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Outtake Scenes

Here are the links to the seven special outtake scenes shared by Cassandra Clare:

Because it is Bitter: The Seelie Court scene from City of Ashes told from Jace’s point of view.

Kissed: Magnus and Alec’s first kiss.

Jocelyn’s story: The story of Jocelyn’s marriage to Valentine, from her point of view.

Of Loss: Will Herondale’s perspective on the attic scene from Clockwork Angel.

The Manor House: Jace’s perspective on the scene outside the Wayland Manor House with Clary from Chapter 9 of Glass.

Jace’s letter: In City of Glass, Book 3 of The Mortal Instruments series, Jace leaves a letter in Clary’s room before he leaves for a life-threatening mission. This is that letter.

Jace’s point of view of his first kiss with Clary

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