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Scott Stewart sounds off on why he’s the right guy for ‘City of Bones’ movie

Click the image to watch Stewarts interview with Hollywood Crush.

As ‘Mortal Instruments’ fans anxiously await the casting of Jace Wayland in the upcoming ‘City of Bones’ movie adaptation (Lily Collins described her perfect Jace yesterday), MTV’s Hollywood Crush treated us to a special interview with the director of the film, Scott Stewart.

Stewart, who directed Priest, which stars our Clary Fray, Lily Collins, took the time to talk about his vision for the film and why he’s the right guy for the job.

Just recently Collins gushed at WonderCon about Stewart’s vision for the movie saying, “there is no better to create that (‘Mortal Instruments’) world than Scott. It’s going to be incredible.”

“I read a lot of YA books, and I had read ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Mortal Instruments’ and a series called ‘The Uglies,'” Stewart told Hollywood Crush. “‘Mortal Instruments’ really stood out to me. It didn’t just feel like a ‘Twilight’ also-ran, it has a really active protagonist in Clary Fray, [who] Lily Collins is playing in the movie.”

Stewart also revealed that the realistic New York atmosphere, as well as the action, was a big draw for him, one that is looking forward to create in the movie.

“There’s lots of cool action,” Stewart told Hollywood Crush. “It’s just a really great opportunity…also I always loved growing up, as a kid in the ’80s, loved those New York all night movies, like ‘After Hours,’ and then on the genre side, ‘The Lost Boys,’ [the type of stories wherein] when sun goes down there is a whole other world.”

>>Read the full story at Hollywood Crush

What do you think, ‘Mortal Instruments’ fans? Do you like Stewart for the job? Do you think he will do justice to the world that is ‘Mortal Instruments’? Sound off in the comments below!

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