Here are snippets from LADY MIDNIGHT, the first installment in THE DARK ARTIFICES trilogy scheduled to be released in 2015, that Cassandra Clare has shared online:

Snippet #1

The cycle hit the beach and spun out. Emma went into a rolling crouch as she flew free of it, keeping her elbows in, pushing the air hard out of her lungs. She turned her head as she hit the sand, slapping her palms down to roll herself forward, absorbing the impact of the fall through her arms and shoulders, her knees folding up into her chest. The stars wheeled crazily overhead as she spun, sucking in her breath as her body slowed its rolling. She  came to a stop on her back, her hair and clothes full of sand and her ears full of the sound of the wildly crashing ocean….

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31 thoughts on “LADY MIDNIGHT snippets

  1. I was quite upset when i realized that the Infernal Devices series is finished and that The Mortal Instruments is almost finished. It’s okay now though, because THERE IS GOING TO BE A NEW SERIES!!!!!!!

  2. How it it that Cassandra Clare can make you fall in love with every character and the stories they’re in. She’s such an AMAZING WRITER!!! Even tho i’m sad TID is done, and TMI is almost done, NOT TO WORRY! We then have TDA, then TLH, then TWP and Magsterium series.

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