My Chemical Romance
  2. “Milstone” by Brand New
  3. “The Brightest Lights” by King Charles, Mumford & Sons
  4. “Again I Go Unnoticed” by Dashboard Confessional
  5. “The Golden Age” by Beck
  6. “Timeless” by The Airborne Toxic Event
  7. “If I Had a Tail” by Queens of the Stone Age
  8. “Every Word is a Knife in My Ear” by The Bravery
  9. “Subway” by Yeah Yeah Yeah
  10. “New Cannonball Blues” by TV on the Radio
  11. “Money Trees” by Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock
  12. “Walk Alone” by The Roots, Truck North, P.O.R.N., Dice Raw
  13. “Sierra Leone” by Frank Ocean
  14. “Wow” by Snow Patrol
  15. “Poison Arrow” by Sonic Youth
  16. “Alison” by Elvis Costello



Here are the track listings on Valentine’s playlist:

  1. “Wrath of God” by Crystal Castles
  2. “Rampage” by Kavinsky
  3. “Immortal” by Kid Cudi
  4. “Gunwalk” by Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda
  5. “Wings of a Butterfly” by HIM
  6. “Pick a Fight” by BRONCHO
  7. “Blindfolds Aside” by Protest The Hero
  8. “Body And Blood” by Ghost B.C., David Richard Campbell
  9. “Dead But Rising” by Volbeat
  10. “Only When I Lose Myself” Depeche Mode
  11. “Like the Angel (Demo)” by Rise Against
  12. “Stripped” by Rammstein

Tell us which playlist is your favorite in the comments!

Teen.com Provides a Live Blogging

Can’t make it to Comic-Con’s The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones ? Well no worries. Teen.com is provided a live blog update for those of us that can’t make it to the Panel.

Will 'Mortal Instruments' have a presence at Comic Con 2012?

Will ‘Mortal Instruments’ have a presence at Comic Con 2012?

Click Here for your updates

4:11 PM – We have an amazing seat in Hall H (thank you, Sony!) and we’re ready to live blog this thing. Bring out the TMI cast!

4:38 PM – The Mortal Instruments cast is up next!!

4:40 PM – They’re here. The cast is out. Lily’s right at the head of the table.

4:45 PM – To have [the author] sign off on me as her red-headed heroine was a total honor.” – Lily Collins

4:47 PM – “I played him as a sassy bitch. I really did. In the books you have the availability to explore a character for hundreds of pages. In the movie, we had to condense that. What stood out to me was his vulnerability. He lets his guard down with Lily… Clary. Jesus!” – Jamie Campbell Bower

4:49 PM – Kevin: “Sounds like we’re going to be able to make at least one more of these.” [speaking of movie 2]

4:52 PM – Cassie on her cameo: “I was a demon at Magnus’ party and I had these metal cat ears attached to my head. Couldn’t get the ears off. I had to go through the metal detector at the Toronto airport and kept setting off the metal detector.”


5:00 PM – We got to watch a clip where Clary is confronting Jace in an alley about what she’s been drawing. Meanwhile at the house the fight with her mom is on. Clary runs back to the house, can’t find her mom. A Rottweiler changes and attacks her. Special effects looked amazing. So real. Very tense moment. Our editor’s heart was actually racing at one point. Fans are in for a treat, that scene was really, really exciting.

5:02PM – “Hardest part about playing Jace was not eating chocolate. Cheers.” – JCB

5:04 PM – It’s over???!! Shortest panel ever. Fans are cheering. Lily is waving to everyone. She and JCB are talking while going off stage.

Read more: http://www.teen.com/2013/07/19/movies/comic-con-2013-mortal-instruments-live-blog/#ixzz2ZXaZQsCs

Entertainment Weekly’s Interview with the cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Entertainment Weekly interviewed The Cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones as well as Cassandra Clare at Comic-Con today! The interview began with an introduction of the actors as well as Cassandra Clare and a brief overview of the plot of the movie and touched on a love triangle/ “love cube” involving Alec, Simon, Jace, and Clary.

Comic-Con EW interview Cast


Watch the interview right here or go to EW.com below, but be aware that the interview doesn’t start until 1:06:20.


MTV Interviews the Cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones today!

With the buzz surrounding Comic-Con this week, MTV has taken to live streaming their interviews. All yesterday they advertised the fact that they would be interviewing the Cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones today on their live streaming feed.

Will 'Mortal Instruments' have a presence at Comic Con 2012?

Will ‘Mortal Instruments’ have a presence at Comic Con 2012?

The interview will be taking place at 3:30pm EST/ 11 AM PST so make sure to tune in!




Jamie Campbell Bower on a new JaguarUK commercial.

Jamie Campbell Bower Tweeted out a link for a new JaguarUK commercial on Youtube.

In the Commercial you can see Jamie visiting his old teacher, getting a tailored suite and hanging out with a friend. He talks about his career and how it has progressed and the love he has for the film industry.

Watch Carefully! In this commercial you do get a glimpse of the Morgenstern Ring!

UK Mortal Instruments Book Hunt!

Heads up UK Fans! Jamie Campbell Bower announces an Official Book Hunt that has just begun!

Check out the video below:

Follow @InstrumentUK on twitter for clues of where to find some of the books. Including some “extra special” books that you can find.

New Polish Poster for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Today filmweb.pl revealed a brand new Polish poster for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. The poster is fashioned after previously released posters but this has more of a golden hue to it!

polish poster

What do you think about the new poster? Polish fans have you already seen this in your theater? Let us know in the comments

Thanks to ShadowhuntersPL for the tip!

Vampires, Scones and Edmund Herondale Narrator Announced!

Today Cassandra Clare announced the narrator for  ‘Vampires, Scones and Edmund Herondale’ The most recent installment in ‘The Bane Chronicles’ on her Tumblr

All of you Sherlock  fans will be excited to hear Andrew Scott as the new narrator.


Stay tuned to TMI Source we will let you know when the audiobook is available.


While scrolling through Tumblr we discovered a little gem brought to us by Nicky. Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower explaining the story of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones for new audiences for the “Pre Show,” a before the Movie Previews type of advertisement.

Although there is not any new footage of the movie itself, its always good to see promotions going out for the movie. Check out the video below.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hits theaters in August.

Cassandra Clare Reveals “Rune Necklace”

Getting ready for the #TMIParty Cassandra Clare revealed a “rune necklace” that she had previously mentioned. Cast members received necklaces with a rune that best represented their character.

Cassandra Clare's Rune Necklace

Cassandra Clare’s Rune Necklace

Here is what Cassie said on her Tumblr

So I’m getting dressed for the #TMIParty tonight — much glitter is involved — and I thought I’d share my one piece of jewelry. *points up* All the Shadowhunters in the film got these rune necklaces

Jace's Rune Necklace

Jace’s Rune Necklace

— you can see Jamie wearing his, blurrily, in the below photo. Each of them had a rune specific to the character. Jamie’s is Strength. Valentine’s is Power. Hodge’s is Knowledge (Jared was super-serious about which rune he got!) and Luke’s is Fate.

After the production, Harald and I got two more necklaces made by the props department. Harald’s rune is Vision. Mine is Good Luck. I’ll be wearing it tonight!

I’ll be tweeting #tmiparty as the party goes on!
Follow Cassie’s Twitter and Tumblr for updates on the party as well as Our Twitter (since our fearless leader is also in attendance.)

Cassandra Clare shares photo of CITY OF BONES movie tie-in

On her tumblr account Cassandra Clare posted this image of the CITY OF BONES movie tie-in edition.

Cassandra Clare's copy of the Movie Tie in City of Bones

Cassandra Clare’s copy of the Movie Tie in City of Bones

Cassandra Clare said on her Tumblr

The City of Bones tie-in edition! I’m always a little frightened of tie-in editions but this one came out extremely pretty. I love the creepy upside-down city and the book is shimmery gold on top and shimmery silver on the bottom. Here it is having arrived today, living on my coffee table.

Although this image is not new to the fandom, it is rather fun seeing this picture on the cover of CITY OF BONES. What do you think of the cover? Will you be buying this version of the book purely because of the cover? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

Fans share their thanks for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES production

City of Bones movie cut

In September 2012, TMI Source and other fansites were invited to the Toronto set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. To honor the filmmakers we asked fans to make “thank you” videos for Cassandra Clare, the cast, crew, and production team.

Sony Pictures had asked for fansites to send videos, artwork, etc. to them to show the cast and crew. There is no way to know if the cast saw this video or not, but we wanted to share it with the fans now as a way to celebrate 100 days until the release of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Please keep in mind that this was to be a representation of “the fandom” and we included as many videos as we were able to. We hope you enjoy!

We are still under a set embargo, but be on the lookout for our set reports from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in the coming months as we count down to the film’s release.

Kevin Zegers Sounds Off on Canadian Movies

Kevin Zegers was recently interviewed by NOWTORONTO.com promoting his new movie The Colony. In the interview Kevin talks about the extreme conditions that he had to bare durring filming.

“It was minus-40 or -50,” Zegers recalls during an interview at the (well-heated) Trump Hotel. “So cold the camera lenses were freezing.”

Picture from cineplex.com

Kevin mentioned that he didn’t take his role in The Colony purely because he was Canadian but mentioned his pride for the industry in Canada.

“I sort of feel like it’s a disservice,” he says. “I feel like Canadian movies should be as good or better than the competition because of the talent we have here. Someone like Ryan Gosling shouldn’t have to come back here because it’s a Canadian movie. He should want to come back because some of the best movies are being made here.”

The article also touched on The Mortal Instruments, and how he sees his role as an oppurtunity for him to help small budget films get made in the future.

“If [Twilight’s] Robert Pattinson wants to get a small script made, he can just because of his foreign value,” says Zegers, describing how even indie projects need recognizable names to get financing. Zegers is counting on Mortal Instruments to raise his stock and afford him the freedom to pursue passion projects.

“Let’s say they want to continue those movies. It’s going to become a lot easier for me to find the money to make a script I love that may have a harder time getting made.”

The article had audio clips from the interview which you can check out HERE! In those audio clips Kevin said that he really enjoyed the training and stunt process.

“Thats the stuff I look forward to when I was a kid… That was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a movie set”

NOWTORONTO.com had some very interesting commentary on the actor who is  about to portray our beloved “Alec” in the upcoming Movie saying:

‘Looking comfy in a black T-shirt and jeans, the former model has a face that could make a straight man gush’

We agree NOWTORONTO.com. We agree…

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