‘Shadowhunters’: 5 Reasons Why Daniel Sharman Would Be The Perfect Jace

Daniel Sharman

With casting currently underway for Shadowhunters, we can’t help but get excited about the new actors that will join our Shadowhunters family, including who will make his way into our hearts as Jace Herondale.

With the series’ television revival, a new cast will take center stage for the hour-long drama on ABC Family. The movie cast will not reprise their roles (read why here).

While we’ve already fan-casted our picks for Clary (FYI: Molly Quinn is our favorite), we’ve been thinking about our picks for Jace. And of course Daniel Sharman came to mind. In fact, we think he’d be perfect as the cocky, snarky, vulnerable Jace.

Of course the first thing people will point out: he’s not blonde! Well, Lily Collins wasn’t a redhead before she dyed it for the film. Same goes for Kevin Zegers and Jemima West. It’s called hair dye, and it’s a main staple in Hollywood. Point is, forget the hair. Focus on the important things, like overall hotness. I kid, I kid (okay not really).

So what are the reasons why we think Daniel would be the perfect Jace?

1. He’s Hot

Sorry to get all superficial, but I only speak the truth. Just look at him. Daniel is the epitome of sex appeal. Being hot comes with the territory when you’re Jace: he’s physically attractive and he knows it; he uses it as a weapon just as much as he does his seraph blades. Plus I know I wouldn’t complain seeing him on my television every week.

2. He’s Already a Member of the “Shadowhunter” Family


If Daniel were to be cast as Jace this wouldn’t be his first foray into the Shadowhunter fandom. He narrated the audiobook for Clockwork Princess and proved to be a big fan of both of Cassie Clare’s series. It’s exactly why I love the idea of Molly Quinn playing Clary: she’s voiced audiobooks for The Mortal Instruments and she’s a fan of the books! Just think, how awesome a story would it be that these audiobook narrators eventually found their way to the small screen for a series based on Cassie’s books?

3. He’s Got the Acting Chops


Yeah, sure, Daniel is hella attractive (obviously), but he also possesses the acting chops needed for a complex character like Jace. If you’ve seen Daniel on Teen Wolf and The Originals, then you’ve gotten a glimpse of him sinking his teeth into some pretty complex characters. He’s able to pull of that cocky humor without seeming like a complete douchebag, but he’s also a master of vulnerability and stripping it down (his emotions, not his clothes, but that too) when the occasion calls for it. Just thinking about what Daniel could do with a character like Jace makes me incredibly excited and curious.

4. He Has Experience with Passionate Fandoms


The Shadowhunter fandom is at the very least a passionate one; at best, it’s a crazy, insane, dedicated one. Luckily, Daniel Sharman has some experience working with passionate fanbases. Let’s look at his two most popular roles: Teen Wolf and The Originals. Both fandoms are insanely passionate (have you seen the Teen Wolf fandom in action, it’s insane!) So having that experience acting on a show that is received as such by fans, reacting with fans and putting himself out there, Daniel would be a natural in the Shadowhunters fandom.

5. He’s All About the Supernatural


Daniel is most known for his roles as Isaac on Teen Wolf, where he played a werewolf, and Kol on The Originals, where he played a witch. Basically, Daniel seems to be drawn to the supernatural. And he thrives in the environment. Not only was this world of Shadowhunters made for Daniel, but Jace is a character that he could really sink his teeth into (no pun intended). Plus, it’d be nice to see Daniel taking on the supernatural instead of being the supernatural. What can you say, he’s a well-rounded actor.

While Daniel is currently filming a CBS medical drama pilot LFE, it has not been picked up for series yet. The thing is, hundreds of pilots are made every year in Hollywood and most of them don’t get ordered to series. But Shadowhunters already has a 13-episode order. Just saying.

After this tweet exchange between Daniel and Cassie, we can’t help but really, really, really need this this to happen!

Be sure to share your love for Daniel in the comments and on Twitter using the hashtag #DanielSharmanForJace and you can tweet @daniel_sharman and @ShadowhuntersTV!

Cassandra Clare and Daniel Sharman talk CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook with EW


Daniel Sharman joins the long-line of names to have narrated one of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Sharman narrates the Clockwork Princess audiobook, which is on sale now.

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled an exclusive video in which Cassie an Daniel talk all things Clockwork Princess audiobook.


Enter Simon & Schuster’s CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook giveaway


In honor of Clockwork Princess’ upcoming release on March 19, the folks at Simon & Schuster are hosting a Clockwork Princess audiobook giveaway.

One lucky fan will receive the following:

  • Clockwork Princess script page signed by narrator Daniel Sharman
  • A Shadowhunters poster signed by narrator Daniel Sharman
  • The complete Infernal Devices audiobook collection on CD: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess.

Nine runner-ups will receive a Shadowhunters poster autographed by Daniel Sharman.

Head over to the Simon & Schuster Audio Facebook page to enter!

Stay tuned to TMI Source beginning March 12 as we will be hosting a giveaway to win an Infernal Devices box-set, consisting of Clockwork AngelClockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess.

Listen to an excerpt of the CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook

In January we reported that the English actor Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf, Immortals) will narrate the audiobook for Cassandra Clare’s CLOCKWORK PRINCESS — only 19 more days — and Hollywood Crush has just released an excerpt of the prologue and the first chapter.

Head over to Hollywood Crush and listen to Daniel.

You can read along here (scroll down the page) and here.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Photo: Daniel Sharman in the recording studio for CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook

On Wednesday, Hollywood Crush broke the news that Daniel Sharman of Teen Wolf fame is set to voice the CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook, which will be released on March 19.

Now, Hollywood Crush has an exclusive photo of Daniel in the recording studio with a finished copy of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS sitting right in front of him. *Queue jealous squeals*

Daniel Sharman Clockwork Princess recording studio

How jealous are you of Daniel right now? Are you excited to hear his swoon-worthy British accent voice the conclusion to THE INFERNAL DEVICES? Sound off in the comments!

Daniel Sharman to narrate the CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook


Hollywood Crush has revealed that English actor Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf, Immortals) will narrate the CLOCKWORK PRINCESS audiobook which will be released on March 19.

Cassandra Clare has nothing but praise for Sharman.

“During the casting process for the ‘Mortal Instruments’ movie, the casting director and I talked about probably every young actor in Hollywood. Daniel Sharman had just come off doing ‘Immortals,’ and I remember we talked about him as a an actor who had huge talent and promise. When we were looking for someone who could read the ‘Clockwork Princess’ audiobook, I thought of him because he seemed like someone who could capture the parts of the narrative that require vulnerability as well as the ones that require a great grasp of action.”

Sharman will step into Ed Westwick’s footsteps who narrated the audiobooks for CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS and CLOCKWORK PRINCE.

Who is excited for Daniel to narrate the last THE INFERNAL DEVICES audiobook?

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