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Why they Live OR Die? : Maia & Jordan

I have noticed a bit of a theme in The Mortal Instruments fandom this week. The subject of CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE can send even the sanest of fans running to the nearest corner knocking their head against the wall in fear. With the most recent snippets and the placeholder cover for CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE , I have decided that now would be the most opportune time to reveal my first in a series of articles leading up to the release of the book in May, called. “Why they live? Or Why they die?”

If you are a theorist like me you have the notion to think in the worst possible scenario. (Unfortunately Cassandra Clare has the tendency to blow your theory into the water so it rarely helps but I just pretend like it will.) For example if I had never read The Little Mermaid, I would assume that this girl would be turned into a human and the guy she gave up her family, home and voice for, would eventually fall in love with someone else leaving her to be more than, utterly alone, doomed to a life of depression. (Fun fact that is near to how the original story played out.)

This series of articles is not meant to scare, more help with any outcome that could happen in the book. Having given my proper disclosure I shall start with my first victims characters

Why they Live or Die:  Maia & Jordan

Where we left them: Maia and Jordan successfully rekindled their romance in City of Lost Souls and continue to help “Team Good”

Why they live: I think that the only saving grace with these two is that they may not be considered “main characters” They are in love and Maia has a bit of a bind with the Preator Lupus since she swore Luke’s help but made a possibly devastating promise to the Preator

“And Luke isn’t just any pack leader “ She said, “He is the lycanthope’s representative on the Council. If you helped cure him you would know that the Preator would always have a Council voice in their favor.”
Scott’s eyes glinted. “Interesting…”

“…Oh and Maia Roberts” he said, and his voice held a note of warning. “I hope you understand that when you make promises in other people’s names, it falls upon your head to make sure they follow through.”

This could go either way. I believe that if it effects Maia then it could mean a death for Luke (We will get to that later) and pain and guilt for that death the rest of her life.

As for Jordan…. I don’t see him as a big player which is why he could miss the (silver) bullet. On the other hand…

Why they die: Being not a key player could be exactly why Jordan could die in CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE

Preator Scott’s warning could also mean that if Luke goes against the Preator, they could take their anger out on her. Leaving Jordan with a hard decision of staying with the group that helped him be the man he is today or defy them in the name of love.

The main point of these two that I will have to bring up is the fact that we left them in CITY OF LOST SOULS, happy. If that doesn’t breed an ominous feeling with anyone then I don’t know what will. We see it often. Jocelyn and Luke are planning their wedding and Luke nearly gets killed . Clary and Jace think that they are blissfully in love… and they find out they are brother and sister. Alec and Magnus go on romantic getaways together and (insert crying here) Don’t even get me started on those two.

In the end my theory is that these two will not make it, mostly because of the “being happy” ending they got in CITY OF LOST SOULS.

But I could be wrong! (and most likely am!) This is where you come in. Tell us your theory on if you think Maia and Jordan will live or die in the comments, and stay tuned as there will be more of these articles to come as we closer to the release of CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE in May of 2014.

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37 Comments on Why they Live OR Die? : Maia & Jordan

  1. No one should die. 😥

  2. I think Jordan will die, maybe the praetor, like you said, will lash out at her and Jordan being helplessly in love with Maia will stand between the praetor and Maia and get killed in the process D: man i hate my theory but I gotta have one

    • Bex Fairchild // October 1, 2013 at 10:04 AM // Reply

      Hey my theory is that Cassie is going to wreck my life by killing the main main characters… She is actually going to kill me if she kills them…

  3. when i was Re-Readin COLS for the second time last week ithat line caught my attention, just why the Praetor Head Master said those words to Maia and made me think that something will happen along the way and The Praetor will ask Maia to talk to Luke about whatever it happens in there and Maia will have to do it acuse she made a promise, and as we all recalled in every book Promises are dangerous things in the downwolder world…..

    As for jourdan i think he will go rampage and first he will want to go out and Find Maureen cause she kills his bestfriend and somehow Maureen allies with Sebastian and Jourdan plans go to the trash when he finds out that of course he cant figth both Maureen and Sebastian without help and then he goes help Jace and Blah blah blah… Im worried that Jourdan is the one that Sebastian is refering to when we saw the Pic Snipet of “I Just Kill Your Boyfriend” cause as you said he is not an importan or a fill character either and i think his death will make things move!

  4. for me it 70/30 70 possibly might die but it can be either one of them
    but it likely Maia might survive somehow

  5. I’m betting at least one of them dies by the end of the novel. In CoLS, there is a point where Maia considers their relationship and how to define it. Ultimately, she decides there is no reason to rush a decision “because they have their entire lives…right?” That’s just signing a death wish if you’re a fictional character.

  6. Somebody once asked CC what all this Alec’s drama with Magnus’ lovers is for. She said that she couldn’t have all the other couples being in trouble (Clace are separated because of the evil bond, Sizzy aren’t even boyfriend-girlfriend officially, and Lukelyn have their problems to). So every couple,, even the Lightwood parents, have problems to deal with, whereas Jordaia has no problems at all. They’re happy, happy, cheerful as they can be, with nothing to separate them. So that’s why I think one of them dies.

  7. I think Jordan will defend Maia and Luke against Woolsey, but I don’t think Woolsey will hurt Luke.

  8. Woolsey is dead.

  9. Well I’ve learnt in a very painful way, that writers tend to end their books by surprising everybody with painful deaths. Let’s be honest here, and most of us wouldn’t be that “hurt” if Maia or Jordan dies, don’t get me wrong, I like Jordan a lot but they’re not beloved characters. And writers always love to hit you with their best shot and that would be with the deaths of really beloved characters so I think these two will be safe 😉

  10. Maya is boring, she doesn’t have personality! And Jordan seems to exist just to be Maya’s boyfriend. I don’t like them. It would be better them die than the others (even Sebastian!!), I think. And besides, their death wouldn’t make such a difference in the story!

  11. Oh got goodness sake enough with the death talk its depressing

  12. Hi to everybody!!! first sorry if my english it’s not very good (I’m from Argentina). Please correct me If I’m wrong but I think that in some answer of Cassie’s tw she wrote that Maia and Jordan will be very important in CoHF. To me, it’s very possible that Jordan and Maia are in the BLACK LIST:
    I don’t know why but Luke it’s on my list too. It’s very sad for me to say this, because I really love him, but I think it will be his last sacrifice for Clary and Jocelyn.

  13. As apposed to meny here I read the TMI books only this last July so I had the luxury to have all five at once at my disposal, so it’s the first time I have to wait to find out what’s next. And I must say before the latest snippets I was almost sure that it’s not the kind of book series where main characters will be killed off at some point, after all it’s meant for impressionable teenagers in the first place. But now I must say I am really worried for all the characters without exception though am 25 and far from impressionable.
    If Clare has to kill somebody off it could be Maia and Jordan. They are exactly the kind of secondary characters she usually kills off – we know them well enough to care, but they are not the favourites, not the central ones whose death the readers would never forgive. They are much like Alaric, Hodge, Imogen, Max – they played their part, I don’t see what might connect them to the group of main characters in the future or ehat big role they might play in the upcoming great war. It might be that Clare intentionally wrote them in, made us care about them a little, so that she could have someone to sacrifice later in the series – because if you think about it they were not really necessary to the story, it could be told without them both, but Clare gave them quite a lot of space in the books. I think they are rather on the black list, and as much as I like them I’d be OK with them dying if it means that Clary, Jace, Alec, Isabelle, Simon, Magnus, Jocelyn and Luke are going to make it.
    and if we are talking black lists I would say Maryse and Robert Lightwood, Aline Penhallow, Helen Blackthorn and their families as well as Raphael Santiago, Woolsey Scott and Maureen Johnson are on mine. We all would be sad if any of them died, so it will have a dramatic effect the author needs, but they are not the central characters we would never forgive Clare for killing. And if the Infernal Devices is any example, Clare didn’t dare to kill any of the three central characters. This series is bigger, so there are more central characters here and more secondary as well, so I still strongly hope that the autor will spare our favourites here too, just some of the secondary ones will die.

    • This is a very nice comment here as I see your point…However, I’m not exactly positive Helen Blackthorn will die considering the next trilogy, The Dark Artifices, takes place in 2012 Los Angeles with Mark ( Helen’s brother) and their younger half-siblings starting with Julian Blackthorn who will be the main protagonist of the trilogy 🙂 Just saying is all as to why I don’t think Helen will die, but I could be wrong!


  15. Spiler alert

    When I read that 6 caretures we all know by name are going to die I amedetly tough Jorden and Maia and cassandra clare also sead that at leatsv1 copple will be split up so this is just my theory it I think that thay will die becose if she kills jace there is going to be a riot and I will be in it

  16. Lightwoodshadowhunterss // September 30, 2013 at 6:47 PM // Reply

    I think that Jordan might die because of the Sebastian snippet, but I mean that could be ANY of the boyfriends and it could be a DREAM.
    I just hope that none of them die, but if it was one that I think Cassie would kill, it would be Jordan. Good theories! Kudos to you all!

  17. teamedwardjace // September 30, 2013 at 7:24 PM // Reply

    i think maia and.or could possibly die. we know them by. sebastian could die too or he could be turned good. as for maia and jordan, i’ll be sad if tehy die but more sad if clace(who won’t) were to die, or sixxy or mangus and alec. i’d be inwardly screaming no! not that it would be a flaw in cassies right

  18. teamedwardjace // September 30, 2013 at 7:24 PM // Reply

    writing lol

  19. Maia and Jordan top my Most Likely to Die list because they’re in such a happy place at the end of the previous book.

    “Why they live or why they die?” and “Why they die?” are KILLING ME. That is a painful lack of grammar right there. I am begging you to either drop the question mark or use the word “will”.

  20. Ugh! This whole business of who is going to die is driving me insane! I love all our shadowhunters and their friends,NO ONE SHOULD DIE..except maybe Sebastian

  21. Sheila (the thong) Barbarino (Rita) // October 1, 2013 at 7:09 AM // Reply

    What if Praetor Scott is Woosley Scott?

  22. Bex Fairchild // October 1, 2013 at 9:44 AM // Reply

    Ok so I don’t think anybody we have gotten attached to should die…

  23. Okay can I just be “that” person and say that I think Maia and Jordan can take one for the team on this one…Sorry, but not really.

  24. I think that helen Blackthorn will die. I mean the rest of her family are in the Dark Artifices but not her…

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