Have yourself a Merry Shadowhunter Christmas/holiday!


Art by Cassandra Jean

We’ve got three weeks until Christmas and sometimes finding great gifts for family and friends or also yourself can be pretty tough.

That’s why we have come up with the ultimate Shadowhunter Christmas wishlist that includes books (duh!), jewelry, tarot cards and more!

Shadowhunter Books:

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The Mortal Instruments complete box set

The Mortal Instruments complete box set

The Infernal Devices box set

The Infernal Devices box set

The Bane Chronicles

The Bane Chronicles

The Shadowhunter's Codex

The Shadowhunter’s Codex

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince

clockwork princess manga

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess

Shadowhunters and Downworlders

Shadowhunters and Downworlders

Shadowhunter Tarot Cards by Cassandra Clare and Cassandra Jean:

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Shadowhunter Tarot Cards: Deluxe Collector's Edition

Shadowhunter Tarot Cards: Deluxe Collector’s Edition (Pic credit: TopatoCo)

Shadowhunter Tarot Cards

Shadowhunter Tarot Cards (regular edition. Pic credit: TopatoCo)

Shadowhunter Merchandise by HebelDesign:


Remember that the first ebook from Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy will be released in February 2015, so an ebook gift card would be a nice present as well!

Everyone at TMI Source wishes you a happy Christmas time or a fabulous December :-)

‘Malec’ the best YA modern day couple?


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and hypable has made a list of the ‘best modern day couples in young adult fiction’. They’ve picked 6 literary couples and one beloved couple from Cassandra Clare’s THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS has made it on the list:

Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane!

Here’s what hyable had to say about Alec and Magnus:

Alec and Magnus from ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Series

These guys are the ultimate power couple. One is a kick ass shadowhunter, and the other is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Together they join the Downworlders and Shadowhunters in a way not everyone appreciates. Magnus is flirty and fun while Alec is a little more reserved about the relationship, but each has a love that knows no bounds.  While things may seem rocky for this couple now I think everyone holds out hope that they will be reunited.

Do you agree with them and who is your favourite THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS couple? Sound off in the comments.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover? Part 3

Are you Shadowhunters ready for the final part of ‘Never Judge a Book by its Cover’?

You’ve seen different covers for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series and the only covers left to show you are from Cassie’s second Shadowhunter series: THE INFERNAL DEVICES.

But before I show you the covers, let me share what I’ve found during my research. On 23rd June 2008 Cassie announced the new series on her old LiveJournal page – she used to have two – and she shared a few interesting facts.

The first book in the series, The Clockwork Princess***, will be published in fall 2010****, followed by The Clockwork Prince in fall 2011 and The Clockwork Kingdom in summer 2012.

***All titles, at this early date, are subject to change.


Never Judge a Book by its Cover? Part 2

Today I’m going to focus on the covers of CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS, CITY OF LOST SOULS and also CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE.

On 23rd August 2009 Cassie announced the publication of CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS which sets off the second cycle of her THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series. Almost a year and 4 months later, the cover for CoFA was revealed by EW’s Shelf Life (watch the video here) and Cassie also wrote a LiveJournal entry about it (here).

CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS was released on 5th April 2011 and every TMI fan was now able to hold a copy with this beautiful cover in their hands:

Here is a Cassie quote about the new cover because there obviously were some changes for the second cycle of TMI:

“[W]e wanted to do something that would link the cover aesthetically to the earlier covers while having a different quality that announced that this was a new chapter in these characters’ lives. We decided that each of the Second Cycle covers is going to have two characters on it — in this case Clary and Simon.”

So we have Clary and Simon. The best friends, one Shadowhunter and one Daylighter. Clary’s face is almost fully shown this time – which will also be the case for CITY OF LOST SOULS. Simon’s face is turned to the right side with his eyes and upper head cut off. It’s probably too dangerous to show his Mark of Cain although I was always very curious about its look.

Simon is wearing a quiver with 4 arrows – possibly a reference to CITY OF BONES, the first book of the first TMI cycle. His hoodie jacket and T-Shirt are both dark. Clary is standing behind Simon on his left side. She wears a yellow sleeveless dress and the Morgenstern ring around her neck. Her red curls are once again very wild and a bit more orange than on the cover of CITY OF ASHES. Her green eyes can be clearly seen and more runes cover her arms and also her neck.

Behind the book title there is a skyscraper – maybe the luxury apartment complex where Lilith used to bring back Sebastian? The colors are all very warm: we have copper, brown and gold. They remind me of fall which is very fitting because CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS is set in October.

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Never Judge a Book by its Cover?

Sometimes that’s just difficult to avoid. Today YA book covers have become quite important. They open room for speculations or general discussions and a lot of covers are an art in themselves.

One important cover reveal was Cassandra Clare’s CLOCKWORK PRINCESS in July. Cassie’s fans helped to reveal the final THE INFERNAL DEVICES cover in just 2 hours by tweeting #ClockworkPrincess and they also secured a worldwide trending topic (see TMI Source’s article here).

Covers are powerful.

So let’s have a look at Cassie’s previous covers (the US and some international ones), speculate about the last cover of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series and find out a bit more about the man behind the US covers for TMI and TID.

CITY OF BONES was first released in March 2007 – quite a long time ago!

The US cover shows Jace covered in runes, the New York City Marble Cemetery and skyscrapers. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Jace’s face although other parts make up for that, right?

The dominant colors are gold and green which fit Jace – especially the gold because of his hair and eye color.

The UK/Australian cover looks the same nowadays but it used to be different.

On this cover you can see a city’s skyline and a girl whose face is only half-shown. A rune covers her cheek and if you look closely, you can see freckles. No doubt that this girl is our Clary Fray! The only color used here is blue which makes it very different from the US cover and in my opinion more mysterious.

I’ll give you two more CITY OF BONES covers.

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Cassandra Clare comes clean about Church the cat’s true identity

Fans have been begging for Cassandra Clare to come clean about Church’s true identity.

Looks like she finally gave in:

“Is Church the cat in TMI the same cat as in ID?”

I guess it’s time to come clean. Church the cat in The Mortal Instruments is actually Tessa.

I can’t speak about the tragic events at the end of Clockwork Princess, but let’s just say that Tessa is left alone to fend for herself. She’s learned to transform into animals as well as people so she transforms into Church and hitches a ride with Magnus when he emigrates to New York. Disguised as a cat, she is safe from Mortmain and his evil minions, so she stays that way and moves into the Institute when she hears the Lightwoods are taking over since she remembers Gideon fondly, despite the incident with the hurdy-gurdy that made Sophie realize she could never love him.

When the Mortal War breaks out and the Lightwoods all leave Church behind Tessa realizes she still owes the Shadowhunters loyalty and follows Magnus to Idris to take part in the battle. That’s why she has her human form in the scene where Clary glimpses her at the end of Glass. The reason she looks familiar to Clary is that she has not completely transformed back and still has cat ears.

Also, many have asked what she and Magnus are discussing. Tessa knows Magnus owns a cat and is hoping he can convince the Lightwoods to change their brand of dry cat food.

Clare also had this to say:

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Flashback: April Fool’s Day 2011

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Let’s flashback to last year as fans were eagerly awaiting the release of City of Fallen Angels (April 5, 2011).

Cassandra Clare shared the following video as a “spoiler” for City of Fallen Angels.

She then forwarded everyone to this page and lo-and-behold Cassie was playing an April Fool’s Day prank!

There has been a small prank in the form of a rumor that Logan Lerman had been cast as Simon in the Mortal Instruments movie. Clare also played a prank on fans.

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Kony 2012: Make Joseph Kony famous

Many of you are already aware of Joseph Kony and his wrongdoings, but for those who haven’t yet heard about the unspeakable actions of this evil man, read on.

Kony is a rebel leader in Uganda who kidnaps and enslaves children into his army.

Three days ago, Jason Russell, of Invisible Children, released a documentary in an effort to make Kony an infamous face across the world and help people to care enough to bring this evil man to justice.



Head over to KONY2012.COM for more information and sign the petition and purchase a kit or a bracelet to help spread the word about Kony 2012.

Be sure to share this video and let’s MAKE KONY FAMOUS.

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