Unidentified Snippets

Here is the collection of unidentified snippets shared by Cassandra Clare.

They are called such because:

“You don’t know who says it, or what book it is from, or what series, or if it is from extra content, or a short story. That’s the fun of them,” Clare said.

Clare confirmed that some of the unidentified snippets have been from her upcoming series THE DARK ARTIFICES.

Snippet #1

Marry me today.

Snippet #2

He kissed each finger, and with each one of them spoken a word. Five kisses, five words. His last.

(Cassie: “Either from TMI or TID”)

Snippet #3

“You’re in my bones and my blood and my heart,” he said. “I’d have to tear myself open to let you go.”

Snippet #4

“Oh, God, the lovebirds,” Magnus said, pulling the pillow off his face. “I hate happy couples.”

Snippet #5

Belatedly, she realized something else. “Do you … have anything?”

He didn’t seem to have recovered from her last comment. “But do you mean — wait, do I have what?”

She slitted her eyes at him. “Something important.”

“Like what? The phone number for the White House?” A moment later, under her withering glare, realization dawned. “Oh.” His was the expression of someone who has run out of gas in the middle of the desert, miles from help. “I … “

Snippet #6

What if I just love you? What if I love you but I never touch you or talk about it, what would happen then?

Snippet #7

“Take London, my love, and turn it all to blood,” she said. “My gift to you.”

Snippet #8

They said it was better to know your enemy, but how did it help to know that your enemy’s one weakness was your weakness, too?

Snippet #9

“Well, it’s a bit ironic, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“All that effort to convince you I wasn’t in love with you, and here I am, dying in your arms.”

Unidentified snippets from past books:

Snippet #1

She looked at the boy. He was pale as milk, his blue eyes startling against so much white skin and the darkness of his hair and eyelashes. He was long-legged, slender as a willow branch, but strong: a very pretty boy, even to her, who looked at human beings and saw mortality and rot.

– CITY OF LOST SOULS, A Question of Power

Snippet #2

The body sank without a trace, and Sebastian forgot it before it had even sunk all the way. He saw the curled fingers, bobbing in the currents as if restored to life and begging for help or at least answers, and thought of his dream. His sister, and a sea of blood.

– CITY OF LOST SOULS, A Dark Transformation

Snippet #3

But the rest of Jace’s mind is watching the door slam behind her and seeing the final ruin of all his dreams. It was one thing to push it to this point. It is another to let go forever. Because he knows Clary, and if she goes now, she will not ever come back.

– CITY OF LOST SOULS, The Act of Falling

Snippet #4

To my son,

If you are reading this letter, then I am dead.

– CITY OF LOST SOULS, Stephen’s letter to Jace

Snippet #5

“In your eyes, I have always found grace.”


Snippet #6

his parabatai rune was bleeding


Snippet #7

She slid the gold ring back onto her finger before heading into Jace’s bedroom.


Snippet #8

“Did you …” He could barely bring himself to ask. “Did you like it?”

“Yeah.” Her voice was husky. “I liked it.”


Snippet #9

“Do you think there’s a chance for him?”

“A chance for who?”

“Will. To be happy.”

“Is there a chance for you to be happy if he isn’t?”


Snippet #10

It was one of the things that had made her fall in love with him in the first place: realizing that this scarred, sarcastic boy was gentle with the things he loved.


Snippet #11

… laughing together at all the beautiful ruin around them. They were standing suspended in the sea: it couldn’t hurt them, destruction was their element. Clarissa was looking down as she laughed, trailing her moonlight hands in the water. When she lifted up her hands they were dark, dripping: he realized that the seas were all blood.

– CITY OF LOST SOULS, A Dark Transformation

Snippet #12

When you were an angel, what was your name?


Snippet #13

Jem leaned closer against the chair, staring into the fire. “Better it were my hands,” he said.

Will shook his head. Exhaustion was muting the edges of everything in the room, blurring the flocked wallpaper into a single mass of dark color. “No. Not your hands. You need your hands for the violin. What do I need mine for?”


Snippet #14

Not your parabatai any longer.


Snippet #15

“Wet again,” Will said, glumly.


Snippet #16

“You are the Lightwoods — you are all that is left of the Lightwoods.”


Snippet #17

“I don’t know why I ever helped you.”

“Because you like broken things.”


Unidentified snippets that could have been cut from CLOCKWORK PRINCESS:

Snippet #1

He stopped dead. “Tessa told you?” he said.

Snippet #2

Will’s hand looked brown and sunburnt by contrast, their fingers dovetailed together like piano keys.

Snippet #3

“In all my previous encounters with Will, he has worn pants.”



    • I think it is Jem and Tessa getting married, isn’t it? (I have not read Clockwork Prince)

      • Down With Jem says:

        Yeah, and it sucks shit! I hate Jem!

      • well in the snippit #9 its clary slipping the gold ring on her finger before walking into jaces room. i wonder what the ring could be..? :D

      • Well it could be…. I don’t know,
        The morgenstern ring perhaps?
        Cassie said on her website Jace and Clary were not going to get married or have children.

      • Ria Jace Herondale says:

        I don’t think they get married cause of snippet number 6 I think Tessa told Jem about her love/affair with Will and Jem confronted Will about it and Will freaked out, that’s why, “He stopped dead. ‘Tessa told you?’ he said”

      • Ria Jace Herondale says:

        Down with Jem, you said that on her website, Cassandra Clare said that Jace and Clary are not going to get married or have children. I went to her website and searched it up for a good 3 hours and I couldn’t find a single sentence where it says they are not going to get married.

      • nevertrustaduck says:

        Down With Jem, I could not find anything about Jace and Clary never marrying on the website either. I spent many hours looking on all of her sites, and found nothing.

      • sheilathethongbarbarino says:

        Brianna, that was from COLS! It was the fairy ring.

        Down With Jem, did we just become best friends?

      • nevertrustaduck says:

        Its neither… It was the faerie ring.

      • Ria Jace Herondale, yeah that could be it cause so far Jem doesn’t know and Im wondering if he ever is going to find out. that will be a spectacle. but also in snippet 14 someone is asking, tessa i think, can she be happy if will isnt so maybe that could be jem but im also thinking it could be magnus bc in one of her teasers it said magnus was in the room when tessa was (for lack of a better word) accused of loving will

      • Down with Jem, Hate is such a big word. It’s more like you hate the fact that Tessa said yes rather than Jem asking Tessa to marry him.

      • First how can you hate Jem? Hes AWESOME!!!! And yes, Tessa is engaged to Jem.

      • Lola Fields says:

        JEM IS AMZAING! and Will and Tessa get married after Jem is no longer Will’s parabati because she becomes a silent brother. 100 and 10 years later Jem found a cure for the yin fen and is mundane/angel again and has color while Tessa is traveling the world with Magnus until she finds Jem and they get married and have Emma Carstairs AND THEN U READ CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE WHERE THEY DIE AND 5 YEARS LATER the next series is Emma’s story.

      • Bex Fairchild says:

        Yep Love triangle…

      • i love books says:

        it is tessa and jem getting engaged not married, i dont want to spoil this for anyone but an event happens before they get married…

      • What??? Emma Carstairs isn’t Jem & Tessa’s daughter. I’m so confused… Have all of you finished both series??

      • i have a really bad feeling that the snippet that says :
        well its a bit ironic isn’t it
        what do you mean
        all that effort to convince you that I wasn’t in love with you and here I am dying in your arms
        is said by James and grace and grace is dying because if it is OMG!!! I’m in tears simply by thinking about it


      • jacelover says:

        it cant be the morgenstern ring because it is silver might be tessa and jem

      • Mrs. Carstairs says:

        I agree wiht Rosa what if its Tessa and Jem? What if they divorce later and it could be akward bewteen Tessa-Jem-Will like a three way thing. Tessa could have done someting too.

      • there’s nothing wrong with tessa and jem! how is it possible to hate either will or jem?! they’re both beautiful!

      • mrsdoctorsong says:

        dont forget, shadowhunters do not have wedding rings!

    • jace and clary dont get married in city if lost souls….. though clary does have a gold ring, but its not a wedding ring.

      • Love Jem says:

        She actually crushes her rings when she is fighting with her brother, but Simon could have given her his from the set. But more than likely it was Tessa.

      • it’s the fairie ring the one she uses to communicate with Simon it’s not the Morganstern ring or a wedding ring. Sorry these people were bothering me and you were the only one about this subjuct to reply to.

      • mrsdoctorsong says:

        Shadowhunters dont even have wedding rings!!!

      • It’s the stupid trap, duh, Sebastian and the Seelie Queen, those dumb rings, you know Si and Clary used to communicate when Clary went to Valentine’s house, (Sebastian’s house now) ugh, faeries, so manipulative! But ya, not a wedding ring, a faerie ring ok, your welcome PPL

    • Ria Jace Herondale says:

      Im sory to type this here but i just NEED an answer,

      Can anyone tell me which snippets have already been in one of Cassies book (all except CoHF and CPrincess?)

      • i love books says:

        I think the ring is probably the fairy communicating ring sebastian took from clary in the latest book.

    • I sooo want this to be true !!!

      Jace and Clary <333

      The “Marry me today” is the first sentence in CLockwork Princess. Cassie said that the first word in Clockwork Princess is Marry. (The last word is Silence) I bet Jem said it to Tess

      • WillAndTessa says:

        Actually its part of a poem before the first chapter :
        “Marry on Monday for health,
        Tuesday for wealth,
        Wednesday for the best day of all,
        Thursday for crosses,
        Friday for losses,
        Saturday for no luck at all.”
        ~ Folk rhyme

      • Ya your right. I still have not read Clockwork Princess but I will SOON. Question though, Does Jem die? If so, that’s so said:(

      • Iyana Herondale says:

        Ceci, marry is the first word, but it is in the poem at the beginning! ‘marry on Monday for health,’

      • OMG yas! Totally, It is from CP! Right? Or maybe when Jem proposed? IDK! I just don’t like the Idea of team Jessa man, I’m team Wessa!

      • I totally thought so I mean, who else could it be! Now that I think about it, what if it is from a future book?

    • Sapphrina Ravengold says:

      I think it’s Will and Tessa. I mean … maybe Will was the one who said ‘Marry me today’ and Jem said ‘You are in my bones my blood and my heart, I’d have to tear myself open to let you go.” MAYBE. What can I say? I’m a Wessa fan

      • cat hats says:

        *spoiler*, its both tessa and will and tessa and jem. also, jem doesnt die.

      • Hey, I don’t know, I think ‘You are my bones, my blood and my heart, I’d have to tear myself open to let you go.’ is a Jace quote, BC at the time he thought he was related to Clary, ‘my blood’ so, ya I’m not sure, Jace has so many romantic quotes I can’t keep track, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Jace Herondale thing to say, !

    • okay I can’t believe no’one is freaking out about snippet #18!!!!! I’m pretty sure that’s Will saying he no longer has HANDS!

    • no they dont..that snippet is from city of LOST SOULS and they dont get married :)

    • Are they??? Awww, I would so love to believe! anyway, snippet 3 is from act of falling, from CoFA…it’s Jace’s POV of Alley Scene

    • umm, im pretty sure that was when *SPOILERS* Clary had the fairy ring and was hiding it from Jace. But they WILL get married :)

    • JACE DIES.
      Cause the one about kissing her fingers as he says his last words was thought to be Jem, but the Tessa wasn’t there when he died. SO IT’S JACE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This can’t be!
      *NB:And for the DA, it says Emma wants to be the best Shadowhunter “since Jace Lightwood” Noooo

      • mrsdoctorsong says:

        It could be sebastian!
        Also that doesn’t mean Jace died, it just means that he is older now, and she is as good as he was at that age :)

      • who would kiss sebastians fingers as he died?

      • Werewolves4EVAH!! says:


      • tmi&idforever says:

        I’m pretty sure that was in Clockwork Princess wasn’t it? When Will and Tessa are at Cadair Idris. I don’t think it means someone is going to die.

      • wessaforever says:

        Or it could be alec kissing magnus or visa versa. Or it could be simon kissing isabelle. Or jordan kissing maia, it could really be anyone that dies. I dont think cassie would kill Jace, thats too harsh

      • cassie said that emma would meet jace. idk if she meant in city of heavenly fire or TDA but i hope its TDA

      • thats wat i thot when i read since jace lightwood but it says emma is the best “teenage” so mayb it just means that jace is an adult at that time so hes no longer the best “teenage” shadowhunter and jace died in city of glass but he came back to life :) mayb jace does die in the last book idk but cassie clare prob wudnt make the main character die like veronica roth did in allegiant :((( that was so sad how tris died….

      • im sorry u r annoying me so im ginna ay it: I READ ALL 6 BOOKS INCLUDINING COHF NO ONE IMPORTANT DIES ish)

      • Yep it’s Jace, you know, and then Clary wishes that he comes back to life, BC Valentine’s wish didn’t work, so Raziel’s like, yo Clary do you want anything?! Haha, but ya Jace dies, Clary wishes him back to life, AND BOOM!

    • dogpileonwill says:

      Shadowhunters don’t exchange rings when they marry, and even though the girl has the guy’s family ring when they are engaged, I’ve never heard of family ring being gold… Anyway, Clary and Jace are too young to get married, and if you’ve read CoLS you should already know what the ring was for (hint: not an engagement ring -.-)

    • Even if we all hope that, it has not been confirmed.

    • Jace and Clary won’t get married…the ring was for another purpose

      • Hey we don’t know if Jace and Clary will get married yet, maybe in future books, TDA? They won’t be main characters, but you know, they are still in the books! ALWAYS SHIP CLACE NO MATTER WHAT ATTITUDE MR. HERONDALE HAS! Plus he is so humorous!

    • I was so foolish…

    • Electra-Storm says:

      they don’t. The gold ring was a faerie-work ring, as Jace is now possessed by sebastian and so clary goes with him but uses the rings to communicate with Simon. Plus, Shadowhunters don’t exchange rings when they get married, they have gold runes.

    • It could have been Luke and Jocelyn

    • TheMadHatter says:

      I don’t think its them, its probably someone from TID, cause its either between Jem and Tessa or Will and Tessa.

    • Paige MacKinnon High Warlock says:

      I kinda wish it is Malec

    • Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Lightwood/Herondale says:

      It’s not a wedding ring, it’s an faerie ring which allows Clary and Simon to talk to each other while Clary is in Sebastian/Valentine’s house which is in a different dimension.

    • Charlene says:

      I can’t wait for The Dark Artifices to be released!

    • Theories of snippet #1 Being Jace and Clary, What do ya think? I hope it’s true! I SHIP THEM! I”M ON ZE CLACE SHIP! CLACE4EVER!

  2. The description in snippet 1 seems to match with either Alec or Will. And as for the girl whose PoV it is I think it’s Camille since she’s immortal and all.

    I’m really affraid about the seventh because we know that when a rune is cut, its power can be destroyed. Can two parabatai be separated that way?? If so is it about Jace/Alec or Will/Jem??? I hate no knowing this is torture!!!!

    • Oh my god you’re right! *Screams loudly*
      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Parabaitai, SEPERATING?! How is this possible?! This isn’t right! I may hate Jem but I love Will and if he was seperated from Jem he would be devastiated! As for Alec and Jace, don’t even go there! They are the best parabaitai EVER! They cannot be seperated!

      • valentina says:

        NO THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!!!!!! oh my god oh my god… no. no. no. i dont very much like jem, just like you said, BUT I ADORE WILL AND THAT BOY DOES NOT NEED MORE MISERY IN HIS LIFE!!!!!

      • Mrs. Carstairs says:

        Maybe the Clave would make an exception if it was by a Sebastian(Jace\Alec) or by Mortmain.(Jem./WIll) I kinda DOubt it though.

      • Could it be about Luke and Valentine? Or another parabatai pair? I mean there were snippets from an extra part from the past in CoLS in Sebastian’s POV it’s not out of the realm of possibility it could be another pair from the past. Still devastating though e.e

      • Jem4eva says:

        It’s Will’s Parabaitai rune because in CP Jem becomes a Silent Brother (Zachariah).

      • I think your my favorite person on this page:)

      • team #will #jace #magnus #alec #everyoneNOTjem! says:

        LOL!!! sorry but I read your name ( down with jem) and just had to tell you I LOVE it and totally agree ! TEAM WILL!!!!:)

      • Charlene says:

        Katie=), Jace and Alec never got seperated. Just so you know. =) :)

    • jacelover says:

      i think it might be alec and jace sebastian might have done it so alec cant sense him ???

      • Am I the only one here who is rooting for Jem. Don;t get me wrong I love Will and I feel sorry for the guy but Jem’s soul is pure gold. Love him. But I don’t want any parabati separating. #torn

      • Nope, you’re not alone in that. I love Jem (^-^) but I love Will too. Gosh, I sound like Tessa XD. You’ll be happy to know that it all eventually works out even though I hated the torture in CP

      • EPIC FANGIRL says:

        Why does everyone hate Jem?!? He is my fav. character apart from Tessa.. I’m only half way done CP but still! Esther Rogers no your not alone, I love Will, but Jem is better!

    • Actually I think its the seelie queen describing Alec. For will is not pale as Alec is… And we know the seelie queen has such little regard for mortals.

    • sheilathethongbarbarino says:

      What about Emma and Julian? You know, because they like, love each other.

    • sheilathethongbarbarino says:

      What if it’s a TDA one? Cassie said some of these snippets are from TDA, so what if Julian or Emma did that so they can love each other and it will be legal.

    • Writergirl98 says:

      I think that the parabati rune is bleeding because Jem died. That its Will’s rune thats bleeding.

      • WillAndTessa says:

        maybe since Cassie said someone is going to die in CoHF it could be either Jace’s or Alec’s parabatai rune bleeding because either Jace died or Alec died

      • Well, no, it’s really Jem and Will’s parabatai rune. Direct quote from the book.

      • cat hats says:

        no, hes bleeding cause the silent brothers had to cut ties with will,so they r no longer parabatai.

    • OMG YES!! OMG thats not fair noooooooooooooo will/jem or alec/jace cant not be parabatai, that would be terrible!! but im thinking its more will/jem since alec and jaces parabatai relationship wasnt one of the main parts of the story like jem and will are built around their whole relationship and jems possible death in the future and the fact that they both love tessa although jem doesnt know. it could be jems as hes getting sicker, or wills because jem is getting sicker. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Electra-Storm says:

      its when Will goes to fint Tessa in Cadir Idris and he thinks Jem is dead. But Jem becomes Brother Zachariah instead, which is why he has an interest in Jace in TMI

    • yea that happens to will cuz jem becomes a silent bro and hes known as brother zachariah in tmi so then there parabatai relationship breaks and stuffs its sad but im a wessa fan so :)

  3. Wow. I really need to know where each one came from.

  4. The Parabatai rune or a permanent rune would have to be burned off with acid to destroy it.
    In order to be Parabatai you have to go through a ceremony, so I don’t know if the rune being destroyed would matter..

    Jem and Tessa are engaged, but we ” Will ” see..:)

  5. To Chandi’s comment,
    Tessa and Jem are getting married but i think/hope Clary and Jace are too.

  6. number 11 !! his last words?? is it jem??!!! and snippet 6…i think jem knows that will loves tessa :D the last one looks funny xD omg i am so excited and scared!!!

    • Snippet 6 is from Clockwork Prince when Jem thinks that Will knows of his and Tessa’s make-out session!

      • OH RIGHT!!!!!! im feeling very relieved like EXTREMELY but also kind of disappointed like im really afraid that when/if jem finds out abt will/tessa that it will be a really heartbreaking scene omg if that happens we’ll all be like crying in the corner aha lol

    • no it’s will’s. I can’t remeber if it was CA or CP but it was one of them.

  7. Omg #13!!!!!! and #11 i think Jem dies!!!!! he he he he he

  8. *runs around screaming* I need to know where these came from!!!! I LOVE #13 lol. I REALLY hope Jace and Clary get married!

  9. Jemismyfriend says:

    If Jem dies I will scream Jem cannot die I love him and if Jace and Clary got married oh my god that would be amazing

  10. Mrs. Herondale says:


    • FINALLY! SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS! JEM CANNOT DIE!! even though i know he does, it just breaks my heart its like Pearl Harbour all over again, but worse!

      • Electra-Storm says:


      • ikr but those people all wrote the comments like b4 the book came out whereas we wrote it after lol jem is “perfectly dull” cuz he acts all perfect and thats just dull and at the end of clockwork princess will tries to act all perfect so tessas just like “perfect is dull” and im like ikr!!! like jem!!!

  11. valentina says:

    i will freaking – i dont even KNOW what i will do if jem dies. he can’t. you hear me cassie? YOU CAN’T FREAKING KILL HIM OKAY?! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US! forget US, YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO WILL!!! oh my god. i am, literally, freaking, out, right now.

    • I am with you!

      #11! OMFG!! If that’s Jem, I will fricking freak and scream!!

    • jem isnt my favorite, like i ship will/tessa but i really dont want jem to die either hes always the balance of the group and keeps everyone in check and it just wont be the same without jem :(((

    • Ok I agree that Jem shouldn’t die not just for Will but because he’s too good. But what if Will dies? Hate to say this but when I read the VERY end of CP I bawled my eyes out for Will!

  12. i think, that if my “sources” are right, tessa will end up with will, but strangely get children when they’re older… because somewhere on this site someone said that tessa “returns” in city of glass, and clary then thinks she looks familiar. that made me think that someone she knows looks like tessa, like a descendant, and since she never met a carstairs, but does know a herondale….

    • valentina says:

      of course i would love for them to end up together, but how would they have kids? then again, she’s not a pure warlock so maybe there’s something there….
      so you’re saying clary sees someone who looks like her in city of glass? when she’s walking in alicante?

    • OMW! you are so right!! i did notice Tessa in CoG but i never even considered the Herondale connection!

    • jaceandwilllover says:

      but cassie is making a new book the dark artifacts or something? but! the main character is emma carstairs which makes it harder to figure out who she ends up with but i want tessa to end up with WILL !!!!!!!!!!

    • Mrs. Herondale says:

      Wait. What? When does Clary see Tessa in City of Glass?

      • Electra-Storm says:

        when Magnus is talking with her by the trees in the “Epilogue” just before they go over and Magnus tells Clary where Jace is, which is just before Clary goes and sees Jace on the Accord Hall steps.

    • Tessa could be the female warlock that helped Magnus with Clary’s ceremony that gives a shadow hunter child protection because remember Clary asked I think it was her mum and she told her that Magnus and a female warlock preformed it instead of the iron sisters and the silent brothers.

    • That would explained why Clary thought she looked familiar. Just saying.

    • know, because in COG when Clary sees a “familiar” face, it could be Tessa… because, Warlocks are immortal, and so far that’s what everyone is convinced Tessa is… so it could just be Tessa, although, i would really like tessa and will to end up together. nothing against Jem but Will is so sad…. Hard Life! :) lol

      • i think she’s mixed because in city of fallen angels lilith asks simon to heal sebastian and somewhere in the book it says he has the same abilities as her to heal and walk in daylight

    • like we dont know if what jessamine said was true if tessa really is part demon part shadowhunter, like idk if the angel blood would allow her to have a child, maybe a warlock child, but idkkkkkk AHH

    • daydreamer84 says:

      hang on… tessa appears in CoG???!!! i dont remember this!!! uve confused me.

    • team #will #jace #magnus #alec #everyoneNOTjem! says:

      in CoHF when jace is missing clary asks her mom if the ceremony that’s performed on all shadowhunter children when their born was ever preformed on her, and her mom says yes mangus played the warlock and a female warlock took the place of the iron sister…. I bet the female warlock was totally Tessa that why clary reconized her!

      • Electra-Storm says:

        nooo…Magnus didn’t preform the ceremony it was probably tessa, u r right, but it was a silent brother not a male warlock. i think it was Brother Zachariah(Jem)

    • i love everyone says:

      will dies jks ;)

  13. I think #2 and #16 are related

  14. Mrs. Carstairsxoxo says:

    I HATE YOU DOWN WITH JEM, i hope you die before he does!!!!!! I hope Jem won’t die…….

    • valentina says:

      calm down sweetie… there’s always going to be rivalry between jem supporters and will supporters, but we dont need to get so intense… no one wants jem to die – not even those of us who love will, because jem dying would KILL him. it’s in all our interests to see him through alive. god, i really really really hope he doesn’t die…..

      • YES to everything u just said… will lives mainly off of jem and if jem dies then will wont live either like in the sense and we’ll lose both of them AND tessa we just need them to not die not die

  15. Of course But Will may die without Tessa, so we sort of want Jem to die but sort of want him to live. :)

  16. valentina says:

    i suppose…. obviously everything would just be resolved if jem would just fall in love with cecily…. but then he wouldn’t leave tessa, he’s too much of a gentleman… but if some way could be found around that…. :D :D :D

    • Valentina: but cecy might end up with gabriel, like we dont know but maybe THAT’s how the lightwoods got the blue eyes bc gabriel and gideon have green eyes and herondales had blue so maybe thats how alec gets the blue ones. idkk.

      and yeah ur right jem wouldnt leave tessa even if he loved cecy, but idk it just seems like it would be kinda awk cause will practically is his brother so him being with will’s sister? kind of weird i think but idk whatever

  17. Maybe Jem will die at the wedding and Will runs off but later recovers to ask Tessa to marry him?

    • valentina says:

      oh god that would be so awful and dramatic and terrible… but why would will run off? and it would be terribly scandalous if he were to marry tessa right after (not to be a jessamine but it’s true)

      • He would run off because he would be so devastated by losing Jem. And he would marry Tessa because it would be what Jem wanted, for Tessa to be happy………..
        Also for personal matters
        …..Do you rekon Clare is stalking Me ’cause my name is Jace and I have a twin called Nate and my best friend is called Will and we look alike??? :)

      • valentina says:

        hmm, i suppose, but i wonder how the others would react to that.. ooooh charlotte would probably have had her baby by then!!! :) :) :)
        haha that’s weird, but so cool! :D

    • Yeah…only he said he wouldn’t take advantage of Jem’s death…darn it!
      And does anyone know WHY we’re waiting so long for Heavenly Fire??

      • you can”t really write an entire book that quickly unless it’s horrible and Cassie is an incredible writer so it makes since BUT trust me I’m right there with I want to read it sooooo badly!!!!!!!

    • i can so imagine jem and tessa getting married and will going off somewhere not to watch and some big attack happens that prevents them from completing the ceremony

  18. I may kind of like Jem, but I love Will soo much more! I hop Jem will die (that sounds sadistic, I know) or that he will fall in love with someone else (perhaps Cecily…) so that Tessa will realize she loves Will more anyway!! TEAM WILL all the way!! :D:D:D

    • Yeah, but idk id think jem should die, but i really really want tessa to end up with will bc i think it would hurt a lot more for will and not jem if one of them didnt have her. i mean herondales only love once right? there at least, small yes, but jem could be with someone else i guess

  19. Jace stop blabing Will and I can see what your saying!! from: Nate
    P.s Hey Jace you know Seb and I are coming over later! from: Will

  20. Hey I can see u to!!!

  21. Lily Swan says:

    are you guys saying that Tessa could be Magnus mom?! im soo confused! :(

    • Mrs. Carstairs says:

      Lily Swan brings something else up………….. WHO THE HECK IS MAGNUS DAD. What is his the powerful demon or something??

      • iwannabeashadowhunter! says:

        I think that magnus’s mom is tessa and his dad is a shadowhunter(Will or Jem maybe?), cause remember the witchlight incident at the end of CoLS? Only one with shadowhunter blood can use a witchlight… thats why magnus is special, he’s the only second generation warlock

      • Okay so my theory is that Lucifer is Magnus’ father because he was once an angel and thats why he can touch the witchlight (and probably also why it turns red as in like hell’s fire maybe?). As far as Tessa being Magnus’ mother, it’s basically impossible unless she’s hundreds years older then she appears to be. In TMI Magnus is eight hundred years old and this series is only roughly 140 years before TMI.

      • his dad is like the First Shadowhunter or something….

      • Electra-Storm says:

        i think that His dad may be Sammael, the original fallen angel, which might be why Magnus can get the Witchlight stone to light in City of Lost Souls.

    • LadyMidnight says:

      How can Tessa be Magnus mom?? When tey met he was already a grown up, an inmortal grown up! Magnus father is Lucifer, the most powerful demons of all.

    • Magnus was already alive when Tessa and him met so I don’t think so I guess it’s possible but highly unlikey

    • yeah id think thats the case lol magnus was alive even before tessa so no off but there is most likely no way of that happening but u really dk with cassie or what she decides to write in there

  22. No we’re saying that Tessa and Will are destined to be marryed and are wondering whether Will will become an Angle and live with her forever……..
    My arguments with my Twin and Friend have nothing to do with it……..:)

    • Love Jem says:

      You have a twin that reads the books too? Me too! And I don’t think that Will can become an angel, or end up with Tessa. It’s always a possibility though

    • what if one of them becomes a silent brother? cause in COFA brother zachariah says he has past ties with the herondales…… hmmmmmmmmmmm

      • Shadowhunters says:

        yeah brother Zachariah is Jem, they’re is even a snippet where izzys just like ‘okkay, when did brother Zachariah get hot?’ quote. :D

  23. So Offensive……….and….. I’m so not friends with your Bro…
    He’s a little strange…

  24. Now THATS offensive…..:(

  25. Lily Swan says:

    in snippit #9 clary cant be putting on The morgenstern ring becuase if you go to the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices Jewelry site The morgenstern ring is silver not gold! :)

    website with the ring picture here

  26. What about the Parabatai Rune Bleeding????

    • Shadowhunters says:

      Will feels his parabatai rune bleeding because jem is turned into a silent brother because that was the only way he wouldn’t die. :D

  27. Lily Swan says:

    i dont know! i cant know everything! :)

  28. Of course YOU can’t but I can……….. (party)

  29. Sorry partially

  30. ;) :D :p :*( >_< :S

  31. Hello ??????????!

  32. Hi

  33. Katie =) says:

    OMG the 19th!!
    It’s gotta be related to 7th. Someone will destroy a parabatai rune and two parabatai will be separated. The only question is which ones????

    • The masked Llama says:

      If that’s the case then #7 #10 and #19 are probably related because to destroy a permanent runes u have to use acid or something destructive right?

  34. i think something happens to jace that makes him and alec lose the conection ( i can’t spell) and i thing sebastian has something to do with it. # 19

  35. does anyone agree? (again i cant spell)

  36. Sebastian says:

    By George I think she’s got it!

  37. I just want to know about the Will vs Duck thing!!!! And OMFG why would she do this to us! I want to know what happens soooooooo bad!

  38. 16 DAYS!!!!!!!!

  39. valentina says:

    AHHHH I KNOWWW so excited omg. and helen, i think you’re right. it would make sense given the whole sebastian/jace/evil brothers incident.


    THIS IS SO EFFIN PAINFUL. Will’s moved me more (he’s the only character of Cassandra’s that I have cried over numerous times) and I am more drawn to him but at the same time I hope Tessa stays with Jem because it’s FREAKIN JEM and I will no longer believe in dreams and miracles if he dies from heartbreak.


  41. Krystel Hardin-Urrutia says:

    WOW!!! so much to ponder and take in all at once! We can sit here all day and try and write wt we “want” to happen and don’t “want” to happen, but on the 8th we get just a little closer to the truth…:)

  42. valentina says:

    you guys have read the first chapter right? what do you think of aline’s girlfriend? and unless im much mistaken isnt jules going to be one of the characters in the next series cassie writes?


  44. who knows it could be Magnus and Alec.. Awwwww I’d love to see them together forever!

    • sorry guys it’s Jem and Tessa. :/

      • valentina says:

        HOW do you know???

      • In CP Jem asked Tessa to marry him.

      • valentina says:

        lol yeah we know that, but you never know it could be jace and clary.. or tessa and will, who knows what will happen there! i thought you had actual information about it

      • in some of the comments I saw that Cassie said that they (Clary and Jace) won’t get married.

      • Susanna says:

        Didn’t she say that Clary and Jace just don’t get married in CoLS? Cuz if they didn’t get married EVER, i might end up hating these books O_o

      • tmi&idforever says:

        Oh my god this is annoying me so much! all this stuff about “cassie said clary and jace won’t get married” is wrong! She specifically said that she wouldn’t WRITE about them getting married because thats something that will happen in their more adult life and she is writing about them as teenagers! But the implication that they will obviously get married at some point in the future is OBVIOUSLY there.

    • sry girl. it can’t be. Magnus is still pissed at Alec for talking to Camilla and trying to see if he could make Magnus mortal. i mean… i would be pretty pissed off too. but i wish they would get back together. it was good for both of them! :)

  45. lexlizzie says:

    So I was trying to figure out who is trying to break their parabataI rune/brotherhood and I’ve come up with a few speculations. #1. SEBASTIAN BECOMES APART OF JACE AND DESTROYS THE RUNE SO THAT ALEC CAN’T TRACK HIM.

  46. lexlizzie says:

    The snippet 22 “you are theLightwoods I thin it benedict talking to Gabriel telling him he the only lightwood left since giddeons betrayl.

    Oh and maybe the people geting married is Sophie and Giddeon. Baha or maybe its Izzy and simon!

  47. Larissa says:


  48. i’m still ruing for Magnus and Alec! Although I would like to see kyle/maia or /simon/izzy or maybe even tessa/will ( She says hopefully; not that I don’t LOVE Jem but… Herondale Boys for life!!!)

  49. “In all my past encounters with Will, he has worn pants.”
    WHAT THE FREAK???????????
    “Not my parabatai any longer.”

    • “in all my past encounters with will he has worn pants”
      i think that has got to be the best snippet ever! :)


  50. CrazyCatLady says:

    I think Izzy or Alec die. And that would explain the “You are the Lightwoods — you are all that is left of the Lightwoods.” on, and I think the parabatai rune bleeding and the parabatai no longer ones go together, and i think that those ones are about Jace and Alec, because in a teaser from CoLS Jace says he never thought they would be fighting on opposite sides of the battle…and I want teaser 1 to be about Alec…for some strange twisted reason I can’t even conceive (it will make for good fanfiction)

  51. Lol, “In all my previous encounters with Will, he has worn pants.”
    So hilarious!

  52. okay…why is everyone ganging up on Jem? he is nothing but a beautiful person who is always kind and gentle. Sure, i ship Will and Tess but that doesn’t mean i don’t absolitely adoreeeee Jem…i mean guys, it’s not always one’s good and one’s bad. They are both beautiful characters with ups and downs, so back off..

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TELL IT SISTER!!!!!!!!!!

    • valentina says:

      WORD. im a hardcore will/tessa shipper but i’d be heartbroken if anything happened to jem, i love him!

    • dont get so worked up and dont forget jem cant die think about his blood line(dark artifacts) emma carstaris has to come from someone and i dont think that jem has sibbilings so i think its jem who lives and has a child!
      in other words jem cant die at all he is needed to make it complete….

  53. Snippet #18, WTF? someone has to cut their hands??!! O_o

  54. I no Right???

  55. lexlizzie says:

    Ok so I just finished city of lost souls and I’m thinking brother zachariah maybe jem. Here’s why. When maryse lighwood is thinking abou the silent brothers she says she’s not sure how long they live giving the idea that they could live for hundreds of years. Also he’s asked if he ever cared for anybody before he became a silent brother and he said he did care for two people (will & tessa?) before in his previous life. Also he’s adamant about making sure the hernadale name live on. This is not the life id want for sweet Jem but it kinda makes sense does anyone agree?

    • valentina says:

      well, actually, i was thinking more will, given his interest in jace and his knowledge of the herondale line, and how he says that magnus knows a lot about him. but i’d rather it be jem honestly..

      • Well… It might not be will nor jem because it says in CoFA that
        He was having a flashback about London….
        “he saw a boy with black hair and blue eyes like Alec. A girl with long brown curls and a serious face. In a world where everything went away eventually, she was one of the few remaining constants”
        Notice it says SHE not They….. So will probably isn’t him but I feel like Cassie will throw a curve ball on the last pages of both last books that makes you just blankly stare at the pages….. I want will with Tessa but I don’t think it’s him but there are aFEW remaining constants so… Who are these few??

      • Never mind it could be him brother Zachariah has dark hair… Ahh!! What if it’s will? It seems like a combination of jem and will! Ugh ugh ughhh

    • It cant be Jem because Maryes asked if he had any kids he said no,but if you look at the dark artifices one of the main is Emma Carstairs. Jem Carstairs=Emma Carstairs
      And it cant be Will because he had children.

  56. Jojo Carstairs says:

    I’m super excited. I’m a big Jem fan, especially since the sexy bedroom scene, and I hope he and Tessa get married and she doesn’t mess it up and go for Will. Go Jem <3

  57. It was one thing to push it to this point. It is another to let go forever. Because he knows Clary, and if she goes now, she will not ever come back.


  58. lexlizzie says:

    Well it would still make sense if its Jem, will is his bestfriend so that would explain why he would care sol much about the Hernodale blood line and legacy. I mean think about it if the only thing left of your bestfriend (parabatai) in the world is his blood relatives wouldn’t you do all you can to keep it safe! Especially if these are the decendants of both will and tessa. But I didn’t realise he had black hair, however if jem was cured of the demon drug maybe his natural black hair resurfaced? Idk but I’m excited and a little bit terrified to find out.

  59. jem cant die because of the dark artifact series with emma carstairs
    will has to have a child for jace to exist
    the fairchilds have to continue to so what about that? charolet is now a brainwell so who will make more fairchilds
    gabriel or Gideon one of them is brother zachariah
    i think gabriel is going to get with cecily or not mabey jem gets with cecily?O_o
    also dont forget that marcey got cheated on by someone mabey a herondale? idk if that would work?
    and i think valentine mabey decended from mortiman?
    Brother Zachariah said he only loved two people and he never had a child
    well Gideon never had a child and he only loves sophie and gabriel he hates his father…
    i also think that tessa and magness bane preformed the thing for clary because who knows magness that well? who trusts magnes? tessa! and i think that was her in CoFA with magnes and clary said she looked fimilar
    since she looked fimilar its either she has good memory or tessa is just so backwards and wierd that she is able to have a child just like how she bares no worlock marks…

    this is my theroy and it makes sence to me except for the affair part… O_o

    • Actually, Jem can still die he just has to get a girl pregnant first. Second, to keep the line going it must be a boy. Personally, I think Will is brother Zachariah, just because he is interested in Jace, but you may be right. I never thought about Gabriel or Gideon. Gabriel has to get with Cecily because (spoiler) in COLS Magnus tells Alec how much he looks like Will and Cecily has the same dark hair and blue eyes but to become a Lightwood she has to marry either Gideon or Gabriel but Gideon is with Sophie. I think Valentine is decended from Motmain too, the resemblance is really stunning. And maybe, I dunno, if Brother Zachariah said he had never had a child, maybe he did and the kid turned evil so he didn’t refer to him as his child…..? I don’t know, i’m just throwing out ideas.

  60. Theresa says:

    im sorry but that really hurt my eyes, atrocious spelling

  61. caridant says:

    Now that CoLS is out I figure a lot of these are from CoHF! Can’t wait to see all the loose ends pull together.

  62. Mrs. Carstairs Herondale Wayland Lightwood Bane Morgenster ( I have that one soft spot for Sebastian..) says:

    I read snippet 11,panicked, cried, curled up into a fetal position…. and slowly began rotting and mentally broke down…. ._.

  63. snippet 4 is Jem!!!!! If I’m right than he isn’t bro Zach so thta must mean Will lives! (please, let that be right. please…..please……please….)

  64. Sniipet 3, 6, 22, and ESPECIALLY 19, 21, 8, 11, 10 WHAT DO THESE MEAN?!?!?!?!?!? This is going to kill me. Fun for who, Clare? FUN. FOR. WHO!?!?!??!

  65. Snippet 4 is not Jem. It’s Stephen Herondale’s letter to Jace.

  66. snippet 23 is SOOOOOO Will and Magnus.

  67. kimberly says:

    some copies of CoLS came with a bonus letter from stephen herondale to jace, that is where snippet #4 is from. he’s addressing the letter to jace

  68. Alex Herondale (Prefferably Will over Jace) says:

    In snippet #9 *spoiler* it’s not Clary wearing a wedding ring OR the Morgenstern ring. She’s wearing the faerie communication ring that her and Simon both have. It says so in CoLS

  69. Alec LightwoodD says:

    God, I can’t wait for the Dark Artifices to come out. I need to read about more Shadowhunters. Emma and Julian, I can’t wait.

  70. Danielle says:

    Soooo Will and Jem probably do get seperated because in one of the books in the mortal instruments (i forget which one maybe city of lost souls) magnus says that he has seen parabatai so close that they were almost the same person. then he said something like “do you know what happens to one when they get seperated from the other?” Sommeeethhing like that. so will and jem either get seperated or jem dies

  71. guess either jem or will is going to die in CP2 cuz cassie said there’ll be alot of crying!!! and IDK but cassie gave us some proofs that jace may die in COHF cuz when she described emma carstairs as the fiercest and most skilled shadowhunter SINCE jace wayland!! Shit i don’t want jace to die!!

  72. The Herondale Boys says:

    A few a these are from CoLS. like #9,12,15. So i dont think Jace and Clary get married. (Though i want them to very much!!!) And i think that #6 Jem finds out that Will loves Tessa. But just from watching him not from anyone telling him. and then hopefully he gives Tessa to Will and possibly becomes a silent brother. That’s my theroy.

  73. Why do you all hate Jem so much? Its not his faut hes in love… Jem and Will love Tessa, maybe its better Jem gets what he wants instead of Will for once!
    I mean i like Will too, but Jem deserves to be happy too.
    Willd gourgous, he’ll find someone (:

    • Wills *

    • Ria Jace Herondale says:


  74. okay, i am SERIOUSLY!, going to die if time doesnt pass fast!

  75. Critical thinker says:

    People are saying many things. One is that both Will and Jem have to live because of Jace being a Herondale and of Emma from TDI being a Carstairs. But the fact is, as much as I like Will, he could die and the Herondale line would still keep going. Guys, HE HAS A SISTER!!! And I’m not just talking about the blood line. Sure, when two people marry, NORMALLY the woman gives up her family name for the man’s. But there are cases where either the woman doesn’t give it up and the child’s last name is hyphenated, or the man takes the woman’s name. I’m not saying in other cultures. I’m pretty sure this scenario happens in many countries! And based on what we’ve seen about Cecily from snippets, she’s a pretty stubborn girl and she has loads of family pride! She could very well keep her last name and ask the man if he would take it.

    Also, I think if Jem dies, then there will be one of four possible situations in the book:
    1) Will goes with Tessa. I doubt this because then it would seem like He was glad Jem died.
    2) Will becomes a Silent Brother. I doubt this. You’ll see why later.
    3) Will comforts Tessa, but they slowly drift apart. I think that that is quite likely.
    4) Will comforts Tessa and they become good friends but nothing more. As much as I like the idea of Till, this and 3 are the most likely out of the four.

    I think Jem will become brother Zachariah. Then the snippet with the rune bleeding makes more sense. Jem would probably have to cut off his connection with Will in order to become a silent brother. But hey, I could be totally, completely, and utterly wrong! And, then again, snippet #11 probably proves that theory wrong! Unless it’s connected to #22, in which case it could be Alec dying and the gesture is completely in sibling-love and not anything more.

    Snippet #21 sounds like something that Jace would say to Clary, in complete honesty. And I thing 9 and 3 are connected, if 3 is real. I have suspicions about it being official. I mean, like snippet #3… why is it in present tense? TMI is written in past tense. Interesting…

    The thing about “When you were an angel, what was your name?” I think this may be Tessa since no one really knows what she is. But I still think that it could be the whole demon/shadowhunter mix thing. It might also be Jace speaking to Clary or Clary speaking to Jace, though I doubt it because they both have extra angel blood in them, but they don’t have THAT much. It may also be another character altogether. If snippet #4 is a real one, then I think that may be Mr. Gray writing a letter to his son, Nate. But if it’s a snippet, then Tessa must find it and so she’s reading whatever Nate was supposed to know. Maybe it says that Tessa is really an angel?

    Please don’t think that I think that this is the way I hope it should be and that I would place money on it being. Just about any author is unpredictable when it comes to these kinds of things! What they leak is usually never what it seems! Without a bit more, it’s hard to tell! I’m very open minded to other suggestions, so please feel free to contradict what I’ve said. Just no cussing, please! And if you are going to contradict me, try to make the contradiction critical and backed up with support.

  76. COLS : 2, 4, 9, 12, 15 and 16


  78. When and where did she tweet these, I can’t find it!! What you mean a City of lost soul question, where did you get this from???

  79. I really really really hope that snippet 24 is about Simon and Isabelle pretty please that would be great
    They are the most best couple and if anything bad happend to them in Heavenly Fire I will not be happy

    • Oh, CoHF, you probably read it already, so ya, that left me in tears man, super duper sad, I was balling, literally, MY POOR SIMON! MY POOR SIZZY! Izzy was so sad, they tried hard to tell him, but they couldn’t, I’m crying right now as I type! MY SIZZY!

  80. That homeschooled nerd says:

    Snippet #18…
    Ok, as the daughter of a violinist and a violist, I do not like this talk of losing hands. Not one little bit.
    But I will have to read it when the time comes of course…*muffled sob*
    Oh, and Cassie, please, you’ve already broken the heart of my baby Will far beyond repair. AT LEAST leave my other baby, Jem, with his heart intact.
    *sigh*. This series is nothing but pain, pain, pain.

  81. You know, the ring Clary slips on her finger is NOT a wedding ring. All that have read CoLS know this, I hope. If not, go back and look for it!

  82. O.O

  83. I have read all of these a million times and it just gets me more excited for everything to come! the anticipation of the movie was already killing me, and now the upcomming books are not helping me at all! Cant wait to see whats next in store for our favorite shadowhunters

  84. I would laugh so much is it ended like twilight and Jem imprints on charlotte and Henry’s baby!
    btw that was a joke.
    But it would mean that will and tessa would get together xxxxx LOVE YOU WILL

  85. What if some of these snippets are from the Dark Artifices??

  86. sheilathethongbarbarino says:

    OMYGOD Snippet #13! 0.o Hoping thats what I think it means…

  87. Jace and Clary are getting married?

  88. Snippet #25 *cough cough* condoms *cough cough*

  89. Omg wow finally!

  90. Kayla Carstairs says:

    You guys I’d just like to throw it out there that she has said before that Emma carstairs and jem are NOT related. So technically jem could die</3 I love jem so much I think im going to just die when he does. Also I'm pretty sure that jem AND will are going to die, because in other cp2 snippets there's one about someone dying and it sounds like something will would say.
    Tessa is a slut

  91. Oh gosh. I’m not going to get mad at you for saying that, but only because a million other fans will. She is not a slut. Whoever said that you can’t fall in love twice because if you loved the first person, you wouldnt have fallen for the second is right. But very wrong. She was abandoned by someone she loved, he hurt her and she tried to move on, thinking there was nothing left for them, then, she discovered, there was, but it was to late by then. Kayla, your really asking for it when you say that on this site, but it is your opinion, so it will be respected. And understood.

  92. Cassandra Clare i can’t even stop it my feels are going wild here far out! no just no *tears

  93. R.I.P Lindsey Sholar, Dalton Cathcart and Kim Shaffer

  94. omg some of these are going to make me cry and die and if theres a life after that i will die crying overandover again untill its for sure that it has to be true but when the dark artifies, city of heavenly fire and clockwork princess come out many secrets will be uncoverd and some will be happy and other will be dreadful!!!! just tell those who are sad that i warned you!!!! and if cassie does something terrible to jace will or jem you people and many other can go tell cassie to go die in a hole!!!!!!! including me mwwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!just lets tell her to die when she says its official that there are going to be no more books!!!!!

  95. Am I the only one that is literally heartbroken by spoiler #3 like I’m literally crying in the middle of the night like a complete weirdo. Cassie please don’t do this to me.

  96. Convention of Totally Awesome Warlocks says:

    A lot of great (and very biased, yes, Down With Jem, I’m looking at you) comments have been written. No one knows what will happen or which comments are from which books, but here are some things we should consider as DIEHARD FANS!

    #3: Obviously Jace and CLary had a fight here. But Jace could just be thinking about what would happen if he let her go.
    #6: A lot of people think this is hinting to the Will and Tessa <3, but it could be about Will's curse, or Jem's worsening condition.
    #7 Who knows?
    #8: Som1s getting married:) but it could mean anyone: Jace and Clary (about time) Magnus and Alec (:D) or Jem and Tessa (triumphant YAAY!)
    #11: Maybe Jem is becoming a S.B and they can't have relationships or Will realizes he's hurting JemandTessas relationship by being around and he leaves
    #13 Such a magus Quote!
    #14 Will could be leaving, or maybe it's Charolotte being teary eyed at the wedding
    #19: this could be the middle of a sentence like: "Jem you should become a S.B. and then you'd live" "But then I would not be your parabatai anymore and I don't want that."
    #24 HOPE! (For some1)

  97. last one might be her new series….she said a couple of these were the new books

  98. Convention of Totally Awesome Warlocks says:

    Cecily does NOT marry Jem. She is the IRON SISTER from city of lost souls! If you don’t believe me read that section and tell me if it isn’t very suspicious…. It so sounds like her especially with the whole parabatai thing

  99. Ria Jace Herondale says:

    OMA OMA OMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNIPPET #3 IS RIGHT BEFORE THE DSAS IN CoFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE LINK TO IT (ITS IN JACE’S POV) http://tmisource.com/2013/01/09/city-of-lost-souls-special-content-the-act-of-falling/#more-14912 it FULLY says it in the 7th paragraph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    is the last snippet talking about condoms?

  101. TID/TMI/TDAfan says:

    i think in snippet 11 when it says they were someones last words i think its will or jem and although its thier last words, its not because they die but because they become a silent brother(cuz they dont talk). that might also explain why they cant be parabatai because silent brothers cant have parabatai, maybe?

  102. Me too!!!!!!

  103. yess jace and clary NEED to get married ;D

  104. sheilathethongbarbarino says:

    Snippet 23, I think might be Magnus to someone. I think that someone is Will, because it totally seems like something Will would say.

    Snippet 13, God, I just hope with all my heart that Jem is saying that to Tessa. So many thoughts go through my head when I read that. I hope Jem walks in on Tessa and Will “doing the dirty thing”, or maybe Charlotte, or maybe Sophie, or Henry, hopefully Jem though.

  105. Are you serious?The gold ring is a fairy ring cause Jace and Clary are not getting married.(Shame though)and the Morgenstern ring is silver.Duh!

  106. Here are a couple ideas that could happen in Clockwork Princess:

    i think Tessa will marry Jem and she will (might/if she can) have kids w him or Jem marries someone else and have kids. we know Emma Carstair is an anchestory of Jem (and we know he has no brother or sisters) so he will have to live long enough to have children, to keep the Carstair name alive. I think Will will die saving Tessa or Jem, he has a sister so the Herondale name will live on. I think there will be a cure for Jem(well I’m hoping)

    Tessa will probably live forever like Magus, since she has an appearnce in CoG. So I’m thinking Jem (or whoever she marries IF she even marries) will have to die eventually. IF Tessa cant have children (like the books says so far) than Jem can not marry her, his name has to live on some how. Will could marry her and they have no children.

    tessa might be a hybrid (warlock/shadowhunter) so maybe she can have kids

    Since jocelyn fairchild is a decent of Charlotte Branwell (Fairchild family) i dont think Tessa is related to Clary but i think there is a connection.

    • Have you noticed, in prologue, that we go back to Adele Starkweather? Maybe Tessa’s mother was connected to Starkweathers… it could explain why Aloysius looked at Tessa so strangely. And Cecily can’t make name Herondale to live on; do you remember that wives take surnames from husbands? :( will that 19 of march ever come????? I’m dying!!

  107. Snippet 3 is from jaces pov of the dirty sexy alley scene

  108. and ppl keep talking about Jem becoming a silent brother. well Jem told Tessa that wasnt an option so he could not be a brother. maybe Will tho.

  109. Snippet #3 is from City of Fallen Angel’s DSAS from Jace’s point of view so that one is now identified

  110. Aaliyah (Herondale 4ever) says:

    i think snippet 26 is from
    1.CP2. Will is telling tessa that he loves her but he wont mention it (seeing as jem and tessa are engaged).
    2. TDA. Emma confesses that she loves Julian but because they are parabatai, they can’t be together

    • OMGOMGOMG I’m freaking out…..It better not be the first….WILL AND TESSA 4EVR
      But (I’m sane again) I think it’s probably the second….

  111. parabatai snippets scared me.. ether it’s Jem and Will (I guess Tessa and Jem are engaged, Will gets mad and “Not your parabatai any longer”) or it could be Jace and Alec.. I read somewhere that Alec (or even Jace) might die in last book.. I’M SOOOOOOOOO SCARED!!! my heart is racing right now!

  112. Oh no!! Please Cassandra Clare don’t kill one of the guys!! Ahhh!! I might go insane!!!! The more I read all the theories, the more crazy I go. 19 March so close yet sooooooooooo far.

  113. Ok….this is not from the snippets. Just curious into everyone elses thoughts on this. I’m sure Jem marries Tessa and dies. But due to all these events cause Will to decide to escape his grief in a very dramatic way. Am I the only one to suspet that Brother Zachariah is actually Will? He was a shadowhunter and has a personal interest in the Herondales? Thoughts…..

    • You’re not alone in suspicion, Lesley…. It makes sense, cause Will loves only Tessa and Jem…. love to believe that! I almost don’t want to read Clockwork Princess!! I’m sure it will break hearts of some fans! *quietly crying*

  114. Hey, I think that newest snippnet is from City of Heavenly Fire… Jonathan(Sebastian) and Jace really do have something in common: they have same soft spot, Clary…. *screaming out of frustration* When will that bloody 2014. come??????????

  115. waitingforCP2 says:

    snippet# 6 has left me tearing my hair apart. what if tessa told jem that will has feelings for her but then again it might not be about that or even will the one speaking at all. this is FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. In her new series thats coming outit say that shefalls in luv wither parabaiti and tnats forbidden so it could mean that

  117. ShadowhunterJaz says:

    I know as a certainty that snippets 5-8, 10, 14,17-20,23 are all from CP2 there may be a couple more from CP2 but I word have to read it again to be certain…..CP2 such a great book…

  118. I’m not going to beat around the bush here so snippet 11. It wasn’t in clockwork princess like I had prayed like a madwoman that it would be and it would be that simple. “His last.” So I’m assuming that means death and I’m also assuming the worst and thinking it’s Jace. (I swear on the Angel I do not think my soul can handle her killing Jace again) BUT it could be from TDA (but doubt it) It could also be Luke, Simon, Alec, or Magnus… Hell it could even be Sebastian (though I am 99% sure it’s not, I mean this is Cassie and these Unidentified snippets are supposed to be a trick with the truth mixed in)

  119. Maria Pia says:

    Snippet#25 is killing me, I´m sure this will be part in COHF and that is a Clace scene

  120. Now I am seriously wondering about #13 I thought for sure it would be in Princess, as with all the others that mentioned Will. Maybe its from the Bane chronicles??Heavenly Fire????

  121. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jace cant die maybe hes still alive?! Maybe its simon whos killed….. Oh no Jace is gonna dieee nooo <3333333333333333 jace <33

    • lol, its something like that…. would u like a spoiler? of course I wont give it to u if you don’t want to….

  122. But sebastian doesnt love so why would he kiss someone’s fingers? It could be Luke, maybe with Jocelyn or Simon or IDK

  123. Snippet 3 is not from City of Lost Souls, it’s an extra from City of Fallen Angels.

    • The reason it says CoLS is because it was an extra scene included in the back of CoLS. The first 2 snippets are also just extras but were included in different versions of the first edition of CoLS.

  124. nevertrustaduck says:

    Snippet #10 was in CP2 also.

  125. kasey sanches says:

    Spoiler alert….but I can’t stand all u guys coming to conclusions that are so very wrong. First of all Clary and Have don’t get married. She’s slipping on his families ring. Secondly it is Will kissing Tessas fingers before he dies of old age after they’ve been married for years and have kids n grandkids. Jem is Brother Zachariah and Tessa makes her debut in City of Heavenly fire with Jem. You guys are saying all the wrong things and its making me crazy. When they asked the angel what his name was it was Tessa asking because it was his soul trapped in her clockwork angel. She shape shifts into him to save everyone and is consumed by heavens fire. Which is why she’s essential in the city of heavenly fire to help Have cause those two are the only ones that have ever been consumed with Heavens fire. The angels name was Ithuriel which is coincidently the same angel Valentine had locked away and tortured and used his blood for Jace n Clary. That’s all I can think of now.

  126. kasey sanches says:

    Do any of u read the books at all???? How could u all assume so many wrong things. I can recite all these books. Including TID. U guys need to get it together and re read the series to figure out what you’ve missed n then read clockwork princess. The thing with Cassie Clare is she writes the story the way she wants. Nit just the way the fans want her too. There’s twists n turns everywhere. And Tessa was never in City of Glass. You would realize that if u read clkwrk princess. Come on ppl. Get ur shit together n stop just assuming things. Its very annoying. I get very protective over my characters. And Cassie did say that there would be deaths in City of heavenly fire. My predictions are this…..Sensation/Jonathan definately. Magnus or Alec because of how the last book ended. Simon possibly because of the new vampire baby on the loose. Some of the pack. I think its gonna b a brutal war and I think Raziel will involve himself this time since Lilith got involved and since Tessa has a very close bond with the angels and Clary freed Ithuriel…not to mention she and Have have his blood running in their veins. Tessa n Jem will step in especially since he’s not a silent brother anymore. But I think Tessa n Cklary will save the day. Especially since Have is Tessas great great great grandson and he’s got heavens fire in his veins the same way she did. They’re the only two that’s ever happened to. I just wish the next book would hurry up and come out. I’m dying here.

    • OK have you even read Clockwork Princess??????The line “he kissed each finger, and with each one of them spoken a word. Five kisses, five words. His last.” is not in Clockwork Princess, and Will isn’t ‘he’ (at least not that we know of). Jem is still Brother Zachariah in City of Heavenly Fire because the epilogue of Clockwork Princess takes place in 2008 after the events of CoFH. If you don’t beleive that it takes place after Heavenly Fire, in the epilogue of CP2 Tessa doesn’t know that Jem is Jem again, not Brother Zachariah. And Tessa is the girl in white that Magnus is talking to in the epilogue of City of Glass. Cassandra has confirmed this. Maybe you should reread the epilogues, as that is where most of your mistakes lie. And by the way your spelling is horrendous. I’m guessing Have is supposed to be Jace. Please get your facts straight :)

    • Love Jem says:

      *rolls eyes* How about you go back and read City of Glass again? If you were able to recite the book, you would recall the passage in which Magnus was talking to the shadowy girl in the patch of trees that conjured up in the square. Cassie (since you seem to be so well informed one what she has to say) confirmed that said girl is Tessa, who appears at the end of the book, and I caught it myself. So don’t get all high and mighty. Most people on this forum aren’t assuming, and most of them have indeed read CP2. I find it very hypocritical that you can berate people for making “annoying assumptions” and then follow up with a laundry list of annoying assumptions of your own! What’s the difference between your so called “predictions” and other people’s assumptions? You’re allowed to make them but nobody else is? I think most of your assumptions/predictions (they’re pretty much synonymous at this point) are annoying and extremely ill conceived. Half of them don’t even make any sense! For one, (this addresses your theory on “Tessa n Cklary” saving the day. Very cliche, by the way) Cassie said that she isn’t going to have characters from TID play large roles in TMI because she doesn’t want the two series to be dependent on each other. Granted, that information wasn’t released when you wrote this comment, but it’s not difficult to deduce. Tessa already has three whole books to herself. Why steal Clary’s thunder? There are endless holes in *all* your “predictions” (and the VAST majority of other theories that are scattered across TMI Source. I’ve come across very few respectable or well presented ideas), and I wouldn’t normally point them out to you or anyone else, but I felt inclined to do so to you because you did the same to others on the site. Let people make their assumptions/predictions. If you agree, good for you. If you don’t, you can either say it nicely or not say anything at all. If you don’t, I’ll unleash my wrath on you again.

  127. Why are people hating on Jem ;_;

  128. Kelly Carstairs says:

    “What if I just love you? What if I love you but I never touch you or talk about it, what would happen then?”

    I think this one is from TDA between Julian and Emma because they’re parabatai but they they have feelings for each other… I’m so excited for this series gahhhh I can’t wait for it to come out already😁😁😁😁

    • How do you even know about that book? Is a chapter out? LET ME KNOW! I think I might need to go into rehab, I have an addiction to Cassandra Clare books!

    • I AM NEPHILIM says:

      yea I also think that, but i think julian is the one saying that to emma

  129. Melissa Crest says:

    I’m so scared that one of my favorite characters is going to get killed off in City of Heavenly Fire. It’s ripping me apart!

  130. I AM NEPHILIM says:

    I think that the the ending of cohf will be jem narrating to tessa all the events since he said in the epilogue that there was another story among the herondales, lightwooods and fairchilds

  131. Considering the object of discussion (which I feel most ppl should be able to guess from the context clues) Snippet 25 couldn’t be TID or TLH. So I’m inclined to think it’s from TDA or TMI, but TMI seems more likely (considering the topic of discussion). Snippet 26, I’m guessing is from TDA, because TDA is about Emma being in love with her parabatia, Julian, and it seems to fit the theme. Snippet 27 sounds (to me) like Camille talking.
    My favorite of these Snippets is 24, however. <3 Magnus.

  132. SNIPPET # 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who is it?????????????????????????????????????????

  133. Did no one notice the one that is obviously Clare and Jace having sex finally?

  134. I kind of talked about it when I was talking about snippet 25, without actually saying the word sex.

  135. I read every comment, every snippet. And I’m freaking out, because If I don’t get a hold of those books any time soon… My guts will explode.

  136. Lena Grace says:

    13 & 10 were in CP2

  137. honestly i think #11 is obviously either Jace and Clare or Tessa and jem (cuz they are in modern times now)sorry for the spoiler, and someone is forgetting a condom or something because those things are important

  138. duh:)

  139. Caroline Bunting says:

    I think that #8 is Luke and Jocelyn…

  140. Love Jem says:

    #26 is definitely the one from The Dark Artifices. Please tell me I am not the only one who is overly excited for this series? I legitimately cannot wait.

  141. I applaud you. You finally did what I have been wanted to do for some time now. Thank you. Its getting harder to get my mouth shut. :)

  142. Cassandra Clare just said Jace and Clary wont get married or have children as teenagers, like most nephilim maybe they get married later.

  143. “* A lot of people have asked me if Clary and Jace get married down the road, have babies, or whatever. I can confidently say that I do not know the answer to that question and I never will, neither will I ever write about it. Even if I write about Clary and Jace in future, they will still be teenagers (and they are not going to get married as teenagers, or have babies as teenagers. I just don’t see their lives going that way.). I am not interested in their lives as adults, or in writing about their lives as adults. [Not that I am categorically uninterested in all adult characters, but I am not interested in the adult lives of these characters. Never will be.]” is what she said

  144. Am I the only one who thinks 25 is Sizzy?? Especially after that CoHF snippet.

    • Maybe… but I still think it Clary and Jace. I can see Jace making that White House comment, but not Simon.

    • yeah i am certain that it is clary and jace.
      also, simon’s a vampire and he cant have babies so… aha

    • I defiantly think it’s Sizzy! The way it describes her slitting her eyes I only see Izzy doing that. Simon would be the only one to say something so mundane like that. It is so Izzy and Simon!! Unless Cassie is going is screw with our emotions again it could be Eric.

  145. Mairead says:

    Does anyone know what book snippet 10 and 13 are from because I don’t remeber them from Clockwork Angel ,Prince or Princess

    • I have gone back to check and I did not see that written. It is probably going to be in the upcoming books. I was curious about #6. It seems like it would be Will….

  146. When I read the first snippet, I thought it was Alec. Now, I think it’s Will.

  147. NoneOfYourBusiness says:

    So everyone wants Tessa and Jem to appear in CoHF, right? But Jem is not made human until 2008, and the Mortal Instruments takes place in 2007. But remember, between Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess, there was a two month gap. There could be a gap in the timeline like this between CoLS and CoHF. City of Lost Souls takes place in the fall/winter of 2007. Halloween has already come and gone, so the gap between CoLS and CoHF could take the series into the next year, 2008. Tessa and Jem do have a chance of appearing in CoHF if Jem is made mortal in early 2008. Clare said Tessa would not play a major role in CoHF, so I am thinking Magnus takes Jace, Clary, etc. to Tessa to help find Sebastian or to help Jace with his heavenly fire problem. And I am guessing Magnus will not be the one to die because he is the constant in all of Clare’s series so far. I am thinking either Sebastian and/or Simon will die.

    • About sebastion and simon u are 50% right and 50% right (that probably doesn’t make sense) I read CoHF it’s SUPER good! I give NO spoilers (unless you want some)…

  148. Don’t say that! If you say that the best character in the entire series will die, you jinx it! Now that means they ARE going to die! But if you don’t say it again, maybe no one important (i.e. Cassie Clare) notices that you said it and the jinx is nullified, and the best character in the series SURVIVES.


  150. I didn’t think any of these were from TLH!!

  151. Elizabeth says:

    I personally think it’s Jace and Clary, especially after Clockwork Princess. But, it may be Tessa and Will (Doesn’t Will say “Marry me today.” at the end of CP2??)

  152. A BIG Fan says:

    Jace and Clary should get married!!! Is this a snippet from Clockwork Princess? If yes.. then WHY!!!! GRRR THEY WILL GET MARRIED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! THEY MUST FIND A WAY TO TAKE OUT THE HEAVENLY FIRE THAT JACE HAS IN HIS VEINS!
    If no… WOW They’re geting married !! OOO I’M SO HAPPY. I THINK I’M GOING TO CRY.
    If it’s not from TMI or TID… STUPID SNIPPET WE DON’T CARE!

  153. number 25

  154. Omigod I literally started crying.

  155. im a 14 yr old dude and i just wont to say that i am just as much a fan of all of this as u r (dig Clary) but u are just going to make yourself feel horrible when the books come out and its what u dreaded. p.s i live in Sydney Australia and was wondering if any of u are from America and have or are going to meet the actors in the TMI movie. Cassie said that we would see 1 or 2 immortal characters from the books in TDA.

    • Electra-Storm says:

      Im From Auckland, New Zealand, btw. being from Sydney is closer to USA than us…we r closer to the Penguins and Polar Bears in Antarctica than Thailand, Asia, and America than you are…

  156. Hight Worlock of Oakey says:

    whats up with number 12?!?!?!?!

  157. I don’t know why I keep rereading these.They are killing me!!!!!!! especially the “he kissed each finger,and with each one of them spoken a word. five isses, five words. his last.” And I am still seriously wondering about the Will not wearing pants one. If that one one of the ones that was supposedly taken out of CP2 I am seriously wondering why. I would love to see the other characters reactions to this.

  158. Snippet #2 has to be from TMI because that doesnt happen in TID or maybe she was lying to us…..it could be from TDA

  159. “Take London, my love, and turn it all to blood,” she said. “My gift to you.” is this Maureen or Camille talking? or any other Vamp. ?

  160. How could anybody ever hate Jem, like why? He just so sweet and lovely. How could you people!

  161. Snippet five, the one in which the girl is asking the guy if he has something, and he makes a joke about the number to the white house, I’m hundred percent sure that the they are talking about a condom… They are gonna do it! I wonder who they are:P It’s either from COHF or TDA… I hoPe it’s clary and jace;) ;)

  162. Massive realization, so you all know that somebody might die in TMI right? Well here’s what I’m thinking. Basically the part where Magnus says ‘HAPPY COUPLES’ and puts a pillow over his head gave me an idea. This snippet made me think that maybe Magnus and Alec still weren’t together in TDA but then I thought, that couldn’t be right, I saw a snippet picture of Alec and Magnus kissing for City of Lost Souls. I think that the person who dies is Alec. It makes perfect sense as sad as it is.

  163. takenbywilliamherondale says:

    did anyone else think unidentified snippet from past books number 8 is talking about… *the big S*?

  164. takenbywilliamherondale says:

    as in SE*

  165. takenbywilliamherondale says:


  166. I only started reading this series about two months ago, and oh my goodness I’m so hooked! I would be super upset if Jace died. I don’t think Clary will die but it drives me crazy when an author spends book after book messing with characters relationships and then doesn’t put them together in the end. I think I would cry.

  167. But they dont have sex in CoLS

  168. They finally had sex!!

  169. AND they didnt get married in CoHF. MUAHAHAHAHAH.

    • yah, wasn’t the ring from something in the institute library. there where two, and clary gave one to simon so they could talk to each other. then later in the book the Steele Queen had listened to them or something right?

  170. You guys that are stuck on snippet #1 of clockwork princess you should reread the book. I think that was about why Will got Jem’s drug out of the fire.

  171. e n k e l e i. says:

    I think “He stopped dead. ‘Tessa told you?’ he said.” could be part of a dialogue from a cut scene between Jem and Will before Jem announced he and Tessa were to be married. I think Will may have accidentally made a comment about it or suggested it prior to the announcement, and the two talked about it. It’s also possible Will mentioned it after the announcement to Jem.

  172. I think the marry me today was from clockwork princess

  173. So ya, Iove XMAS Snippet about church LOL! It’s funny, Clary was like, “Jace! It’s not gonna fit” HAhahahaha!

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