Report: Harald Zwart no longer attached to direct ‘City of Ashes’


While it’s been quiet on the City of Ashes movie front, a new report has surfaced indicating that Harald Zwart, who directed The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, will not be directing the sequel.

Zwart had previously been signed on to direct The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes before the project was delayed.

Here’s what is reporting:

While the studio has made no official announcements, as of this time Zwart stated that “The studio is still certain that they will make this movie, but it’s not me who directs it. I will focus on other projects in the future. Shadow Hunters was a great experience and it gave me a good window to show off.”

Now, this is all speculation until an official announcement from Sony Pictures is made. But it’s nice to hear that it sounds like the studio is still moving forward with the project.

Who would you like to see direct City of Ashes?

Constantin Film ‘strongly believes’ in ‘The Mortal Instruments’ franchise

new still 2

After The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Constantin Film plans on restarting production on The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes in 2014, Variety published an article with more details from executive producer Martin Moszkowicz and how Constantin “strongly believes” in the franchise.

One of those details is that Harald Zwart, who directed City of Bones, isn’t a lock to return for City of Ashes. Constantin is looking at him and other suitors to direct the sequel.

“We are talking to him and others. At the moment there is no director attached,” Moszkowicz said. ”It also depends on his professional availability of course.”

Moszkowicz revealed that Constantin is working hard to determine what went wrong and that they’re working on the script and elements of the film before determining a budget.

”We are analyzing exactly what went wrong, and that needs some time. We’ll go back to the drawing board, and we’ll work on the screenplay; we’ll work on the elements of the movie; and then we’ll budget it.”

Like stated in THR’s report, a change in the marketing strategy is in the works. Moszkowicz said that they will move forward when they feel like they will get it right.

“Maybe we have targeted too young an audience,” he said. “They are very outspoken, especially in the social media world; they are extremely active. But the readers of the books are from 14 to 34 — that’s the main age group — and maybe some of them had issues with how it was marketed. We need to go behind that, and find out exactly what it was.

“It is an ongoing discussion that we are having, and it is not done. We haven’t made a final decision. But we will only move forward — and we plan to move forward — when we feel we are going to get it right,” Moszkowicz said.

Although it is quite likely that City of Ashes will film next year, nothing is ever set in stone in Hollywood. But the plan is to begin shooting sometime next year, although there is no start date yet.

“That is the plan, but it is not a given,” Moszkowicz said. “We believe in that franchise, and we would like to do that, but we need to get it right.”

New outtakes from EW’s ‘Mortal Instruments’ Comic Con photo shoot

Shadowhunters! Check out these new outtakes that have surfaced from Entertainment Weekly’s Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Comic Con photo shoot from July.


Photos: ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ Norwegian premiere

Shadowhunters! Check out photos from the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones premiere in Norway on August 23.


Confirmed: Sigourney Weaver joins ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes’ as the Inquisitor


Last month, THR reported that Sigourney Weaver was in talks to join The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes as the Inquisitor. According to, the casting has been confirmed by director Harald Zwart at the European premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

It’s been confirmed, the wonderful Sigourney Weaver is on board to star in Harald Zwart‘s sequel to The Mortal Instruments. This one’s called The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes.

While there had been rumours recently of Miss Weaver’s involvement, Zwart confirmed mid interview with yesterday that it is indeed a goer. “Yes Sigourney is on board, now you can break the story!”.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes is slated to begin filming in Toronto on September 23.



After already attending the world premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in Los Angeles on August 12, we also attended the European premiere in Berlin on August 20. Shadowhunter runes, reading samples of City of Bones and ice ceam were given to the fans to sweeten the waiting period and we even chatted with fans who came all the way from Italy and who had waited at the cinema since 4 am!

We stood right at the end of the red carpet and were able to talk to Cassandra Clare, Jamie Campbell Bower, Martin Moszkowicz and others before they entered the cinema.

While talking to Cassie, she told us that her luggage with her premiere outfit got lost and that she found her sparkly dress at KaDeWe, which is a huge department store like Harrods. When we talked about the movie, she said:

I liked it (the movie) and my father complained that it was very, very loud. […] He enjoyed it.

Cassandra’s husband Joshua Lewis told us:

We actually saw an unfinished version a few weeks before the premiere, but it actually was quite different than  – not very, very different – but they had made some small changes by the time we saw it at the premiere. […] But it was great to see it. Very lovely movie.

The whole premiere was absolutely amazing and you can have a look at some photos from the red carpet and from the short presentation before the movie was shown:

Photos without watermarks all belong to Constantin Film.

Watch a recap of the European premiere here and check TMI Source to read our short interviews with Jamie, Martin Moszkowicz and Elyas M’Barek.

Exclusive: Harald Zwart talks demons, collaboration and the Big Reveal in ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’

Lily Collins

We got to chat with director Harald Zwart at The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones press junket on August 9 in Los Angeles, along with Page to Premiere and TMI Examiner.

Harald discussed the importance of the film relying on the characters rather the effects, his inspiration for the demons, the collaboration process and how they decided to handle the film’s massive plot twist.

Angelic Power Rune

How did you decide how the demons would look?

Harald Zwart: That was a long process. They are described a certain way in the book, but I though I needed a little more – First of all I was very inspired by The Exorcist and how that movie deals with demons and I was not really wanting to go into full CG demons until the very end. I love how The Exorcist makes sure that the girl is there all the time and that’s what makes it so scary. So I was really inspired by that. When they needed to be full-blown demons, we just thought we just came from, what is it? Is it just a materia that is fire and lava and then we added some teeth and then they didn’t have eyes. It was a lot of that conceptual development and eventually ended up looking the way they looked.”

How important was it to you that the film be more character-oriented than rely on the action?

HZ: That was the reason I got engaged in doing the movie. I was really intruged by how does a young girl like that – I moved away from my house when I was 14 years old and living on my own I was always trying to deal with life – and then I figured how would a girl suddenly deal with her mom being – cause I lost my mom when I was really young – and I thought It was a really interesting aspect. How does somebody who comes home and finds her mom is gone, what is her reaction? I know how I reacted, but then if you start throwing suprernatual things into it, How do you start to deal with the reality that shifts so enormously? And it shifts and shifts and shifts – and when you saw the movie – it doesn’t stop. Once she accepts this universe as being something that exists, then they throw in the mix the trick that Valentine plays on them (Clary and Jace). The guy you fall in love with is – I don’t want to be spoiling anything too much. I just wanted to see how a girl – either she goes under and goes nuts or she becomes stronger than she ever was. And I thought that was a really interesting concept.

How did you eventually decide how to handle the incest reveal?

HZ: That was a long discussion we all had many, many times. I think we landed on the idea that it works really well in the book. It keeps people interested. I think audiences are sophisticated. They don’t believe it’s really true. They’ll go, ‘No. It’s just a movie and I’m sure we’ll know the real solution in movie two.’ But also, there is a risk of not thinking that. We thought it actually makes (Valentine) an even stronger villain if you realize that it’s just a plan. Cause it is an actually nasty idea. So we thought that was good for the movie.

What was your favorite scene to work with using old-fashioned camera trickery?

HZ: I have a couple. You all saw the movie now, the idea when he builds the pentagram and it just looks like random swords that he just hits and it’s actually is with extreme precision. When you have the camera go up you see that they’re not laid out in a star, they’re actually in a forced perspective and all these random swords actually when you see it from one perfect spot are a perfect pentagram. I worked a lot on that. I worked in 3D on my computer, I made little swords and I tried to look at it from different angles. Then I went to the props guys and they spent several weeks putting those perfect in position with the camera suspended so they could always see where they needed to be for it be perfect. That’s one of those things that I know the audience appreciates. The other one that I was happy with, which is a much smaller idea, but it’s the idea when she writes in the dust and she just writes the negative space in the letters. I like that whole mystery-solving idea and instead of her just writing the name Bane, I was sitting experimenting how she could write it differently? Then I thought, well, when we look at something bright, or color or we look at a light spot and we close our eyes, your eyes see the negative image. I thought maybe that’s the way your mind works. It remembers the inverted image. What is the inverted image of these letters? Of course, she does the holes in the B, she does the holes in the A. That’s how she writes Bane and only Jace is smart enough to see that when you start outlining them that’s when you see the letters. It’s another one of those completely in-camera things that I was very happy with that also had some resonance with real, physical. My brother’s a neurologist so I love that stuff.”

How did you trim down the scope of the various supernatural creatures in the film?

HZ: Once you wrap your head around Cassandra (Clare)’s universe it is crystal clear and we made maps and diagrams and things to really keep track of it all. For me, the important story was Clary and how she responds to the whole thing. So we wanted to almost put in a simplified version of it. They’re all Downworlders. We made the scene with Isabelle and Simon where Simon is kind of us asking, ‘Okay, I’m totally confused here. There’s this and that and there’s that.’ And then when he thinks he’s starting to get it and he goes, ‘What about mummies?’ and he says, ‘How do you kill a mummy?’ and she says, ‘We don’t.’ And he goes, ‘Ah, I know, cause they’re already dead.” She goes, ‘No, cause they just don’t exist.’ That was kind of our version. That was how I wanted to make sure the audience knew there are some things that are real and some things that are not real. And I think once you establish that with the audience they go, ‘Okay, I get it now,’ and then they’re on with the journey.”

What scene are you most excited for audiences to see?

HZ: That’s hard to answer. I have my little darling moments that I described to you. I think the interaction between –when Valentine comes on screen I think there’s a huge energy shift in the movie. I am just completely in love with the whole aftermath of everything. When they wake up and it’s snow inside and they’re all trying to wrap up each other. There’s the awkwardness between Jace and Clary. I wish I could tell you. I think I love watching the audience when they jump when the demon girl is taken. Those are the moments when I turn around and look at the audience looking at the screen.

Who worked on the rune designs?

HZ: That was somewhat developed when we came on board. Almost an alphabet of runes already developed. I looked at those and Cassandra was like, ‘You know you could use this or invent new ones,’ and I just thought they looked really terrific. Some of them are based on old Norwegian runes – you know I’m from Norway – so I felt really related to runes. I’ve grown up with school excursions back in Norway when we’d go look at runes carved into stones over there. For me, I could actually tell them what runes were not only symbols but a written language. We’ve taken that even further in the second movie.

Of the songs on the soundtrack, is there one song that really stands out to you as one that best represents the movie?

HZ: I think Colbie Caillat’s – the song that’s in the end – is a beautiful song. She wrote that for the movie. I think that may be one that emotionally and has that melancholy and the lyrics kind of reflect the tone of the movie. I think that’s a really good representation of that. And I love the Bach pieces in there, too, because I played them myself. I loved bringing in the classical music aspect of it all.

Going into the casting process, what were the most important characteristics you were looking for in your Clary and Jace?

HZ: Lily was already on-board when I came on-board so that was part of the reason why I took the movie because I think she’s terrific. But then Jamie was a hot candidate. I met him in London. He had everything the character needed. It was almost a charming arrogance that sometimes British people have because they’re full of humor and they have a very light view on life. I really enjoyed noticing that there’s a vulnerability there, also. And I thought that’s something I really want to explore. You see him all the way trying to hide his secrets and then eventually he opens up to her in the greenhouse scene. Somebody who had both of those sides was someone I really needed. I’m really happy with the whole cast. I think they’re doing a fantastic job.

What inspired the Shadowhunters to have British accents in the film?

HZ: It was something that I felt was instinctively right when I read the book. I wanted the Shadowhunters to feel like they’d been around for hundreds of years even before America was discovered. I thought they were still fighting over in Europe. For me, it was kind of a distinct difference between everyday America and this almost royal blood that had been existing centuries. I think the British accent kind of helped that perception a little bit.

Was there any thought in your mind about trying to fit pieces together for City of Ashes, as well as The Infernal Devices?

HZ: That has been a constant collaboration with Cassandra also because we had to preserve whatever potentially came up in the second movie. Unfortunately, with a movie you cannot get all the backstory. I wish I could have told more about how Luke became a werewolf because that’s a great backstory. I wish In could have told more about how Luke is secretly in love with Jocelyn. There’s a lot great stuff there. Thankfully we can bring that out a lot more he second movie. We’re kind of teasing it in the first one and in the second one we can bring a lot of those things in.

Did you insert any easter eggs in the movie as references to the other works going forward?

HZ: There is a lot of that in the story itself. The idea that Jace is Valentine’s son. I don’t want to reveal too much but obviously all of this is going to be – another box is going to open, another box is going to open. What I love about this movie and this series is that, Okay, now I understand how everything is put together and then some little twist happens and now everything that I thought was true is no longer true. That’s going to continue into the second movie.

Can you talk about actor collaboration in the script, like Jamie’s ‘Have a little faith?’

HZ: That’s what great about these actors is that they read and love the books. It’s such a thick source material and they love their own characters and they started emotiaonlly relating to them and somethimes you go down a path where, this works but this could work better. Actors are really focused on their own character and suddenly he says, ‘Hey, how about this line?’ which belongs somewhere else in the book. And yeah, that’s perfect. That fits perfectly in that scene. And that kind of stuff I think is priceless. As a director, if you’re not open to better ideas continuously and just go, ‘No, no, that’s not how we agreed,’ then I just think you’re freezing your own process. I always want to evolve and evolve.”

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is in theaters now.

Harald Zwart shares photos, videos from ‘MORTAL INSTRUMENTS’ event in London

Director Harald Zwart shared photos and videos from a Mortal Instruments: City of Bones event in London today on his Tumblr.




VIDEO: Lily greeting fans in London

VIDEO: Lily bidding fans goodbye in London

Watch: ‘Who Said It?’ with the author, director + cast of ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’

Clevver TV sat down with Cassandra Clare, Harald Zwart and some of the stars of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones — Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Godfrey Gao and Jared Harris — to play a little game they call “Who Said It?” Watch the hilarity ensue below!


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hit Toronto for the Canadian premiere of the film, which hits theaters on August 21. Cassandra Clare, Harald Zwart and stars Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan and Kevin Zegers attended the event that was packed with fans.

Check out photos via Just Jared:

Watch: ScreenSlam talks with the author, director and cast of ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’

ScreenSlam chatted with Cassandra Clare, director Harald Zwart and cast members Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Godfrey Gao and Jared Harris at the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones press junket last Friday.

Harald Zwart is back in Toronto working on storyboards for ‘CITY OF ASHES’

Director Harald Zwart is busy promoting The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which hits most theaters worldwide on August 21, but he’s also busy working on the sequel, The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes, which begins filming at the end of September.

Harald arrived in Toronto for the Canadian premiere (on Thursday, August 15) and shared a photo of him and storyboard artist Naeim Khavari looking at storyboards for City of Ashes.


Here I am back in Toronto working on storyboards with Naeim Khavari (

Harald is an incredible director and an even better person. We couldn’t have a better guy for the job. We’re so glad he’s back for City of Ashes and if there are more movies we hope to have him in the TMI family for years to come!

The Outsiders Perspective – A review from a “Non-Fandom” View

While waiting for the premiere of  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones to start I got talking to a wonderful fan who had won premiere tickets, and whom I had previously met named Teiah Faulk (16). I asked who was with her (who turned out to be her brother Marc Brooks [27].) Knowing how fans can come across I told Marc that he was a very nice older brother and asked if he wouldn’t mind giving me his complete and utterly honest opinion about the movie, as sometimes a review from a fan like me could be taken as biased.


When the movie ended  Teiah  said ” I thought it was amazing… They got most of the facts from the books in. There were some changes but it all worked…If you don’t die from the Clace feels then I don’t know you must be a mundane”  Then I asked what Marc thought to which he replied a short and sweet “I thought it was pretty good.”  As that was not the most sparkling of reviews (and I didn’t want to keep them from getting home) I thanked both Teiah and Marc and they went on their way.

It wasn’t until later when I was contacted by Teiah on twitter informing me, if I would like a more in depth review from Marc we could skype call. I immediately agreed and the following is my interview with Marc…. The 27 year old male who brought his sister to the premiere … non-fandom … TMI virgin (if you don’t mind the term)


What did you think of the movie?

“I was trying to be objective as I watched it. I like action movies and the action sequences were done really well. The set up of the storyline was easy to follow and really fast to understand.”

On a scale from 1-10 what would you rate this movie as?


What was your favorite part of the Movie? 

“The one girl shadowhunter the one with the whip I thought she was pretty cool.”

Anything that you found interesting?

“I’m really anxious to see what happens with the incest story line, that was a little weird.”

After seeing the movie would you read books?



“The way that the movie exposed the story was done well.  I’m interested to see what I would come up with  in my own mind as a opposed to seeing it on the screen.”

Would you see the sequel? 

“Yes. I’m excited for the sequel I want to see what happens.”

Would you suggest it to your friends? (Particularly guys)

“Yes. I think the action sequences would be something that they would like, and the world they set up was very dark, it was really cool.”

I wanted to personally thank Teiah and Marc for their reviews. It’s always good to have a super fan and an outsider’s view. I think that Marc’s reaction speaks for itself. This truly is a movie that is not just for the “fangirls” but for a good, entertaining, action packed movie.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hits most theaters August 21st. Make sure you take that “non-fan” with you and tell us how you both liked the movie!

Video + Photos from ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS’ Mall Tour in Los Angeles


Shadowhunters! We attended the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones mall tour with our friends at Fangirlish and Mundie Moms on August 13 in Los Angeles, where Cassandra Clare, Harald Zwart and stars Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan and Kevin Zegers answered fan questions and signed autographs. Over 800 fans were in attendance at the Americana Mall in Glendale for the packed event.

We recorded the Q & A (in two parts). Check it out below:



Also, check out our and Fangirlish’s exclusive photos from the event:


Watch: Harald Zwart has a special message for ‘Mortal Instruments’ fans


Director Harald Zwart came out to visit with Mortal Instruments fans who were camping out for the world premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in Los Angeles. Harald brought soup for the fans in attendance and us, along with Mundie Moms and Fangirlish, gave out more tickets to the premiere. Page to Premiere and TMI Examiner also joined us!

Harald recorded a special video message for us at the Arclight theater, where he thanked the fans.

Also check out some photos we took from the camp out:

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