The Mortal Instruments

 Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6


  1. In case you were wondering, I happen to be the biggest fan… Ask anyone I know 0.0

    • Sorry u must b mistaken cos i LOVE the mortal instruments more than is Possible 4 anyone else 2 b able.

      • tessa over bella anyday says:

        and then this is where i come in and tell you guys how IM the bigggest fan XD
        by the angel, can’t we all be fans :P yeeeeeeeees!! that will work out!!!

  2. Sophie Posleman says:

    i can´t wait for the fifth book!!

  3. when does the cover for city of lost souls come out ?

  4. Max of Awsome says:

    Team Jace or Team Simon? Team Jace unite! Simon can go with Izzy! And to Maya up there I am the biggest TMI fan! I have a binder full of TMI stuff!

  5. Kristalena says:

    I don’t want to start a fight, but I think that I could be the biggest TMI fan. My friends all think that I love TMI WAY too much and one of my friends told me once that she expects nothing less than a shrine in my closet for TMI! xD I wrote an essay on Jace for AP Government and I got an A, I have The City of Lost Souls preordered, I have pictures of Jace in a variety of forms (drawn, actual pictures, etc.) in my room and drawings of different scenes and Jace in my sketchbook along with my favorite quotes from the books memorized.

    • I don’t think the issue on who is the biggest fan will ever be solved :) Too many fans!!!!! :)

    • ILovelife. says:

      An AP gov student should just study, ready herself for graduation, and give JACE entirely to me. HAHAHA Just kidding ;D lol. good luck with AP testings btw :D
      WOW, u really are a big fan. that’s awesome :D Btw, do you also have pictures of Magnus? haha

  6. Even jave? Typo! :)

  7. Why does it take so god damn long for these books to come out? ?…?

  8. Neil C. Rasbury says:

    You know instead of fighting about who is the biggest fan. Why doesn’t someone just create a fan base on twitter? =)

  9. im the biggest TMI FAN EVER

  10. any way definitely

  11. Sieara Rotroff says:

    sooooo excited cant wait .. it sucks because i read all four other books in less than a month and now have to wait for 5th and 6th book………grrrreat!! ha but im excited !!!!!

  12. JaceisAwesome says:
  13. these series was Awesome! But i can not wait till 2014 for book 6 ! Cassandra Clare are u crazy! that’s too long! please don’t suffer me.

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