Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers and Godfrey Gao attended the Mexico premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in Mexico City on Tuesday, August 27. Check out photos from the premiere:



  1. The red carpet treatment :) They all look great. Lily looks great but I’m not too keen on that dress tbh.

  2. A BIG Fan says:

    WOW. Ahhhh Fangirling to the TOP in 5 hours I’m seeing CoB. Me and the rest of the people in theatre will be the first ones to see it in my country. WHOAAH

  3. Scavenger says:

    Wow, that entrance with the angelic power rune is impressive

  4. Oh my! I love love love that the premiere was so big and exciting here in my country!!! I mean from all the pictures that I’ve seen from premieres this seems very impressive! And tons of people attending too! I’m so excited!! :)

  5. A BIG Fan says:

    Wow. I just saw the movie -.- Yep. Oh god. OK I think they kind of overdid it with the changes. Like the was a line and they crossed it when they put Valentine say that Jace had something blocking his memory too. WTF? JUST WTF? The rest of the movie was incredible. Loved it. I’m gonna watch it again and again with my BFFs.
    10/10 this movie was awesome. -.-
    P.S. Crap! The ending was so emotional! Listening to ‘When The Darkness Comes’ at the end of the movie was freaking emotional. I almost cried.
    I WANT CITY OF ASHES. NOW -.- I can’t wait for another year… :O Like literally What Are They Doing To Us?

  6. They all looked very hot. What a great-looking couple Lily and Jamie make! They both looked fantastic at this premiere.

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