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‘Shadowhunters’: Stephanie Bennett Cast as Lydia Branwell


Shadowhunters is bringing a new Shadowhunter on board for its debut season.

Stephanie Bennett has been cast as Lydia Branwell on the ABC Family series, reports The Wrap. Lydia was one of the roles in which audition sides were posted online which gave fans an idea of what to expect from the new character.

Lydia is described as “a beautiful, no-nonsense young Shadowhunter who  is an abrasive “badass.”  She has known terrible loss in her life, and she has become driven and harsh as a result — but under her hard shell lies considerable vulnerability.”

Shadowhunters premieres early next year on ABC Family.

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33 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’: Stephanie Bennett Cast as Lydia Branwell

  1. that weird person // August 8, 2015 at 12:50 PM // Reply

    So she’s basically a female version of Jace

  2. Elsa Caputi // August 8, 2015 at 1:14 PM // Reply

    Can someone please refresh my memory on who is Lydia Branwell? Which book does this character appear in. Thanks.

    • She doesn’t appear in a book. She’s a new character invented just for the show.
      I would like to point out that changes have to be made in book to screen adaptions so the sub plot may change slightly, and there may be things added but the main plot will stay the same.

    • I believe she’s a new character who isn’t in the books.

    • ersisalander // August 8, 2015 at 4:18 PM // Reply

      she doesn’t exist in the books -.-“

    • She isn’t in any books. She was made up by abc. The name Branwell bay be familiar because of Charlotte and Henry Branwell from the Infernal Devices. So, who ever she is, she is distantly related to Clary.

    • @Elsa

      She is not in the books. She’s an original character who’s distantly related to Henry Branwell (from TID).

      • Oh, I was worried that I had accidentally repeatedly skipped that part in the books. Why did they add her?

  3. Dang, I was hoping it would be that girl from the tapes. Oh well, I’ll hold judgement until I see her act.

  4. Who the hell is Lydia Branwell i mean really? They keep changing stuff, at this rate the show is going to flop just like the movie did.

  5. From where do these characters come from? They are not doing TMI, they are reinventing a whole new drama. I was willing to the show a try besides not liking many things, but this is becoming seriously ridiculous. Whay couldn’t they just stick to the books, when they are so awesome? How can they ruin Cassies work like that?
    I really wish they had just made a second movie.
    To the directors and producers of this series, I just have one thing to say: YOU SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!

    • How can you judge without seeing the actual show? I don’t mean to sound rude, but changes are going to be made. It’s an adaption. Which means characters/ sub plots will be added. I have read some stuff from a girl who has read the sides and stuff. She claims it’s actually pretty similar with a few minor changes thrown in to help create drama and stuff that tv shows need to stay popular. It has to cater to other people as well. Not just fans of the book. (It wouldn’t survive otherwise.) Idk I just don’t like to see people say the show sucks without having seen anything! Not even a trailer. Who knows, it could suck big time. But right now, we don’t know. If you aren’t going to watch, that’s fine. I just think the producers and directors deserve a little more respect because they are working extremely hard to make it good for book fans and non book fans alike.

    • Unfortunately they have to add extra stuff to fill more screen time, just like movie have to take out stuff. Lets just wait till the show and see

  6. I’ve read The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments books more than once. Henry Branwell only appeared in The Infernal Devices as Charlotte’s husband. No relatives of his ever appeared or were even mentioned. Creativity strikes again. Sigh . . .

  7. Wait! didn’t the Branwell last name died with Henry, when his children took on the Fairchild name because she became Consul? Confusing, but I guess we’ll see how it plays out :/

  8. I feel like people are getting way too upset over this minor change. obviously things aren’t going to be the same and I think it’s great how they’re using the Branwell name, it shows they also read and care about TID which is exciting. Not everything can transfer from books to TV so the producers’ jobs are to CHANGE things.

  9. What the heck?! I’ve been looking forward to watching the show when it comes on tv but good grief how many more made up characters are we going to add. As some one already commented, my understanding is that the branwell name died with Henry. I have been ok with everything thing I have been hearing and seeing so far, but now I think I am done. Making Luke a police officer and having supporting characters, I have been totally cool with. But now, I am done. BYE!!! I will await cassie’s next book.

  10. Maybe it she’s a lost second cousin or something from way back? Also she looks a little like Lucy Fry.

  11. To be honest, it is starting to feel like they are adding unnecessary characters and subplots while brushing off some of the more important things. Remember how Izzy almost didn’t get her necklace? Whoever was in charge of that thought leaving the necklace out was not big deal until the fans rally over it. And now this? I wouldn’t mind, but The Branwell family name ended with Henry. Why make a huge change like that? Are they even thinking things through or did they just looked up the Shadowhunters family names on wikia and picked a random one without acknowledging the history behind it? It is these kind of changes that make me nervous. I think it is best if I stop keeping up with updates on the show now and wait until the first episode aires so I can make up my mind then. Otherwise, at this rate with all the news, I don’t think I’ll make it.

  12. I think Henry has a cousin or a brother or something

  13. the way ABC is going, the show’s going to be all about the new characters. there’s only 13 episodes! in my opionion, not even enough time for the actual book, let alone making new characters!

    • is it just my imagination, but for anyone whose read Pride and Prejudice… Bennet? Lydia? ring a bell?

  14. Mrs. Carstairs // August 10, 2015 at 3:56 AM // Reply

    According to Cassandra Clare, Maryse wants Alec to marry Lydia. So she will be technically an obstacle to Magnus and Alec’s relationship

  15. Oh, great, another abrasive badass whose snarky repartee hides an aching heart. Don’t we already have enough of those? Honestly, if there’s going to be another extraneous character onstage, can’t we have some variety? How about a well-adjusted, polite, kind person who doesn’t think mundanes are scum?

    • but isn’t that Max?

      • Max is too secondary a character: he’s just the kid brother. I’m not desperate for a really nicey-nice character: I just think that yet another snarky, vulnerable teenager is excessive. Isn’t there already enough emotional drama? This adding on of characters is getting silly, especially when they’re just more of the same character type.

  16. It’s not a “minor change” AT ALL, now the whole plot is threatened because *SPOILERS OF SHITTY STUFF THATS NOT IN THE BOOKS* she’s engaged to Alec, because she runs the institute and the original plot has just been thrown out of the window at this point *END OF SPOILERS*

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