New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE mini snippet

City of Heavenly Fire cut

Cassandra Clare shared a mini snippet from City of Heavenly Fire.

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Shadowhunters: What do you think of the snippet? Who do you think is speaking?

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32 thoughts on “New CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE mini snippet

  1. Omfg. I’m literally freaking out.
    I can’t even. Who was kissing? Who kissed who? Is that person angry? Confused? Like what!?

    • OMG it has to be Magnus kissing Alec. Remember that Picture she posted where they where kissing and Alec looked surprised and someone says “Alec we have to go” ? Maybe he tells Izzy and she asks him that. I hope it is. Can’t wait!!!!!!

  2. WAIT. Wasn’t there a contest where the winner got to chose to be kissed or killed in City of Heavenly Fire? If I’m right, then I think this is it!

  3. I think it’s about Alec and Magnus, and the person who said Why did he kiss you is Isabelle. Alec and Magnus have broken up, but the others haven’t, so, if they kiss, it would be strange.

    • It wouldn’t be that strange if they kissed. U know that Magnus still loves Alec from the end of city of lost souls. If anything he probably kissed him and said this doesn’t change anything between us then Alec could tell izzy and shed be like we’ll if it doesn’t change anything then why did he kiss you?

  4. MALEC!!!! I bet Alec told Izyy not long after it happened since he’s only comfortable talking to her about him being gay. After all there brother and sister but, otherwise. CASSANDRA CLARE WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US?!?!?!?

    • But it was a girl talking. and jace knows full well y sebastian would kiss her. because he’s a sick demon that loves his sister thesame way sone one would love their wife.

  5. Its either Malec which would be obvious or Clary told Isabelle about Sebastian kissing her. Nothing else would really make sence.

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