Fan Friday: Various Fan Art From The “Week Of Mortal Love”

Every Friday here at TMI Source is Fan Friday, where we feature a fan who has demonstrated creativity and passion for Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices.

WHAT A WEEK. I can’t even begin to process all the stills, peeks and information Sony has thrown at us this week! Any more stills, and I’m pretty sure my brain will have another meltdown. To those of you reading this and have been living under a rock, throughout this week, Sony has been releasing character graphics in this “Week Of Mortal Love“. As a result, the talented artists of this fandom have gone wild – literally. It was a bit difficult to include everything, but I’ve done my best to show variety- below are fan-made graphics from this crazy week. Scroll down and enjoy!

(Links to original users can be found by clicking on the graphics)

“Magnus? Magnus Bane? That would be me.”

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