The Dark Artifices

Cassandra Clare announced that she has another Shadowhunter series in the works that will take place five years after City of Heavenly Fire, the final installment of The Mortal Instruments.

Here are the basics:

Series: A trilogy

Setting: Los Angeles, 2012

Characters: Emma Carstairs, Julian Blackthorn, Mark, Helen, Cristina, Olivia, Tiberius, Arthur + more

Release Date (s): 2015 (Book One: Lady Midnight)

Synopsis (Book One): Los Angeles, 2012. It’s been five years since the events of the Mortal Instruments when Nephilim stood poised on the brink of oblivion and Shadowhunter Emma Carstairs lost her parents. After the blood and violence she witnessed as a child, Emma has dedicated her life to the eradication of demons and being the best, fastest and deadliest Shadowhunter since Jace Lightwood. Raised in the Los Angeles Institute, Emma is paired as a parabatai with her best friend, Julian. As Emma hunts those who caused the death of her parents, the trail they’re following leads back to those they’ve always been taught to trust. At the same time, Emma is falling in love with Julian — her closest friend and, because he is her parabatai, the one person in the world she’s absolutely forbidden by Shadowhunter Law to love. Set against the glittering backdrop of present-day Los Angeles, Emma must learn to trust her head and her heart as she investigates a demonic plot that stretches from the warlock-run nightclubs of the Sunset Strip to the enchanted sea that pounds the beaches of Santa Monica.

Here’s what we know so far:

Clare shared the following:

The Dark Artifices: Okay, a quick recap. I have a plan for another Shadowhunter trilogy (contemporary, but not about the characters from TMI).

Working title: The Dark Artifices. It takes place five years after the end of TMI (ie in 2012) and deals with the Shadowhunters of the Los Angeles Institute. There is a tangential connection to the characters of TMI but they are not main characters. The main characters are teens (meaning that during the events of TMI they’d be 11, 12 years old.)

The main female protagonist’s name is Emma, the main male protagonist’s name is Julian. They are both Shadowhunters. They both have always known they are Shadowhunters.

There is love, magic, romantic confusion, etc. and so on. I have not sold these books; I haven’t written any of them, I won’t until I’m done with what I’m writing now. So I don’t have a pub date beyond “after CoHF”, and I have other, non-Shadowhunter projects I’m also planning on. But thanks for being so interested, everyone!

* Since it takes place 5 years after the end of CoHF it is reasonable to assume that surviving characters from TMI will make cameos. They will be in their early twenties so you’ll get to see what they’re up to in their more adult lives.

Here is some more as to what the surviving Mortal Instruments characters might be up to:

“If I did Dark Artifices, the surviving main cast of TMI would be 21-24 years old. We would see where they are in life, where their relationships are, how they’re moving into their positions of power in the Clave, etc…”

On progress of the series (Jan. 6):

“I’m pretty busy with TMI and ID but I do work on Dark Artifices a little when it’s really nagging at me. I’ve done enough to have gone around Los Angeles and taken pictures for photo references (resulting in an exciting bit of activity in which Holly Black was nearly washed away by a freakish wave), I know the basic plot, the main characters, the manner in which it explores the fallout of what happens in the Mortal Instruments series, but it’s still at that fun stage where mostly it’s just an idea marinating in my brain, waiting for its time to come.”

Here are the names of the main characters:

“Emma, Julian, Mark, Helen, Carmen, Olivia, Tiberius, Arthur — a few others. It’s a big family.”

Here’s an update from Cassie (Jan. 7):

Just cobbling together things I’ve said about TDA in the past (with the help of FYMI):

Okay, a quick recap. I have a plan for another Shadowhunter trilogy (contemporary, but not about the characters from TMI). Working title: The Dark Artifices. It takes place five years after the end of TMI (ie in 2012) and deals with the Shadowhunters of the Los Angeles Institute. There is a tangential connection to the characters of TMI but they are not main characters. The main characters are teens (meaning that during the events of TMI they’d be 11, 12 years old.) The main female protagonist’s name is Emma, the main male protagonist’s name is Julian. They are both Shadowhunters. They both have always known they are Shadowhunters. There is love, magic, romantic confusion, etc. and so on. I have not sold these books; I haven’t written any of them, I won’t until I’m done with what I’m writing now. So I don’t have a pub date beyond “after CoHF.”

As it’s set 5 years after the end of CoHF it is reasonable to assume that surviving characters from TMI will make cameos. They will be in their early twenties so you’ll get to see what they’re up to in their more adult lives…we would see where they are in life, where their relationships are, how they’re moving into their positions of power in the Clave, etc.

Also, if you are curious about the characters from TDA, look out for characters either in or mentioned in CoLS and CoHF who might be 11, 12, 13 years old. (As five years later, they will be sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen.)

Now, this is all speculation. I do enjoy writing in the world of the Shadowhunters and I think there are infinite stories to tell in it. I also think that there are stories I would like to tell that are not necessarily about Shadowhunters. It is just a matter of what order I write what in.

The Washington Post reported on March 13, 2012, that Cassandra Clare had officially signed on for a three-book deal with Simon & Schuster to pen the spinoff Shadowhunter series The Dark Artifices.

“The series follows Emma Carstairs, the fiercest warrior and most skilled young Shadowhunter since Jace Wayland, and Emma’s sworn partner in arms, Julian Blackthorn,” the statement reads. “Despite Emma’s complicated feelings for Julian, the two must band together to investigate a demonic plot that stretches from the warlock-run nightclubs of the Sunset Strip to the enchanted sea that pounds the beaches of Santa Monica.”

Clare said in a statement that she was sure readers would love both her new and her established characters.

“I know readers will come to love Emma, Mark, Cristina and Julian just as they have loved Jace, Clary, Will, Tessa and Jem,” she said. “Readers have often asked what will happen in the Shadowhunter world after the events of the ‘Mortal Instruments’ and this series will give them a chance to find out.”

Cassie spoke to Entertainment Weekly about The Dark Artifices:

“The Dark Artifices takes place in Los Angeles, and it’s really a direct outcome of what happens in the sixth Mortal Instruments book, City of Heavenly Fire, which is pretty much that the Shadowhunters’ whole world has changed forever—the way the Nephilim live and they way that they operate. The next generation of Shadowhunters is going to grow up in a very strange world. I wanted to write about that and those kids. In The Dark Artifices Jace and Clary are going to be intertwined too, but as slightly more distant figures who are very famous in the Shadowhunting world to this new generation of kids. The new generation of kids have this whole new set of problems. And it has many of the elements that I always love: humor and romance. I wanted to take the Shadowhunter world and work a really fundamental change on it, so that when I was writing the new series it would have a different feel to it.”


  1. Im sooo exciteeed to see what there up to in there 20’s!=]

    • The Dark Lord :p says:

      Jace and Clary are probably gonna have like 3 kids by then……

      • Neil C. Rasbury says:

        I was hoping one of them would be dead. (ya know for dramatic effect.) I love em both. (But like harry potter, I would like someone to die.)

      • Mrs. Jace Lightwood says:

        I could definitely see that!

      • Simon can die, Sebastian can die, and so can Maryse (freaking hate her) Oh I don’t care for Jordan or Maia either.
        That;s all I can give up.
        If Clary or Jace dies I’ll explode, same with Alec or Magnus

      • What if Jace dies. What if Jace is the one Sebastian kills?
        Never be too sure, buddy.

      • I have a theory that Jace dies because he died in CoFA, so maybe he was kinda meant to die.. I don’t know, but I sure hope not. Also, on the cover of CoHF, Clary is wearing white, the colour of sorrow. Maybe that’s for Jace??

      • Unless they’re dead.

      • Shadow_Hunter_Girl says:

        Yeah probably considering how much sex the had in the last two books of the TMI series

      • Shadow_Hunter_Girl says:

        Also Emma and isabell it it makes you feel better the person Sebastian kills in CoHF and then says your boyfriends dead thought you should know that’s Jordan and then at the end Sebastian dies as Jonathan its hard to understand if you didn’t read it but he gets stabbed by Clary and it his last few moments he’s the green eyed son Jocelyn would have had if valentine hadn’t expiramented on him

      • Annabeth_I_Guess says:

        LOL y’all are death starved. Surprisingly, none of the main protagonists die. Jordan does die though. Maia is such a beech in CoHF. Anyway, Simon doesn’t necessarily die but stuff happens and Isabelle is officially in love with him. Anyway nothing happens to our otp’s and yea they have a hecka lot sex or near sex “experiences” lmao. and @Shadow_Hunter_Girl yea your right. The book leaves with so many twisted emotions its exciting!

      • that will be cool

    • I hate the show especially the cast I wish you would’ve kept the people from the movie in the show it would’ve been better honestly but I love the books and hope to see a littl bit about jace and clary now please

  2. I can’t wait!

  3. Alex Hes says:

    This sounds like an AMAZING idea! Having them the ‘surrviving’ characters makes me want it to come out sooner if you write it! Assuming Jace and Clary Survive. ;)

  4. It will be awesome. I love Jace, Clary, Will & Tessa. I will love Emma and Julian….:)

    • Jack Sweeney says:


      • Team Will says:

        Nobody cares about him. Wesa forever!

      • Young immortal Carstairs says:

        Omg JEM WHAT ABOUT JEM? Well sup i know the answer jem and tessa married but in the marriage they saw will who was happy for them :) he went to the earthly plain just to see them becuas ethey were so long alone it gives him peace :). I love JEM!! Omg!!!!

  5. can’t wait! Love Shadowhunter books! :3

  6. I’m sooo excited!! YAY!!!

    • Oh wow my two favorite boys. Well epecxt Will of course lol. Patch is definitely a bad boy but Jace is just cocky but that’s just a front. Even though he can back up his talk and so can Patch. I so totally love these boys and gosh Alex Pettyfer is so so hot. So is the other guy as Patch. Thanks for talking about my two boys lol not like anyone can get enough of them.

      • Mrs. Patch Lightwood says:

        I LoVE Jace and Patch!! They are so similar that when I read HUsh HUsh i would sub out patch for Jace and Nora for Clary!

  7. Gosh. I sure hope Alec is one of the surviving TMI characters.

    • Me too! And Magnus too! I wanna know what happens to Malec!

      • Alice_4ever_wandering says:

        Me, too! I can’t wait! *squeal*

      • Malec???i dont know if its weird or cute but i still agree on wanting them to survive and be together i wish that for all the tmi couples but lets face it we all know one couple is going to be torn apart or else there wount be any drama

      • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome says:

        Me too….as long as Magnus survives I will be fine with it, but if Magnus dies everything falls apart Magnus has to appear in ALL the shadowhunter books…. But what if Magnus becomes mortal and losses his warlock abilities and marks… THAT WILL BE AFFULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mrs. Jace Lightwood says:

      I couldn’t stand it at all if anyone died… well except Sebastian/ Jonathan whatever suits your fancy. He can just rot in a hole.

      • Ur so right! But I have a feeling that Jace dies and Clary lives alone for ever…

        Not to be sad, I love the Mortal Instruments, but it says that Emma is the best shadowhunter since Jace Lightwood…

        But I love the Shadowhunter books!

      • I think Simon will die.
        He lost the Mark of Cain :(

      • J Herondale says:

        Jace CANNOT die!
        DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!? If he dies i will track down Cassie and i will kill her for killing him!
        (Just kidding, i love you Cassie! xD )

      • Mad Hatters daughter says:


      • Young immortal Carstairs says:

        Uhhhhh sebastian dies but there was a deleted part where it made me cry because even though he was bad he *sniffs he actually still cared about clary and everything one of his lasts words were “and sisters?” He said “do they forgive?” Thats just a small part of the deleted scene i read :) i really didnt know ill care for seb but wow i did care now :(

  8. I just finished all of Cassandra’s books and she still has two more for tmi, i dont know how more for tid, and the dark artfices!!! YAY!!

    • Only 1 more book for TID(clockwork princess) :(

      • I am sad already just thinking about it. Wouldn’t it be cool if Cassandra decided to write a follow up series to TID that connected it to TMI; set in the time when Jocelyn, Stephen, Valentine and Luke were 16, 17, & 18? I would love to know them when they were young shadowhunters. That would be cool. I am interested in the follow up series to TMI mentioned here too though of course.

      • Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

        By the Angel, Rory, that would be totally AWESOME!!!

      • Just to say, I was already thinking it would be awsome for Cassandra Clare to write book that lead from the ID to TMI since it has to be at least more than 100 years before they were born. It was based in the 1800s

      • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

        yes!! and i hope that’s exactly what she does.I want to see little Luke, already reminding me of Simon. :)

  9. I pray to god that jace & magnus live

  10. I just can`t stop smiling right now, sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!! ^^

  11. Give it up already, Cassie! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE the Mortal Instruments (at least the first three), but then her continuing the series, getting Jace and Clary into more romantic turmoil after they were finally happy, and Valentine’s dead! That’s it! But no, she has to make new crap. Then she makes Infernal Devices, which, let’s face it, are the EXACT same books, set in Victorian-era London (especially Jace and Will’s characters, carbon copies). And now she’s making MORE?!? Why don’t you come up with something new? I know it’s hard letting such a fantastic idea and characters go, but really, this is too much. You should have quit with City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass (aka the first cycle of The Mortal Instruments). (but seriously die-hard fans, don’t hate me and call me a hater, because the first three books are one of my favorite series ever!!! …go Jace!)

    • I agree, when I read Clockwork Angel I was like: this seems familiar. And (for me) the romance triangle seems the same as in TMI. I almost considered not reading it because I thought that the main girl is going to go for the same guy as Clary did. In my opinion Cassie shouldn’t have wrote the Infernal Devices, unless may be the characters weren’t that similar to TMI’s characters.

      • Alice_4ever_wandering says:

        Honestly, my the main reason I like TID is because it was based in the Victorian Era. I love period books!

      • Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

        AHEM!!!!!! I admit, Jace and Will are alike, but that’s because THEY ARE RELATED! Cassandra Clare DID NOT make a mistake writing them, they are my favourite book series ever!!! And, Clary and Tessa are NOTHING alike! Tessa actually fights, unlike Clary, who just stands there, screaming, (up until CoFA, of course) no offence to Clary, obviously. That is just my opinion.

      • Mad Hatters daughter says:

        to Mrs Mechaela Herondale I absolutely agree with you hehe but Clary gets pretty serious in CoHF WHICH IS AMAZINGLY SPECTACULAR!!!!! I CRIED SO MUCH!!!!! but not as much as TID by far

    • I was just thinking exactly that. Well put.

    • i loved the infernal devices. actually, surprisingly, almost as much as mortal instruments. i didnt care for the similarities. Because they may have been similar, but there was quite a few things to set them apart as well. I mean, sure Will and Jace Herondale are almost carbon copies, but what made them that way are completely different things. And Tessa and Clary; sure they have powers, but not nearly the same. I liked the familiar feel it had, but did it really matter that they had that familliar feeling? is it a bad thing? Because the main thing that sets them apart is story, and the majority of the characters are nothing like those in the mortal instruments………and by survivng….you killing people?!?!?!?!?!? WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!? *hanst finished fallen angels yet* o-o

    • I sort of agree with this. I love The Mortal Instruments but i do think she should have stopped at the first three books like she planned. I didn’t enjoy CoFA as much as the first three books and while I’m excited for the next two they really weren’t necessary. I almost feel like the addition of 3 more books to the series was simply because she is on a good thing with the upcoming movie,graphic novel. However I do like The Infernal Devices despite the similarities between the two series. This is because i love reading books set in London/England! I also love Magnus Bane so him being in these books really keeps me interested. I am looking forward to The Dark Artifices though. Mostly because I’m interested in what the characters from TMI are up to. I am thinking that these books will be more of the same though.

    • well if you think all books are the same you don’t have to read TDA!
      in my opinion cassie did the right think. because for everybody who isn’t a ‘jace and clary lover’ the end of COG would be…. unsatisfying. because we didn’t get to know what happens to simon, izzy, magnus or alec. and i love alec and magnus and also izzy, so i’m very happy that cassie continued. it would be unfaire that you got your happy end and we did not!

      (sorry if there are mistakes. english is not my native language!)

      • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

        right!!! that person’s jealousy is getting the best of her i say. :)
        You shouldn’t ever criticize someone’s work like that. They wrote it not especially for you, but because she had a brilliant idea of another world. if you wrote a book and you think it’s such a hit, trust me you will get criticism. Some people just don’t appreciate books, come on!!! Would you rather be stuck in the real world all the time? yeah right. Stephanie Meyer quote: “The Mortal Instruments is a world i would love to live in!!”. :) i don’t know about you guys, but if she wants to continue what she’s doing, just let her. This is her dream, and sometimes the people giving her shit are just getting in the way. If you don’t like the books, well, here’s some news: Don’t read them!! nobody’s forcing your eyelids open to read page after page.
        Cassandra is one of the greatest authors i know (Becca Fitzpatrick), her books are amazing to me. She can do whatever she wants, some of you criticizers need to lay off, and let her do what she wants to do. Talk about a free country, man.
        lolz HaterZ Gon’ Hate!!

      • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome says:

        I agree we really want to know what happens to Malec

    • how can u say such a thing i love her books! shadowhunters rule! if u dont like them dont read them

    • Im not saying I hate you, but to think that the series ends there, what happens there had to be some kind of thing continuing it, it was ovious at the end

      • TMI was totaly supposed to be only a trilology, it said so in the back of book 2 (coming soon the conclution to the mortal instruments trilology) not that Im complaining I love TMI. And your total right that she didn’t explain what happened with simon after. glad it worked out with Is. sad about alec and magnus

    • Isabelle's Husband says:

      hey, shut up.
      stop criticizing, just because your writing skills aren’t as great as cassandra clares, doesnt mean you gotta be hating. :)
      i understand you’re stating your opinions, but this is a website with mortal instruments and cassandra clare written all over. if you have judgement over her, get outta here. Nobody needs your lip about another woman’s dream. get outta the way.

    • Isabelle's Husband says:

      lol and another one. ^^^^^^^ SHUT UP.
      nobody needs your criticism, even if your just stating an opinion.\
      Dammit Woman!!!

    • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

      take your own advice, “give it up”, put the books down and read something else. or go watch T.V. nobodys making you read the books.

      • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome says:

        yes exactly this is a TMI FAN website so if your not a FAN go get a nother book to read… (but I doubt you will find one as good as TMI or TID)

    • jaceandwilllover says:

      when i first read the book 1 of tmi for i hated cassie cuz she made them brother and sister and i almost didnt read the next book but i forced myself to read the next ones and now i loves them <3 but i have to say it was very confusing there is 3 jonathans that is kinda crazy lol i will never get tried of reading these books

    • For anyone to read both series and find that they’re exactly the same is off their rocker. I’m sorry.The”baddies” were completely different though their goals were similar. The character development is different. Who they are, where they come from; it’s all completely different.The love triangles are not similar at all .one girl found herself torn even though she had a preference amongst the two and the other girl knew who she wanted and used her bestie as a distraction .you can’t compare the two.and lastly…why would there not be similarities? A lot of these characters are tied and related some how. Are you serious?

      Boo@anyone who it’s anti shadow hunter right now. Perhaps you should spend less time complaining and more time making efforts to write something better if you think the letterer books ate so terrible. Sheesh.

      • YES! I completely agree with how you put that. Really other than the fact that they both are about shadowhunters and that it is the same author, a person probably wouldn’t be able to tell very easily that the two series have anything to do with each other. They are both so unique and completely GENIUS.

    • Oh my god!!!!! Your so right on her making more. Like why couldn’t it be “valentines dead, Jonathan’s turned into a Good guy, jace and clary happy ever after and the end???” but NOOOOOO, there has to be more complications, don’t get me wrong, I love Cassandra and all her books but, my heart can’t take it!!! And I have to wait again for the books to come out….

    • J Herondale says:

      Of course she should have continued them!!
      Its not fun if they’re just happy…
      I’ll tell you: I wanted more after CoG!

  12. … SURVIVING TMI characters???? O.o *scared*

    • Alice_4ever_wandering says:

      I know, right! O.O

    • right because that means theres some that don’t survive. If she kills of alec I will be pissed!

      • Maybelline says:

        i would cry if Simon dies! D:
        but its Emma Carstairs? i wanna know so badly how shes related to Jem!

      • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome says:

        I will FREAK if she kill Magnus (no offence) he has to be in all the books otherwise its going to be a little boring and like a bit meaningless I mean Magnus has bean in every books so far (its almost like a signature) even if only in one chapter… Magnus gives it that spark… someone that has bean there to help all our favourite characters thru out time. No other character has appeared in every book only Magnus. without Magnus it will kind of feel a bit empty.

  13. Awesome!!!

  14. I plan on not dying until this comes out! :3

  15. Do I smell Baby Jaces in this book? ;)

  16. I am so excited!!! Can’t wait!!! :)

  17. #1 TMI fan says:

    Sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. sweet!! as always, i will fall in love with emma and julian, just like jace and clary, will & tessa! sooo excited & a great idea! shadowhunters rock! <3 :)

    • kristeen jourdain says:

      if Julian is anywhere near as hot as jace it won’t be hard to fall in love with him

      • Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

        Absolutely true :D

      • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

        hopefully nothing happens to this emma carstairs since she’s in love with her parabatai, that’s against clave law.
        the law is hard.

      • Michaela loves The Hunger Games and TID says:

        ^but it is the law :D. (sed lex dura lex).

  19. You should write protagonist about eighteen or twenty years old. I think it would be interesting. Not that i dont like teen characters, its just that young adults could be better. Anyways, totally love your books! Jace and Will are my top. Pleasee pleaasee dont break my heart leaving Will without Tessa :)

    • Amen!!! Will All the way bitchesssss!!!!! lol oh the emotions that clare evokes in me…..

      • IKR, my heart can’t take it anymore!!!!!

      • Poppy (lol fake name) Herondale says:

        Heellloooo… Has any one not realised Emma’s last name is CARSTAIRS!!!! Ahhhhhh….!!!

      • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome says:

        SPOILERS ALERT…CLOCKWORK PRINCESS… I have read clockwork princes and will and Tess get married because Jem becomes a silent brother…. SAD yet HAPPY at the same time

    • I know, but if you think about it they have to be together somehow otherwise tessa would be breaking her heart. I do believe she loves Jem, but i think she loves will more

    • Im totaly confused how Jace exists thanks to ID. if tessas with Jem and contiues his line then theres no harendal shadow hunters and vise versa if she goes with will. Does she have babies with both?

      • Maybelline says:

        well, my own personal opinion is that Tessa and Will end up together some how and Jem then becomes Brother Zachariah. i just have this feeling, and the way the text in the 4th book states he Brother Zachariah shows unusual kindness to Jace. And also mentions that they owe the Herondales for whatever reason.

      • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome says:

        NO (firerose) SPOILERS ALERT CLOCKWORK PRINCESS…. ok first will has a sister that COULD continue the Herondale family line and Jem has an Uncle also named Carstairs so you decide….. c-:

      • The Infernal Devices are ... Awesome says:

        Maybelline… SPOILERS ALERT CLOCKWORK PRINCESS… yes will and Tess get married and have kids (there firstborn son is named James so sweet) and you were right Brother Zachariah is Jem… also a cure is found for Jem in 2008 a few weeks after the events of TMI… and he then becomes normal again and ends up with Tessa… (because will dies at age 73 Brother Zachariah and Tessa are both at his death bed SOOOO sad)

    • J Herondale says:

      I do not think that Emma Carstairs is Jems grand-grand-grand(Whatever!)daughter.
      Her father is John Carstairs (I think thats he’s name! xD ).
      Tessa once asked Jems uncle, after offering Will the Carstairs family sword, if he did not plan on having kids of he’s own. And he wasnt sure.

      • By the Angel anxiously awaiting......... says:

        It’s his niece I bet. His Uncle was going to the sword to Will since he became a Silent Brother but refused it. It was Tessa who said he should keep it for his children…..

  20. Justineluna says:

    YAY!!! Shadowhunter stories wont end!

  21. Love the idea of Shadowhunters so happy this will be continuing :) but if the love triangle is the same as JaceXClary, WillXTessa…never mind!
    Only gonna read them if Magnus and Alec are in there :)

  22. Carreon_13 says:

    I’m the same age as the main characters, and best of all, I live in the LA area. I’ll probably be in my twenties when they come out but they’ll definitely be there with the rest of my Shadowhunter books. Cassandra is one of those authors whose books will always find a place in my library.

  23. Becca Lightwood says:

    This makes me happy now I dont have to kiss my shadowhunters goodbye :D I am however sad there will be no more TMI D’: I hope Jace and Clary make several appearances in this series.

  24. Mrs.JaceLightwood says:

    Surviving characters!?!? WHO IS SHE PLANNING ON KILLING AND WHY????????

  25. TeamEdwardJace says:

    this is awesome! i love tmi and i’m super stoked for city of lost souls and city of heavenly fire and i just finished reading clockwork angel and want to get clockwork prince and wating for clockwork prince and i’m excited for the cob movie but this is great! new characters and i do hope jace, clary, mangus, simon , and isabelle live. and as for surviivng characters, maybe all the good ones surive but sebatian doesn’t but we don’t see into the lives of all them e.g. jocelyn. who knows maye the slighlty older shadowhunters moved to la? i do hope she writes them. maybe tessa will make an appearance too.

    • she said that characters moving up in power. does that mean that old folk die. and of course Tessa will not make an apearance the books are like set 100 years apart. can’t wait for next books. Already read clockwork prince and city of lost souls. poor alec and magnus they where cute couple. yay for Issy and simon. Wonder if simon dies he made enimys when he had the mark of Cane. hope not that would suck.

  26. Max of Awsome says:

    When The Dark Atifices comes out I’ll be 16! I hope I havn’t lost inrest by then, but who could?

  27. I hope Isabelle and Simon, Magnus and Alec survive. They are my favourite characters from TMI.

  28. The new series sounds amazing but I gotta ask…


  29. Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! I can keep living!!!! Cassie is gonna right more amazing stuff!!!!! YAY! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  30. I cannot wait! So looking forward to this

  31. I love it, its just more shadowhunters to love

  32. OMG!! so excited!! cant wait :D

  33. Jace Lightwood says:

    can’t wait and plz don’t leave Jace or Sebastian out of TDA they are my favorite charictors in TMI. also Clary and Magnus are pretty cool…… :)

  34. When is this new trilogy showing?

  35. After she acually writes it duh

  36. Michaela Herondale says:

    I am only 11 now, so i am REALLY happy that i will be the same age as the characters in tda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can you think of a cure for Jem ???????? :):)

    • Michaela Herondale says:

      Also, I think that Tessa should not marry Jem yet, and figure out how she feels about him, as she obviously can’t live without Will, she loves him too much. Just a suggestion. Also, I love all of your shadowhunter books!!! :D

      • MAgNus' HoMie :D says:

        since it was in the victorian age, alot of them married at a young ages, usually in there early teen years. :)

      • Michaela loves The Hunger Games and TID says:

        Magnus, I know, but she doesn’t have to get married yet. She needs to think!!!

    • Awwwww wittle baby lol you have good taste :)

    • She has to or make him have a kid if the main caracter is Emma “CARSTAIRS” (hint, hint CARSTAIRS. is his last name)

      • Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

        Yeah, but that doesn’t make her not be able to make him keep with the disease.

      • J Herondale says:

        Actually Jem had an uncle.
        (Hint hint: It could be the uncles grand-grand-grand-or-something-daughter? xD )

  37. Michaela Herondale says:

    I always dream of being an actual shadowhunter. :P

  38. I really hope she does make a new series with new shadowhunters in it just so that I can become more attached to another person, just like with TID with Will and Jem <3 and in TMI with Jace and Simon <3
    I also hope that Julian is a Herondale, so there are more witty herondale boys in the shadowhunter world !!!!! <3

  39. Omg this series will be amazing! I really want to know what happens to like jace and clary when there in their 20s! :)

  40. You know this is like the story of my life, I must be pretty famous for Clare to know this much about me! :) ;)

  41. Jordan Thomas says:

    Cassanda Clare: Your books are thought-provoking, imaginative and never afraid to be different. I love how you weren’t afraid to cause a stir with the jace/clary romance, and i love your handling of gay romance as something sweet and special. I also like how you stasy true to the feel of the time period in Infernal Devices.
    If you write a new series consider this:
    >Your very long books will give people who dont get a lotof time to read an experience that will last.
    >Your recurring themes but differences in characters personalities and their romances will always keep your loyal fans interested.
    >You’ll make a redheaded english boy (me) very happy :) Hope the new series happens. Count on my continued support. :)


    • Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

      She will also make me happy!!!!!!!!!

    • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

      agreed.^ my nose isn’t anywhere but in Cassandra Clare’s books. :) Owning all 5 of TMI and both TID, and reading them every time still makes me blush, and gasp like a little girl. i can’t help but close the book, and read the line that made me gasp over and over again. LMFAO and pleeeeeeeeeaaaase let simon and magnus come out in this series as well!!! i need to know what magnus is doing nowadays :)
      i can’t wait for Clockwork Princess.

  42. I agree With him but also make sure you leave in Me and charictors that act like me.
    P.s my real name is Jace so Clare must know me personally. :(:)

  43. I hope we see Simon in this series! And, he’ll still be sixteen. I hope he and Izzy get together! They are my Favourite characters.

    • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

      oh my god that’s an excellent idea!!! i need you to hold this pen, and this piece of paper, yeah here you go,…and i need you to write this down, and send it to C.C!!
      quick we haven’t much time!!!!!

    • Your right, he’ll still be 16, so how will his relationship with Isabella work out? Unless he dies….. :(

    • J Herondale says:

      Sorry for the spoilers if you havent read CoLS, but Izzy and Simon (Sorta! xD ) are a couple! xD

  44. Alexandra says:

    Okay, first: I REALLY hope that Cassie writes Dark Artifices!
    Second: wait wait wait. Dani as Emma CARSTAIRS? *begins hyperventilating frantically* omygosh, don’t pass out, don’t pass out, please write this series…..

  45. OMG did you see that emma girls last name?!?!?! CARSTAIRS! CAR frickin STAIRS!! what does this mean! im having a spaz attack!!! if Jem is the last carstairs then how does emma have that last name!?! alzfnollASHfBN omg!

    • sarah, loyal fan :) says:

      i know right, i really want to know what happens to Jem, i love him, i would be devistated if he dies. really hope they find him a cure or he lives a very long time :)

    • well if wills sis marries mundane and her children carry on harondal line then Jem and tess can do carstairs line I guess…..

    • Emma won’t be hems daughter, but maybe his child’s daughter or child’s child’s daughter… ???? Either way will and Tessa should be together. Maybe she gets pregnant with Jem but ends up with Will :0 !!!!!!! Nahh probobly not, but who knows. For heavenly fire, I don’t want Jonathan to die, I keep hoping that he’ll become nice and finally know what being loved feels like, you know, since he grew up being beaten up by a crue, cold father.

    • J Herondale says:

      Jem had an uncle.
      He wasnt the last Carstairs, i dont know how many of the TID books you have read but you find out in the 2. or 3. i can’t remember… (:

  46. What do you think Julian’s last name is?????? I hope he is a Herondale because everyone loves Herondale’s
    P.s I HATE Jem :(

    • whyyyyy? jem is soo sweet and caring. besides herondales have a case of getting bad luck. makes things much harder to handle.

      • I just feel like he’s getting in the way of Will and Tessa. Also Jem can charm anyone but Will’s a bit harder so if he falls in love he only can love that person.

      • sarah, loyal fan :) says:

        he might be able to charm anyone but we dont know how long he has left to use that charm due to his illness i’d like to know he gets to marry the girl he loves before the illness takes him assuming it does take him :)

      • Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

        I love Will. But I don’t hate Jem. If you hate Jem you might get a bit of a punch from Will. They are parabatai, after all.

    • His last name is Blackthorn :)

    • J Herondale says:

      Yeah… Will would kick your ass if he found out ( xD ).
      And Julians last name i Blackthorn.
      Besides: Jem is sweet!


  48. OH HOLYYY EFFING SH**! :DDD I Just can’t stop smiling now!!!! :DD
    Love. Her.
    The creator of Jace, Will, Jem, Magnus. I adore you utterly and completely! I so hope I get to meet CC one day. I would kiss her. <3
    I can't wait for this!
    I bet we're all going to LOVE Emma, Julian, Mark and everyone else. <3
    I'm planning on not dying till this comes out! <3
    CC RULES! <3

  49. HELLLLLLL YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHHH BIITTTCHESSSSSSS!!!!!! lol oh the emotions that clare evokes in me…… :)

  50. xxacanthe says:

    I dont anyone to die !! But I dont think Jace and Clary are going to die, i mean HALLOOO they are the main characters, then yet she said she would kill a main characters – but that can only mean that Malec would be safe since she has said that those two are secondary characters !! MALEC FOR THE WAY !

  51. Tara Lightwood says:

    Oh My God , i cant wait , i love all cassies books and i really am looking forward to this one :D !!!

  52. Natalie Fairchild says:

    I may cry. LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!!!!

  53. Guys don’t you rekon the people for the movie cast should look remotely lke the ones on the covers, I mean the pretty good looking?

  54. Do you mean THEIR pretty good looking??

  55. I’ll read it it Magnus Bane becomes a main character, and because Cassie rules, but I wont handle it well Cassie I wont

  56. kristeen jourdain says:

    i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i m trying my hardest not to faint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  57. I think that this series is going to be the best. I love LA and shadow hunters. I hope Simon does not die I was so sad I almost cried when he became a vamp!!!!

    • Lets get this clear NOW…. I AM Jace NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      MY twin Is Nate..NOT ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      MY BRO IS WILL………..NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Got it????? Answer soon……. I’ll be waiting..

  58. Sorry…………. MY BEST FRIEND IS WILL NO ONE ELSE………………………..GOT IT YET???????

  59. Bro get off line!!!

    • Girls, girls, your both pretty, but unfortunately there Is only 1 jace, 1 Will, 1 Nate….etc and you two happen to be no way near like them and no way near related. But I live your enthusiasm and love for the characters :)

  60. Oh damn, i am fighting back tears right now! has anyone read Cassie’s description of TDA? she says: Emma is the best Shadowhunter SINCE Jace. generally “since” means that he is no longer around!!! OMG Jace can not die!!!!!

    • I never thought of that! He can’t die!

    • Damn her! Jace can not die… AGAIN! I refuse to read this series if he dies :'( :P

      • I’m with you on that (Becca).. But I’m thinking what if Jace does not die and by some weird turn of events goes to heaven and becomes an angel? LOL maybe even with Clary.because they have more angel blood in them hahaha

        Nevermind :D
        That will still mean that he wouldn’t be around in TDA so it’s still not that consoling..

      • Mrs Michaela Herondale says:


      • I second that!! :) damn it the suspense is killing me! the next 8 days to CoLS couldn’t go any faster!

      • Mrs. Jace Lightwood says:

        Yeah! Haha, after all these feelings as the plot and relationships grow and crumble, we’re always on the edge of our seat, we cry as much as we laugh, WE DESERVE A HAPPY ENDING CASSIE! please!

    • J Herondale says:

      Yeah… I cries when he died i CoG, i cries when he gone missing, and in the end of CoFA, when he was himself, i always cry when something bad (Or sometimes good) happens to Jace but if he dies i will cry until my room i s a lake, and i will kill Cassie for killing him! (No i would never do that i love you Cassie, but i would be VERY angry! xD )

    • J Herondale says:

      Maybe he’s just retired? ):
      PLZ CASSIE! Dont kill him! Just retire him or give him a fatal damage or something, DO NOT KILL HIM! D:

  61. Let me know what you think…

    • I will not die because no one can kill ME !!!!:D
      But it might just be because I was before her and at the moment there’s no one better than her…….

      • The Dark Lord says:

        Ya, but it also says that the REMAINING TMI characters are twenty. So if Jace does survive then he would still be a shadowhunter, and if it says since then, ya, he probably dies……

        I *Will* not Die!!!! :( :0

      • J Herondale says:

        He will probably just be retired right? D:
        Plzzzzz! Maybe he gets a fatal damage or something! ):

  62. :p :) :( :o :*( ;) >_< :D :S :O ^-^
    are all faces :) :D

  63. :P

  64. Please, let Clary and Jace survive and end up together!
    And can’t wait for the new series.

  65. I thought i would die when i finished the Mortal Instruments, but now I have this book and others that Clare is going to create! I am beyond excited to get my hands on these the day they come…..I’ll be at the store the second there released! See you there!

  66. K

  67. TMI and TDI says:

    Emma Carstairs is related to Jem Carstairs. Believe it or not, I think it’s true. That means Jem marries Cecily and NOT Tessa! Because Tessa is a warlock and Emma is a shadowhunter. That means Tessa and Will marry each other. A shadowhunter offspring is only possible if the parents are both Shadowhunters or the child has Jonathans’s blood in him which of course normal human doesn’t have……So yes Will and Tessa marry each other.Yay!!

    • But Cassandra Clare said on her blog that Jem has siblings…;(

      • Crap…………

      • sarah, loyal fan :) says:

        i thought he was an only child and if that is true why wouldnt they have joined him at the london institute when his partents were murdered ??? hmmm weird and i dont want him to have siblings i liked the idea that he must have survived :( :)

      • Ria Jace Herondale says:

        But she also said that they were killed by the demon as were his parents. Jem is the last Carstairs.

      • cousins?, 2nd cousins? uncles? ANYTHING!!!!!!
        but i don’t want to fight about wiill and jem and i respect people who like jem aswell:)

    • Jace & Clary says:

      But in the books it says that Shadowhunter Blood is dominate, so you could have one shadowhunter parent and one human parent (e.g. Will) and also we’re still not exactly sure what Tessa is, since she’s not a warlock for definite, she might be able to have kids?

    • i was thinking cecily was going to marry gabriel lightwood and straighten him out a bit
      you know how magnus is always reminded of the herondales when he looks at alec
      plus gabriel has green eyes remember, how else would the family get blue herondally eyes?
      then their is gideon and sophie and sophie has dark brown/black eyes like isobelle but that theory is a bit far fetched
      i really think though that cecily and gabriel become as couple plus the lightwoods are good friends with the herondales in the TMI series
      anyway thats what i think:)

    • J Herondale says:

      First thing: She might be related to him but Jem also had an uncle an you found out i Clockwork Princess that he might have children of his own.
      Second thing: Jem does NOT marry Cecily. Cecily marries Gabriel (Sorry for the spoilers! )
      Third thing: Tessa is only not a warlock, although it is the closest description you get. She is half Shadowhunter, half demon, and she can have kids. He has James and Lucie Herondale, and as the last name tells you yes she marries Will. (:
      Fourth thing: Shadowhunter blood id dominating. Is does NOT have to be two Shadowhunters. It could be a Shadowhunter and a faerie, or a mundane, or even a werewolf.
      Sorry, but i had to correct you! xD

  68. but we sorta do sorta don’t ’cause we want Will to be happy 2…

  69. FANOFJACE says:

    “Emma has dedicated her life to the eradication of demons and being the best, fastest and deadliest Shadowhunter SINCE Jace Lightwood.”

    SINCE?! IS IT MEANS THAT SHE IS PLANNING TO KILL HIM?!?! AND HE WON’T BE THE BEST SHADOWHUNTER BECAUSE HE WILL BE DEAD? i’m crying ;((( i love jace so much that i can die for him!!!!!!! he must to live!!!!

      Noo. That’s not what it means! I LOVE JACE AND I DON’T WANT HIM TO DIE TOO! But that’s not the point. The point is that what you think it means, isn’t what it means. What it actually does mean is that Jace IS/WAS the best Shadowhunter ever. And he still is, but after him there was no one that good, until Emma came along. :)
      So no worries over Jace dying. No one wants him to die. Cassie won’t ever kill him,I’m sure of it.

      • FANOFJACE says:

        i hope so :(

      • I am thinking that too… I’ll hold on to any thoughts that would lead to Jace not dying in the end.. I mean seriously.. happy endings rarely happens in real life.. so at least providing it in a book wouldn’t be that bad.. :)

        But then.. I think I have to prepare for the blow.. I mean, it’s always a possibility that he would die.. I just hope that C.C. wouldn’t leave many heartbroken in the end..

        I mean, J.K. didn’t kill Harry or anyone from the major trio.. and neither did S.Meyer..
        SO please to C.C. have mercy..

        LOL :D

      • ashley lynn says:

        oh thank god i hope your right i thogth that it meant that jace was going to die in tmis i never even thogth it could mean that . for that last 10 min i could not breath anyway hope the book are going to be good but it’s cassie thay should be grat ok comming down now

  70. Me too! He’ll survive :) <3

  71. Angelica says:

    uhm, is emma related to jem, somehow???

    • @Nemerize, Yeah I hope so too! CC won`t disappoint us! JACE <3
      @Angelica, Yes we believe so! Becuz both of them are Carstairs!

    • J Herondale says:

      Jem had an uncle, who wasnt in Shanghai or something, and he wasnt sure if he wanted kids of his own but i think that he had kids and that Emma is hes grand-grand-grand-or-something-daughter (:

  72. Johanna the Divergent Shadowhunter says:

    Wait… It said fastest shadowhunter SINCE Jace… Does that mean he dies?

  73. Jace & Clary says:

    It says “most skilled YOUNG Shadowhunter since Jace Wayland”.

    I’m hoping by that she means since Jace is in his twenties now and a ‘man’, that he’s no longer considered young, because if she kills Jace, she’ll basically kill me too .___.

  74. TMI and TDI says:

    Guys guys hold it will ya? Tessa is church,the cat. Cassandra said it herself. So will dusny marry Tessa

  75. Marie G. says:

    Um, that was an April Fools joke–lol

  76. So is like Emma related to Jem cos ya know Carstairs, and Carstairs. I’m a bit worried now cos i want Tessa and Will in the end. Hmmmm

    • yeah, i’m just hoping jem has other relatives with the same last name

    • J Herondale says:


      Jem had an uncle that was indeed alive, coz he came to Will and Tessa (After Jem ahd become a Silent Brother, thats right biatches he DIDNT die! :D ) and wants to give Will the Carstairs sword or something and Tessa asks him if he had not planned on having kids of his own (Wich i think he might want to). An Tessa marries Will, but she lives forever and Will only turnes out to be 50 or 60. After that she travels the world with Jem, after he became a NORMAL Shadowhunter again! xD

  77. I wouldn’t be shocked if this series would involve love triangles AGAIN -_-“

  78. Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

    I love Will and Jace, they are amazingly awesome, I love how witty and sarcastic they are!!!!!!! x<3x

  79. ~TMI & TID Fangirl~ says:

    Emma CARSTAIRS???Does this mean that Jem lives?!!!I love Jem,and I want him to find a cure!!!!!!!(I love Will too though;))

    But Jace better NOT die,or I swear I will throw my book across the room and die slowly everyday while listening to depressing songs….

    • LOL I like that last part..

      Throw the book, die slowly everyday while listening to depressing songs..

    • Amen sista!

    • Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

      Don’t worry. I will die with you. You are not alone :) x

    • Magnus Bane is Awesome says:

      I will FREAK if she kill Magnus (no offence) he has to be in all the books otherwise its going to be a little boring and like a bit meaningless I mean Magnus has bean in every books so far (its almost like a signature) even if only in one chapter… Magnus gives it that spark… someone that has bean there to help all our favourite characters thru out time. No other character has appeared in every book only Magnus. without Magnus it will kind of feel a bit empty.


      Jem had an uncle that was indeed alive, coz he came to Will and Tessa (After Jem ahd become a Silent Brother, thats right biatches he DIDNT die! :D ) and wants to give Will the Carstairs sword or something and Tessa asks him if he had not planned on having kids of his own (Witch i think he might want to). An Tessa marries Will, but she lives forever and Will only turnes out to be 78. After that she travels the world with Jem, after he became a NORMAL Shadowhunter again! xD

  80. I’m not worried about jace dieing i don’t think he will. I’m scared for Will! I don’t want him to die… I will die emotionally!!!!

  81. OMG! So I am halfway through CoLS and then I read this. It mentions that Julian Blackthorne is the male lead. So I was like this name sounds familiar and then I searched for it. It turns out he is in CoLS as Helen’s little brother at the beginning! Man I am super excited for this series!!! Oh it also mentions his siblings too. Olivia and Tiberius!

    • I knew that name was familiar i was just about to go looking.

    • Tessa over Bella anyday says:

      oooooooooooooh my god, you know what? you just refreshed my memory!!!
      oh my god. now i have to read them all over again a 7th time!!! this is interesting how everything just falls in place.

  82. I would like to tell that are not necessarily about Shadowhunters. It is just a matter of what order I write what in.

  83. Michaela loves The Hunger Games and TID says:

    By the way, lol, all of these michaelas are me I keep changing my name XD

  84. Omg i love this series but i really do wish it would come out sooner because by the time the next book comes out i might have forgotten about the series and moved on to the next one but no rush just make it the best it can be so i dont have to stop reading EVER…… Again i LOVE this series soooo awesome thanks Cassandra Clare!!

  85. Rissy fissy says:

    I wish that the mortal instruments would have another book after city of hevenly fire. It would be amazing. I love Cassandra books and hope that this is as good as the rest. :) Love you shadowhunters!

  86. As much as I think I will love the new L. A. Shadow Hunter Series, because I am really enjoying these books, I really wish Cassandra would write a trilogy that joins the Informal Devices Series with TMI Series. I would be even more excited to read about a young Valentine, and Jocelyn, and Luke etc. maybe one day… she will. I think it would be amazing, can you imagine it?

    • J Herondale says:

      I actually wrote an email to her about it, telling her it would be an amazing idea!
      Hope she writes it! (:

  87. lexlizzie says:

    Since jace lightwood sighs there’s only two reasons I can think of one is jace dies :( the other is he stoppps shadowhunting and settles down with clary and they become mundane :\. Wait I just thought of one more thing he becomes some sort of downworlder. Hmmm :\

  88. sammy sweetheart says:

    the wait for this series is waaaaaaaay to long. 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait that long i will DIE of the wait. and who knew jem had kids. good for him. but i wonder with who ^_^ cuz tessa can’t have kids.

    • Alec LightwoodD says:

      Tess might be able to have kids. We haven’t been informed what she is yet. They said she isn’t a warlock.

    • J Herondale says:

      She can have kids and Emma is actually Jems uncles grand, grand daughter. Or somethign… o:

    • Magnus Bane is Awesome says:

      I will FREAK if she kill Magnus (no offence) he has to be in all the books otherwise its going to be a little boring and like a bit meaningless I mean Magnus has bean in every books so far (its almost like a signature) even if only in one chapter… Magnus gives it that spark… someone that has bean there to help all our favourite characters thru out time. No other character has appeared in every book only Magnus. without Magnus it will kind of feel a bit empty.


      Jem had an uncle that was indeed alive, coz he came to Will and Tessa (After Jem ahd become a Silent Brother, thats right biatches he DIDNT die! :D ) and wants to give Will the Carstairs sword or something and Tessa asks him if he had not planned on having kids of his own (Witch i think he might want to).And Tessa can have kids because she is half shadowhunter half demon witch makes her almost like a warlock (closest explanation) usually half shadowhunter half demon offspring are stillborn but she survives because her angel necklace that contain a bit of an angels soul protects her from die ing untill the angel soul is released (wich happens at the end of clockwork princess)also shadowhunters runes don’t work on her. And Tessa marries Will, but she lives forever and Will only turnes out to be 78. After that she travels the world with Jem, after he became a NORMAL Shadowhunter again! after finally finding the cure in 2008 a few weeks after the events of TMI xD

  89. Cassandra Herondale says:

    I’m halfway through Clockwork Prince, and I must say I love the Victorian setting (even though the familiarity of the characters annoys me slightly), and I find the storyline not *quite* as compelling. What I’m most interested in is a) Tessa’s REAL identity and b) Church the cat. Is he the same one as in TMI?! :O IMMORTAL CAT. So yeah, excited for TDA, hoping it won’t be disappointing!

  90. Emma Carstairs… well, Jem’s descendent, because he hadn’t brothers. And she’s very alike Jace and Will, because Jem married with Will’s sister, I think

    • J Herondale says:

      Actually Jem married no one at all. He became a Silent Brother and later when he became a normal Shadowhunter again he journeyes the world with Tessa. Also Emma is the descendent of Jems uncle. (:
      And Cecily married Gabriel Lightwood! xD

  91. Mylobear says:

    My prediction on who’s going to die:
    Maia or jorden
    One of izzy of alce’s parents( myers and Robert?)

    Also Emma sounds like a amazing chactor, nice n tough:)
    And don’t hate on jem… I’d marry him anyday<3

  92. Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

    I love how everyone on the comments have taken to writing in (as I elegantly put it) ‘old-timey speak’!!

  93. Alec LightwoodD says:

    ^ Will is way better than Jem. Jem is too conserved and inward. He’s too soft and delicate. He’s too… dainty. Will, on the other hand, is passionate and explosive. I love them both but Will is so much more emotional.

  94. Church the immortal cat should be in every shadowhunter series. He’s the best character. Him and Chairman Meow should have kittens together… provided they’re not both males which, come to think of it, Ibelieve they are. Okay, nevermind.

  95. it is kinda clear that tessa and jem have a baby together in CP because the girl in TDA has the same last name as him and he as no brothers or sisters so you know it has to be his

    • J Herondale says:

      Tess and Jem does not have Emma together. Emma is the descendant (How do you even spell that? xD ) of Jems uncle. (:

  96. Lynette says:

    Emma *CARSTAIRS*?! :O Seriously bouncing off the walls with joy right now ~ Tessa and Jem must have a child together, then! :D Yay, please PLEASE let that mean they stay together~! <3

    While I do get why people like Will – passionate, sarcastic, fiery, all that good stuff – I do think he's way too similar to Jace, and both characters' angst-iness seriously grate on my nerves after a while. Jem, on the other hand, I fell in love with right away. He wasn't a character we'd seen before, and I'd take the sweet, kind, caring, considerate boy over Jace or Will any day. Along with Charlotte and Henry, he was a breath of fresh air in a storyline of all too familiar characters.

    In a way, I don't mind TMI being dragged out so long – while I was skeptical at first, I've realised Cassie wouldn't do it without having a good reason, she must be going somewhere…interesting with it, and setting the stage for TDA. And I hope she keeps writing Shadowhunter books, because she's so right – it's a world of endless possibilities, and I love meeting new, original characters and being brought on new adventures in this crazy alternative world. So I look forward to it. :)

    I'm gonna just sign off now before I end up writing my own novel – starting to sound like a seriously cheesy review :P Just had to voice my opinion! :D x

    • J Herondale says:

      Tess and Jem does not have Emma together. Emma is the descendant (How do you even spell that? xD ) of Jems uncle. (:

  97. ahh but emma doesn’t have to be tessa and jems desendent. Plus, jem could have cousins that he never knew or just has not talked about in the books or other relatives etc.
    at least thats what i’m hoping (pretty sure you can guess i prefer will)
    nothing against jem lovers though

  98. I’m thinking Jem falls for Will’s sister and they have a child together…

    Jem is going to realize that Will is in love with Tessa and stand aside, I think. The only way we can feel ok about it is if Jem falls for someone else.

    • J Herondale says:

      Cecily marries Gabriel Lightwood, and Jem finds out about Wills love for Tessa and sends him off to rescue her while he himself turns into a Silent Brother. And Silent Brothers cant marry xD But he does become normal again and… Ooh mom made cookies so that i would give you guys (That probably already read Clockwork Princess by now! xD ) any more spoilers! ^^

  99. Eleanor says:

    I’m so excited! I just can’t it!

  100. Mind equals BLOWN! I can’t wait for this series <3<3

  101. Mrs. Jace Lightwood says:

    I’m so excited for everything! In a little less than a year, we’ll find out who Tessa is, who she loves, what will happen! AH! I can’t stop fangirling! I really do hope she ends up with Will. His angsty demeanor was all because of that false curse! He’s a truly loveable person. It’s such a shame that Jem proposed right then and there… terrible timing. Jem is loveable, but in his own way… I’m not compelled to him. Yes he’s kind, and sweet and caring but so is Will! Then in 2014 our beautiful TMI series will come to an end. I’m going to cry. WAH! I’ve loved these characters for so long and I just can’t bear to let them go… No one better die. After all these feelings that emerged as the plot unfolds, as relationships grow and crumble, as secrets are revealed, constantly keeps us at the edge of our seats, and crying during every single book. Please Cassie, let us be happy! Happy ending please! And as for TDA, all words will fail to describe how excited and simply happy I am! We won’t have to leave the shadowhunter world! And the best of all–we’ll have a little peek into our most beloved characters’ adult lives. Could anything be better? No. (But Jace and Clary has to live Cassie! PUHLEASE. *puppy dog eyes*)

    • Mrs Michaela Herondale says:

      Cassie said somewhere that she might be killing off one of the main characters in TMI! :'( But, I totally agree with you, I love Will <3. Yes, yes, I love a book character, whatever. <3

  102. Bluenatch says:

    Guys, does anybody know if WIll is the same WH Camille refers to in CoFA… Alec also asks Magnus about a tobacco box… I think I need to read that again but I’m pretty sure is William Herondale they talk about.


  104. I’m gonna DIE if I don’t know what happens to Will,Tessa,and Jem! OH and Henry and Charlotte’s baby! And Jessamine what about her?! Oh my god. The Clockwork Princess absolutely cannot be coming slower! Too excited I am OBSESSED with Shadowhunter books!!!!!!!

  105. I am a big fan and can not wait for the next book

  106. I really want Cassandra Clare to write the Shadowhunter’s Codex – the book Will gives to Tessa in TID. It would be awesome, having a book all about the things that go on in the Shadowhunter world… :D

  107. Also, just saying….for all of those who have read City of Lost Souls, Helen Blackthorn has a little brother…Jules Blackthorn. I wonder if there’s a connection as to *the* Julian Blackthorn of TDA and this guy…
    Just putting that out there… :)

    • I am so sure you are right about Helen’s brother! I can’t believe I didn’t realise that myself :D and I totally agree – it would be awesome to be able to read the Codex!

    • i love these books says:


  108. I love the shadowhunters series. In the future i will to be an author and writes about the fantasy like a vampire, werewolves and theres more….

  109. itzel Flores says:

    I love her books but I’m sad cuz she’s ending the infernal devices=:::( i can’t wait for the last book cuz what is Tessa? And can she have kids? is Jem going to die? I’m going crazy i can’t stop thinking of what’s going to happen.Can’t wait for 2013!!!

  110. yah i cant wait for the TDA series because i will finally be roughly the same age as teen characters in a book and not feeling under aged!!!!and i wonder if this Julian guy is the blackthorn brother and if he is whether of not he has a key fairy trait???????

  111. I am so exited I can’t wait two read the next series:)

  112. RebeccaBjörnsdotter says:

    So so so excited!! Can’t wait! hoping she won’t kill off any of the main characters especially not Clary or Jace. But I have a feeling Simon will die somehow. He’s kind doomed :( well soo so excited :D

  113. i am right there with you guys its going to be very interesting to see what happens next:):) i cant wait for the movie in august to by the trailer for tmi it looks awesome(**really excited.**))

  114. I would LOVE to see Clary and Jace survive.. Also, if you bring back characters from ID (which you should because there were so many cliffhangers I went into an emotional breakdown trying to come up with some logical explanation of what happened to the characters after the book ended), I would almost like to see Jem passed on from his illness and Tessa and Will together. Not that I don’t love Jem, but Tessa and Will are meant to be.

  115. I’m freaking out right now, I was so ready to read a happy ending in heavenly fire, but now that there’s a new series, I know thats not exactly happening. I’ve spent the past years waiting for the mortal instrument books and infernal devices to come out- and I am still waiting… Now I have to wait for the dark artificies- there is only so much that a heart can take… Waiting is PAINFUL!!!! I love these books sooo much and I love you Cassandra Clare so I know the wait will be worth it. By the time all these books come out, I as well will be in my early twenties:) or mid. Twenties…

  116. Lol I know right, but Cassie would never torture her fans by killing jace. Remember how Jace and clary have more angel blood, maybe in the end they become angels? It’s a possibility… Idk but trust me, jace won’t die without a happy ending

  117. She can kill Sebastian,Mayrse, Luke, Jocelyn, Maya, or Jordan (and albiet I may shed a tear or two for the last 4) but if she dares to kill Simon or Isabelle, Alec or Magnus, Jace and Clary I will explode and she will become number one on my most hated authors list. And she may also receive a letter or two with some not-so-nice words involved. I dare her to.

  118. Cassie Lover says:

    I love Cassie and have read her books like 5 times but that was a long time ago and I’m 11 so I have a horrible memory so can someone remind me who Jordan is?

    • Jordan is one of the workers for the Praetor Lupus (that service thing that helps people who just Turned) and he was “helping” Simon to get to Maia

  119. i love these books says:

    CANNOT WAIT-THESE BOOKS ARE MY WHOLE WORLD, MY LIFE REVOLVES AROUND THESE BOOKS-I LOVE TMI AND ID AND I AM ALWAYS HOLED UP IN MY ROOM READING THEM, MY FAMILY HAS FORGOTTON THAT I EXIST, I THINK. I can absolutely not wait for this next chance to spend forever in my room. i love you judith-you are my most favourite author ever. thankyou fo making my life interesting.
    p.s. i believe that i have shadow hunter blood in me-my last name is BRANWELL.

  120. 42istheanswer says:

    No recycled characters PLEASE

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the ID series, and I tolerate the TMI series (But Jace, the golden haired, piano playing, uber smart, ninja fighter, bad ass? Really, Ms. Clare, really? I’m sorry, but he has to be one of the worst characters I’ve ever read about.) TMI (especially the last two books) have really bored me.

    On the brighter side, you’ve gotten so much better with ID! This is the classic “girl has to choose between the bad-ass, hot guy and the angelic guy, and eventually chooses the bad-ass guy while the other guy is pushed with the second female lead, dies, or is completely ignored.” BUT NOT JEM! ANYONE BUT JEM! Sorry, my SML (Second Male Lead) Syndrome is acting up again… but anyways, who doesn’t love a good bromance between the two male leads?

    Good luck on the third series! Here’s my advice: (1) Keep it down to a trilogy. The only series that managed to keep me hooked after three books was Harry Potter. (2) Don’t bring another Jace/Will character into play (though it will be interesting to see what Emma is like.) (3) Don’t add random smut scenes for fan service. (4) Maybe….maybe you could add a teensy weensy bit of a love triangle? ^.^

    I have high hopes for this series!

    • J Herondale says:

      Ermahgawd you ruined my fangirl-boner…
      The worst character? Make up a better character yourself then?! And Will and Jace were supposed to be alike, they’re firetrucking related! Just…
      You’re giving Cassie advise? Give me YOUR perfect idea for a story, and YOUR perfect male character.
      Im out, fangirl slap.

  121. Dibs on the herondales says:


    JEM AND TESSA ARE AT THE WEDDING AND THEN WHEN THEY START THE VOWS HE STARTS COUGHING UP BLOOD BECAUSE HE HADN’T HAD TO TAKE IT SINCE HE AND TESSA MET WELL LESS THAN USUAL AND SO HE GETS BLOOD ALL OVER HER DRESS AND THEN A Drmon COMES UP As they rush him to the institute and hurts him bad then because in one of the teaser it erm says some things about jem and Tessa so he gets better that happens and well erm I think ceilicy and gabriel best thing that would ever happen in the world and Sophie and gidien and I think that jem finds out about will and tessa 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍 and steps aside or they become reverse polygamists sorry but I ammmm team will he sounds just so damn sexy…. I have issues don’t I

  122. Dibs on the herondales says:

    It comes out in four days omg sooo freaking out right now haha if jem dies though I’m gonna e sad but then in tda the main characters last name is cairastair I think I misspelled that sorry anywho so omg I just hope there is no turning jem into a shadow hunger that would be horrible

  123. Cassie Lover says:

    I have just got Clockwork Princess!!!! So excited!!!

  124. how about jem and tessa’s relationship….? u know after brackfriars bridge in 2008

  125. I think it’s much more likely that Emma Carstairs is a descendant of Elias Carstairs, rather than Jem… Like sure it would be cool if Jem ended up having kids, but the end of Clockwork Princess makes me think she’s a descendant of Elias. We shall have to see if there’s a rare sword in her family. So obviously related to Jem, but I’m thinking not a direct descendant.

    @maiaisabelle168 I know… It doesnt specify if hes mortal or immortal at that point… Does Tessa have to watch someone grow old and die again? D:

  126. Mr. wish alec was straight says:

    Raises hand
    Clare how are all he guys so freaking hot. agree with early comments about the disappointing ending of CoFA. But she should never stop the shadowhunters stuff. Give Have and Clary time to relax and cuddle. Give Will the only girl he may ever love. Alec because I can’t have him Mangus must so unless you want to through me into your story malec must continue forever. l love them so much I skimped CoFA for malec read them then read the book. Calre love ya haters don’t.
    P.S. did anyone else through their book and go emo after reading the last page of CoFA. I ,mean it was like:
    NO NO NO * weep weep *
    Never read her books again. Worse then when jace was clary’s siblings. That could be solved by insect this requires some serious B-slaps. To sebastian, jace, clave, Lilith(wait Simon did that) Izz’s mom (just don’t like her) ……
    Next hour your on page 67 of CoLS.

  127. Ella Herondale says:

    So is Emma related to Jem? She can’t be his daughter with Tessa because they only got together in 2008 and I think Emma is 15 or 16. I guess she must be a Carstairs from Jem’s uncle’s branch of the family. I hope they meet, that would be adorable.

  128. Is Emma the child of Tessa and Jem, because her last name is Carstairs, but supposedly her parents died, but Tessa is still alive, did she leave Emma, like her other children, but then what happens to Jem. I must know…

  129. I can’t wait. I LOVE TMI and TID so I’m sure I will love the dark artifices

  130. CrazyFangirl Ainsley says:

    Oh My Gosh I canNOT WAIT !!! I wonder how everybody is going to be like in there 20-ies ?!?!

  131. Patrice says:

    So happy to find out Jem (TID) is the silent brother Zachariah (TMI)…no wonder he had a link with the Herondale family, he was the parabati of Will!!!!

  132. Katkatkatkat Lightwood says:

    wow, is it weird that I read like ALL of those comments? LOL
    AAAHHH im so excited to see what Jace and Clary and Magnus And Alec And Izzy and Simon (thats alot of ppl i know) are up to….
    I really hope cassie mentions the TMI characters alot I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM <3 Mrs. Jace foreva

  133. haha ^^^ I can’t believe I actually read all of those comments too. I’m really excited about City of Heavenly Fire. I haven’t finished CoLS yet, but I’m stoked. I know The Dark Artifices will be its own separate story from the previous shadowhunter books, but I hope TMI characters appear often because I love them all. Considering how much I have enjoyed her books so far, I should probably just trust her judgement regarding the new series.

  134. Can’t wait

  135. Cassandra have mercy pls release the books earlier

  136. turquoise says:


  137. Alexandra says:

    Okay guys, Tessa marries will, they live happily ever after. Jem is a silent bro and will dies. They found a cure for jem. He isn’t a silent bro anymore. Tessa gets together with jem. Alright?

  138. Alexandra says:

    Did anyone go to the bottom of the pg and c that the movie is coming out on Aug. 21 wen u thought it was the 23? Did anyone know that? Also. I am suuppeerr excited about the CoHF book coming out. I am stoked. In the DA, I REALLY hope that jace,Clary,simon, Izzy,Alec,magnus Tessa,and jem show up in it. I was also wondering wat is gonna happen wen Tessa and jem meet Clary, Jace etc… meet. “Okayyy” Isabelle whispered. “When did brother Zachariah get hot?” I luv that part.

  139. Alexandra says:

    Oh and one more thing. Tessa and will have kids…then they have kids and so on…= Stephen Herondale which = Jace Herondale.

  140. Sounds great im looking forward to it but you said emma wants to be a more skilled younge shadow hunter SINCE jace does that mean jace dies????!!!!!!!! I know its also possible thats not what it meant but sill im just curious

  141. Kaitlyn says:

    Can’t wait for COHF to come out!!!
    I’m in love wifff Jace he is one sexy man beast!

  142. Awesome! These are literally THE BEST books I have ever read! You could continue this series forever and i wouldnt get bored! And the books keep getting better as they come out! Take your time writing because it will be worth the wait!

  143. I liked the Infernal Devices characters better :) I really liked Clockwork Princess when everyone was gonna get married and stuff but it was sad when Jessamine died :(

  144. Guys… Gray + Fairchild = Fray

  145. So Jem grows old and dies since he found a cure, but Tessa is still alive and appears in City of Glass? Im not sure which book but shes in the epilogue where Magnus is off talking with a girl with a “cloud of brown hair”

  146. oh my gosh! so i told my sister about the new series she is writing (we both have read the tmi series) and we were coming up with different scenarios of what she means by “since.” What if Jace makes a final sacrifice to kill Sebastian or the evil inside of him, by using the heavenly fire which might burn him up as well. I can’t see Jace just dropping the shadowhunter life and he has always been in love with the idea of dying. Or Clary could die (or Jace thinks she does) and he sees no reason to live and doesn’t want her death to be in vain, so he makes his final sacrifice to save the world. Again, we were just throwing different ideas into the air. If any of the main characters die I will be depressed for months on end. I get way too obsessed with the books i read. . .i think i have a problem.

  147. Omg I can’t wait to see Jace and clary! That’s prob gonna be the only reason I read this series. xD I hope she includes them a lot!

  148. mrs herondale says:

    I wish jace and isabelle won’t die! love them both.. and i’m curious about malec, still want them to be together!

  149. Reason why books are NOT good- they stress me out more than school does, the fact that I have to wait for COHF and the dark artifices is too much for me to handle😭😭 but I wait anyways…. So excited!!!! AHHH!! I actually don’t want Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern to die, the dude needs to be loved, he needs to know what love feels like and then he has my permission to die( I will cry notheless

  150. Reason why books are NOT good- they stress me out more than school does, the fact that I have to wait for COHF and the dark artifices is too much for me to handle😭😭 but I wait anyways…. So excited!!!! AHHH!! I actually don’t want Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern to die, the dude needs to be loved, he needs to know what love feels like and then he has my permission to die( I will cry nonetheless)
    ❤❤❤❤Cassandra clare❤❤❤❤

  151. I feel the same way about JCM – Sebastian, I feel sorry for him too and will feel bad when (or if) he dies. It is not his fault that his father ruined him, feeding him demon blood and physically and emotionally abusing him his whole life. The thing is I guess he is incapable of love, and beyond redemption and needs to be put out of his misery. I will feel sad for him though, nevertheless. 😞

  152. RachelHerondale says:

    Cassie needs to write like 200 years from TMI where theres only Magnus, Simon and Tessa left because I’m shipping Sessa oh my god.

  153. daydreamer8183 says:

    jace and clary will be intertwined too but as distant characters…….

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  155. So that means jace dies because it said since jace lightwood 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖😖

  156. MRS.JEM CARSTAIRS says:

    jace and clary have to live!!!
    maybe sebastions new GF kills jace because jace killed sebastion or maybe she kills clary for sebastion and jace goes into rage and kills her then gets killed or maybe sebastion kills clary cause she killed his GF and he says to her “your boyfriend is dead, just wanted you to now”
    or maybe sebastions kills simon and Izzy gets angry and mad and depressed because simon made that sacrifice for her.or maybe mayrse was going to die and simon sacrificed himself for Izzy’s sake.
    though its just gonna distract me from startinh HS but still
    and also ive done some research and jem and Emma are realeted cause jems uncle had children.
    and sebastions girlfriend should be the seelie queen or someone clary new well or maybe that little vamoire girl named something strating with M that is in love with simon

  157. MRS.JEM CARSTAIRS says:

    and also
    Tank god to cassie making those CoFA and CoLS
    and TID and TMI are nothing alike and all you stupid children who think they are have a mager problem and should not read them if they think that, or go make some stupid book so I can critasise your stupid books
    I LOVE JEM, JACE and CLARY!!!!
    I really don’t care if Robert dies so mak him die

  158. I want to to thank you for this fantastic read!! I
    certainly loved every bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite to
    look at new things you post…

  159. Jaceisasexybabe says:

    Oooooh baby clace’s! Can’t wait to read it I hope it has a little Jace in it though! <3

  160. hey just because she said deadliest shadowhunter since jace does not mean he is dead he could you know became a tutor in combat or the inquisitor or head of the clave or ran of with clary

    • J Herondale says:

      OR, it just means that she wants to be the best, but Jace already did that, so she wants to be the best after him, do you follow?
      Cassie also said that she never said Jace would die, so thats my guess… :3

  161. Alice Hamer says:

    Cannot wait!!

  162. Anamely Navarro says:

    If Emma last name is carstairs does that mean she’s jem and Tessa daughter n if I’m right it means jem n Tessa die in cohf :0 :'(

    • J Herondale says:

      No, i don’t think they’ll die, that would be too brutal. This is something alot of fans think, but my theory is that Emma is the daughther of Jems uncle, whom you met in Clockwork Princess, and who Tessa asked if he wouldn’t have kids of his own one day, to which he didn’t answer, cause he didn’t know.
      So yeah, simple theory, TESSA AND JEM CANT DIE! 😱 ASDFGHJKL! >:O

    • M. Herondale says:

      Emma is not their daughter. In a special clockwork princess edition in the back there was a family tree. Emma is Jem’s Uncle’s great granddaughter.

    • M. Herondale says:

      Also, sorry must say, the conversation jem and tessa had at blackfriars at the end of clockwork princess took place in 2012, emma was already born then.

    • Young immortal Carstairs says:

      Omg calm down jem and tessa lives okay and they get married jem idnt a shadow hunter anymore because of the parabatai rune anyway emmas is a distant relative of jem

  163. M. Herondale says:

    I think Alec is the one to go. So Magnus is sad all because of the events of the end of CoLS and etc. Also, I think Jace is to die because in the blurb of TDA series it says ‘ Emma has dedicated her life to the eradication of demons and being the best, fastest and deadliest Shadowhunter since Jace Lightwood’. ‘Since’, so i think jace is dead. I don’t care if he goes, he’ll never top Will.

  164. J Herondale says:


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  170. I’ve always thought that if in Clace, if one of the other died, the other would kill themself. (Jace has said he would, pretty sure Clary would too and if she didn’t she’d be permanently depressed) so I’m pretty sure those two survive and make it to the world of TDA.

  171. Mother Fucker says:


    Jordan, Merliot, Raphael, Sebastian, Maureen, Amatis die in CoHF.
    The chapter named by “Simons Sacrifice”, theyre trapped in the “demon world” and need to ask magnus father to help them get out, so he tells them that in return magnus gives him his inmortality and dies. Magnus acccepts but Simon interferes and gives his inmortality but he doesnt dies, in exchange he lost all his memories of everuyone, including Clary. They later, 2 months later, go search for Simon only to discover he doesnt know who clary is. Then magnus goes talk to him and tells him about vampires and everything… He starts remembering little by little and in clarys mom wedding he asks issabelle on a dance and tells her he wants to earn the right to kiss her and “Youre a heartbreaker, Issabelle Lightwood. At least that much I remember” :)))

  172. buffmas25 says:

    I hope Simon and isabelle are married and that Simon has become shadow hunter too

  173. Mad Hatters daughter says:

    OMIGAWD I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!! I hope that, even though they’re parabatai, emma and jules become a couple it’d be just so sweet! I finished CoHF last night and even though its not that sad I cried. a lot. but ID is much much much sadder. my poor Will and Jem (I wished they called him jem in CoHF instead of Zachariah after he was un-silentbrotherized).

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  175. By the Angel anxiously awaiting......... says:

    I loved the series of Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments….. Can’t wait to read the next series. The possibilities…. Hoping to find out a little about Simon’s progress becoming into a Shadowhunter and assisting in future battles against evil..

    • the ultimate fangirl says:

      Me too

    • Young immortal Carstairs says:

      There is something in me that just hate ssimon so much and when he turned into a shadowhunter i seriously wish a shadowhunter kills mphim or something i really wanted to jump into the book and slit his throat open :/ its just a feeling!! And i think i wanna do it

  176. the ultimate fangirl says:

    i cant wait for this series!!! i do wish there was more on TMI characters, like their points of view as adults, and just their story as adults, in more detailed ways….. :/?

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  183. Jace doesn’t die and neither does Clary and Simon just gets his memory wiped and goes back to a human with no memory of Clary or Jace or anyone else.

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  186. Team Will says:

    Will is better than Jace and Tesa is better than Clary!!! It is a fact:)

  187. Young immortal Carstairs says:

    Deleted scenes a part of it only :)

    Jace was actually stabbed at the heart by his fathers killer but it wasnt important so the editor took it off :( also jace dreamy of clary before he could even meet her that same day.

    Jem and tessa married they also saw will who was happy for the, becuase they had been so alone for so long that it gives him peace

    Jocelyn was crying for sebastian actually it was so sad to read that deleted scene because it shows that he has emotions and he cares for clary one of the things he said was “and sisters” he said “do sisters forgive?”

    Omgggg cassandra also wrote some parts of the book in jaces perspective and other characters.

    Also to the people who didnt read clockwork princess jem dies but it was revealed that he was turne dinto a silent brother and that the runes put in him dissolved the parabatai rune :)

    Im so gonna cry i read so many spoils even though i didnt read the book still worth it though :) ask me some questions and if i know it i can answer it :)

  188. I loved reading TMI i wish you coud write more about jace and clary (my fave characters) but im also excited for the new series TDA!!!

  189. Will Tessa and Jem come up at any point in this series?

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  191. Omg, I can’t believe how exited I am. I am hoping for some Clace still there, BC of course I have always been on the Jace and Clary Ship! I guess Sizzy could work out, omg I just can’t wait!

  192. I can not wait for the dark artifices and i think there is a new book following simom’s life the shadowhunter academy i cant wait to read it. I lobe tmi and the bane Chronicles and i love cassandra clare so much. Thank you for being an amazing author and writing the best books i have ever read in my life.


  1. […] If you haven’t learned about this yet, here’s a link to some information about it on TMI Source. […]

  2. […] Für das Jahr 2015 ist bereits mit dem ersten Band Lady Midnight der The Dark Artifices Reihe ein weiteres Buch aus der Welt der Schattenjäger in Planung und mit der obrigen Leseprobe legt die Schriftstellerin bereits die Weichen dafür. Erste Infos zu diesem Buch findet Ihr HIER. […]

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