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06/1/2011 – MTV: ‘Mortal Instruments’ Experts Weigh In On Jamie Campbell Bower As Jace

“…so we’re pretty confident Jamie is going to shine (and brood) in this new role of his. But we wanted to check the temperature of the rest of “TMI” fandom, starting with some of the experts.”I admit, I was a little hesitant at first,” Alyssa Barbieri of “The Mortal Instruments” Source said. “I was a little surprised when the casting came about, but after looking at some of the stuff he’s been in and hearing Cassie say that his audition was unf-ingbelievable, I think that’s a good sign, and we have to trust that the casting directors made a good call here…”

06/20/2012 – The Playlist: French Actress Jemima West Joins ‘The Mortal Instruments’

“…Variety reports that French actress Jemima West (who English speaking folks might recognize from her stint on “The Borgias“) has joined the cast of the film, which includes Lily Collins and yes, Jamie Campbell Bower. The latter was attached before the film initially fell apart, and when it came back together, his name was curiously absent. But it looks like he will be your Jace, fans. As for West, while the trade doesn’t say who she’ll play, fansite TMI Source believe she has locked down the role of Isabelle Lightwood…”

08/22/12 – The Mortal Instruments Shoot Heats Up, But Stars Still Have Time For Fans

“As much as we’re pleased to see every single glimpse we can of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie shoot — coffee shop Java Jones has come to life! Clary runs through the streets, probably after getting her mom’s frantic phone call! Jace wears a hoodie! Simon looks confused and sweet in his huge glasses! — we’re even more thrilled to hear reports about how the fans are being treated in Toronto. Judging by the tweets, Tumblrs and reports on from the lucky Canadians stalking the set, Rob Sheehan (Simon), Lily Collins (Clary) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) have been smiling and waving at them for the past three days, and Lily and Rob have stopped many times to sign copies of their books. The movie’s publicist has let them photograph the shoot a bunch (though at times they asked them to wait until later to pub them), and the screenwriter even paused to chat. This is all welcome news for a fandom that’s been used to being in touch with author Cassandra Clare practically 24/7 as she simultaneously tweets and writes…” Read more

10/01/12 – Newsarama: Digital CITY OF BONES Adaptation Taps Into New Audience

Nrama: I’ve noticed you guys showing up on fan sites for the series. Have you been working in conjunction with Cassandra’s fan base to market the comic series? DeVito: We are working with some of the fan-sites like “Mundie Moms” and “TMI Source,” who have been fantastic. They are tapped into the community as fans themselves, so they have been a great sounding board for us. They have been nothing but helpful, doing digital giveaways, sneak-peeks and keeping the series on fans minds despite the lengthy delay in release.

01/10/13- MTV: MTV Movie Brawl Round One: The State of the Game

I spoke to Josh Horowitz (video below) about THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS and what makes it stand apart from its competition, The Hunger Games, and encouraged Shadowhunters everywhere to keep voting in the brawl. THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS made it to the Final 2, where it lost to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

01/29/13 – Smart Pop Books: What People Are Saying About SHADOWHUNTERS AND DOWNWORLDERS

These essays were so well-written, thought-out and passionate. Each author took their topic and really delved into the heart of it, giving the reader something to think about when they finish each essay. There’s wit, thoughtfulness, admiration in these essays that jumps off the page. This book is a must-read for fans of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS and is sure to have you mentally high-fiving each author that wrote an essay for this reader. — TMI Source

06/22/13 – TMI Source Reviews Navigating the Shadow World

Way more anxiety inducing than actually writing a book is waiting for the first reactions to it from the Super Experts — and Alyssa from TMI Source is someone Jen and I were excited/nervous to read Navigating the Shadow World. So I cannot overstate how amazing it feels to get a glowing review from her. Jen and I were dancing around like happy crazy people when we read this.

Navigating the Shadow World is a must-read for fans of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles. It delves deep into the world that we know and love while providing commentary on the rich mythology that constitutes the books and the world, as well as taking fans step-by-step through the process of the film adaptation of City of BonesNavigating the Shadow World is anything but mundane.” — TMI Source

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