Lena Headey on Sesame Street


Image Credit: PBS

Lots of celebrities have guest appearances on Sesame Street and now Lena Headey, our Jocelyn Fairchild in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, is one of them! In the clip below Lena teaches Murray the word ‘relax’ and how to calm down.

From Entertainment Weekly:

In a “Word on the Street” segment on the PBS show, Headey teaches kids the word “relax,” which she told EW on set was “ironic, ’cause I’m terrified right now!”

It was a guest role that meant a lot to her, having grown up watching Sesame Street in Bermuda. She recalled loving Big Bird as a kid and having a Sesame Street play set with miniature versions of the characters. When Headey told her parents that she’d scored a guest role on the show, her dad started crying. “It was what we watched together, so he was beside himself,” she said.

Cassandra Jean’s Luke and Jocelyn tarot card

A fan asked Cassandra Cassandra for a Luke Garroway tarot card and here is Cassie’s answer:

Ask and ye shall receive.

Also how cute is our Luke? So cute.

The whole tarot deck is created by the artist Cassandre Jean and is based on characters of Clare’s THE SHADOWHUNTER CHRONICLES.

What do you think of Luke and Jocelyn? Sound off in the comments.

New tarot cards by Cassandra Jean

Unfortunately, A Week of Mortal Love is over–who wouldn’t want more movie stills?– but Cassandra Clare isn’t done indulging her fans.

Over the past weeks, she has posted Shadowhunter tarot cards by the artist Cassandra Jean on her tumblr and this time fans can admire 4 (!) new tarot cards.

Have a look at Hodge, Valentine, Jocelyn and Jonathan Shadowhunter:

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