Outtake Scenes

Here are the links to the seven special outtake scenes shared by Cassandra Clare:

Because it is Bitter: The Seelie Court scene from City of Ashes told from Jace’s point of view.

Kissed: Magnus and Alec’s first kiss.

Jocelyn’s story: The story of Jocelyn’s marriage to Valentine, from her point of view.

Of Loss: Will Herondale’s perspective on the attic scene from Clockwork Angel.

The Manor House: Jace’s perspective on the scene outside the Wayland Manor House with Clary from Chapter 9 of Glass.

Jace’s letter: In City of Glass, Book 3 of The Mortal Instruments series, Jace leaves a letter in Clary’s room before he leaves for a life-threatening mission. This is that letter.

Jace’s point of view of his first kiss with Clary

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23 thoughts on “Outtake Scenes

  1. I absolutely adore having all the ‘extras’ in one place. I can just bookmark it so I can reread them over and over again.

      • You know what’s going to happen in Clockwork princess? ( I’m just guessing, but I have all of the information already) Jemma may or may not die in CP, but I know he will. ( they don’t find a cure, or it’s too late if they do) Will becomes Brother Zachariah, Tessa is immortal, and somehow winds up as Church the cat in TMI, in New York. She talks to Magnus in CoG, and is in the photo in Magnus’s Vow, and CoB. It’s sort of sad. I love Jemma to!

  2. Kissed: Magnus and Alec’s first kiss.
    I screamed My head of here………… =)))) I LOVE THEM!!!!! <3

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  4. I’m clicking on the outtake scenes but it keeps taking me to Cassandra Clare’s blog/ writing advice/ bio page. Can anyone tell me where to go from there because I really want to look at these!

  5. I know. I keep having problems going to the outtake scenes too. But you have to go to the extras and excerpts on my writing on Cassandra Clare’s website. But there’s one I still can’t find and that’s Jace’s pov on his first kiss with Clary.

  6. I couldn’t find Jace and Clary’s first kiss either, so I just copied and pasted the title onto google. I found it :)

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