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Cover Reveal: ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ coming December 4, 2018

Since the shocking ending of Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare’s fans have been eagerly awaiting the final book in The Dark Artfices trilogy, Queen of Air and Darkness. We’ve only had a few snippets so far and one piece of artwork so everyone is always super excited whenever Cassie has something to share about her upcoming book. We know she’s working on it right now and the time has come to share the 2018 release date and the cover of Queen of Air and Darkness! Are you ready??
Here is what Cassie revealed at YallFest today:

Queen of Air and Darkness is going to be published on

December 4, 2018!

And here is the absolutely gorgeous cover:

We LOVE it! The red is such a stunning contrast to the different shades of blue. Annabel looks great, but we are worried because of the buildings and the destroyed highways (background/bottom of the cover).
The cover is of course a throwback to the other two covers where we had Emma and Julian floating underwater. Like every single Cassandra Clare book, the cover was designed by Cliff Nielsen. Don’t forget to zoom in to catch all the other details!


We know it’s a long wait until the conclusion to Cassie’s third Shadowhunter Chronicles trilogy, but we do have an exclusive snippet for you – thanks, Cassie ♥ – to make the time a little more bearable:

He wanted to ask Ty if he was all right, but he knew the other boy wouldn’t want it. Ty was staring at the Market, tense with curiosity. Kit turned to the phouka.
“Gatekeeper,” he said. “We request entrance to the Shadow Market.”
Ty’s gaze snapped to attention. The phouka was tall, dark and thin, with bronze and gold strands threaded through his long hair. He wore purple trousers and no shoes. The lamppost he leaned against was between two stalls, neatly blocking the way into the Market.
“Kit Rook,” said the phouka. “What a compliment it is, to still be recognized for one who has left us to dwell among the angels.”
“He knows you,” muttered Ty.
“Everyone in the Shadow Market knows me,” said Kit, hoping Ty would be impressed.
The phouka stubbed out his cigarette. It released a sickly-sweet smell of charred herbs. “Password,” he said.
“I’m not saying that,” said Kit. “You think it’s funny to try to make people say that.”
“Say what? What’s the password?” Ty demanded.
The phouka grinned. “Wait here, Kit Rook,” he said, and melted back into the shadows of the Market.
“He’s going to get Hale,” said Kit, trying to hide the signs of his nerves.
“Can they see us?” Ty said. He was looking into the Shadow Market, where clusters of Downworlders, witches and other assorted members of the magical underworld moved among the clamor. “Out here?”
It was like standing outside a lighted room in the dark, Kit thought. And though Ty might not express it that way, Kit suspected he felt the same.
“If they can, they’d never show it,” he said.

Queen of Air and Darkness is published on December 4, 2018 – that’s in 388 days!

Catch up with all the other snippets that Cassie has shared so far here.

Leave a comment below or tweet us your thoughts (@TMI_Source) about the cover and what you’re most looking forward to in book 3!


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10 Comments on Cover Reveal: ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’ coming December 4, 2018

  1. That cover is so amazing! Absolute perfection! I so can’t wait to read it! I got all excited watching the reveal video thinking the release date was 4th April 2018 as here in the UK we do dates the other way round, then I remembered! It still feels so far away yet… Can’t wait to get it pre-ordered. Hope Waterstones do the limited edition ones to match the first 2 books and the blue edged pages too. December next year can not get here first enough! 🙂

  2. I’m just so thankful she’s releasing her short stories collection on ebook to tide me over. I’m on pins and needles waiting to see how they resolve the Clary storyline (please don’t let her die). I hope Jemma gets resolved in a way that doesn’t make me sad. I’m worried vaguely that they’ll banish Jules and Emma somewhere for character development for TWP. I just hope they’re happy and together and I hope no one I love as a character dies (though that’s very unlikely). I’m super curious about where Jules and Emma go that the shadowhunter universe hasn’t shown us yet. Maybe the afterlife….Thule? I think it’s cool Annabelle is on the cover though I’d guess it means her character becomes more heroic in the end (like Jessamine). I think it’d tie in nicely with Emma remembering Arthur’s comments about mercy at the end of LoS. So many thoughts…..too long to wait.

  3. What a beautiful cover! The red stands out well. Even the snippet of Kit and Ty helps to keep use looking forward to the long wait. I hope the next snippet will be of Mark/Kieran.

  4. amazing!

    is Annabel on the cover, or is it Cristina?

  5. Warlock Bane // November 11, 2017 at 9:32 PM // Reply

    I absolutely love this cover and my most favourite one next to Bane Chronicals and the 10th anniversary edition of CoB. I can’t wait for December 4 , but I know I have the ebooks and the third season of the show to help the wait go a little faster… Thanks for the Kitty snippet, Cassie! ( terribly miss Livvy though 😦 )


  6. Annabel is on the cover

  7. Is it already confirmed that it is Annabel?

  8. That’t too long!!! No!!! I want it now!!!
    P.S. I absolutely adore Julian and can’t wait to see what he would do.

  9. The last book seems to have been written only to be “Hollywood politically correct”.

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