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In October 2011, Yen Press came to an agreement with Cassandra Clare to adapt The Infernal Devices into a three-issue series featuring each of the books in the best selling trilogy: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess.

A sample of the first issue, illustrated by HyeKyung Baek, was one 40 comics that was given away on Free Comic Book Day on May 5, 2012.

The first manga installment, Clockwork Angel, was released on October 7, 2012. Clockwork Prince is set for a Sept. 3, 2013, release, and the final installment, Clockwork Princess, will be available on May 27, 2014.


A prequel to Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, the #1 New York Times-bestselling The Infernal Devices is the story of Tessa Gray, a sixteen-year-old American girl traveling alone to Victorian London who runs afoul of the city’s sordid supernatural underworld. Rescued by the Shadowhunters of the London Institute, Tessa quickly finds herself caught up in an intrigue that may very well destroy her new friends – including the two enigmatic young men, Jem and Will, who have taken her under their wing…


Publisher: Yen Press

Story by: Cassandra Clare

Art by: HyeKyung Baek


Volume 1: Clockwork Angel coming October 30, 2012

Volume 2: Clockwork Prince coming September 2013

Volume 3: Clockwork Princess coming May 27, 2014


Visit the official page at Yen Press



NEW YORK, NY (10/14/2011) — At New York Comic Con Yen Press announced that it has entered into an agreement with #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon Cassandra Clare to create a manga adaptation of her epic The Infernal Devices trilogy with artist HyeKyung Baek.

The Infernal Devices, a standalone trilogy set within the universe of Ms. Clare’s immensely popular The Mortal Instruments series, is the story of Tessa Gray, a sixteen-year-old American girl traveling alone to Victorian London who runs afoul of the city’s sordid supernatural underworld. Rescued by the Shadowhunters of the London Institute, Tessa quickly finds herself caught up in an intrigue that may very well destroy her new friends – including the two enigmatic young men, Jem and Will, who have taken her under their wing…

 Cassandra Clare said of the deal: “As a long-time fan of manga, I’m so excited to be working on this adaptation with Yen Press. Manga has influenced a great deal of the way I envision narrative, and the chance to see my work rendered in the form is something I couldn’t pass up. I look forward to seeing HyeKyung Baek’s evocative art bring The Infernal Devices’ world of gaslit romance to life.”

Kurt Hassler, Yen Press Publishing Director, said: “I confess that I’m a sucker for Victorian Era storytelling, and I was already a fan of Cassie’s The Mortal Instruments series. The combination of the two that is The Infernal Devices had me rapt from page one, and I knew that I wanted to see this story unfold through sequential art. I cannot think of another illustrator better suited to evoking this world visually than HyeKyung Baek, and I can hardly wait to see these pages start crossing my desk!”

 Chapters of The Infernal Devices will be serialized in Yen Press’s monthly online anthology magazine, Yen Plus, with publication of the first volume slated for Fall 2012.

Cassandra Clare vaulted onto the publishing scene with her first YA novel, City of Bones, and has published three other bestselling novels in The Mortal Instruments series. First published in August of 2010, Clockwork Angel marked the first installment of Cassandra’s The Infernal Devices trilogy and debuted at #1 on the New York Times list. The second book in the series is scheduled to release on December 6, 2011. Both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices have been optioned for film by Unique Features.

Yen Press is an imprint of Hachette Book Group dedicated to publishing graphic novels for adults and young readers.  Yen Press’ focus is primarily on licensed manga, but also publishes across the wide spectrum of the graphic novel market, including, but not limited to: original manga publications, original American comics/graphic novels, webcomics, licensed adaptations, and children’s graphic novels. For more information, visit

Hachette Book Group is a leading trade publisher based in New York and a division of Hachette Livre, the second largest publisher in the world. Hachette Book Group’s product lines include adult, illustrated, religious, children’s and audio books under the Little, Brown and Company, Little Brown Books for Young Readers, Grand Central Publishing, FaithWords, Center Street, Orbit, Yen Press and Hachette Book Group Digital Media imprints.  For more information, visit


  1. Omg the drawing look so much better than TMI graphic novel drawings. I really would like it if they made TMI into a manga instead.

    • Oh gawd, please, isn’t one series in manga enough?
      Not everyone is a huge manga fan, you know.

      • But some people *are* manga fans :) you don’t have to read it if manga is not your thing. ;] (the good thing about free will).

        Side note: =D Argh i’m just so excited and can’t wait for clockwork princess, but i’m also excited for the TID manga. ^^

      • mina blak says:

        Well, I am aware that I don’t have to like it, thank you :)
        And the comment about free will goes both ways, that’s why I am glad that there’ll be one of each – one in manga and the other in classic-style!

      • Yeah I don’t like manga either, mina black. kinda sucks for me…but at least there’s a written version of each so we dont have to read them! I’ll probably flip through anyway, tho, unfortunately. Too tempting, because it is by Cassandra Clare.

    • I’d rather have TID in graphic novel format and TMI in manga format.

    • Disagree. I’m much happier that TMI is being made as a graphic novel instead of a manga! It looks much nicer, imo.

      • mina blak says:

        Thank you, same here! :)
        I like it when the characters look like actual people as opposed to kids-cartoon-like characters with just a line for a mouth and the “out of proportion-big eyes”…Sorry, I know this sounds really harsh, but it’s my opinion :)

    • Charlene says:

      Same here, Marlee. I kinda like anime. It depends if it’s nice or not.

  2. Justineluna says:

    nnnnnnot good

  3. Tessa Gray says:

    I love it. I have to own it. I don’t own any manga. This one I will. Will! :D

    OMG WILL! Excited!
    But I do hope yen press will supply more copies here in the philippines. Do you know how hard it is to find Maximum Ride manga here???

  5. LOL I was laughing so hard at some of the snippets, can’t wait to get my hand on those books to add to my collection.

    When will the release dates be finalized though?

  6. I’m not a fan of mangas, but I’ll definitely read this. I’m obsessed with TID series.

  7. Looking forward to the release as a book, though I’m much more eager for the TMI graphic novel. :D

  8. I think that tmi and tid should have the same format. But i think this is so cool. Am a magna fan…depending on what its about. But i already love the series. so this should be good. just occasionally i dont reconize the characters. like i imagine jem differently….

  9. They should make a manga and graphic novel, I think. That way you those that want a manga version of the novels can get it, those that want the graphic novels can have the graphic novels, and most likely I bet there are those out there that would like both. X3

  10. omygawddddd!!!!!!manga version im gonna soo buy that …..omg i love cassandra clares work\

  11. can’t wait for this~ I kinda don’t like how Jem looks, though. He almost looks like the mysterious villain-type character. I always imagine Jem to have a more softer and younger look.

  12. Omgosh!!! Yay!! I LOVE manga, and I LOVE TID! Can’t wait for this to come out! I hope the manga for Clockwork Prince comes out on my birthday. It’d be awesome! And I’m SO excited for the TMI graphic novel. I really like to read graphic novels, though I don’t read them often… enough.
    Sorry, don’t usually go on like this. I’m going all FanGirl again… It’s driving some certain people crazy. Haha. Probably you, too. Sorry, I’ll shut up now.

  13. Katie =) says:

    I hope I will be able to get both the graphic novel and the manga though I m really a fan of either of theses.
    Does anyone know when they come out in France??

  14. Oh my god XD
    They look awesome xD

  15. Reireika-chan says:

    Im excited for the manga, being an Otaku myself :3 the manga will attract more fans to the series as well, i know a few you are stupidly just waiting for the manga before reading the written text :/ im not excited about the Graphic Novel though….


  17. mina blak says:

    Oh, who cares?! And perhaps next time no caps?!
    Thank you.

  18. I haven’t read TMI because of… questionable plot points… but I’ve read TID and it’s absolutely amazing.

    I’m a manga fan myself so I’m thrilled that TID is being adapted into a manga rather than a graphic novel. Personally, I find the black and white art in a manga is far prettier than the full colour art in western comic books.

  19. mina blak says:

    In my honest opinion, there really isn’t any questionable content in TMI. You really need to know the whole story to realise that. I actually prefer that series over ID and would highly recommend reading it to anyone!
    Yeah, I’m a huge fan of black and white comics, just that in my case they happen to be the old-school “crime noir” horror comics from the early ’90’s like Dylan Dog. :)

  20. Can we all just stop arguing about what we want? I mean Cassandra Clare probably met with both Yen Press and the other publisher and picked out what she wanted to do. I for one am happy that TID is becoming a Manga because I personally could not read the book as a hard cover. I read of all of MI and loved it but when it came to TID, I just couldn’t get into it. And I know some people who are like me couldn’t get threw TID because they just couldn’t get into it. But now that its going to be a manga, I’m willing to give it another try because when it comes to stories set in that era pictures help me understand the story a little more. And for those of you saying not everyone who reads Cassandra Clare’s books are obsessed with Manga, you would be surprised. All of my friends and people at my school who I know that read Manga, have also bought and read all of Clare’s work and loved it! By turning TID and MI into a manga and graphic novel, Cassandra Clare will reach out to a wider audience and make even MORE people fall in love with her books/stories.
    I mean isn’t that what we all want? For Cassandra Clare to be noticed as the wonderful author she is, and to be more known threw-out the world?

  21. Neil C. Rasbury says:

    Be still my beating heart. This would look amazing as a manga.

  22. It actually looks like a manga! good job!!! :D

  23. forever for jace says:

    i love this and cant wait for it to come out
    though when they do the covers of the books in color i hope they dont make jems hair look all wierd because ive seen some manga colored drawing and they all gave jem white hair but its not white!! it makes him look to old…

    • AWildFangirlAppears says:

      Clearly you haven’t read many manga, cos lots of characters have white hair and they look gorgeous :P take Zero Ichiru!

  24. Samm411 says:

    I really like this a lot! Even if it it may bug people with the bigs eyes, I personally think it looks better than the TMI graphic novel. The drawings look better to me. I love manga and I’m used to it. It’s my opinion. :PP

  25. Hachette Book Group is a leading trade publisher based in New York and a division of Hachette Livre, the second largest publisher in the world. Hachette Book Group’s product lines include adult

  26. Infernal Devices is better than Mortal Instruments. The whole time period just makes it cooler. I wish more characters said “bloody hell” more, though. They are british, after all…

  27. Herondale 101 says:

    cant wait for it to come out and i think the bloody hell would not suit the book makes me think of harry potter when i hear that word. I love manga!!!! and tessa looks awesome

  28. Will looks more Chinese ten Jem does.

  29. I do like the manga style for TDI series, The graphic novel?…no so much. Though, I am not the hugest illustrated versions’ fan anyway. I think novels should stay novels (do not get me wrong, I still want the movies too).

  30. Never Trust this Duck ;) says:

    Can’t wait to read this Manga xD

  31. YAY!! I am so exited I love this series and love manga!! Even though I can see some people (sadly) dont like the idea I personaly am very happy!!!

  32. As a huge manga fan (my favourite being Kuroshitsuji) I am extremely excited to read this, I hope dearly that atleast one of the anime/manga stores near me will stock this as I will be planning to make a visit to buy it ^_^ I have to say I do prefer the manga look to the graphic novels though. This will also make it easier to complete a Tessa cosplay for one of the cons I’m going to ^_^ Can’t wait, extremely excited :D

  33. KikiLOVESJAce says:

    I’m totally getting this when it comes out! If only the graphic novel of city of bones was a managa. I wish it was! Because, I want to see a managa verison of jace! SO badly, really, really, badly. :)

  34. Mrs. Jace/Will Herondale says:


  35. Mrs. Jace/Will Herondale says:

    I think that cecily and jem get married, have kids and then jem becomes brother jeramiah!!!! and then Will and Tessa can be together!!!!!!!!!1 <3<3<3,3<3<3<3<3

    • Breanne_Herondale says:

      Okay, We are totally on the same page! You took the thoughts right out of my head!
      Will&Tess= <3 Forever

  36. Mrs. Jace/Will Herondale says:

    Jem becoming brother jeramiah woul explain the way he tells clary that he knew the herondales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Mrs. Jace/Will Herondale says:

    +_+ O_o

  38. Mrs. Jace/Will Herondale says:

    If its like Maximum Ride I will LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. :3 I like manga more than graphic novels, so i’m defiantly getting this

  40. Breanne_Herondale says:

    I am absolutely sure that it will be as amazing as the books. It’s going to be smashing!
    I love Will’s charm, Tess’ curiousity, and Jem’s “condition”!
    P.S. I am shipping Will and Tess, so I refuse to say the whole ‘T’ word. Or Tess’ real name I guess I should say.


  41. Maybe Not says:

    Does anyone know where to buy these?

  42. OMG!!!! I have to buy them! The drawing is so beautiful!

  43. Hi to all, it’s genuinely a good for me to go to see this site, it consists of valuable Information.

  44. I would love it if they’re gonna make TMI a manga series as well, I do get the fact that some don’t like reading manga but it’s a nice thing to recreate the series in a whole new perspective(well, not changing the story though…).

  45. Breanne_Herondale says:

    I love the series of books including The Amazing Cassandra Clare’s other series (TMI!) They both are so different and yet they are similar. Very Very Smashing! ;) Although I would absouletly love it if Mrs.Clare could help me out here and make sure that there is going to be a book where Will and Tess get to be together! Please please! I am a desperate number one fan who will most likely get smockered if they aren’t going to be together. It’s heart breaking. It really is. Will and Tess 4ever!

  46. Breanne_Herondale says:

    Sorry! I meant snockered…lol! But, honest I won’t. I was just expressing my heart-break future if they won’t be together. So Mrs.Clare I ask of you to see that this is done!
    Will and Tess deserve each other ;)

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