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City of Bones movie cut

AUGUST 21, 2013

Angelic Power Rune

city of ashes cut



  1. i hope they do all 6 books, not just three

    • Book worm x says:

      SAME!! these books are my favourite!! I hope they do all the TMI books and the TID books!! and TDA and TLH haha even though the books arn’t out yet, if Cassandra clare has written them then they are BOUND to be AMAZING!! I have loved every book she has written (published) x

  2. Rrrren :D says:

    if they do City of Lost Souls i’m gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :> :> :> :O :O

  3. Mishelle says:

    Owww…hope to see Church in the second one ;)

  4. taniadarcy says:

    I think they are making 3 movies cause some of the actors are almost 30 not Jamie or lily they are young but the other cast. unless they do a recast but.

  5. No they have to do six, it would be so wrong not to do that many and if they weren’t doing the mortal instruments they would only be doing other movies anyway!

  6. One of Jace's Biggest Fans says:

    I think they ARE going to make all 6 and film them back-to-back for the ages because in an interview they asked how many movies they are going to make and Lily answered ”Well the books are 6 so..” and the interviewer was like ”Whoah! We’re gonna have to get used to these faces!” :D :D :D
    Happy/ Happy? HAPPY!!! :D

  7. they’d have to do all six. it would just be weird if they didn’t. I saw that interview too!

  8. TMIandTIDandFutureTDALover says:


  9. I sooooooooooooooo hope they do all six, if not ill die

  10. Hey, the movie was amazing:) I hope they make them all. I especially liked Jace; I was just wondering why his eyes are blue/silver instead of gold in the movie? Can anyone help me out? Thanks:)

    • I think maybe they just didn’t want to get gold contacts. because mostly in movies as long as the hair colour’s right they don’t care, because in Harry Potter movies Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes are grey not green but they didn’t fix that.

  11. i hope they do all 6, but by the looks of things, there may not even be a second… :'(

  12. They need to do all 6!!! and it’s is weird that Jace has blue/silver eyes!

  13. THEY NEED TO DO ALL SIX AND THEY NEED TO DO IT NOW, PICK A DATE FOR CITY OF ASHES ALREADY! I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER! THEY NEED TO DO ALL THREE FOR THE INFERNAL DEVICES TOO! I keep going on websites to find a date or trailer for City Of Ashes and I see the same thing, I wanna see the movie. >:(

  14. They need to do all 6 I need to see sizzy!!!!!

  15. I need them to do all six like it would be a tragedy if they didn’t!!!

  16. I really hope they can start the filming for City of Ashes soon! I need to see some Jace and Clary action soon….. I’m missing my man Jamie Campbell Bower..(;
    I want to invite him to my Formal for my sorority… they do those kinda things right?!?! I hope dreams do come true…

  17. Amelia C. says:

    They need to start filming the other movies already. I hope they make all 6. I cant wait to see all the movies they are going to make. Hopefully they make The Infernal Devices too.

  18. Need to know who is playing Max- he better be a wee cutie :)
    I’m pretty sure Sigourney Weaver [Avatar] is playing the Inquisitor (Random Fact; she was in Abduction with Lily Collins [Clary Fray])

  19. Book worm x says:

    I really hope they make all 6 of the mortal instruments books into movies as well as all 3 infernal devices books to movies! I really loved the 1st movie it was amazing and I got my friend who NEVER READS like at all to read the whole 2 series just cus she loved the movie that much!! :D cannot wait till may! and I cannot wait until they release city of heavenly fire.

  20. Book worm x says:

    my dream cast for infernal devices! :
    will herondale : Joshua Anthony brand
    jem carstairs : Anthony kneely
    Tessa gray : astrid berges
    jessamine lovelace : gabriella wilde
    henry branwell : simon woods
    charlotte Fairchild : carey mulligan
    sophie Collins : anna popplewell
    Gabriel lightwood : matt lanter
    gidion lightwood : Xavier samual
    Cecily herondale : india eisley
    nathanial gray : jake abel
    axel mortmain : micheal fassbender
    alexie de quincy : alexander skarsgard

    yeh that’s just my dream cast I really want the will and jem I choose to play them in the movies ( if they make them ) they are perfect you should look em up ;)

  21. If they do City Of Glass i will cry my eyes out

  22. Ilovetmi says:

    I really hope they make 6😉

  23. I luv Sebastion (I know I thouldent but I still do) says:

    If they don’t they don’t do all 6 with the same cast I might just kill the producer then commit suicide lol

  24. Tribal Runes Gal says:

    I really want these books all on film, and who knows what twist Cassandra has let them do, as she does help with it. Be at peace. I think there is more to all of this than meets the eyes…

  25. traceeliza,loverofTIMboys says:

    I’m pretty sure if they didn’t even consider doing all 6 world war 3 will start. We need to show the produces what a whirl wind this will cause… our love not only for the book or the characters or the writer but also the Actors who play them is ‘heavenly fire’… they’re our babies we will protect with our all and we will fight to get these book turned into movies! WE WILL STAND OUR GROUND AND FIGHT! << dramatic I know =]

    • TMI_needsthemovie says:

      Omg yes let’s do what she just said

      I’m lazy I didn’t feel I like typing all that but still u get what I mean

  26. Erica Gene says:

    Is the sequel still confirmed? Like, are they still doing City of Ashes even though a TV series is planned?

  27. i heard about city of ashes coming out but it never did are they trying to surprise us or are they gonna do it on the tv Series by the way when is the first episode?

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