TWP (Shadowhunter Chronicles)

Shadowhunters Cut

Cassandra Clare has planned a possible fifth Shadowhunter Chronicle series, with the initials TWP. And it might be called The Wicked Powers.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The series name is derived from a Shadowhunter children’s rhyme (City of Heavenly Fire snippet). Possibly:  “And bronze to summon wicked powers.”
  • The series takes place three years after The Dark Artifices ends
  • Centers around two of the younger Blackthorns in The Dark Artifices
  • The series would be published after TLH
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35 thoughts on “TWP (Shadowhunter Chronicles)

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  2. I have a theory that the new series “The Wicked Powers” Will be staring the previuos characters of TMI “The Mortal Instruments” Like Clary and Jace’s son or daughter. For example we’re seeing this pattern in a lot of Cassandra Clare’s (the author’s) work. For example TID “The infernal devices” is over and the next book series is based on there children. TLH. Also in another example is the nest book series which starts before TMI, called TST “The sercat treasons” is based on Clary’s parents, JAce’s real father, and Alec and Isabelle’s parents when they we’re all in there teenaged years. (Which I’m really excited to read about.) So I’m have this theroy that to “The wicked powers” Will be the children or apotive children (I also see that alot in the book series JAce, Tessa) Of the parents or the oringial series. But again this is a theory that will or will not happen.

  3. wait a minute there is ANOTHER Shadowhunter book series TMI AND TID may be over but they set the stage for these other series

  4. So the book series are published: TMI, TID, TDA, TLH, TWP.
    But chronologically the order is: TID, TLH, TMI, TDA, TWP.
    So that means we are waiting for 10 more Shadowhunter books, including CoHF (TMI).
    I love how much thought Cassie has put into this world. That is one of the issues I have with other book series.

    • and theres also TST (the secret treasons) if you go on her website and click on shadowhunter chronicles it has TST there but it doesnt have TWP it doesnt say anything about the series we just know thats another series shes gonna write

    • @Sophia Lightwood That’s actually really true… >.< But at the same time, we fangirls love them! ;D

  5. Ooh, maybe it’ll be about Dru and Tavvy. I’d like to see a brother-sister duo type of thing. Question–can you be parabatai with your sibling?

  6. Wow this is awesome. I’ll be so much older when all these books come out and i can’t wait! Go cassie! And yes i think so @Brooke Wayland/Morgenstern/Lightwood/Herondale (wow that’s a long name ;) )

  7. I love Cassandra Clare !
    I can’t wait for TDA and especially for TLH (because it’s about will and Tessa’s children and I love James herondale from the midnight heir)
    Go Cassie, I will keep reading your books as long as I’m alive and if there’s a life after that I will also keep reading them ! Love you so much

  8. Cassandra Clare said there’s gonna be a plot bringing all generations together. Can you imagine Jace and Tessa fighting side-by-side? Or *tid spoiler just in case* Emma and Jem? IM SOOOOO EXCITEDDDDD

  9. OMG, I’m freaking out! I want to read these shadowhunter series. Right here. Right now.
    In TID Will and Will asked themselves: “If there is no one in the world who cares for you, do you really exist at all?” But if they had your books ( I know, this sounds a kind of weird, but yeah) they wouldn’t ask themselves these question.
    Thank you, Cass, for keep writing shadowhunter books! I love you and your books so much. ♥

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