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With The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones set to film in Toronto and New York City, there are sure to plenty of fan accounts of filming, including cool on-the-scene details.

Check out the set reports below:

Day 1 (August 20, 2012)

Allie W: “…The scene they were filming basically consisted of the four marching down the street, stopping for a bit of dialogue, then continuing to walk. This was when I realized how PERFECT Jemima was. It was a small thing- when they stopped, it looked like Clary was saying something, and Isabelle sort of stands there, her body language very much saying “Hurry it up, I don’t have time for this BS.” She’s got her weight on one leg, but not so much that she’s slouching, and she looks aggressive and ready to go but still bored of whatever Clary’s on about. It was AWESOME. They did that little scene at least a dozen time, and every time she had that stance down…” Read more

Humility C: “…Also, I managed to talk to a props guy and told me some interesting things! Like how he managed to get a see a scene of Lily/Clary drawing runes for apparently a cafe scene. The man did not know a lot about the novels but he said he was explaining how we’ll get to see (once it comes out in theatres) the runes come alive or something like that. Well from the runes and her drawings we know that her drawings become pretty life-like! The props man also told me that most of the filming will be inside. Based on the photo the executive producer posted I’m guessing that’s where! The man told me that the ceilings were beautiful because of the angelic paintings… which OBVIOUSLY means somewhere inside the Institute!…’” Read more

WindowOnTheWest: “…Once I arrived on set I was just in time for a scene they were shooting. I was watching from a house across the street of Clary’s. The scene they were shooting was Clary in Shadowhunter clothing walking down the road with Jace, Alec, and Isabelle walking behind her. This nerdy looking guy stops Clary and says “Wow Clary, you look… different.” Clary is clearly in a rush and she says “Sorry, I can’t talk now.” She and the Shadowhunters continue walking towards the house, turn right and walk up the stairs to the house and enter. In the meanwhile there’s a scene with the nerdy guy, where someone bumps into him. It’s supposed to be the Shadowhunters bumping into him because they’re clearly invisible. The guy continues walking, looking back wonder “wtf who bumped into me and what’s up with Clary?”…” Read more

Day 2 (August 21, 2012)

Humility: “…They had many areas of filming… One was at some little playground, one on the street (mostly stunts) and then they (lily & robbie) were acting in front of a cafe. Based on the acting we saw, Clary & Simon were having an argument about something & the something is probably Jace ^.^ just guessing! Omg I could hear Robbie talking w/o his Irish accent! It was incredible how he can switch back & forth from his accents *drools*. Lily & Robbie had to film that scene so many times (prob around 20 times) because there was so much traffic & the TTC trains kept coming by.…” Read more

Rebecca: “…Eventually we noticed that Robert was down the street a little. We walked towards him but stopped because we weren’t sure if they were filming a scene or not and we didn’t want to intrude. We soon realized that he wasn’t filming, he was just talking to someone so we held up our books and sharpies, grinning like crazy people while nodding our heads. He grinned back and literally WAVED us over to HIM. We took off running towards him. He seemed so genuinely pleased that we were there too. He is such a sweetheart! Two of the girls asked him to say SAVE ME BARRY!! (a line from his Misfits days). I told him that he was missed on Misfits and he was all “Aww! :( ” We asked him for autographs too but instead of an autograph I wanted a photo because It’s. Robert. Sheehan.…” Read more

Raian: “…The scene they were filming was of Clary & Simon who were clearly in an argument. Clary stops, looks at something as if she’s trying to see through it and gets a ghostly look on her face. I definitely thought it was of her seeing a glamour. Afterwards Simon calls her name she shakes her head and starts following him again. The director yelled cut and Robert started to do this silly dance and almost fall over a pylon that had everybody cracking up. Robert and Lily’s relationship is awesome they kept smiling and making jokes with each other.…” Read more

Hailey: “…At that point we saw Robbie in his adorable glasses. We wanted to get even closer so we crossed the street to the side where Lily and Robbie were standing. We stopped right behind a shop and were about 10m away from them. I looked behind me and saw Sandra (@Shadowhunting) from twitter! We said hi and chit-chatted, but then Sandra, my friend and I decided we wanted to get even closer so we moved up a bit. The scene they were shooting was where Clary gazes and the ground and Simon walks over onto the street and goes “Clary…Clary…CLARY!”, we were almost catatonic with joy at seeing our favourite book being filmed.…” Read more

Day 3 (August 22, 2012)

Lori, Stephanie and Angela: “…Finally Robert goes to pick up a drink, a can of Coke, and my heart stopped because he was COMING TOWARDS US. I didn’t even have time to react, oh my god. I was so shocked. I just fumbled for my camera and book. I honestly cannot get over how kind Robbie was. He was greeting everyone, smiling, he answered some questions, and signed lots of people’s books. (Including ours) One girl asked him- “Do you like to have sex with fruits?” I didn’t really get it, and it was kind of awkward but he said, “Yeah, who doesn’t?” And he laughed. His laugh is musical. My cousin told him she loved him in Misfits and he was like “Wow! That’s so weird to hear from someone on this side of the world.” And then I wanted to run and hug him but one of the crew workers came and was trying to get him to leave but he continued to sign people’s books and talk to us. I was so happy to really see what people meant when they said he was so nice and enthusiastic. I didn’t expect a celebrity to be so kind to fangirls like us. And I’m also glad that he’s playing my favourite character…” Read more

Aathy:“…Jamie seemed to be really focused throughout the day on bringing our sexy hero to life and maybe he stay affray from his fans to keep the vulnerable persona in tack for shooting time! It totally made sense after what I saw next.

They were hosing the road when it was starting to get dark and we all decided to head across the road, homebound. That’s when we saw in a few minutes a crew member nearly hit by car while hosing the road down with water (to look damp I guess) and Jamie in his shadowhunter gear looking into the Java Jones among a crowd of extras. So cool and to make things even better! The lighting inside was lit really bright so we saw Simon directly across that window with 2 coffee cups and clary sitting down in a chair! It had of been the scene in Chapter 3: Shadowhunter, when Jace comes back to see her! So awesome…” Read more

Sam: “…Later, Lily and Jamie came out but Jamie was of course hiding :(  they stayed there for a bit but then they headed back to the café and Jamie wasn’t wearing his jacket, finally! I got a picture of some runes on his arms! Then they went back in the café, but Lily wasn’t wearing her jean jacket, so she was in a white tee and a plaid vest on, jeans and her hair down. Robert was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. And of course, Jamie was in all black. They filmed for a bit and when they came back around to the tent, Lily was in her coat again, but not for long because they did a costume change! And Robert of course has to be a tease and change his shirt right where we can see him! But he was so quick that none of us had enough time to get a picture!…” Read more

Stefania: “…We went back to set and about 2 hours later the publicist went and called Robert over again!! No Irish accent though =(  He signed some stuff and we took pictures of him. Not even 20 mins later Miss LILY COLLINS comes by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She was super sweet and gorgeous! I was one of the last people in the circle around Lily to get an autograph.  Lily’s face when it’s my turn O.O!  I drew a picture of her to get signed and she was REALLY liked it! “Wow! Did you draw this?! You drew this!? It’s AMAZING! <3” I was so happy !!!!!!! I have a picture of Lily’s O.O face and pointing at my drawing! …” Read more

Day 4 (August 23, 2012)

Gelyn: “…So again we were alone pretending with our phones and I look up to see a man in black with runes passing by, I instantly yelled “can I have your autograph?” and when he turned to me I did NOT realize that it was KEVIN and I was so happy. He said to hold on and that he would be back and he was real nice. When he came back hes like “ok” and we said “can we have autographs/pictures?”  and Kevin smiled his god smile and was like yeah sure no problem and he signed our city of bones book and we were so happy! I got a picture with him and to pose, he put him arm around me and I was soo happy and I’m thinking “omg!! His arm is around me!” so I wind my arm around his waist which was the best thing on earth! and his smile oh gosh his smile….” Read more

Michelle: “…Being tired of standing in the field: Seb, Maia, Alleen and I decide to walk around the block/ building and found ourselves in “PRIVATE PROPERTY” (psh, show me the sign). Don’t get me wrong, they don’t kick you out harshly they politely ask you to leave so don’t be intimidated to them! Anyway, right before we were told that we weren’t allowed on this side- I was able to take a picture of the scene. Basically, the crew was setting up for green screens and all the CGI screenings (special effects)….” Read more

Seb: “…Eventually we were all very antsy and just either waited by the back entrance or explored. Personally I went with mrwillw to see the cast’s trailers. Now this next part is where you choose to believe me or not, because as kind as they were in letting us stay near the trailers absolutely no photos were allowed and mrwillw can vouch for this. We managed to not only see Robert, Kevin and Jemima, but also got waves from Kevin after he had just changed to a more rune-exposing outfit, and a wave from Robert Sheehan. Finally as we were just about leaving the trailer area we managed to see Jamie, and this was quite the surprise indeed because he was kind enough to sign the books for a few of us…” Read more

Maya: “…As we were walking down the street I saw a trailer door open and just inside the doorframe was a tall, sexy, fit Jace casually smoking a cigarette. He was honestly the hottest person I have ever met and he did have about him that sort of cavalier look about him. I walked past the doorframe because I literally could not believe my eyes but then snapped back to reality. We walked the couple steps back to the door and I timidly approached him my book held out. I couldn’t speak so he asked me if I wanted my book signed I helplessly nodded yes. Then out of the blue a blonde man with long sideburns came running towards our group yelling  “NO, no, that is not how it’s done around here!” he thought we had knocked on Jamie’s trailer door. Jamie then assured him that that was not the case and he had been outside already. He finished signing my book and then signed some other peoples too. I can safely say he is all that you could want in a Jace….” Read more

Day 5 (August 24, 2012)

Humility:“…First time meeting Jamie, Jemima, and Kevin today. Jamie was sooooo sweet and very good looking ;) ! When he got out of his trailer he was like “Sorry ladies, I have to go to work, but will come back shortly”. Oh by the way he was talking with his accent! So awesome! By the way, when he left his trailer he was wearing his gear and has runes, I remember seeing the ‘speed’ rune on his neck… I tried to wait to get his autograph but he was very busy filming :( ! OMG! Jemima! She’s SO beautiful! I seriously picture her as Isabelle and kicking some demonic butt with her whip! I was so star struck when I saw cuz she was so pretty! We told her she looked pretty & she smiled & waved but had to rush off to get ready to film! OH WELL! it was still an honor seeing her…” Read more

Christine: “…Me and a few others walked down to where the trailers were eventually and that’s where we first saw Jamie, but he went back into his trailer quickly. We then saw Kevin walking down the path in a hoodie, and we asked for his autograph. I was so nervous, I was able to stumble out the words “how are you?” and he says “no one ever asked him that before” haha! and he signed my book. He even included “Alec” underneath his signature which was super adorable. You can tell that he had makeup bruises on his face and that he was covered in runes….” Read more

Aathy: “…But the best part was when he came out again seconds later and we ask him this time for an autograph. He’s all “Sure ladies, just hold up” and goes to give Lily something that looked like a water bottle. I don’t know, but I DID see her give him a really big smile. Man if only I could of seen his face, but his back was to us. But he totally made it up when he came to sign my book and my cousin’s (who still needs to order the books) bus transfers! LOL and he says “I feel really special. I’m to ‘validate’ them now” and signs them with ‘Valid’. I noticed his hands were filthy (with make up) and his pants were torn with fake blood. I asked him how is day was. He replied with a sigh and said “very long.” Aw…Jamie is definitely working hard to become the perfect Jace and clearly kicking some demon butt….” Read more

Day 6 (August 27, 2012)

Michelle:  “…This being my first photograph of Elyas M’ Barek and Jeff smiling! (btw, this was the special treat I was talking about) eventually we grew bored again but when we noticed Elyas coming our way again, one of us asks for his autograph and he genuinely looked surprised! He asked how we knew him and such questions and would sign our books hesitantly because he couldn’t believe that we were asking for his autograph. Elyas, you sure don’t know what you just signed up for and the way he shyly signed our books was so adorable!

Much hours later, Jeff comes out one of the trailers and our good buddy Adam goes “hey, Jeff! Did you know you’re famous?”

Jeff lazily glanced at Adam and muttered “yeah.” then walked away. It was the kind of “yeah” I don’t care, “yeah” whatever, “yeah” so. I don’t blame him though, he’s not an actor and maybe all the attention is making him feel weird…” Read more

Day 8 (August 29, 2012)

Seb: “…Around 12:15 am, when they started wrapping for the day, both Kevin and Jemima came out for their final break, they sat by us signed our books and we had conversation with them! Kevin even asked Krystina about her majoring in Theatre & Film and where she wanted to go with that in her life. They were both incredibly nice and easy to talk to and need I say that no one looks better in black? After 5-10 minutes they went back inside and around 12:30 am they all came back out to finish for the day and that’s when I managed to meet Robert Sheehan, he signed our books and asked me to sign his boob in exchange, unfortunately I told him I would have if he wasn’t short on time. Lily and Jamie were also there but disappeared too quickly for me to catch them…” Read more

Day 9 (August 30, 2012)

Seb: “…My thanks for the fortune of this day goes to the publicist Karen, she follows many of us on twitter and knew my name before even meeting me. Throughout the day she was kind enough to bring out the cast for some signing times and one by one every fan that did not have a chance to be there on Wednesday got their books signed, in exchange we were asked to keep our distance and not get in the way. Jemima, Kevin, then Robert, and even Jamie all came out around 3-4 and talked with us for a bit, and we all loved it. After this point many of them left including my friend Krystina. I stayed until around 7 pm, all the while talking with crew and Kevin and Jack who was one of this kindest one on set. At 7 Karen came out with what we had all been waiting for, Lily came out after us patiently waiting. Myself, the three members of @jwHerondale and a few others that showed up afterwards managed to get her autograph and see her in person, she chatted with us for a while and I would like to say that she was absolutely adorable and beautiful and the prefect Clary! She was nice to all of us and I could not get over the fact that she personalized each of our signings…” Read more

Sydney: “…We went back to our usual standing spot and freaked out about the fact that we just met Kevin and Jemima. Then after probably 15 minutes on chatting, I look up and there is JAMIE. JACE. There was a collective intake of breath that was SO loud he definitely heard us and he was like 10 feet away! He went and sat on a bench and took out a cigarette. Karen came out and said to leave him be, not to take pictures and let him have his smoke, and then he would come over and sign our books. I stood there for 5 mins literally jumping up and down and having the biggest fan girl moment EVER. He came over and started to sign our books, and I noticed he had weapons all over him, so I told him he looked like a badass and he laughed (I died) and then we said thanks for signing our stuff! He said thanks for camping out and waiting for us in his amazing accent and asked us all how far we came to see the set…” Read more

Day 10 (August 31, 2012)

Amelie: “…As the day passed, we saw more and more of the costumes, and the wicked makeup, and the costume freak I am was pretty pleased! You will not be sad guys! Around 7PM something, there started to be masses of people going out of the hotel building, and we were lucky enough to catch Jemima, Kevin, and Robert WALKING to the trailers.  Kevin was super professional and signed everyone’s book politely while everyone swooned over his eyes etc. But he clearly was in a hurry to go. Jemima was all lively, and I had the chance to chat just a bit in French with her. “Tu parles français? C’est génial!” “De Montréal? J’adore cette ville!” (“You speak French? Awesome!” “From Montreal? I love that city!”)…” Read more

 Lavnika, Prabhjot and Jessy: “…After Elyas it all happened so quickly. Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE, started arriving! It started with Jemima and her stunt double who quickly got inside very discreetly. Then Lily, then Kevin and finally Jamie. It was all pretty much in a matter of minutes they had showed up so it was the biggest fan girl moment for ALL OF US when any of them would just LOOK AT US from the car. Jamie actually looked at us directly and waved right to us… suuuuper fan girl moment!…” Read more

Day 11 (September 4, 2012)

Michelle: “…I am so glad that the crew is very nice and understanding for our love of TMI that they do not kick us out at all. Even when we find ourselves accidentally walking into an area only for the cast and crew. Based out of our speculations, they must have been filming the portal scene today at around 6 pm (noticed by Rebecca @stolethenight) as she saw flashes from inside the store…” Read more

Humility: “…After getting a glimpse of the house & bookstore, we walked around and there were PLENTY of NYC taxis lining the street. We also so Luke’s green truck, some stationwagon, a motorcycle (fueled by demonic energy?? hmm..), and I even saw a school that was all burnt up inside and the windows were all gone. I don’t know if they’re using that bus for TMI but it said Raccoon High School on it and one of the gals told me it could’ve used been for the Resident Evil movie. COOL! We even saw a store on the block names Pandemonium, funny eh? This street was totally meant for the TMI movie set! …” Read more

Aathy: “… After some waiting some crew members come out. My friend points out one guy who wasn’t wearing a walky-talky and asked if he was important. I looked and didn’t think much of him as he was scratching his back. AND THEN HE TURNS AROUND! At first I couldn’t even tell because of the burly beard and the curly black hair, but O.M.G. it was Aiden Turner! I wasn’t even sure if we were going to see him with the luck we were having today. My day was totally made when he waved at us. He was gorgeous and the beard really changed his appearance. Very Luke….” Read more

Day 12 (September 5, 2012)

Michelle: “…Suddenly, all the Shadowhunters wearing Shadowhunter gear began rehearsing fighting sequences right on the ally as they all huddled together for break. Nicole saw JCB hitting Pangborn’s stunt-double’s cheek with a set weapon and we all stood there very much amazed with the entire cast and having to see them train for the fighting scene was very entertaining!…” Read more

Day 13 (September 6, 2012)

Michelle: “…We head back to our usual spot and I see Karen walking to set and she spots us and comes to us to say hello. We tell her that we’ve missed her and chatted a bit then she had to go inside set. I always like speaking to Karen. She’s like the biggest sweetheart in the world, or at least here in the TMI set. She likes talking to fans and we very much appreciate being spoken to rather than stared down at to not go too near the set. I began noticing the tents from the back of the building were being pulled down and dragged around the corner. I suggest that they are all moving to the front by now. All the equipment luggages, carts, monitors etc were headed to the front. Eventually, knowing that we might as well visit what it looks like outside rather than wait for anyone at the back…” Read more

Day 14 (September 7, 2012)

Aathy: “…The first scenes they were filming were out on the street with a little girl. There was a smoke and bright lighting everywhere. Every time they said “action” I had to use all my will power to stay quiet and contain my excitement. They had to redo the first few takes because people were crossing the street on the side of the road they were filming. Soon after we hear Lily scream, “don’t touch me”…” Read more

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