Character Descriptions

Cassandra Clare shared these descriptions of some of the characters from THE DARK ARTIFICES:

Helen is described in City of Lost Souls. White-blond curly hair, blue-green eyes (those eyes are a hallmark of the family), petite, slightly pointed ears due to faerie blood in the family.

Mark: Same white-blond curly hair, but he has one blue eye and one gold. Tall, thin, has the same faerie blood as Helen, so rather delicate bone structure. Favored weapon: curved, single-edged blades like katanas.

Julian: Dark brown messy hair, blue-green eyes. No faerie blood here or in the rest of the family on down — he’s only half brother to Helen and Mark. Different mothers. He’s a little lanky, with high cheekbones. Bites his nails. Usually splattered in paint. Favored weapon: throwing knives, seraph blades. Seventeen years old.

Olivia: Brown hair like Julian, the same blue-green eyes. Long lashes and a cupid’s bow mouth. Where Tiberius is extraordinarily weird, Livvy is extraordinarily ordinary, at least on the surface. Underneath she’s peculiar as her brother, but in a very different way.  She and Tiberius are nine months younger than Jules. Favored weapon: poison darts.

Tiberius: Manages not to look like anyone else, which Julian puts down to sheer stubbornness. Black hair and gray eyes. When he and Livvy were born they had the same gray eyes, but hers changed and though the family were sure his eyes would also change color from gray to blue-green they never did. Has the same long lashes and cupid’s bow mouth as his twin sister though. Favored weapon: Livvy will kill you if you look at him funny, so why bother?.

Drusilla: Is only thirteen. She has the Blackthorn brown hair and blue-green eyes, but she is the only one of them to have freckles. Most of the Blacthorns are lanky and tall, but Silla is compact and will grow up curvy and short.

Octavius and Ariadne are so little — Tavvy is only six, and Ari five — but they both have the Blackthorn dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. 

The non-Blackthorns:

Emma has golden-blonde hair which she keeps long for sentimental reasons, but usually has braided back or up in a bun for efficiency’s sake. Her eyes are dark blue. She works extraordinarily hard at her training – her body is strong and tough, and she has a bad scar that runs up her right arm, that she’s both proud of and  a little self-conscious about. Telling blonde jokes in front of her is a good way to find yourself in the hospital. “Oh dear, did I just drop that giant broadsword on your head? I guess I did! Must be cause I’m blonde.” Favored weapons: the repeating crossbow, wind-and-fire wheels.

Cristina is Hispanic; she’s from Mexico City and is one of the few Institute kids who has a living parent. She’s got gorgeous black hair, though she keeps a long swatch of it dyed red, and dark brown eyes. Where Emma has a temper, Cristina generally gets angry only if you hurt someone she cares about. Then she smiles sweetly and plans to kill you in your sleep like a ninja. Emma was thrilled when Tina came to the Institute because it meant a girl for her to be friends with, and they’re very close. Favored weapon: chain weapons like surujin.


  1. Eugenia Grace says:

    I hope the last name ‘Carstairs’ doesn’t mean Tessa ends up with Jem instead of Will

    • ShadowhunterObsession says:

      I dont think it does. Someone said Jem has an uncle. We only have to wait until March and hopefully Will will end up with Tessa aka Tess (it was his nickname for her first, before Jem)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also people where are all the devoted fans????????????? These books will be as amazing and awesome as all the others!!!!!!!! This is Cassandra Clare we’re talking about!!!!!! Everyone will love Emma, Julian and all the others just like we all loved Clary, Jace, Tessa, Will, and Jem!!!!! I know it!!!!!!

    • VoldyIsABoldy says:

      No i don’t think she will, i think Jem will end up with Sophie- to get the blond hair that Emma has, Will will end up with Tessa- to get the Herondale brown hair that Jace’s real dad had, and Gabriel will end up with Cecily- to get the black hair and blue eyes. this is what i hope will happen, but really have no idea??

      • Gabriel and Cecily
        Gideon and Sophie
        Tessa ends up with will because Will because Jem was dyeing so he became a silent brother then when will died (Tessa’s a part demon so she id immortal) she roams the earth and Jem finds a core and finds Tessa and then their together

    • Tessa married Will then when Will dies(Because Tessa is part demon so, she is immortal) she roamed the earth.Then Magnus took her to New York and Jem came back and they had found a cure so she ended up with she lived her life with both will and jem

      • Renae K. Olwin Sutcliffe says:

        Yes, Elena, you are right. That is what happened and since Tessa was part Shadowhunter, her and Will had children. Read The Bane Chronicles.

    • You are all wrong
      This is going to spoil some parts of the end of C-princess
      Tessa can have kids because she is half shadowhunter, half warlock
      And Jem has a uncle
      Tessa ends up with both Jem and Will
      I cried When i found out Will had died out of old age and was very happy When i found out They had kids together
      It’s a happy ending and it are revealing something about COHF but i hoped Tessa was going to meet clary, jace and all the other but They don’t
      But i still have hopes that she and Jem meets Emma and all the others in tDA When the godes around the world together

    • No, Tess ends up with Will, you find that out in the clowkork Princess…although with all these books coming out, I am going to have to rememeber all the different characters haha but I know they will be as good as all her other books < 3

      • Randomer :3 says:

        Tess ends up with Will first, yes. Then like Tricksy said, Tess also ends up with Jem.

    • Lola Fields says:

      jem marries tessa after 100 and 10 years and also after will dies after living a LONG HAPPY life with Tessa.

    • Gabrielle Cecily Herondale says:

      Actually, in the family tree on the cover of Clockwork Princess, it says Emma Carstairs is distantly related to Jem’s uncle, Elias(?) instead of Jem…

    • Shadows_Girl says:

      Jem to Emma is his great-great (i honestly don’t know how many ‘greats’) uncle. something like that. so no. they don’t

    • Emma isn’t the child of Tessa and Jem, but she does end up with both of them.

    • Well, Tessa ends up with Will, as we all probably know by now, and he dies of old age, after he and Tessa have kids. Jem turns into a Silent Brother to save himself right before Will proposed to Tessa. Jem doesn’t mind. Tessa never ages-she is half demon; half angel. She meets Jem on that Blackbriar or whatever bridge every year. 180 years after Will’s death, when they meet, Jem is no longer a silent brother; a cure has been found now (2008). He and Tessa kiss; they plan to travel the world together.

    • CaitlinCarstairs says:


  2. ShadowhunterObsession says:

    I forgot to put this, but they all sound amazingly funny and awesome like only Cassie’s characters can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them already!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, they have cool names!!!! And Emma sounds like someone we all know–Clary!!!!!! I can’t wait to see what the TMI people are up to!!!! (Tee hee.This came out way longer than I planned to make it.)

  3. Mrs. Carstairs says:

    I actually hope Jem ends up with Tessa. And I can’t wait until these books come out!!!!!!

  4. I actually think Emma is more like isabelle personality wise xD though she’s probably more like Clary in the sense that she doesn’t care about her looks too much? I don’t know. I can’t wait to read all the knew books!!!!! And see the movie!!!! T.T

  5. im dry heaving waiting on these books i wish cassie had the magic to write fast while making the books awesome as always ahhhhh! waiting, waiting, and waiting……..

  6. Emma was happy when Tina arrived at the Institute because she could have another girl to be friend with? But… Livvy is a girl, too, and only a few months younger than her, she could be friends with her!

    • Shoshanah says:

      It’s different when you grow up with someone, like they’re your sister. Anyway, I’m just glad we finally meet a girl who doesn’t hate and fear other girls. I find that particular characteristic in Clary and Isabelle very tiresome.

  7. I’m so exited for this series! Emma sounds like a breath of fresh air – a female protagonist who actually fights and can stand up for herself! Of course, I love Tessa, but she was always the bookish one (which is understandable for a Victorian character), and Clary is awesome, but she is normally helpless and lets Jace fight for her (not in all cases though!) The Blackthorn family also sounds really interesting!

    • What do you mean?! Clary might have started out being helpless–that’s natural, considering she never got any training–but she does begin by killing a demon all on her own, and moves on to summoning angels, killing her dad and beating up her evil brother–not to mention inventing badass runes that she can use to sink ships and win wars. Oh, and did I mention that she actually runs Jace through with an angel sword? There’s nothing weak or helpless about her! And Tessa might not be a warrior princess, but, when push comes to shove, she’s got what it takes. A heroine doesn’t have to be a psychopath to be able to stand up for herself!

  8. Renae K. Olwin Sutcliffe says:

    Read all the books and it will answer your questions.

  9. By The Angel! My name is Emma, I have goldeny blond hair, and blue eyes that used to be light but are now really dark blue! i see myself as quite strong as im tough and work out alot so a coincidence? i think not! this is amazing through i would if im similar to emma in any other ways? :D thankyou cass!

  10. Hayley Abbott says:

    The Lightwoods are related to the Blackthorns and Jace, and Jace is related to Emma and the Lightwoods (like I already said). This is all distant relations and you can find it out on the other side of the hardcover jacket of Clockwork Princess.

  11. Is there anything about Jaime Rosales? In terms of his personality, looks, etc…

  12. ummm what happens to clary, jace, alec, usable, simon, etc.? Are they even mentioned in the book at all? cuz you guys said that emma was the deadliest shadow hunter after jace so i was wondering if they are mentioned…

  13. I dont think tessa and jem get married after c princess. They just become a couple. Remember tmi is set in 2007-2008 and c princess at the end is 2008, so tessa and jem couldnt of married and had 100 years of happiness. U know what i reallly dont know. By the way, warlocks i know cant have children but because tess was half shadowhunter she could. So if a warlock anyway is half demon half HUMAN then why cant they bare children……xo

    • I have read all 3 e-books, so Tessa and Jem didn’t get married, nor they become couple. Jem become a Silent brother and they met only in 5th book of TMI. Maybe in TLH too, but we don’t know. After 6th TMI book I think Tess and Jem is going to look for Tessa to be “cured” so she would be human and not a warlock. As she’s old – they can’t use greater demon spell (as one proposed for Magnus in 6th TMI book, but it was done to Simon).

  14. What a coincidence! I have really dark brown hair that looks black and a scarlet red streak in my hair, me and Cristina are twinsies lol

  15. Follow an editorial calendar but do not be too hinged on daily or twice a day updates.
    Some groups will have what’s allowed, and what’s not allowed,
    already posted.

  16. Malecislife says:

    Julian’s favorite weapon is the arch. Not the blades.

    • but i guess it could change as he gets older.. i mean as he trains more and grows up he might decide that he is actually better with blades

  17. These are the best book ever…I loved the city of bones and fell in love with Tessa and Will and Jem. Please read all the books. I read nine total

  18. I thought in TMI City of Heavenly Fire they said that Emma had brown eyes, not blue!?! Can someone please verify this?

  19. Who is Ariadne Blackthorn??? Never mentioned among the Blackthorn’s children in COHF…

  20. faith herondale says:

    look, guys, TID, ends with Tessa ending up with William, since James went to be a silent brother.

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