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Can’t make it to Comic-Con’s The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones ? Well no worries. is provided a live blog update for those of us that can’t make it to the Panel.

Will 'Mortal Instruments' have a presence at Comic Con 2012?

Will ‘Mortal Instruments’ have a presence at Comic Con 2012?

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4:11 PM – We have an amazing seat in Hall H (thank you, Sony!) and we’re ready to live blog this thing. Bring out the TMI cast!

4:38 PM – The Mortal Instruments cast is up next!!

4:40 PM – They’re here. The cast is out. Lily’s right at the head of the table.

4:45 PM – To have [the author] sign off on me as her red-headed heroine was a total honor.” – Lily Collins

4:47 PM – “I played him as a sassy bitch. I really did. In the books you have the availability to explore a character for hundreds of pages. In the movie, we had to condense that. What stood out to me was his vulnerability. He lets his guard down with Lily… Clary. Jesus!” – Jamie Campbell Bower

4:49 PM – Kevin: “Sounds like we’re going to be able to make at least one more of these.” [speaking of movie 2]

4:52 PM – Cassie on her cameo: “I was a demon at Magnus’ party and I had these metal cat ears attached to my head. Couldn’t get the ears off. I had to go through the metal detector at the Toronto airport and kept setting off the metal detector.”


5:00 PM – We got to watch a clip where Clary is confronting Jace in an alley about what she’s been drawing. Meanwhile at the house the fight with her mom is on. Clary runs back to the house, can’t find her mom. A Rottweiler changes and attacks her. Special effects looked amazing. So real. Very tense moment. Our editor’s heart was actually racing at one point. Fans are in for a treat, that scene was really, really exciting.

5:02PM – “Hardest part about playing Jace was not eating chocolate. Cheers.” – JCB

5:04 PM – It’s over???!! Shortest panel ever. Fans are cheering. Lily is waving to everyone. She and JCB are talking while going off stage.

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