Harald Zwart to direct ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’

After weeks of speculation as to who replaced Scott Stewart as director of the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Constantin Film and Unique Features announced that Harald Zwart will direct.

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower are still on board for the roles of Clary and Jace, respectively.

“Lily Collins is the perfect Clary,” said producer Robert Kulzer in a statement. “Harald Zwart really understands the visuals and heart of The Mortal Instruments. That was crucial to us. Of course, having Cassandra Clare’s support throughout and collaborating with her on this project has been especially rewarding.”

Cassandra Clare spoke with Hollywood Crush about the new director.

“Harald is awesome,” Cassie told Hollywood Crush via email. “I flew to Los Angeles to meet with him and with [producer] Robert Kulzer and [screenwriter] Jessica Postigo. Harald has more energy than anyone I have ever met. He wound up not being able to join us till about 10 at night ‘because of Vikings’ (I think this was a commercial he was filming), but when he did show up he had every single question in the world about the story and the characters. We spent an hour talking about Portals and another hour on Valentine (he is a huge fan of Valentine—maybe I should worry).

 Clare revealed she was a little worried about the unexpected choice of Zwart.

“He was an interesting unexpected choice for director to me, and initially I was worried because I kept asking, ‘Does he understand fantasy?’ but talking to him really evened out those concerns. He got the magic, and he got the characters. There was even a moment where he was talking about Magnus and he said, ‘And then Magnus meets this woman…’ and Robert, Jessica and I all said : ‘Boy.’ And he said, ‘What?’ And we said ‘Boy. Magnus is gay.’ And he stared like we were crazy and said, ‘I KNOW. I was only going to say he met this woman and she hired him to help him with her daughter! Of course Magnus is gay.’ And he waved his arms and yelled ‘Magnus is fabulous!’ So I thought, ‘I like you.'”

There is still the issue of casting the remaining characters in the film, which Clare also addressed.

“We talked about actors for Jocelyn and Valentine and the other adults,” she revealed. “I can’t really say who was discussed; I am sure they would shoot me. But I did love the suggestions. And we talked about Simon. Everybody loves Lily Collins, and she has what’s called ‘meaningful consultation’ regarding the casting of Jace and Simon. She already used it to advocate for Jamie Campbell Bower, who everyone agreed she had an amazing audition with. There is an actor she likes for Simon that a lot of my fans love, and I can’t say who, though I do think his schedule might be a bit booked! There are other actors we discussed too, some really adorable guys. Lily has good taste, I think! It’s fun stuff sitting around tossing around all these actors’ names, but of course in the end it comes down to who is available when and how they test with Lily, especially with the shoot date coming up.”

Clare is thankful to have been a part of the process.

“It was a great meeting to have—I have always entirely expected to be completely left out of the film-making process, so it’s been amazing to be included,” she enthused. “I said that during dinner and the producer turned to me and said, ‘I gave up my tickets to “The Hunger Games” premiere to be here! That’s how important this is.’ I was like: holy crap. That IS a big deal!”

Principal photography on City of Bones is slated to begin on August 15 in Toronto and New York.

What do you think of the new director?

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Constantin Films expected to make ‘big announcement’ about ‘City of Bones’ in ‘coming weeks’

Fan-made 'City of Bones' movie poster

Leave it to the Dark Artifices official press release to reveal a bit of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie news.

According to the release, Constantin Films producers are going to making a “big announcement” regarding the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in “the coming weeks.”

They also congratulated Clare on The Dark Artifices (how sweet!)

A film of “Mortal Instruments” is currently in development. The producers of the the film adaptation of “The Mortal Instruments” are expecting to make a big announcement about the project in coming weeks. One of the producers, Robert Kulzer from Constantin Film, did express his enthusiasm about his collaboration on the film project with Cassandra Clare: “Everyone working on the film is really excited to be in business with Cassandra Clare, one of the most brilliant, prolific and successful authors of our time. And we congratulate Cassandra on her new book series.”

Could it have anything to do with the new director?

Cassandra Clare revealed that Constantin was readying a press release to announce the new director.

Or could it be something even more exciting like casting news?

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Movie News Roundup: Filming start date, casting and more

Cassandra Clare delivered quite a slew of movie news regarding the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones on Tuesday.

The first item of news–and perhaps the biggest–is a confirmed starting date for filming.

Filming on City of Bones will begin on August 15. That’s just about five months away.

Yes, that’s an August shooting start date. So there, an actual piece of news. :)

As far as casting is concerned, Clare revealed that Constantin is the process of hiring a casting director.

Also Lily Collins (Clary) has some extra input on who will be cast as Simon and she already has a favorite that is also a fan-favorite. Could it be Logan Lerman?

They’re hiring a casting director now to start on the rest of the cast, and Lily has what’s called “meaningful consultation” on the roles of Jace and Simon (meaning she gets to put in her two cents, which only seems fair since she has to kiss them both) — we know she already threw in for Jamie but I will say that she definitely likes someone for Simon that a lot of you all like. Who knows, maybe she can talk him into it. Girl with good taste, our Lily.

Clare will also reveal the new director’s name soon.

And that’s all for now, I run to the airport, but I’ll have a bit more for you later — like the director’s name. ;)

Cassandra Clare meeting with ‘City of Bones’ director, producer and writers on Tuesday

Remember when Cassandra Clare said she was meeting with the new director of  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in a couple of weeks?

Turns out Tuesday, March 13, is that day.

Clare revealed on Tumblr that she has arrived in Los Angeles and will be meeting with not only the new director but also a producer, as well as having a writers meeting where they will go over certain parts of the script and different concept art (could that be what this concept sketch of Clary was for?) on Tuesday.

While Clare doesn’t promise news, she said that she will try to give us something–anything–as fans desperately want some news.

I have director, producer and writer meetings tomorrow about ‘City of Bones.’

I honestly don’t know what I’ll find out, or what of what I do find out I’ll be allowed to report. Hopefully something, since I know everyone is growing cobwebs waiting for news.

Now, I’ve no idea what I will be able to say, if anything. I know there are points in the script we want to go over, and concept art, etc. For all I know I could sit down and be told that they now see the film as a parable reflecting the age-old conflict between Mr. Peanut and his arch-enemy Alejandro, the Spanish almond. Life is mysterious.

Hopefully they will be good meetings. Hopefully I will have something to tell you about them. I have my fingers crossed, but I won’t make promises ‘cause I don’t want to say I’ll know something and then not know something. And it might be ‘I know something but I can’t tell it’ which is annoying, but quite possible.

She also teased some non-movie related “fun” news that she will be sharing this week.


I will have news for you about something fun before the end of the week. That I can promise. :)

Any guesses as to what it could be?

Who’s ready for another Tuesday anxiously awaiting for some movie news? Hopefully this Tuesday turns out better than the last one.

Cassandra Clare meeting with new ‘City of Bones’ director in two weeks

It’s no secret that The Mortal Instruments fans have been waiting eagerly and patiently for any news regarding the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Yesterday, Marlene King, who rewrote the script, revealed that she has a meeting with a producer and the new director.

Now, Cassandra Clare revealed that she is also meeting with the new director, whom she has spoken  with on the phone already, in two weeks.

The new director has already met with lead actors Lily Collins (Clary) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) and loves them.

He also has a good feel for the complexity of the characters and their direction, including the many layers of Jace.

Clare said that the producers have really made it a point to include her in the process, hence the meeting, which is very encouraging.

Check out Cassie’s full post:

I just wanted to say is that I am so glad that Marlene is meeting with the director and the producers at Constantin. I know lots of rumours have been floating around and I tend to be really quiet, but I want to make sure that when I tell you something, it’s true to the best of my knowledge. The movie industry runs on rumors and innuendo (this is why IMDB is basically useless till a movie goes into production and they lock down the page) and while things can always change, I want to be passing along info that’s as final as things in Hollywood get.

I have a little bit of news that’s exciting — and not even the news I was talking about yesteday! — I will be flying to Los Angeles from Mexico to meet with the new director. I can’t tell you who he is yet, but I’ve talked to him on the phone and he’s had a lot of great insight into the characters, really smart thoughts about the filming, and he had great thoughts about Jace, talking about how he wasn’t just an action hero, he was a layered, complex character with a lot of depth (oh and he has met with Lily and Jamie and he loves them.)

I’m excited he and the producers have made a special point to meet with me, go over concept sketches, talk about the characters and their direction — that doesn’t happen all that often with authors in Hollywood, that we get included that much. However I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’m going to be vague until things are definite. I will keep you updated as much as I can — I know it’s hard to wait; believe me, it’s hard for me, too. I’m actually really glad that we moved on from Screen Gems because things have been proceeding at enormous speed since then and I hope to have some concrete stuff to tell you soon. In the meantime I promise photos of my crazy trip to LA. :)

Who’s excited to find out the identity of this new director? And looks like things are definitely moving forward at a rapid pace now.

Marlene King Meeting with ‘Mortal Instruments’ Director and Producer on March 6

Marlene King, who penned the rewritten script for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, shared some exciting news on Wednesday.

It looks like things finally might be moving forward with production.

King has a meeting with the new director and producers on Tuesday, March 6.

Cassandra Clare said that Constantin Films was aiming to begin filming in August of this year and a tweet from 2011 revealed that the casting deadline was March 2012.

What do you think will be the focus of the meeting?

And who is the new director?

Could casting news be imminent?

“All moving forward at warp speed?” Hopefully.

Could Logan Lerman be a Front-Runner for the Role of Simon?

Amidst the confusion surrounding the rumor that the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie was no longer in development, author Cassandra Clare revealed that she spoke with the people at Constantin Films, the company that holds the film rights, and even gave them a list of actors that she liked for Simon.

One of those actors?

None other than fan-favorite Logan Lerman.

“You know, after being cruelly maltreated by the press today y’all deserve something. :) I told them I liked Logan Lerman for Simon. And they were like, “yeah, we worked with him on Three Musketeers.” Which means nothing, but hey. Registered.” (source)

Lerman seems like a viable candidate–if he wants the role. He worked with Constantin Films on The Three Musketeers, which came out last year.

Constantin wants to begin filming on City of Bones in August, so if everything remains on schedule then casting news might not be so far off.

What do you think of Logan as Simon? Would he be a good fit for the role?

The Mortal Instruments is in ‘Great Hands’ with Constantin Films

Following a rumor that development on the film adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s bestselling novel The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones had been halted, Clare, Marlene King and Jamie Campbell Bower clarified that it was definitely not the case.

The film is still in development.

King reassured fans that Constantin Films, who owns the film rights, is the right studio for The Mortal Instruments and that things are looking bright.

And Clare agreed.

Bower, who is attached to play Jace in the adaptation, took to Twitter to calm fans.

After hiring King to rewrite the script to ensure that all the important elements–and characters–were included, it shows that Constantin really cares about putting out a quality film instead of speeding up the process.

Constantin wants to begin filming in August of this year so news could definitely be on the horizon.

But keep in mind that the film process is a long one.

Yes, fans have had to wait. And yes, fans will have to continue to wait until everything falls into place. But hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

Screen Gems Hasn’t Been Attached to ‘Mortal Instruments’ Since Aug. ’11, Constantin Films Wants to Begin Filming in Aug.

A report by The Hollywood Reporter on Friday sent the Mortal Instruments fandom into a frenzy.

It was reported that Screen Gems had dropped The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

But Cassandra Clare cleared up the rumor and actually said that Screen Gems hasn’t been involved with The Mortal Instruments since August 2011.

Sony gave it to Columbia Pictures to develop at that time.

Constantin Film holds the film rights and controls if/when the film gets made. And according to Clare, Constantin wants to begin filming in August of this year.

Contrary to THR’s report, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is NOT CANCELLED.

Lily Collins (Clary) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) are still attached to the project.

Scott Stewart, who was attached to direct the film, was dropped from the project when The Mortal Instruments was handed over to Columbia Pictures in August.

Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter had to say:

In addition, sister label Screen Gems has untethered itself from Mortal Instruments, the adaptation of the Cassandra Clare YA fantasy series.

Scott Stewart had been attached to direct while Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower were attached to star in the story of a human woman helping human-angel hybrids fight evil forces.

Constantin Film, which controls the rights, may self-finance or seek a co-financier as it develops this on its own. Stewart, meanwhile, is no longer directing, focusing on a TV version of his Screen Gems flick, Legion.

Clare spoke out about the news and actually gave fans a better explanation.

Here are interesting tidbits:

  • The movie isn’t cancelled
  • Screen Gems hasn’t been involved with the project for some time (it was handed off to Columbia Pictures back in August 2011)
  • Constantin Films will actually make the movie
  • Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower are still attached to the project and will be for some time
  • Cassie sent Constantin Films some suggestions for casting Simon last week
  • Cassie told Constantin Films that she liked Logan Lerman for Simon
  • Constantin Films is aiming for filming to begin in August 2011
  • The movie is still “in development” until filming begins

Here is what Cassie posted:

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