‘Mortal Instruments’ Cast


Cast on: December 10, 2010

Born: March 18, 1989

Known for: The Blind Side (2009), Priest (2011), Abduction (2011), Mirror Mirror (2012), The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

Twitter: @LilyCollins, @LilyAsClaryFray


Cast on: May 31, 2011

Born: November 22, 1988

Known for: Sweeney Todd (2007), Twilight Saga: New Moon (2010), Breaking Dawn Part I (2011) and Part II (2012), Camelot (2011), The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

Twitter: @JamieBower


Cast on: July 11, 2012

Born: January 7, 1988

Known for: Misfits (2009-11),  The Mortal Instruments(2013)


Cast on: June 19, 2012

Born: August 11, 1987

Known for: The Borgias (2011),  The Mortal Instruments(2013)


Cast on: July 6, 2012

Born: January 14, 1974

Known for: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), LOST (2008-10), I Am Number Four (2011), The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)


Cast on: July 6, 2012

Born: October 26, 1969

Known for: 300 (2006), Sherlock Holmes (2009),  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)


  1. I guess she looks ok as clary with the fire-red hair. But still not what I pictured.

    • i agree molly quinn should be clary. clary is described as short with fire red hair. lilly collins is tall idk she isnt what i pictured for the movie

      • YES!! Definitly ! Too late now I guess though :/

      • She’s not that tall .. she’s like 5’5″

      • yeh i think she shouldn’t play her she is supposed to be pettite! and lilly… well isn’t

      • I agree that Molly Quinn should have been cast in the role of Clary. When I read the books that is who I pictured. Poor casting. I just don’t see Lily Collins in that role.

    • I totally agree and i am sorry but Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace is just not working for me. Jace is supposed to be Dreamy and a perfect match for Clary but i just cant see it. And completely irrelevant but whats with the smile.

      • well, lets just see what makeup and editing can do before we jump the gun. this could work.

      • I totally agree. He is so not the ‘Jace’ i pictured him to be. I thought Jace would be hot well Jamie is hot but really??Him? I just can’t relate to it..He is so not Jace.

      • Thats what I think!!! I soooo wish Alex Pettyfer hadnt refused the offer he would be a waaay better jace!!

      • I totally agree. i think that alex pettyfur would’ve have been better, he is exactly how I imagined jace to be…

      • I think alex pettyfer woul be perfect :)

      • I agree 100%… nothing against Jamie Campbell but he just isn’t the OMG hunk that I picture and Lilly is ok for the role I guess but I agree she should be shorter. But I have to admit, the girl on the CoLS cover looks older to me than how I see Clary when I picture her in my head. At the end of the day, as long as we get to see the movies, I’m happy though! lol! :)

      • Alex Pettyfer in my opinion is what I imagined because he has that arrogant feel. In all the movies I have seen him in he is this good looking guy who knows it and is even cocky about it. I also really would have like Benjamin Stone he was in Nine Lives of Chloe King, but I saw a couple of pictures of Jamie Campbell Bower and in the pictures that I saw I finally saw a little bit of Jace, I guess we just can’t think about him as being a Twilight character

      • cityoflostsouls says:

        I AGREE! i hate that jace SO MUCH! it HAS to be alex pettyfer!!!!!!

      • I agree, i don’t think can pull of the bad boy act and have that type of attitude. He looks to sweet to play Jace

      • Haley Smith says:

        I think Alex Pettyfer would be the perfect Jace!!

      • IK! they descibe hi, as dark and mistique in the books then you get this guy that just doesnt fit the profile in any shape

      • Desiree says:

        before casting i was totally thinking that alex pettyfine was going to play the role…but nonetheless i am excited to see this movie:)

      • Jennie Ireland says:

        I SO AGREE!! Jace is suppose to be incredibily good looking, Jamie is NOT! This does not fit Jace. They need to recast Jace. This makes me so sad for the movie.

      • marceline says:

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! i think that alex pettyfer is jace 100%

      • I like the casting for Clary. I picture clary to be slightly plain, but make-up can alter her beauty.

        The casting for Jace… they could not have got it anymore wrong is they tried, yes Bower is blonde and that is like the only thing that could remotely link him to Jace Wayland. I am disappointed.

        Jemima West reminds me a lot of how I pictured isabelle and I look forward to see how she portrays one of my favourite characters. :D

      • JaceisAwesome says:

        I completely agree, I pictured him so differently, not necasserily Alex Pettyfer but similiar, Jamie Campbell Bower is just too scrawny-looking, if hes going to play Jace he needs to bulk up, and get a perfect hair cut (like Alex Pettyfer in Alex Rider Stormbreaker) and put on the New York Accent

      • Laura Dickson says:

        I was looking thru FB pics and SAW what I imagined Jace like: http://www.facebook.com/ashley.mayfield.9#!/photo.php?fbid=411536218879546&set=a.349543475078821.85705.100000695141443&type=3&theater. really look at the face not the name…lol

      • i agree with Natalia Benjamin stone would have been better as well as alex, If i went to watch the movie and if jamie didn’t look like hot jace than i would never really be able to say team jace cause he’s hot!!….no

      • I definitely don’t think they chose wisely when casting. I don’t know how anyone else feels, but shouldn’t Isabelle seem model perfect? The way the book describes her and her personality, Isabelle seems like one of those model girls who are just full of grace. Also, I think the current Jace doesn’t fit the character well enough. Molly should be Clary, she seems to be a better fit. :/ Oh well right?

      • omg i agree with you i hate the casted jace totally not what i expected !!!

    • I actually see (an older) Lilly Collins as Jocelyn. But, eh, what can we do?

    • same icant picture this book with them in it.

    • I agree, and I think Alex Pettyfer from Beasty or I am 4 movie would be better than Jamie. Sorry, have nothing against Jamie but Alex just fits the roll better.

    • Mrs.Carstairs says:


    • Mrs.Carstairs says:

      WE found out who simon is

    • Lourdes says:

      i agree i thought it would b a new actor with natural red hair :(

    • Brendan says:

      They attempted to choose a good cast and…..THEY FAILED!!!!
      Clary: supposed to be short with fire-red hair.lily Collins = opposite of that
      Jace: is supposed to be 17 and good-looking not 26 and ugly
      Simon: I just can’t even describe him. All I can say is it’s not what I pictured at all.
      And all the others just aren’t what they’re supposed to be.

    • same i completed hated the cast cos none of the people look like what i pictured them to be

  2. I more so pictured Madisen Beaty, like how she was in the Pregnancy Pact with the curly and red red hair, as Clary, but I think Lily Collins works okay..

    • I find that her understanding and passion for the character make up for anything she might lack in appearance, which I don’t think she does anyway. You can alter appearance not depth.

    • i agree :P the first time i sore that was a month ago im like she would be spot on!

    • OMG! Madisen Beaty does look like a great Clary! Oh gosh, I know what we feel won’t change the casts, but OMGGG, she really needs to be Clary and Alex Pettyfer IS Jace. End of story. :( Though, I do like the Isabelle actor, she’s fine for me. ^^

  3. i just cant picture her as Clary no mater how much but if she can really play the part that will be the decider lets not make this into anther twilight beacuse the main characters they choose sucked big time in those roles

  4. i think shes perfect!

  5. In her scenes from Priest, I think she was pretty intense, and showed she could act. I think she’ll be able to pull Clary off- and her dedication to the role will go a long way. These characters will need to be played by actors who really want the parts, and feel for the roles.

  6. I don’t like Jamie as Jace AT ALL

  7. Sarah Hutnak says:

    Who is going to play Simon?

  8. jace_clary says:

    lily collins is exactly how i pictured clary but jace??umm not so sure but w.e the movie beta be good i dont care about whos playing who as long as their acting skills arent trash

  9. jamie campbell bower is defo not how i pictured jace,im sure he’ll b a gr8 actor though

    • nah i think he is too sharp to be the jace from the book i would have expected a more softer look to the casted jace

  10. Alex Pettyfer would’ve been a wayyyy better Jace, but he’s not as good of an actor as Jamie Campbell Bower. Overall, pretty good pick on the part of the casting team. Also, I don’t think that Collins and Bower will have great chemistry, but hopefully a good Simon will balance that out. I’m hoping for Logan Lerman :). Also, Darren Criss should play Alec. I went to a master class taught by him, and he has very understated qualities in him that I totally see in Alec.

  11. It makes me so pissed off that Alex Pettyfer, who is EVERYONES Jace was offered the role and he didn’t take it! What a dick! It makes me soooo mad. I mean Jamie is good . . . but it’s like ALex Pettyfer was BORN for the role

    • Um, he was definitely not EVERYONE’S Jace. Jamie was my Jace from the beginning :)

    • I wish that Alex would have taken the role…he’s perfect!!

    • ew. im highly disappointed. i know that alex pettyfer is the perfect jace and if we couldnt get him, id be satisfied with ed speelers. logan lerman is too cute to be simon by the way and i would loveeee to see adam lambert play as magnus bane. actually, as much as i hate megan fox i think she would make a good isabell (looks wise). kristopher turner would make a good simon, hes hot behind glasses but looks innocent with them on. i dont know yet who would be just right for clary. im not really likeing molly quinn..for some reason i was even thinking emma watson with long red hair. if they pick lily collins for sure, they need to make her eyebrows the same color as her hair and THIN THEM OUT holy god..stacey farber? maybe. madison beaty? maybe

      • Adam lambert for mangus for sure !!
        And yeah, I dont think that girl owns a pair of tweezers, cause those eyebrows need serious help….

  12. ew jamie is NOT what i would call angelic…and thats what jace is supposed to symbolized looks and personality right? and angel? welll jamie is the exact opposite of what i would call an angel face…just ew

  13. Clary’s supposed to be 15.. not 20 something. Same goes with Jace. They’re probably good actors, but I don’t think they’re right for the parts..

  14. Mystique says:

    i think she’s perfect ! just not the Jamie dude , just not working for me :/

  15. I think Jamie will be the perfect Jfor those who havn’t read the books.ace, and him and Lily seem like they would go good together. I do, however, believe they need a great person for Simon as well, in order to spice things up

  16. pestylou says:

    agh, jamie just doesnt work for me. def not good enough looking to be jace

  17. pestylou says:

    i was thinking more along the lines of Cody Linley as Jace. He’s young and attractive

  18. Lily Collins is, frankly, adorable, and would make a great Clary look-wise with her artificial curly hair. And the fact that she completely GETS how important this is, and how much she cares for this series is so reassuring, I have faith in her that she’ll do fantastically.

    Jamie Campbell Bower, now, at first I was like, “He looks nothing like Jace!” But as i’ve come to realize, he is such a great actor, i believe he could pull it off in amazing ways. I bet when I actually see him AS Jace, that’s when I’ll fall in love with the character all over again. ;)

    For Simon, Gregg Sulkin is SO PERFECT in my opinion, I sincerely hope they use him, and that he’s even a consideration. He’d be a great Mundane with his glasses and spunky attitude, and a great Downworlder because he can be attractive, too. ( He really is too, but they can “normal” him down for the movie. )

    Here’s a video with all three of them that proves just how perfect they are for their roles (look-wise). And how they all feel in the love triangle. ( If it’s not in Link form, just copy & paste it in your URL if you’d like ) x)

    • I have watched this video so many times I almost know the entire thing by heart :3 And I just found it about 10 minutes ago. I am TMI’s biggest fan, no matter what. And I am in love with your video :3

    • agree 100%.

    • i can completely see gregg sulkin as simon! and Lily Collins is perfect for Clary i think. The only one i wasn’t so sure about was Jamie for Jace, but now I think he’s perfect and I’d much rather have him as Jace than Alex Pettyfer who cannot act to save his life :/

  19. I think Lily Collina is perfect for the role. She is very series, dedicated and happy to be Clary Fray, and she loves the books. Jamie Campbell-Bower is a great actor, but he doesn’t look like Jace Wayland the shadowhunter who looks like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Oh, well, though. I saw a picture of him tranformred into a Jace and he passed for a Jace, stop being negitive people the director is a genius and Lily is a great actress, for sure. I love these books, I have them all on my shelf from CoB to CoFA. :D

  20. i guess lily is a good actress to get the part but Molly.C.quinn looks a lot more like clarissa that i guess its because shes a natural red head and already has light eyes instead of all the dark features that lily i just dont see passing as clary without a cake face of make up. 8(

  21. Clary : molly quinn
    Jace : alexander ludwig
    Alec : zac efron (with black hair)
    Magnus: johnny dep
    i cant think of any one for izz y the closets i got is mega fox or anglena joliy
    simon :Logan Lerman or carter jenkin
    ok this would be my pick on aperance only if anyone can think of a young actress for izzy i would really like know coz its really bugging me thanxs

    • Depp is too old. Magnus still looks like he is in his mid to late 20’s. He is also more asain looking if I recall.

      • (Team jacob?team edward?)pshh!! Team Jace!!! says:

        depp wouldn’t be a good magnus, but idk if you’ve seen hi new movie “Dark Shadows”.
        he passes for a 20 year old. and magnus is in fact 19, but actually is 800 lolz
        though i agree, not a magnus.

      • Magnus looks 19.

    • Magnus X Alec says:

      I imagined that Magnus would look like Miyavi..
      Miyavi is a singer and an awesome guitarist in Japan

      Look it up on Google Images

    • Will's Girl says:

      I think Isabelle should definitely be Ashley greene: she would be AMAZING!

    • LOL this is the worst cast imaginable, are you being serious or can you just not think of any other actors… Zac efron for Alec!? what.

  22. I hope they buff up Jamie a tad bit more. I dont want to see a skrony Jace:( I would be very displeased with the discriptioin. Clary’s actress is gorgeous:)

  23. i dont really understand why it’s taking so long for them to cast simon, izzy, alec, and magnus… i mean they already casted the 2 main people…(plus in my opinion may have ruined it completely… i dont really like jamie i mean hes okay but he’s no jace) and its been a month… i know it takes time but seriously there is plenty of good available actors that could easily play these parts.

  24. Maybe Jamie doesn’t look like many of us have imagined Jace would be, but when I read Cassandra Clare’s opinion about him, I changed my mind completely.. She saw his audition with Lily and said, (quote) “He was Jace, down to the snark, and the vulnerability, and the humor and the romantic side.”
    She’s the author and if she said so it’s because she was sure that Jamie was the right one.

  25. appleLeaf says:

    I found the perfect Simon, Devon Bostick. He has the look and the feel of Simon.

    • Devon Bostick is the worst choice I’ve heard yet. I know Simon isn’t described as ‘hot’ in the books but he’s not hideous.

  26. mrs jace wayland says:

    ERG!!!! I AM UBER MAD THERE IS NO ALEX PETTYFER INVOLVED!!!!! WTF EVERYONE!!!!! what happened to the gorgeous guy (jace who is buff beautiful, sexy and and well not that guy!!!!!) i think we should all reconsider what has just jhappened here the jace we love and well adore could very well be ruined in the movie if the right actor is not chosen and i believe that THIS is not the guy for the role. but it is too late :( man i hope he works out or else i will be extremely pissed!

  27. I think she”ll be ok as Clary but the guy needs to get a little more muscle. I hope they the characters justice. I really don’t want them to mess up these movies.

  28. alex pettyfer is more better than jamie

  29. Really don’t like choice for Jace. Unless movie majic and makeup can do miracles.

  30. I did not picture Jamie for Jace… I was hoping for someone else.

  31. I have infinite faith in Lily Collins as Clary. She’s my absolute favorite actress and I know she’ll do great. She’s exactly how I pictured Clary. However, Jamie isn’t how I pictured Jace. I’m a fan of his acting too, but he doesn’t suit this character. I know everybody thinks Alex Pettyfer would be the perfect Jace and I agree completely. I wish he would’ve accepted the role! He’s going to regret it :). As for Simon, Logan Lerman all the way. He’s my favorite actor and I am crossing my fingers that he’s cast as Simon. I really love The Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices, almost to the point where I wish they were real :/ Ugh. I’m also dreading this movie coming out, because it will just be the next Twilight. Annoying little girls are going to worship Jace and make the whole movie horrible. But either way, It’ll be great to see the books portrayed into a movie.

  32. I Don’t Like Jamie as Jace!, Alex Pettyfer would be way better, but let’s see how everything goes, and I Think that Lily Collins is Ok but still not the Clary I Imagined

  33. I think that Alexander Ludwig would have been a way better Jace!!!! I did like the Jamie guy in New Moon and thought he was hot……. but he is not Jace!!!! I think Alex Pettyfer would have also been a great Jace. And Lily Collins isn’t how I imagined Clary. I think Molly Quinn would have been perfect!

  34. Biggst_fan says:

    Jamie is NOT Jace!!fut-da-wuck!! nd dese guys r lyk in deir 20s or watevr, fr god’s sake!!!!! wat happnd 2 d sexy teenagers?????? i mn the guy jst cnt potray jace nd lily collins luks way 2 mature nd tall 2 b clary nd hsnt her innocence…..

    nd y r dey hesitating in casting lerman as simon? he’s d perfct choice. so is molly quinn fr d role of clary. as fr jace, well i cant think of any1 gud enuf 2 potray him. and gaspard ulliel is bst for alec so far as im concerned

  35. i dont think that jamie campbell is the right person for jace. i pictured more of a alex pettyfer type guy. lilly collins looks okay to play clary.

  36. I pictured Chord Overstreet as Jace, he would have been perfect!

  37. I think, Jace, Alex Pettyfer should have been. Jace is not very close to him as we imagined? But I say that Jamie is also a very good actress.And his make-up, and imagine the miracles of cinema that we believe will look Jace.Do u agree?

  38. StrangeAngelftw says:

    When I first saw Lily and Jaime I was like, “WHY?” I mean, no offense, but they don’t really look the part. But then again, after I read what Cassie Clare blogged about her reaction to Jaime’s audition, my doubts have been eased. Yeah he may not look it, but I think it would be worse if he had a pretty face and couldn’t act, like, I’m sorry to say, Alex Pettyfer. Not so sure about Lilly Collins though. I’m just hoping that they can pull the roles off with emotion and not turn my favourite series into a Twilight repeat (by that I mean the books are good but the movie ruins it, I’m not saying those two books are remotely the same). Everyone is comparing those two books, but if you compare the ACTUAL books, they are nothing alike. Come ON people, have a little faith. And it won’t be Cassie Clare’s fault either if the movie sucks. As she has said on several occasions, she has no say in the movie.
    Lol sorry for writing so much ;)

    • I think the actors are good enough for the movie but for me, Jace and Clary will always be the headless people on the covers of CoB and CoA.
      I find that books are way better than movies and movies only exists because of lazy people who dont want to crak a book. Movies are always based on a theme which makes them very differant than books. In twilight, they chose to focus only on the love triangle part and they dont show anything else, which is why the movies suck while the book is quiet good. I hope they dont make the same mistakes with CoB, I would hate to have the hole plot focused on Jace/Clary/Simon and one demon attack every hour!

  39. The only way this could be good as a Twilight repeat would be the publicity.

    While everyone can agree that those movies suck (pun intended), you cannot, by any means, say that it sank below the radar. EVERYONE knows what Twilight is, an I think that the general publicity gained by the movies has also made a lot more people read the book (poor souls).

    But this would be different.

    The Mortal Instruments is a HUGE project (six movies at least), and the first one will have to be good to get a second, third, etc.. It will have to be shouted from the mountains and gain some serious fanbase to be pulled off because, let’s face it, there are dozens of movies that don’t get sequels.

    I think that while nothing can be done about the current cast (which is relatively good so long as Jamie covers his ears and Lily is geeky rather than perfect and dislikeable), there has to be some SERIOUS characters to play the remaining secondaries.

    They need to be people who absolutely enthrall you the moment you see them, and make you fall in love with the character.

    I used to be a little against Darren Criss as Magnus (the only part he has going is the ‘kisses boys on request’ and ‘is part Asian’), but every time you see him, he draws you in. You simply can’t overlook the guy.

    While Izzy always looks like a model, she shouldn’t look ‘model fierce’ (the fierce models give when naked and covered in mud). She should be 70% Izzy fierce, 30% hot, not the other way around.

    Simon, and this is my only request, should have a smiley face. You know the face which even when it frowns resembles the face of a happy young man? No serious Simons, please!

    And Alec. I have seen SO many interpretations of Alec that it is beyond not funny. I know that it never specifically goes beyond ‘dark haired, tall, blue-eyed man candy’, but we have to look at this sensibly. Clary was able to guess that he was gay, and it was probably not just owed to his possessiveness of Jace. There would have been something else there. Like Jace, I believe he has lean muscle, and looks sort of like an emo boy (minus a lot of guy liliner). He wouldn’t be buff, or tanned!

    Magnus merely has to be memorable. Ubove everyone else, he has to be a memorable character. This isn’t just because I love him (I do), but also because he IS in all of the books, but as a fairly minor character. If he isn’t memorable, and everyone who hasn’t read the books forgets him, the whole story is down the drain. The writers need to make sure that they eccentuate everything that is Magnus Bane to the utmost awesome they can.

    Well… that was a lot longer than intended…

  40. Shannon Henry says:

    I think that Lilly Collins would be a perfect Clary. But Jamie… HELL NO! I would really wanted Alex to play Jace he would have been perfect and Jamie isn’t as hot as i pictured Jace. I think he is well ugly. No offence but this movie is going to suck unless Jamie can pull of the perfect Jace. :) I am a big fa of The Mortal Instruments and i would hate it if the movie sucked. Fingers crossed!!!

  41. Jace should be played by Alex Pettyfer . im am so dissapointed that he even auditionned and you didnt give him the part . if people arent happy with Clary , oh well , but i find you should at least please the fans for Jace . if you search Jace Wayland on google , all you get is pictures of Alex Pettyfer . they should have at least taken him to play Jace to please the fans . i dont like Jamie AT ALL for Jace . hes not what anyone wanted for Jace . i find you should change that , but thats only my opinion .. along with alot of my friends who have read these books .

    • i’m pretty sure he turned down the role for a few other movies. not that i understand why he would do that, but it wasnt that they didn’t give him the part. they offered, he turned down. it sucks, but it is what it is.

  42. Im so happy Lily Collins is playing Clary and I love Camelot so I’m happy Jamie got the role of Jace.

    • I don’t agree with this at all!!! I think that Jamie is perfection! He is even more scrummy yummy than Alex Pettyfer! Alex Pettyfer is really ugly anyway! I am very happy with the choice of Jamie <3 ps: I am Lopve Gou here with Sidhui Kwique

      • Alex wirtes history m or whatever, I agree with Jace lover! Jamie is obviously an amazing Jace and you should lay off! He’s also oh so dreamy <3 Anyway, leave him alone please, because he's one of my favourite actors

  43. What I don’t understand is that Alex Pettyfer is now listed on IMDB.com as the actor who will be playing Jace, but I haven’t been able to find one bit of information on the web explaining when, why, or how this happened. Can anyone tell me?

  44. I think Lily would make a great clary she is a very good actress but I don’t like Jamie as Jace once so ever. Simon well I can ajust to that that one is ok. But Jace….. They need someone else sorry to say but they do

  45. I do not aggree with the choice of Jace, Jamie is not at all what I pictured for Jace. Plus him and Lily do not even look that great together and Jace and Clary are suposed to look perfect togther! I just hope he does a good job at least this is my FAVORITE book of all time and would be crushed if he does not full fill the role correctly. So I am crossing my fingers :)

  46. the cast for this sucks, nothing like anyone imagine to look like. Alex Pettyfer should’ve gotten it, to bad he turned it down. And for lily collins, her eyebrows sorta freak me out…

    I feel like they are going to ruin the movie, and Jamie no offence, but he isn`t hot like jace is supposed to be, he seems more of a girl than a guy…

  47. #1 TMI fan says:

    Lily will be a brilliant Clary,she is almost exactly how I pictured Clary and she’s a great actress.I have to admitt,that I wasn’t too happy when I saw that Jamie was cast as Jace,I always saw Alex Pettyfer as Jace.But as long as Jamie acts totally like Jace and looks more buff,then he’ll be a great Jace for me;)I’m willing to give Jamie a chance,but I hope they fix his hair,I don’t want it to be that long:)

  48. Jane Levy and dude from number 4

  49. Maddie the Book Freak says:

    I realize that most of you people here are upset about this Jamie guy, but at least be positive about it. They’re making progress with the movie and they’re getting on with it. You’re all saying how you can’t imagine him playing the part and you can’t imagine Lily playing the part. So just go find something else to do with your time while you wait it out, and then, when it actually IS out, you can criticize. When I first heard about this whole movie idea, I just about blew my head off, I hated the Idea of another screw up like Twilight, and with something I liked WAY MORE. Just wait it out, and when the time comes, you’ll see just how good or bad it is, then you can have your little war of this is better or that would have been better, blah, blah, blah. I will NOT be sharing my opinion, because that is just asking for more. Goodbye now.

  50. If they mess up this movie, all hell will break loose. The fans will be insanely upset, including me.

    Jamie just isn’t right. He’s just not. His hair needs to be lighter, he needs to be more muscled but not insanely so, his face needs to look less weird.

    Lily is okay..But I wish she looked younger. Her hair is great, though I would love it if her eyes were lighter..

  51. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the casting for Clary and Jace. It’s Magnus and Alec that I truly care about. The Malec fandom is strong, and if those two aren’t cast with respectable actors, chaos will be unleashed.

  52. I guess Lily’s fine for Clary But Jamie for jace, I’m sorry but it doesn’t work out.i thought Alex Pettyfer made a much better Jace.

  53. Okay so heaps of ppl don’t like Jamie as Jace and would perfer someone else like Alex Pettyfer and Their RIGHT!! :D

  54. I have to say jamie was not the actor that i pictured at first for the role of Jace, but after going through more pictures, i think he could work really well. Im soooo excited for the movie and i think they have done an excellent job with the casting.

  55. i think lily collins is perfect for clary, but jamie does not make a good jace at all. i pictured jace actuall the complete oposite. he’s suposed to be manly and strong. and he’s suposed to be good looking. . .

  56. I wish they could have the Jace from my imagination as the cast member.
    my jace is perfect and sexy(:
    The guy they cast for him isn’t very cute at all. ):

  57. Worst Jace Wayland pick ever! He’s not hot enough for the part. If you want the movie to be bigger than Twilight then get a much hotter actor to play Jace.

    • I don’t agree with this at all!!! I think that Jamie is perfection! He is even more scrummy yummy than Alex Pettyfer! Alex Pettyfer is really ugly anyway! I am very happy with the choice of Jamie <3

  58. Oh My God!!..I’m really excited about this movie…I’ve been waiting for this since the day I’ve set my eyes to the first book…I’m so looking forward to who will be the Isabelle Lightwood and Simon Lewis cuz they’re my absolute favorite. I hope she will be sexy and beautiful and Simon a nice cute guy.


  59. MindeeHeartsjace says:

    I’m happy about Lilly she is great but Jamie…… Ok so he is good looking but not in a jace like hotness way but maybe with a different hair style it could work because jace didn’t like his hair long but I still think ALEX PETTYFER should be jace

  60. #1 TMI fan says:

    I love the cast so far:DThey look good together!

  61. i am a big fan of the book series. and i think the movie is going to be fantastic, can NOT wait…but i never quite pictured JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER as JACE WAYLAND i did imagine him as ALEX PETTYFER.. but i’m excited!

  62. to be fair Molly Quinn is too perky-looking and too innocent looking to seem like Clary’s character who is always hanging out in nightclubs…… Lily Collins is perfect because she is pretty, she understands how important this is, she can act, and is not too tall to be Clary because shes give or take 5ft 4in. Molly Quinn may have the height, but she also has really BLUE eyes, i don’t care if she could use contacts… those hurt! Her hair is also not fiery-red but perky-red. Molly Quinn is amazing, but no Clary.

  63. I don’t like Jamie Bower Campbell as Jace. I always pictured someone like Benjamin Stone from “Nine lives of Chloe King”. Now THAT is the perfect Jace. I like the guy who played in “Sorcerers Apprentice” (spelling), the guy who is the “Vegas magician” as Magnus.

  64. Dear god…Jamie, I’m so sorry, I love you, but this isn’t your part to play. It’s just…not. Lily, she’s fine. If she does really well she might portray Clary fairly nicely. Jamie….It’s just not Jace. Barely any similarities, in my opinion. I-God I can barely type- I’m sorry, I just think if Jamie plays Jace, a lot less people will go to the movie. I’m sorry :(

  65. I 100% agree that Jamie shouldn’t be Jace. I see him more as Jem from the Clockwork series (if he has to be in the movies at all).

  66. I think Jamie looks too…feminine I think. Jace is supposed to be this masculine heart throb, but I just dont see it in him. Hopefully he will get beefy and that will make him handsome, not pretty.

  67. Grace Brisbane says:

    Jamie is so just not right for Jace, he’s supposed strong, and sarcastic, and sexy. I don’t think Jamie has the right look to play him, at all.

  68. Can we just switch out Jamie for Ben Stone and be done with it? He is the perfect Jace. I have waited for like 6 months for them to actually start casting people I was so excited for this movie but they’ve practically ruined it for me…

    • Mandy, Grace & Lucy. I am 100% in agreement with all 3 of you. I wonder if the producers/writers/casting people look @ our post & second guess themselves. Its obvious we (as fans) care enough b/c we post on this site, but will it get to the right people and, if it did, would it matter? I’m sorry but BOO to Jamie as Jace.

  69. I think Alex would make a perfect Jace but I think “I Am Number Four” was too similar of a movie (glowing blades, other worldly, lights coming from the hands). Benjamin Stone would be my next choice. I just think Jamie is too skinny, not defined physically and meets no requirements of Jace. If Jamie HAS to be in these movies, he would make a better Jem from the Clockwork series. I hope they can do a recast!!

  70. Im soooo sad i can’t beleive they cast Jaime Cambell Bower. But apparetly, Cassandra Clare likes him so that makes me feel a bit better.

    • Psst! Jace lover, you know who I am? Well if you do, that’s great, It’s my new name to spread the word, but anyway, Stephanie Myers liked Robert too, don’t get your hopes up.
      -Signed, your BFFLAM

  71. Is Jace British and I missed it completley like a fool?
    The top choices for Jace
    Alex and Jamie, both british…..

  72. Molly Quinn–BEST CLARY EVER
    She has natural red hair,
    Pale features,
    And a innocence yet seriousness….she just has it…..
    Ugg, b4 i was okay with Lily because she seemed like a decent actress….but now that I have been given the option I think I would much rather have Molly.

  73. I’m ok with Lilly Collins but Jamie, sorry men but you actually are the opposite of Jace, you are too girly and you don’t have that rude but also careing thing jace has. When i think of Simon, Logan Lerman is perfect, we have to think of the two somins girls, not only the one with the glasses but also the vampire, that’s why i think he’s perfect, at least don’t ruined simon please

  74. She does not seem like a Clary to me, but she’s a good actress so she should be good.

  75. I’m not completely thrilled with the Jace casting … but I just rest on the fact that Jamie is a great actor, and hair/makeup teams can work magic. Also, hopefully they’ll throw a couple burgers at him, and tell him to bulk up.

  76. & There were a couple of comments saying Adam Lambert should be Magnus Bane, and Megan Fox should be Isabelle, and lastly, Jamie should be Jem from ClockWork Angel …. you’ve got to be kidding me people… -.- Remember the AGE GROUP of the characters. Adam Lambert is 31 years old, and last time I checked Magnus is a physically young warlock (& partly asian). He definitely is no where close to looking like a 31 year old man… -.- & Megan Fox … once again : too old and too exposed. Everyone knows her and I think the more low key actors the better. & Jaime for Jem??!!!!! Jem is half asian ! Does Jaime look partly asian to you? Didnt think so.

  77. For me, the perfect Jace would’ve been Alex Pettyfer.

  78. I think Kaya Scodelario.is the perfect Izzy.
    And Nicholas Hoult is just sooo …Alec!

  79. Jane Levy should be clar she is perfect

  80. WOW Super unhappy, loved all the books and now I probably won’t even watch the movies. Jamie Campbell Bower, noooooooooooo

  81. I don’t know about Lily. She looks too old for a teenager. Molly Quinn sounds like a better bet…

  82. Mrs. herondale says:

    no!!!!!! jamie campell bower is so not right for jce. i had imagined someone more like alex pettyfer or someone beautiful i don’t get it. movie makers these days sheesh.

  83. I didn’t lik the choice for Jace either but I guess it doesn’t matter now since the director pulled out & the movie is on hold. Hopefully when they get a new director we will get a new cast. While Alex Pettyfer is perfect,”I Am Number Four” kinda kicks him out of the running for me. My next (actually first) choice is Benjamin Stone!!!!!!

  84. I think the cast is great. Sure, Alex might have suited the description better but, Jaime could surprise us. As for Lily Collins I think she is a great choice. She’s a talented actress and I think she’s beautiful and holds the look of Clary.

  85. Syd&Hannah says:

    WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY CHOSE THIS KID FOR JACE!?!? He is disgusting he should go die and the guy on the cover of City of Lost Souls should play Jace and this is just fucking ludacris. I am VERY FUCKING dissapointed. I don’t even want to see the movie now… FUCK ME! (jk I still do…)

    • The guy on the cover is a model….. Just saying and it’s all about who he comes off as, so far Jamie is a great actor and recent pictures he looks great and wicked jaceish
      Cassie said he was perfect and if the author says he’s great then Obv. He is…. It’s shallow to believe that a model is better then Jamie so give the kid a chance and let’s admit it, Alex Pettyfer, the models and everyone really can’t act so yup…, Jamie is perfect.

  86. MRS. HERONDALE yes, he is cheating on you... says:

    OMG yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i couldnt agree more on the guy playing jace. noooo!!! i was so looking forward to keepng the movie poster in my room to stare at all day, but what is the point when that THING is gonna be on it.

  87. Well don’t worry about it. The director pulled out & the movie is on hold. Who knows, with a new director we may get a new cast!

  88. MRS.herondale... yea sorry he's cheating on you says:

    Maybe…who knows. your’e right.

  89. team herondale (for both series!!!) says:

    i like clary but the guy playing jace is just wrong, they should get that guy that was the main charater on “i am number four” he would be perfect and is almost exactly how i imagined him :)

    • MRS. HERONDALE yes, he is cheating on you... says:

      The guy from i am number four is alex petteyfer the same guy from beastly. i totally agree with you. Alex Pettyfer is perfect for Jace, i think they offered him the role but he turned it down, or something.

  90. I didn’t picture clary looking exactly like that, but its nothing a decent make up artist can’t fix. JACE on the other hand, well….no offense at all to Jamie, but jace is supposed to look angelic. Stunningly attractive. Irresistible. And Jamie isn’t exactly the first face that comes to mind..I’m not entirely confident that any movie editing software can make him as gorgeous as he’s described to be.

  91. Do they have the full cast yet? I’ve heard nothing on this movie yet, other then they haven’t started filming and are waiting for the ok. I’d like to see an add for an audition somewhere for me to believe there going through with it.

  92. celina fairn says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! >:( i am soooo mad that jamie campbell bower is gonna play jace!! Jace is supposed to be hot!!! and jamie- well he is NOT hot… i think alex pettyferr should have played jace :D

  93. MRS. HERONDALE yes, he is cheating on you... says:

    I totally agree with you. I do hope the director or Cassandra changes their mind about Jamie Campell Bower, he does not hit me as Jace at all. maybe if they notice all the comments on it they will react.

  94. margarita says:

    They should have picked Cody Linely to play Jace. He totally fits the part. Jamie campbell looks too old to play Jace. Jace Wayland was described as being not fat or skinny but lean. Come on!!!They are already screwed up Twilight and The hunger games with horrible actors but why do they wanna screw up the The Mortal Instruments!!!WHY!!!!

  95. margarita says:


  96. margarita says:

    OR Alex Pettyfer!!he is Gorgeaous!!

  97. margarita says:

    NEVER MIND!!!OMG JAMIE IS THE PERFECT JACE!!!People cant you see?They’ve pick the right characters so far!!Lily is the perfect Clary too!!

  98. TeamPeetaJace says:

    I think that Lilly Collins will make an amazing Clary!!!! In fact I want to see Miror Miror just because she is in it!!!! I got like this with Jenifer Lawrence before the Hunger games too:) When I first found out that Alex Pettifer wasn’t being Jace, and that Jamie is, I too was very disappointed but now I’m starting to see him as Jace. Actually now I think he is the perfect Jace. I am sooo excited about the movie!!!!:)

  99. TeamPeetaJace says:

    Oh by the way I totally think that Logan Lerman would be the perfect Simon!!!!

  100. i wish Kyle Pettyfer was playing Jace!!

  101. Cody Linely would be a TERRIBLE Jace!!

  102. Mitch hewer as jace.
    I think lily Collins is perfect for clary. BUT WHY JAMIE?!? wonder how the movie would turn out.

  103. I’ve said Benjamin Stone this whole time. His age, look, hair, physical appearance, everything just SCREAMS Jace!

  104. I didn’t picture Jamie as Jace or Lily as Clary. No offence to people who do, but they just were not what a pictured as Clary and Jace. O.e

  105. Lily Collins I think would be okay as a Clary. Although, I pictured Jace more like Benjamin Stone or Alex Pettyfer just because they both have this hard look to them. Jamie really doesn’t have that, but I have nothing against him as an actor, just as his role as Jace. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and see what happens.

  106. I really dont want Logan Lerman as Simon
    Okay maybe as pre-vampire Simon he’d be all right
    but in my head Simon kind of had a complete makeover after he was made a vampire, like Eric said ‘saxy vampire mojo’
    But i pretty much imagined Simon as the guy on the CoFA
    He is exactly how I pictured him
    Though not when Simon is human
    but yeah :D
    And im not the biggest fan of Jamie as Jace but i kinda wanna see if he can pull of Jace.

  107. You know it doesn’t matter what anyone says, right? Cassandra Clare has been right there through the whole casting for the movie, giving her opinions and things like that. She thinks Lily and Jamie are PERFECT for who should portray her characters. Its what SHE thinks that counts, its HER opinion that the director takes into account.And you never know, Lily and Jamie may blow all of our minds as Clary and Jace..

  108. MysteryFan says:

    First picture i saw of jamie was this:

    My reaction was like: Wait…That can’t be Jace….really?

    Then i saw this: http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2u37vdcTi1qgstalo1_500.jpg
    My reaction: Maybe.. just maybe…

  109. Miranda says:

    I actually like Lily Collins as Clary. She’s pretty. Howeverrrr….this Jace does NOT work for me, AT ALL. he is probably one of the most unattractive people I have ever seen, and Jace is supposed to look like an angel? This is why I hate it when people make movies out of good books. They always ruin it by choosing the absolute worst actors they possibly can. I mean really? There was seriously no one they could find to play the part of Jace than Jamie? I find that hard to believe because almost ANYONE would be better. I really wish Alex Pettyfer was Jace….thats who I always pictured<3

  110. I’m actually going to cry! Jamie is sooooo not the Jace I pictured! Damn…what a let down…. They ruined the twilight books for me by choosing the wrong actors. I won’t let them ruin the Mortal Intruments for me!

  111. NOOOO why???? i dont like him :( i guess Lily is ok but Jamie is not he looks like a girl i thought Jace was gonna be hotter and cuter……… im very sad about this

  112. I don’t get why no one likes Jamie… I have to say I didn’t like him at first but then watched Sweeney Todd and saw some recent pics and now… Well he’s good looking, a great actor (dark, creepy caius, love stricken Anthony) with a good look (one of the photos Cassie posted of him as jace was Woah) he’ll be perfect! And lily Collins, great actress saw her in priest and like her as clary…. (: now Shannon Kook has to play Magnus and I’m all set (=

    • yes, i agree with what you say about jamie. :)
      and lily collins would be a great clary, because she has freckles like her lolz
      nobody seems to understand that. she’s beautiful. though i wonder who her mother would be, since lily has dark eyebrows.

      • She’s a great actress, I was watching priest and the blind side going she’s gunna be great! And Jamie is wicked cute, he has the dark brooding look (as proven in twilight) and is sweet too like Anthony in Sweeney Todd! Theyr amazing and I’m insanely excited, and they always could just die her eyebrows you know, but I doesn’t matter she could have inherited them from valentine (not likely but maybe)

  113. Jace should be Alex Pettyfer
    Alec lightwood- gaspard ulliel
    Sebastian should be Garrett Hedlund <3
    I've seen Jamie in some of his recent movies and shows, like Anonymous, and his show Camelot. He has a little experience in fighting roles, but hmm i'm not sure he could be a jace. he has that british accent, though jace's family history is british. :)
    but aaagh!! why alex pettyfer why!!!
    he would be such a hot jace.
    but if you've seen the way they cut jamie's hair to look like jace, it's an okay look.
    he just needs muscles. ^_^

    • (Team jacob?team edward?)pshh!! Team Jace!!! says:

      i changed my name from Tina to this^
      okay well any who,
      I just saw that Chris Riggi has auditioned for the part of Alec(whaaaaaa?!)
      i’d really hope its Nicholas Hoult or Gaspard Ulliel. <3

    • Natalia says:

      If you go to Cassandra Clare’s website and look at a picture of Lily and Jamie, I think you will be able to see why they chose who they chose. I to did not like Jamie for the part until I saw that picture.

  114. cooolboy145 says:

    I love the books i just hope that the movie Dose not turn out to be like the hunger games

    • (Team jacob?team edward?)pshh!! Team Jace!!! says:

      reading the books make it all better, we all have our own way of creating the characters we read, that’s why when the author seems to pick jamie, it’s because thats the exact way she pictured her character.
      the hunger games movie was a little let down, but it was still pretty good :)

  115. cooolboy145 says:

    That is true.

  116. cooolboy145 says:

    Who is playing as Miaim ? I think i speeled her name wrong.

  117. Catherine Valentine says:

    Ok all of you who don’t like the cast. If you don’t like them oh well. Alex Pettyfer was pretty UGLY Jamie is pretty. Jace is supposed to be PRETTY!!!!!!! It’s called makeup. The producers will make them look how THEY want. Unless you are the producers you can SHUT THE HELL UP. Go away if you don’t like it.

  118. Tessa over Bella anyday says:

    ^^im sure we all know, we’re just pouring our opinions. O.o
    anyway,(to more important matters), i hope they choose maia and isabelle’s cast pretty soon!! i want this movie to be just like we all hopefully imagined!!! :)
    just can’t wait.
    i want to know who’s going to play for isabelle.

  119. JaceWaylandfanatic says:

    I think that Leebo Freeman is a better choice then Jamie Cambell. He has that gentle face and he is as close to perfect to the Jace I always pictured!

  120. cooolboy145 says:

  121. cooolboy145 says:

    What the point! We all know that that this movie is going to suck one way or another.

  122. cooolboy145 says:

    sorry to be mean but it’s the truth and i can’t wait to read book 5 the city of lost souls!

    • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

      you havent read it yet?!!!
      omg your going to blush and gasp every freaking page i swear. :O
      it is the best book ive read from the mortal instruments, besides city of glass<3

  123. cooolboy145 says:

    I hope so :}

  124. cooolboy145 says:

    I just now read the first part of the lost souls OMG !!!!!!!!

    • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

      omg i told u!!!! so intense and a great book!! ugh i hope she writes more, idgaf what anybody says, she should keep going, and follow her dream!! :)

      • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

        oh yeah and idk bout anybody else but i love lily collins, she’s beautiful, but just needs to pluck her eyebrows just a little. :)

  125. Max Irons: Google Him as Jace before you object! says:

    Jamie looks too old to be Jace..you can almost see the worry lines..none of the youthful flair I imagined..Alex Pettyfer is..bland..and thats the best that can be said about him.. On the other hand Max Irons is almost exactly how I pictured Jace would be..the smirk, the spark in his eye, a little naughty, darker blond that looks lighter in the sun..*sigh*

  126. Cooolboy145 says:

    OMG poor Isabelle she can’t face simon and tell him how much she loves him :)

  127. cooolboy145 says:

    I would do any thing just to be Simon or Jace

  128. cooolboy145 says:

    Oh and their is going to be a sixth book IDK when it’s coming out but their will be a sixth book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Natalia says:

    Who thinks Vanessa Hudgens could play either Isabell or Maia?? I just thought about it

  130. cooolboy145 says:

    that’s a good point. Who is playing as Simon or Maia or any of the other people?

  131. cooolboy145 says:

    She should play as Maia

  132. cooolboy145 says:

    Any one seen “The Lighting Thief”? I hope it won’t be like that movie. Were they make the movie were it can’t progress into the next book that would suck. BIG TIME!

    • Totally agree. If the movie came out and didn’t advance (but everyone believes its the next franchise which is awesome! Even though I want to hog these books to myself) and there’s no more movies then the last books come out…. I have no idea what’d I do then it’s like the hunger games stopping after the first I’d be pissed…..

  133. In all honestness I also wanted Alex P to play Jace and when Jamie was cast i was so upset but honestly if Alex was cast it wouldve ended up being wrong because he just looks too rugged and the obession with him is getting old really fast. I mean he didnt even want this role, they offered and he thought the other book turned movies he auditioned for was BETTER. Right then and there he lost all his points by me. We are supposed to defend our favourite series guys. And all these people saying Jace is supposed to look like an angel, yeah that is true but there is no one alive that it that good looking. So they will make Jamie look all angeliclike. I think we will all be pleasantly surprised. We need to get this movie to do even better than Harry Potter coz anything is better than Twilight!

  134. cooolboy145 says:

    It beater be bedder than Twilight and the book are like Twilight in a way!

  135. I think that Alex Pettyfer should be Jace. He is Jace in one package. Too bad he turned it down. :'(

  136. i don’t know why but.. i feel like jamie has a bad guy feel to him? anyway guys let’s just trust cassandra clare, movie magic and the actors. I hope they don’t screw this one up. Because this book is really GREAT. I don’t want anyone criticizing the book because of the movie. You know how some people are..

    • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

      yeeeees u agree with JP errrbody ^_^ this is our good author we are kind of critisizing. :P she has good taste in her stories so she must know what she is doing with her choices in characters, after all they are her characters :D
      the 6th book is called City of Heavenly Fire, comes out 2014.

  137. Jamie and jace have the same two first initials (: JC and JC
    I think not! It’s like he was made for this role

  138. Skolder says:

    Neither of these two are good for the role! They are not at all what I imagined, the guy playing Jace might make a good Sebastian though, he fits perfectly for what I think Sebastian looks like.

  139. Shadowhunter for life says:

    DEAR LORD the moment I found out who was Jace I cried cause he is sooooooooo not Jace. And Lily looks nothing like Clary. FOr one her hair isn’t naturally red and she doesn’t have green eyes. I reckon that Jamie Campbell Bower should play Sebastian cause that’s actually pretty much exactly how I pictured him….except with black eyes.

  140. jazziamthemusic says:

    im not hating or saying that this was the worst decision anyone can possibly make, and i am accepting the fact that the role has already been cast, but she’s just way too pretty to play clary. clary is described as plain besides her hair and eyes.

  141. margaira says:

    CCome on does height really matter?Or the eybrows, okay maybe the eybrows matter but they can’t alwyas fine exact copyies of people that can fit the book to its best!

  142. the guy from beastly would have been waaaaayyyyy better

  143. ok Clary is decent i love who they cast for izzy but REALLY?!?!?!? no offense but the guy they cast for jace is HIDEOUS!!! :( sorry for my weirdo opinions to the girls who our becoming rabid fangirls who already think the actors hot just cause the character is hot :I its twilight all over again! (if i had picked jace it either would have been guy from beastly or cato from hunger games)

  144. While reading the books, The one and only person who I could thing for as a fit for Izzy would be Megan Fox, she is just as Cassandra describes Izzy. As for Jace, I was going somewhere with Alex Pettyfer, and looking at some of the comments, I can see people agree with that comment.

  145. Casting directors know more than any of us and personally I think if the writer is happy then that’s the main thing because those books are her babies and if she see’s them as being able to portray her characters then they can. Overall she created the characters and it’s her image of them that matters, not some silly shallow fan-girls who won’t give the actors a chance. They haven’t even begun filming, we haven’t seen a glimpse of what they’ll be when they’re in character so all you can do is wait and stop complaining about what you can’t change. You’re favourite actors will be in other movies so chill people chill.

  146. Biggest Book Nerd Ever says:

    That Looks nothing like Clary!!!!
    She doesn’t even have green eyes!
    And that Jace is not the jace I picture. x_x
    No offense to the people who playing them x_x

  147. Never Trust this Duck ;) says:

    And her Hair is more Light Brown than orange and She’s Tan!
    With no freckles >_.<

  148. Not a lover for the crew. says:

    This Is a terrible crew.!
    It’s just not right..!

  149. I think I’m the only person that approves of the cast as it stands, they’re all gorgeous and if you say they’re not, your argument is invalid.

    Plus, some people should remember that you can;
    Pluck eyebrows.
    Wear contacts.
    Dye hair.

    It’s not the end of the world if their hair colour is a shade lighter.

  150. I agree Alex Pettyfer Would be perfect for Jace Exactly like a pictured him.

  151. Now that I look at It I completely agree with Tina
    Gaspard Ulliel- Alec
    Alex Pettyfer-Jace
    Garrett Hedlund- Sebastion
    Perfect Picture!!

  152. ~TMI & TID Fangirl~ says:

    I wish people would stop complaining;it’s ridiculous.I admit,I wasn’t too fond of Jamie at first,but now I see that he’s a great actor and is totally committed to his role as Jace.He’s a perfect Jace!And I can’t wait to see how he is as Jace on the big screen after all the training and with the special Jace-look the makeup artist will give him.They’ll make him look perfect for the role,as he IS perfect for the role!

    As for Lily Collins and Jemima West,I think that their perfect for Clary & Isabelle as well!Their great actresses,and will totally nail their roles in the movie,as will Jamie as Jace!

    So stop complaining and be happy that there IS going to be a City of Bones movie,and stop whining about the actors before you’ve even seen them in action! If Cassie is happy about the actors and the ways of the movie,than so am I and you should too!

  153. Alex Pettyfer is hot but he’s not a very good actor and he’d probably just ruin the movies like Kristen Stewert in twilight.

  154. L0l

  155. I completely wish Alex Pettyfer ended up as Jace! And, I love Lily Collins- don’t get me wrong- but she’s too pretty to be Clary! The book described Clary as being plain, so I expected the actress to be playing her sorta plain!

  156. After seeing Lilly Collins in Pictures she’s alright as Clary, I Suppose.. But The other two kinda don’t fit the picture… ._.

  157. JaceisAwesome says:

    Lilly Collins is perfect for the role but Jamie Campbell Bower is just wrong for Jace, and Greg Sulkin would never be Simon, JCB is alright, nothing against him hes just not Jace. period.

  158. Natalia says:


  159. But Jamie is soo ugly and not at all jace in a million years. Why do u all keep saying he’s cute he is hideous !

  160. I wish that Alex Pettyfer could have been Jace, he looks just like I imagine him. The guy they cast for him looks really creepy, kinda too ugly to be Jace.

  161. Alez102 says:

    Ok , I know Jamie is not that good jace like Alex but Alex didn’t want to do it he lost even thou Alex is my true jace to heart , but Jamie was chosen and that’s it nothing you can do about it and can’t always get what you want Jamie is a fine-ass actor and you can change your look in Hollywood not your acting so if your a true fan of the series just be happy their making a movie in the first place ) what ever they choose even if It wasn’t my fave ill back them up… (period)

    • wow someone is defending the ugly! (jk) k so i don’t care what u say he is pretty ugly and that director is out of wack!!!! k and the knew one better straiten up this mess because
      a.) i am realy impaticent
      b.)theese people are butt ugly (w the exception of Jemima west)
      c.) i am not backing them up
      d.) i am feeling the film may turn out less powerful… no meaningfull and mabe even less romantic than it should be… did that make sence? k so basically more kidish! u know?!!! oh and
      e.) i am freakin’ blond and well… they have better hurry it up because i may do something realy stupid soon so!!!!
      yeh that was a mouthfull but thats what i think!!!! :)

  162. but it could all change still!! hey does anyone know y any one wouldn’t want to direct that movie? i still am unsure about jamie but i can’t do anything about it! i am just upset because i am in LOVE! with jace and well he’s being played by that!!! srry jamie! but it’s the truth!!! i realy wish he was alex pettyfer! i loved him in i am #4… anyone else?

  163. omg k so i am realy slow i was reading other comments and johny dept would be a freakin’ awsome magnus!!! omg!
    k i know i may have spelled things wrong i have been up since 5 am i was on an airplane!:)

  164. i felt like it was that way for the hunger games 2!!! :(

    • oops sorry i didn’t mean to put that there i meant like i felt it can’t transition to the next book i don’t wan’t it to be like that!

  165. Johny dept would b an amazing magnus!!!!

  166. mrs. wayland says:

    i love potatoes and jace. hey what it jace wore a potato

  167. what if he were a potato chip?!?!

  168. Im ok with jamie……… ok so i think he looks like a little kid that got REALLI tall but if he can bulk up and get a hair cut maybe it would work and he needs to be a little taller too!

  169. mrs. wayland says:

    he has long hair tho and he does need to bulk up that kid is scrany and lilly collins is just not pettit enough

    • he said he was working out and stuff but i just dont think it will help

      • me either!!! i mean yeh nvm i don’t know what i mean i don’t like him he just isn’t.. jace, hot, strong, beautiful, romantic, tortured, shall i go on!!!

    • omg i love jace but he might ruin it for me. and as i said before he is just not.. tortured enough!!! does anyone agree w me

  170. What about Molly Quinn as clary? look her up people! shes perfect!

  171. Who should b magnus? besides johny depp? what about alec???

  172. What about jocelyn guys?

    • Amy Adams!!!!

    • Isabelle says:

      Someone that resembles clary on the fourth book – fallen angels. Thats actually a hard one but i think Daniel Craig would be a good Valentine and Adam Lambert would be an okay Magnus – theres something about him – plus he looks good with eyeliner

  173. did u here that they r delaying the movie because the director backed out??? yeh so the cast could change and could still en up how we want. u know:
    jace- alex pettyfer
    clary- molly quinn
    magnus johny dept
    alec- rhys ward
    izzy- jemima west (leave as is)
    simon- logan lerman
    i know pretty hot cast that would b!!!

  174. idk that guy is an idiot and i am glad 2 c him go just like the director 4 the hunger games

  175. haha u just didnt like the director 4 the hunger games cause he is creepy looking!

  176. no he didn’t do that well and he didn’t get the end right

  177. anywhay yeh that guy (the idiot that casted jamie and lilly) is well idiotic!!!

  178. Isabelle says:

    I don’t understand why they cant look into the people who modelled for the actual books because i think they really resemble the characters – all of them. Lilly may be a good actress but i dont think she has the ‘Clary look’ – those who are fans will understand what i mean and she isnt a natural redhead either. Having said that i think the most important thing is that the actors actually respect the role or characters they’re playing so that the movie turns out as fantastic as the books – look how shit twilight turned out and once again people who read the books first will understand what i mean

  179. Isabelle says:

    I hope the movies are as funny as the books – especially jace and thats not really how i imagined isabelle….Jamie on the other hand is growing on me. He seems funny

  180. Catherine Valentine says:

    i dont like everyone hating the cast. i have 1 thing to say 2 all of you possibly more. SCRRRRREEEWWWW UUUUUU. The casting director will choose the cast they wont decide “hey guys the cast that most people like have gotten a very little bit of dislike lets change the entire cast to what these few people want” no because this is how it will be afterwards “Danm we messed up we’re broke now.” so dont even think theyll listen to you. Thank you.

    • k thats not going to help me!!! and sut up!!! k the cast is ugly (jamie and lilly) i mean i don’t see how she could wear a cute pear of heals or boots without her being the one leaning over to kiss him and stuff your face!!! k srry i am a nice person i really am but i am really upset soooo i am not going to call you people bad things because well i don’t want people not to like me but thoes people on the other han well the casting people are idiots!!! srry to those of you who love ugly people and my cast would be better anyday!!! so you need to stop screwing people cause it hurts!!! k i am still here i just love jace and now i cant get the movie poster because that ugly person will be on it (make that 2 ugly personsZ)

  181. Just In Love says:

    I like Lily Collins for Clary even though I actually didn’t bother to picture her as anyone when i was reading the books…. I only bothered with Jace, I think Alex Pettyfer- when I comes to looks would be THE perfect fit for Jace but based on acting skill I’m not really sure, I guess Jamie will be ok… though I haven’t seen him act much so I wouldn’t know… but the girl for Isabelle is perfect looks wise that is…. I’m soo excited for the movie!

  182. great now theyre datigh i might puke!!!!

    • srr i can’t type today i said! great now they’re daiting

      • Jcb IS Jace (: says:

        Dear god, stop judging actors by how they look like
        Every other five friggin coments is “hes so ugly” . No one is going to
        Care what u or any other jcb hater thinks, cuz alex pettyfer has such little acting talent and to think he would make a better jace is just wacked…. While everyother tmi fan is going to see the movie you can just sit on ur couch and
        Complain about but no one is going to care because this is the next franchise whether u want lily and jamie to star in it is never going to matter to the casting director.. I love this cast sooooo… Just keep going on and on about how ur cast is better, but sadly ur not making the movie are u? *shakes head* stop complaining before u give them
        A chance… If they werent good they wouldnt have been cast? So obviously u can feel my great sympathy for jcb haters, since u guys know more then professional casting directors and the author who created these characters…. “theyr dating i might puke!!” ugh u make me want to puke

  183. i think jamie should be johnathan i don’t i care what YOU want to call him!!

  184. k nvm i actuallyh am starting to like lilly collins but i am not even considering jamie someone work some magic on him… or me i need!!!! to like him!!!

  185. gregg sulkin would be a perfect simon i love him!!!! soooo cute!!!

  186. CrazyCatLady says:

    does anyone here know why alex turned down the role of jace? because he was too old for teenage characters! Cassie likes the actors they have picked so far, not to mention Jamie is now working out and, you know getting buffer!

  187. Mrs.Carstairs says:

    A simon was picked out

  188. Never Trust This Duck ;) says:

    Anyone else think that Chris Angel Would be an awesome Magnus? xD

  189. Personally I don’t think it’s the casting that will ruin it. Yeah, at first I wasn’t happy with the cast but have faith in them. Don’t judge before you see the movie okay? They are doing a LOT of training. Jamie has to have protein shakes every day and go to the gym. He’s bulking up. And Lily Collins? She’s actually short? Just have fun with it. If they screw the movie up it’lll make you love the books more. So, please? For us lovers, stop the hate!

  190. Jamie is engaged to Bonnie, the girl who played Genny in Harry Potter.

  191. Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info. Hate it for them.

  192. I think lily Collins makes a beautiful clary. Jamie on the other hand . . .

  193. KindleSpark says:

    WOW, Jamie Campbell Bower and Robert Sheehan don’t work. Lily Collins could be ok, but just not what I pictured. Jamie just doesn’t have the arrogance, and the way he holds himself does not work as Jace. Simon is supposed to have glasses, be slightly nerdy, a bit unsure of himself, and a bit shy and outgoing. Doesn’t work. Have to admit Isabelle will be good though.

  194. look whether we like the picks for the movie we arent in charge. i didnt like Jamie for jace either but upon review of the photos for the movie i feel like hes going to do a good job. He and lilly collins are great actors and thats what matters, and as to the comments made about Robert Sheehan he is going to be an amazing simon and whomever says differently is very very wrong.

  195. I don’t like Lily Collins for Clary, I think they should have picked someone with naturally red hair, that dye job looks bad in my opinion. If they were going to pick just any actress to play Clary and then dye her hair why did they have to pick Lily Collins??!! I’m sorry I don’t think she’s the most talented actress, I saw her in Mirror Mirror, and I don’t see her as Clary, I think she’s going to destroy it and make the movie like Twilight with people hating on it all the time. And I don’t like Jamie for Jace either I wish Alex didn’t turn it down, but couldn’t they have found someone else?? I don’t think Jamie looks anything like Jace just…no! If it weren’t for the rest of the cast which I am mostly okay with I would refuse to watch it to keep my idea of what it looked like when I read the books. If they had messed up someone who didn’t matter, like Hodge or Pangborn and Blackwell I could completely live with it but they messed up the key characters! Valentine, Clary, and Jace. Granted I wasn’t a fan of Jace for awhile but he got better so now they need to recast him but I know they won’t since they took so long to cast simon to make sure he could work with who they picked for Clary and Jace so all hopes of a re-cast are dead. In my opinion, if Alec and Magnus weren’t so perfect I would boycott.

  196. I wasn’t thrilled… at all… when they announced that jamie would be jace. I was like “Why not Alex Pettyfer?!” because Alex was exactly what I pictured. But, later I realized Jamie was a perfect Jace, even if they dont cut his hair. (they said they would and I saw a pic of what it’d look like… trust me, its better than Alex ;) ) Plus, Alex turned down the role, and I honestly cant see him being like Jace. I’m fine with Jamie! I also think that Lily is exactly what I was trying to picture with Clary (I never really could picture her) and that the guys who are playing alec and simon are adorable. I think they got the cast spot on, and the trailer definitely looks epic. I watched it like 10 times in a row! Don’t know how I can wait for the movie!

  197. Ella embedal says:

    jamiecampbellbower was perfect for jace as he presented the beautifuyl person, not hunky as some cretins have stated. He is supposed to be angel likenot david hasselhoff god. I wasnt happy with lily as clary just because im not a fan; yet she wasnt bad at all. Simon lewis was excellently played by robert sheehan who i knew would do well anyway.

  198. Ella embedal says:

    wow these people commenting are mostly idiots, judging each charachter on what they look like, fgs, there are such things as makeup, scissors, clothes and most of all ACTING. take some time and research thembefore judgingthem so quickly, jesus- though i doubt he would fit.

  199. Clary Fray says:

    they should chose me for clary but im just rp clary and max thieriot for the role of jace O.o he is exactly how I picture jace is so amazingly handomse and I love him so much he will always be my jace:) but that’s ok I will always love my max:)

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