On May 8, 2013, executive producer Martin Moszkowicz announced that production on The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes would begin in Fall 2013 with Harald Zwart returning to direct the sequel to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Filming was later revealed to begin on September 23 through December 6 in Toronto and the movie is expected to be released in late 2014.

In September 2013, production on the film was delayed due to box office performance and script issues. In October, it was revealed that production will restart sometime in 2014.

Film Status: Pre-Production

Release Date: TBA

Filming: TBA

Filming Locations: TBA

Production Companies: Constantin FilmsUnique Features

Director: TBA

Producers: Robert Kulzer, Don Carmody

Executive Producers: Martin Moszkowicz, Bob Shaye, Michael Lynne

Screenwriter: Jessica Postigo Paquette

Official Website:

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222 thoughts on “CITY OF ASHES Movie

  1. Hi there! Where will casting calls be for City of Ashes? I want more than anything to audition as Maia Roberts but all my research online hasn’t gotten me very far. Help me out? :(

  2. I’m really happy that they’ll turn all the books into movie adaptations!
    I’m not happy that they will realease the next one in LATE 2014 though… :( I mean it takes 6 months for a movie to be realeased. Shoudn’t they realease it on July? December’s the last month, so count from 1 when you reach six, it’s July…. You get that right????

      • I have watched the movie more times then I can count and she was not in that movie. SHe doesn’t show up till this one.

      • I have watched the movie more times then I can count and I have not once seen her in it.

      • OH MY GOD. You mundane! Maia was NOT in City of Bones! Her first appearance in the books was in City of Ashes and she did NOT appear in the City of Bones movie or book! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!


  3. Hope it’s better than the first adaptation. They barely showed Jace’s love/hate for Valentine (which they could have shown fully if they kept to the book ending and had Jace beat him), and cut out opportunities for Jonathan Rhys Meyers to show a seductive, calculating, and subtle Valentine (he could be portrayed well enough giving a speech into why he thinks he’s right rather than him just strait up attacking, it detracts from not just his character depth, but from another character’s opportunity to respond with their views, and really they need to mention his main motivation is his hate for downworlders rather than analyzing his inner motives). I’d also like it if they kept their mentioning of the real Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern to what was done in the book (no revelation of demon blood) or what Val. plans to do with all three Mortal Instruments until COG’s adaptation, it’ll just flow more naturally if kept to the book. Clary’s discovery of her special powers and Val. telling her in COB movie seemed very forced.

    • If you watched some of their interviews, they commented on which trait they have to emphasize on since the movie is just 2 hours long. As JCB keeps on saying, he chose to show Jace’s darker side, his vulnerability. And Lily Collins chose to show Clary’s determination in finding her mother. As for Valentines’s character, they had to show his evil side. They didn’t have enough time to show his scheming personality so they decided on showing it physically, ie slamming Clary’s head on the table, almost killing Jace, etc. If it followed the book, who knows how long the movie would be. It’s not easy to fit an entire book in two hours. They have to choose which events are more important than the other or which characteristics speaks more for the character that can be compressed in to two hours.

    • Yeah, I know how you feel. They also could have mentioned runes and what they did because they made it look like magical people that could draw tattoo-looking things on their skin with weird “sticks”.

    • My only question for the development of City of Ashes is how Valentine was going to have the Mortal Cup when in the movie Clary ends up still having it in her possession? Because in City of Ashes, the book, the state how Valentine has the Mortal Cup.

      • I guess another question would be how City of Ashes the movie is going to show Clary and Simon’s relationship. When Clary made it clear she was not in love with Simon in the movie? I feel that is an essential part of the book and its tension. The movie definitely has to include that.

  4. I really hope that the screenwriter and producers do much a better job on this next installment. Also my best assumption is that the person playing Magnus Bane was so poor in his acting ability, that the producers had to cut his scenes down to two with very little dialog. Perhaps he should read the books to get Magnus’s personality down. Last, here’s hoping they cut off Valentines ridiculous clip on braid! What was that!!

    • He had little sceenes because Magnus is supposed to have little sceenes. Also it was the first movie of Godfrey Gao in English, so he wasn’t sure about himself. He is the perfect Magnus, give him a chance!

    • Yeah, I totally agree also I reaction they should have cast someone who was closer to how Magnus was described in the books ie. puffy hair, blue flames when he uses his magic rather than air moving and his eyes!! It’s not that hard surely to get cat eyed contacts gees guys!!!

      • I am unsure with no news. I hope they make sequel. It is Amazing! I think they should combine the books though to get the a bigger story all together. I read City Of Ashes. It is good I think. I just personally hope they do it soon before the actors age. I know this movie probably won’t happen,but stranger things happen. I am not over City Of Bones! I am uninterested in the other YA movies. JCB really stood out in this movie. He is a strong actor. Crossing fingers!

      • Not sure how they’re even gonna make a sequel since they changed the whole end of the movie… Instead of Valentine escaping w/ the Mortal Cup, they had Clary trick him by giving him the “replica cup” they had in the institute “museum” (you know, the room w/ the taxidermied werewolves and demons… Lol) and now they are going to hafta somehow have V get ahold of the real cup (again) if they’re going to follow the plot of the books at all since, if you’ll remember, he uses the cup to start creating an army of Forsaken at the beginning of COA. I can’t begin to tell everyone how lame they made the COB movie…from the casting (would it have killed the dude who played him to bulk up a bit for the role or attempt to cover up his British accent?), to the acting (Lily Collins was far from the person I was imagining when they cast Clary but ended up being one of the only actors who I actually liked…her and the dude who played Alec), to the special effects (wtf was w/ the floppy rottie demon that attacked Clary in her house instead of a ravener demon??? Lol) to the general sappiness of the love story angle, it was just all around laughable and as much as I was looking forward to seeing these books adapted into movies, this first movie actually made me wish that they’d cut their losses and scrap the whole idea, wait a few years, and redo the first one all over again the RIGHT way. I think in this case, it would’ve been best to go w/ unknown actors like they did in the Harry Potter screen adaptation; maybe then we would have been expecting a bit of bad acting… What I missed most about these movies was the character definition and development; Jace, in particular, was a big disappointment… What happened to the witty, sarcastic, humorous, somewhat conceited, GORGEOUS and slightly vulnerable guy we all learned to love from the books? Also, on another side note; what was w/ the whole rune on the hand thing that served dual purposes by freezing the demons in place during the fight at the institute and then somehow also fixing and cleaning everything up in her house at the end of the movie??? How does it even make sense that this one mystery rune could accomplish these two completely different tasks? And why didn’t they just dispatch all the demons while they were frozen rather than edging past them and waiting for the rune to wear out? Oh and Sebastian Bach, the secret Shadowhunter??? Need I say more? Ugh. So many problems, so little time!!! Next time have Guillermo del Toro or Peter Jackson (or someone w/ VISION) produce or direct because these books are far from what this first attempt at a movie made them out to be and deserve SO much better…

      • R u sure? They havent even renewed but a few actors that i know of. What makes you think they are filming now. I hope you arent going by old articles from oct 2013. Let us know where to find updated news. Thx

    • Yes. I have been reading everything I could on the subject for the past week; and all of it says that they are making changes to the script and brainstorming ways to market the movies differently right now. Then early next year, they are going to begin filming, with a tentative release of late next year. I tend to think that if they don’t begin filming till next year, it may be January before we see it.

  5. OH MY GGGGOOOOOSSSHHHH!!! I am so excited!!!!!!! I WOULD audition for Maia, but Im WWWAAAYYYY too young for that part!!! BUT IM STILL SSSSSOOOOOOO EEEXXXXXCCCCCIIIIITTTTTEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  6. I hope they continue with all of the series. I have read them all and loved the first movie. I can’t wait for city of ashes.

  7. Hi! ,
    I have been a fan of the mortal instruments ever since the first book came out . And I have been dreaming of being a part of the film. I love acting and I’m confident I’m your girl for an action emotional character. Give me a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

    • Dude I would make an awesome Maureen. I love to act. When I was 7 I put fake blood all over my leg and a knife and shiwed my dad… he fainted. I acted like I was crying and stuff. I am young and not a teen yet but I am tall so I look older. I also have dark blonde long hair and blue eyes (dark) like Maureen so I would be perfect… also Simon is awesome sooo. Yep

  8. Do we have any idea where the process is at for the re start of this movie? Is it time to start a new campaign to get this movie made and let constantin films know were anxiously waiting??

    • I am wondering the same thing! Grrr I have been checking everywhere for updates about City of Ashes. All I’ve seen are the same few articles claiming they’re rewriting the script and they’ll start filming in 2014…umm broad much? And Lily Collins’ recent interviews on the topic aren’t giving me much reassurance. So I agree campaign time guys??

      • I really thought the idea was great. The movie could have been way much better. I wish I could forget this movie because I actually liked it. I hate twilight. It kinda like it,but it bores me to death. I like the shadow hunter vibe more,and more as a story.

      • I heard that they probably wont get passed the 3rd movie because Valentine didn’t get the cup and Clary’s mom is already in the hospital. I think they should’ve kept The City of
        Bones with the book and not changed it to much. But that’s my opinion.

      • i agree with the campaign!

  9. Ya I think its time for a new campaign or this movie will fade until it’s cancelled. Let’s get things going again and get them to do this one by the book. Why stop at the third book when the next three are also good? If CoA is successful maybe we can get the whole series!

      • back when they made the initial campaign I found this address. I have not yet used it but now I think I will! If we can get this to spread and make more noise then maybe we can get some news from the producers on the movie’s progress. Worth a shot!!
        Constantine Production
        9200 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

    • I’m in :) not only want but need to see these made. These books are so great and I was disappointed too that it was so different from the book and I hope the next one comes out this year and that its closer to the book. Let me know if you know how to get the campaign going and to the people working on the film.

  10. Hi when will the mortal instruments city of ashes be coming out. Jamie Campbell bower is great as playing the role of jace but what was the point of jace getting all angry to clary there was no point as jace has affections for her and so does she. You should really of thought about that before you made the first flim. As Simon is not the guy for clary because clary has a strong affection for jace. But jace feels that clary has affections for Simon, clary wants to tell jace how much she loves him but then jace says he’ll be a real brother and nothing else. Which upsets Clary then they have a secret relationship. Is that in the city of ashes or city of glass,it should be in city of ashes? Jace is a great cast in the flim and so is clary. I like how you made clary and jace meet and how he saved her. Jace has courage and affections for her to be able to save her. Clary likes him and every time he saves Simon she says thank u for saving Simon ir hugs Simon. But when he saves her she just says thank you she should really hug him actually to collect create a passionate romantic atmosphere. Then a sad atmosphere it just doesn’t suit jace or clary. Also they both care about each other which is great. But in the second flim Simon kisses clary that stinks it should be jace.

  11. Also is then going to be like a time when i can go and see Jace and Clary live here in London? Please tell me

  12. Awesome! So how do we get the moderator of this board to put it out there that we need to start writing again? I don’t want to kiss our Window and I worry that the longer it goes the less likely it will get made. Especially with the final hook coming out in may we want momentum going for the sequel by then!!

    • Maybe start a trend on twitter or various other blogs. Try to get back on the radar again and start a movement. I noticed that the timeline for Important Dates no longer includes the City of Ashes movie. That doesn’t look good. The producers need to know that the movie is still important and that they need to keep the movie similar to the book!

  13. When I first saw City of Bones, I was a little puzzled because the movie was not faithful to the book. I don’t understand why the screenwriters completely rewrote the scenes differently from the book. Also, at the end of the book Jace and Clary were supposed to be on a flying motorcycle. I forgot the term used for the flying motorcycle but I do remember that Jace flew the motorcycle over the water next to the Brooklyn bridge. The movie should of ended with the audience gasping and impatiently wondering when City of Ashes will be released. But instead most people just sat there like what? The ending was bland. Shadowhunters shouldnt ride down the street on a motorcyle. Shadowhunters should use the portal to arrive at their destination. Another scene that really annoyed me was when Hodge was telling Valentine that he held his end of the bargain by giving Valentine the cup and that Valentine should lift the curse. In that scene, the editing clearly needed to be edited. There were two different angles of Valentine and every time it changed his braid was in a different position. One second the braid is behind his ear and the next second, second angle his braid is over his hair and then the third second first angle the braid is behind his ear again. They needed to work on the editiing and show what shadowhunters are truly capable of doing. Lastly, in the book Madame Dorthea is a psychic and she tells Clary and Jaces’s fortune. In the movie, she doesn’t do that and thats the best part! In the book Madame Dorthea says to Jace that he will fall in love with the wrong person, which is Clary but the didn’t happen in the movie. That scene was supposed to intrigue the audience more so that when the big reveal of Clary and Jace being brother and sister was revealed the audience would been emotionally dying. That scene would have definitely captivated the audience. There was more excitement in reading the book than watching the movie. The movie changed a lot of things for no reason. I liked the movie but it could have been better. I do hope that the City of Ashes goes througb because I like the books just don’t stray away from scenes by making it completely different in the movie. The director for these movies should be someone who has directed the Harry Potter films because those were extremely successful and the only way that The Mortel Instruments will become successful is if they keep most things the way they are, do justice to the book, and better editing because I noticed some things that needed to be fixed.

    • I agree completely. It was like amateurs were running/ruining the whole movie. Some of the things that had happened in the movie were completely unacceptable. For example, the fact that Jace had said the Institute was built around the Portal, which is untrue because of what we have read in Clockwork Princess. Also, the end when Clary draws a rune on her hand and that magically makes everything fly up into place. PolandBananasBooks (Christine Riccio, YouTube) said “No” out loud in the theater. And going back to the Portal issue, Jace also said that Shadowhunters have trained their whole lives to learning how to use the Portal. Clary, a person who just learned about Shadowhunters, manages to successfully go through the Portal and end up at Lukes.
      The Harry Potter movies were some of the best book-to-movie adaptations, especially the last two. If the TMI movies had loyal directors and screenwriters then the whole movie franchise would be way more successful and we, the fans of the original work, would have something else that we would be proud of. I, personally, really disliked this movie and felt embarrassed at times. I made sure my friends who have not read the books and went to see it with me knew that this was NOT the book and the books have more depth than the movie in terms of character, plot, dialogue. The movie was flat and untrue.
      But at least it wasn’t untrue like the Percy Jackson movies, am I right? Too soon?

      • Agreed! Can I also ask the question of why Valentine was trying to get Clary to drink from the Mortal Cup in the movie??? Drinking from the Cup makes you a Shadowhunter, doesn’t it? Well isn’t Clary ALREADY a Shadowhunter? So what would forcing her to drink from the cup have accomplished? A DOUBLE Shadowhunter??? And I too agree with Amanda’s comments; what WAS with that ridiculous clip-on braid Valentine was rocking??? Roflmao

      • Also, why would Valentine bring Clary’s unconscious mom to the institute with him when going to retrieve the Cup from Hodge…? Not very well thought out to have this last sequence of events take place in the institute rather than at Renwick’s like in the books now, was it?

      • Sebastien Bach and Unamused Fan, thank u so much for taking the time to articulate EVERY single grievance I had with the movie. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement of epic proportions. The screen writers , directors and producers did a great disservice to the book. They were trying to ride on the coat tails of the Twilight franchise and in doing so wasted a great opportunity to make a movie with substance. I have watched the movie several times just to see if I can find one thing, anything, redeemable. Alas, it always falls short. I agree with you, Bach, that they should wait a couple of years and start from scratch, and do it right, much like they have done with a lot of the Marvel movies. If they don’t do that, I hope they pay close attention to the book COA and fix the crap and do it right. U can’t shortcut these movies.

  14. JCB needs to bulk up a little. Too thin for my taste. In COB when he opened his door to Clary and he was shirtless—didn’t do much for me. Don’t get me wrong he is very attractive, but his body needs more….
    He doesn’t look strong enough for all the fighting he is doing. His arms, legs, chest, abs and “backside” are small–no muscle definition. I don’t think he needs to look like a body builder (yuk), just more than what he has. I do think he is the person for the part, just needs tweeking.

  15. I know no one usually replies to this stuff. But when you get the full cast please tell me. I already know jace and isabell are staying along with clary and Simon.

    • as far as I know the mother is staying too and they have someone playing the inquisitor but that’s all I’ve seen so far. When you look at peoples bio’s for movies everyone who played in the mortal instruments doesn’t have the next one pending in there movie list. Some of them have other movies in 2015 pending but not Mortal Instruments so that has me a little worried.

  16. Guys making comments about how the already castes characters need to change doesn’t do anything. They are set. What we need to do is stop complaining about the last movie and push for the new one. They have changed the production listing to “Unknown” which could be either good or bad. We need to get this movie some publicity and more attention!

    • But why would anyone who is complaining about the first movie and how horrendously horrible it was want to push for a SECOND movie with the same sucky cast, director and production company??? Please just ask yourself that…. We’ll wait for this one to die in the water (as it will) and then keep our fingers crossed for a new movie with a new…well…EVERYTHING.

  17. Agreed!! Which is why we’ve been talking about doing another letter writing campaign so that the production company knows there is a market and we want to see the movie made!!! We need to spread the word and make this happen!!!

    • I agree we need to do another letter. Get the word out there that we need City of Ashes. What with the awards winnings yesterday, they definetly need to push forward with the production. We have to do another letter for sure.

      • Check out my earlier post for the address we could send letters to. It’s totally worth a shot!

  18. Veronica Mars got made by fans support by kickstarter. Maybe if the CAP fans pull together there possibly could be a sequel. I have lost hope for this franchise.

  19. I also begun to read COB and wonder what teacher director,or people involved in project did not follow book. I understand the idea that some of it had to change,but the monsters in the book seemed more bad @$$. The guy that directs Grimm and Buffy would make this movie better.


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  22. I’ve read all five books and am looking forward to the final book of this series. I just finished watching City of Bones and felt cheated. There was so much in the book and while I understand not everything can be put in the movie something’s should of been more. It’s just like in the Hunger Games there were parts or lines in the book that should of been used in the movie. I hope the second installment is made and that the writers really read the book to project what the reader is feeling. The forbidden love between Jace and Clary. The two of them trying to put their feelings aside and work together. Clary’s worry for her mother. The boat scene between
    Jace and Valentine. The inquest or and Jace’s escape. The a silent Brother’s deaths and Valentine being around the mess with Jace and Clary. Would really be disappointed if all the books weren’t made into movies.

  23. I’m watching CoB for the umpteenth time and will be VERY disappointed if CoA is not made! I know there are so many that feel the same! A good script and WAY BETTER promotion will make a huge difference! If you’re not going to make it we all wish you would just say so instead of dragging this out for nothing!

  24. They definitely will make city of Ashes, they wouldn’t be cruel and leave us hanging, if they aren’t going to make it they would have told us already. Besides in one of Jamie’s interviews for Burberry he mentioned some exciting new work that would come later this year, “film-based work”. I don’t think that City of Bones was that bad, just many people downgraded it because the critics thought that it would be the next Twilight and many adults hated that stuff. But now catching fire and divergent have been such great hits that many people are starting to like ya book to movie adaptions, so hopefully when CofA releases it will be much better received as there is now a larger market out there. To be honest I only started reading books because of hearing about the craze of hunger games and from there I found mortal instruments and divergent, I think more young people are reading now that so many books are turning into films, it all started with Harry Potter just saying. But I hope they tell their fans something soon and I really want them to try to fix their mistakes by making it as true to the book as much as possible. It’s just a matter of time when they reveal it.

  25. Due to the wide unpopularity of the first film, the producers have decided to push back production of The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes in order to revamp and reevaluate. Also, IMDb is now disclosing The City of Ashes as “in development”, with most actors slated as “announced” – meaning its on the books, they are returning to their roles.

  26. I am a really big fan of the book series itself. While the first two books are great in their own rights three four and five are out standing I could not put any of them down. The first movie was ok but I tend to agree with most on this page that the book to screen adaption was horrible…there were things such as above mentioned left out , but also the one thing not too many people hit on was the fact that Valentine has the mortal cup.. At the end of the movie when Clary comes out to get on the “motorcycle” she pulls out the tara card she got from Dorthea and Jace tells her to becareful with that….She should not have to be careful with it …it does not contain any thing. It will be interesting to see how the adaption of the next movie bring that to light. It will be horrible if all of these books aren’t made into movies as I stated before the first two books are great but to not do the other three (then the sixth book and final movie) would be an outrage to all of us who have been there from the beginning. Can not wait til COA comes out in theaters and certainly can not wait til the COHS comes out on may 27th!!!!

    • If it will be as disgraceful as the first one, they probably will not even cast him. i would be very disappointed. however they were good about getting key characters in (but not the casting)

  27. It would be ashame not to continue production of this series of books. It is difficult to bring to “life” what is written in these books as everyone has their own ideas of what the movies should look like. I was disappointed int thr Hunger Games as I felt so many key elements were missed although
    Catching Fire was definitely an improvement. The same thing for the Hary Potter movies. My hope is that production continues for this series until the final book.

  28. Here is the case I think about this movie where it went wrong. I also think Alec was very wrong for his part. He looked like he had cramps,forced acting. My friend and I saw free movie with kevin zegers ,Alec guy and it was awful. Low budget film called vampire. It was the worst movie I have ever laid eyes on. I however enjoyed the mortal instruments as a franchise and a book with potential. I read half the book,so far. They slaughtered it in my opinion. The weird friend that read the poem looked like a child predator and he was supposed to be in a band. I dunno how he gets gigs in teen movies. They wasted the potential of the vision of this franchise. I agree they got some of the cast wrong. I can only hope they reboot it,or fix errors in next movie which I know might highly not happen at this Pointe. I can’t finish the rest of the last books before last book. Please make the next movie,or a much better mortal instruments movie. It was kinda Stupid when they ran away from the vampires. The exorcism was good and bad idea for this movie as a whole movie to make sense with the book. I love it even with flaws.

  29. Dear Site Admins/Bloggers:

    Can we PLEASE get an update on the production of this film? It would be a travesty of justice not to continue the movie series regardless of its variances from the books. Is anything being organized/communicated to the producers/film company as a show of fan support? Willing to support the push for production, however needed!

    • I want to see the movie franchise continue more than anything. I would be truly heartbroken if they didn’t finish.

  30. Hey I have loved the first one but my older sister said the second book is not important I almost slapped her for saying that I love the series of books and I can’t wait into the movie come out

  31. spoiler-alert don’t read

    Simon is a vamp
    alec is a warlock- thanks to Magnus
    jace cheats on Clary with Alec’s cousin
    Clary kisses izzy
    Jordan gets killed Clary killed him for taking Simon second girlfriend

    ( told you major spoiler

  32. You are not cool you looked at it
    Simon cheats on Izzy with Maya then Simon meet Maya ex boyfriend Don’t read it this time

  33. Books are never as good as the books so there shouldn’t really be any surprise there, I’m a huge fan of the books, and there are things I wish had been included in the first movie but I still think the films are great for what they are. Id really love to see all of the books made into movies.

  34. Hi I would really love them all to be made into movies and do you mean book are never as good as the movie because if you don’t its the movie are never as good as the books

  35. I wish we had a solid answer for City of Ashes! Love the books enjoyed the movie but man all this is getting now where! Also think there could be more with Clary and Jace!! Love them

  36. Melissa If your talking about city of ashes they can’t have some jace and Clary they are brother and sister in this one and they hate it
    Taylah please reply

    • If you watched city of bones and watched closely you would know differently, and the books yes theyes still are ‘brother and sister’ you’ll learn more as you read.

    • Mundane Lover, you should watch the movie again if you saw city of bones and listen to what Hodge says to Valentine, I had to watch it twice to catch it, Clary and Jace believe that they are brother and sister in the movie but we the viewers find out something else, and the book is a whole different story they think the are related for a while :)
      None the less you can still feel the connection they have its not just gone

  37. I have read all of them so stop being mean you worthless mundane and jade cheats on Clary with a lesbain

  38. I just read that Harald Zwart is no longer the director for the next ovie so that means that they are going to make it

  39. Hey don’t have to be rude that wasn’t me that was my friend
    And I love the mortal instruments so don’t use that with me get off this website if YOU DON’T WANT ME TO ASK QUESTIONS

  40. Still hoping on some good news for CofA. The fact that CofB is up for teen choice awards means that there is still a lot of popularity for the mortal instruments. I think if all the shadowhunters unite with the downworlders then CofB wil be noticed and they would be encourage by the popularity and crack on with CofA. But I think it is down to us and the CofB needs to win the awards, it deserves to.

  41. So are they going to make the second one I need to know
    All my fingernails are gone because I’m waiting for news

  42. any ideas who’s going to be the director I hope its the one who did the last four twilight films he did really good with those films

  43. Am I the only fan disappointed? Oh well. The only bad thing is I feel cheated for the big guy to tell the fans to see the movie multiple times to save the franchise. Now where is City Of Ashes movie. They could make a movie and still profit for 10 million. I think the sad thing is that the fans want this movie so bad. It’s really annoying all the different news articles,and false news on twitter. I just cant let it go yet. Please make another Mortal Instruments because the story itself is,so captivating. Please remember why you chose to buy the right of the story Mr. Moscowitz. Give it a nother go for the fans deserve it. Thankyou!!!!!

  44. The first movie was amazing sure they made some changes to the movie from the book and things like that but as fans of the mortal instruments series we should all just love the fact that their making the books that we love into movies. And that we should try to keep the series going soo they will star the production of the rest if the books and just as the sixth book just came out a month or soo and they haven’t started on te process of the second movie….In my opinion COB was awesome the cast was outstanding I loved every single actor/actress in the movie and the people were great for their roles…So as the fanbase of the TMI we should all work together to get them to restart the production of COA and the rest of the series!! Maybe we could start something on twitter or even instagram if y’all want too u can follow me on (Twitter is @wantedlover15 and instagram is and if u guys want to do this lets do it with this #KeepTMICOA . We can do this!!!!!

  45. i want to audition for someone in the city of ashes but i dont know who. and i dont know if they’re doing auditions in CT. can someone please help???

  46. I think the first movie strayed away from the book too much(aka the scene at the hotel dumort, the scene where valentine gets away with the fake cup, and pretty much everything else). I understand they couldn’t put everything in the book into a movie but really I think that what scenes they did use they could’ve done them like how it was written. I also believe that the cast should’ve been different, perhaps using young unknown actors even though they might not be as professional they could be taught and the emotion would’ve been more real and raw, also if they’re going to dye the hair of the actor who would play Clary they need to make it more of an orangish-red not that brownish-red like they did in the movie. I think the perfect director would be Tim Burton because I think he would do wonders with the demon effects but also capturing the oddity of the Shadow world (ie the warlocks marks etc). That’s just my opinion though.

    • Thank you for posting this interview. It really should clear some casting issues up for people. I, for one, loved the actors that were picked. I immediately saw Jace when I saw Jamie. Lilly is a great Clary. I thought her hair color was great. And, Aidan Turner’s portrayal of Luke was exactly how I pictured Luke would look. The only casting issue I had and it’s not really a casting issue so to speak was Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine. I thought he did a great job as Valentine, but his hair color did disappoint me. I really did expect to see white hair, not dark. But, I can live with his dark hair. He is a great actor. And, while I didn’t agree with some of the changes that were made in regards to book vs. movie, that is to be expected. I can live with the changes. I just want the second movie to start production asap.

      • I agree. I like Jonathan Ryhs Meyer’s portrayal of Valentine but his “looks” ie his hair, clothes, etc. were to rough. Lily Collins, for me, portrayed Clary amazingly. I love the way she chose to play Clary. Everything in the move, for me, is great. I mean it’s not that easy to make a movie based on a book especially since one of the fundamental element of a book is the character’s thoughts and it’s really hard to put that into a movie without ruining the pacing.

        And yes I want COA asap.

  47. So any updates on city of ashes movie. It cant be released in late 2014 if they haven’t even started filming yet. I wish we could just get a straight answer.

  48. I just finished the book and i dont think the screen writer actually read the whole book. I think she like picked random scenes and quotes from the book and threw them together in a movie 2 hours. I agree that the book ending is better than movie ending. I also think they should of stuck to thr book and fans might put butts in seats. Why did they change,so much? Some characters said wrong quotes in the film changed from the book. Why?

  49. If Guardians of the Galaxy is being made into a movie then I don’t see why City of Ashes should even be up for debate. That is just frustrating.

  50. Fortunately I saw the movie before I read the books. That helped me be less aware of all of the deviations. It did encourage me to read the books, which I had never heard of. Now I’m a die hard fan and getting impatient for the next movies. ( especially city of glass).
    I do have to agree that the consistent complaint is the straying so far from the books.
    After hearing how COA screen play had to go back to the drawing board, I really think that screen writer should be fired. (Magnus running for mayor of NY & clary w/split personalities, REALLY!). This person is trying to rewrite the whole thing. Why would any fans of the book want to come see that?
    Also the last movie was really choppy. I don’t know if that was the director or the editing group but come on. I’ve seen TV movies made better.

    All that and I still was able to enjoy most of it. However, if they want us to continue to support the movies, go out to see them, they need to get it rolling before they loose what fan base they still have.

  51. i really think they should make a COA movie, even though the city of bones movie was not “great” I think if they portray to the book line it would be better. Really hoping they make a movie!!

  52. Is there any official news about the city of Ashes? As far as I know the script is done(through Jamie’s and Lily’s tweets) so now all they need to do is film, right? They need 6 months 4 that and it’s done? So, they ‘re actually going to do it, right? If there will be any official sources I will be grateful!! Thank you!!

  53. Here’s hoping that they tell us something soon… This wait is just killing me. Tbh, CoA is really the only thing I even have to look forward to right now. And Miss Hoping, where did you hear about the tweets? That’s news to me^^ Is there a link, perhaps, that has the screenshots of those so I can see them somewhere?:) Thanks in advance for the help!

    • First, I apologise 4 the delay but I didn’t receive any notification about it. Second, Jamie on June 26th he wrote “some seriously exciting news coming your way soon. x” and I checked his tweeter and it was there. And Lily said “the script is finally finished!We ‘ll start filming this year!! #CityofAshes” the problem is that Lily’s tweeter isn’t open to everyone so I don’t know if it’s true or not. I am guessing the date is a few days after Jamie’s post. I can’t post pics here, I don’t know how. If u have a tweeter please confirm Lily’s I will be very happy if it’s true!! :) :D

  54. Is there a date that the flim is to start filming, or a release date? I dont know if this has been posted before, if so im sorry, just wondering. Thanks!

  55. i wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if most of the cast and a lot of the crew already know its happening, but there choosing not to tell us and make it go public just in case something does go wrong, and it doesn’t end up getting made. I really do think it will happen, but because of how dicey and how closed up film companies and businesses can be i bet that’s why we don’t know any concrete news about the filming. At the end of the day its all about money for them, that’s how they all work, and i really believe that taking time with it to work out how they can gain and profit from the second film is why it’s taking so long, they want to please us fans, but they want the profit, ratings and money first.
    As Jace would say fellow shadowhunters……..’Have a little faith’
    Keeping my fingers crossed 24/7

  56. I really hope you’re right, JaceYourMine:) I’ve been really worried lately. I mean, they almost cancelled it before without us knowing, so what’s to stop them from doing the same thing again? Especially since the actors aren’t getting any younger… IDK. I want to have faith that they’re still doing it (especially with what Godfrey Gao said and everything), but the fact that Jamie said he’d do the sequel in a heartbeat if they asked him… kind of makes it sound like they haven’t asked him to work on it yet. That and Harald’s leaving the project… I’m trying to remain optimistic, though.

    Also, if they recast anyone in this series, I’m gonna cry. Say what you will about the CoB movie (even though I actually loved it), but the cast was absolutely perfect! And I think most of us agree on that fact, so that’s the one thing they probably SHOULDN’T change when they go about things this time.

  57. Sorry for the double post, but I wonder if there’s anything else we can do to convince them to go ahead with the movie? Any suggestions, anyone?

    Y’know… I wonder if Cassie has any idea about how things are progressing? She probably doesn’t, sadly. We all know how the movie business can be, after all…

  58. I can’t wait for the news about CoA resuming production but what scares me is how are they going to continue it since Valentine didn’t get the cup in CoB!!!
    In CoA Valentine goes and gets the sword and we find out about Clary rune making ability way to early in the first movie…
    I don’t know how there going to fix it unless they remake the ending of the first movie in the second movie, making that Valentine gets the mortal cup and runs away.

    • Ehh, the Rune making ability being revealed early isn’t that big a deal, tbh. It was hinted at in the CoB book, even. Clary still be unsure about it and won’t know how it works, and Jace will still be skeptical because he didn’t see her do it, so we’ll still get the “Fearless Rune” scene. Plus, they could just have Clary think she remembered a Rune, instead of having created one, in the CoB movie. She did think for a while that she wasn’t creating new ones, after all, but rather accessing ones that had always been there.

      And they could easily find a way for Valentine to get the Cup in CoA. Maybe someone’s careless with it, maybe he finds it on his own or tricks someone into giving it to him. More likely than not, he’ll somehow get it from Jace when he first goes to see him on the ship.

      On a side note… I’m really starting to worry that they cancelled this movie. Should we do another write-in, maybe? I know for sure that I’m going to mail them a heartfelt letter about how much I loved the CoB film, and how/why I think City of Ashes could be great for them, and garner a lot more attention; maybe we should all do that?

      If you guys do do this, though, remember to be polite, courteous, and encouraging. We want them to be inspired to do this for us, not hurt their feelings. And if you do have to sneak in a comment about how you want the movie to be more accurate or something, do it sneakily and sugarcoat it by saying something like, “And I think themes in City of Ashes–like how your family doesn’t define you, but rather the people who love you and you them–would really be a major selling point to a lot of audiences, if you wanted to go in that direction.” IDK.

  59. On this day, when CoB was released last year, everyone be sure to make your voices heard by tweeting “#WeNeedCityofAshes” as much as you’re able to. We can work together and get our movie made, Shadowhunters, so let’s be Parabatai–drawing on each other’s strength–and do it!:)

  60. Am i the ONLY one who thinks the actor for Alec was HORRIBLE every thing was wrong, alec is strong but not extremely muscely, he is only 18, and he has chin length hair, also that actor for could not act.

    • I will agree he wasn’t the best. He wasn’t what I thought he would look like either. I think he looks way older then what he is in the book. But there was a lot of tiny glitches in the movie.
      They could have hired someone younger. Nearer Jamie Bowers age. Jamie is 25 but plays a 17 year old( he looked fine) but Kevin is 30 and plays an 18 year old.

    • Honestly I didn’t mind Alec that much, frankly, that I can live with. My promblem was Magnus, COME ON! The guy couldn’t act, if he read his lines from a flash card it would have been better, Magnus is supposed to be exuberant, intelligent yet quirky (and no, entering a scene minus your pants does not make you any of those things, its just makes you the dude who forgot his pants) Also on a sidenote I hated the new take on Valentine, Jonathon Rhys Meyers would have been perfect if they played it like the books, but by now the damage has been done. Get a new Magnus (or at least get your current Magnus some acting lessons), get a new screenwriter who understands the important points and climaxes in the books and this movie could be insanely good. Most importantly just GET THIS MOVIE MADE!!

  61. I agree about the screen writer. I said she should have been fired. After all the complaints of not staying close to the book, she went and wrote COA so crazy and off the mark that it delayed filming over a year. If they wait much longer they’re going to lose most of thier fans. At least give us some updated news.

  62. They really need to get this movie out NOW. No more waiting! I want it now and all the others to made as soon as possible!

  63. The City of Ashes movie was delayed for those of you who don’t know. Apparently the first movie “City of Bones” didn’t do well. I was really upset to figure this out considering Divergent the movie did well even though i didn’t even like the movie. It just happened so fast and the plot was hard to follow even though i read the book. However, i absolutely loved the movie like many of you i have watched it so many times and it still never gets old i love it to pieces. I don’t get how it didn’t do well as a movie it was so good. However i do understand it was different to the books, which i also loved. But what do you expect you can’t make a movie exactly like a book. MAKE THE MOVIE ALREADY. All the information at the moment isn’t current, some say that they have continued to film it but are making sure the script is as good as possible. It was super close to being cancelled, lets keep the City of Ashes movie alive!

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