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Cassandra Clare teases about Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene in ‘Clockwork Prince’

First there was Dirty Sexy Alley Scene, that caught fans by storm, and now we might be getting something similiar in the second installment of The Infernal Devices, ‘Clockwork Prince.’

After a somewhat quiet night on the Twitter front, Ms. Clare tweeted an interesting–and perhaps spoilery–tidbit from ‘Clockwork Prince.’

It doesn’t get much better than that.

The question becomes Tessa + ? = Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene.

Clare said she won’t divulge “at present” information about who is involved in DSBS.

Let Team Will and Team Jem duke it out as the conspiracies unravel until ‘Clockwork Prince’s release in September.

Let the speculation begin, ‘Mortal Instruments’ fans! Just who do you think Tessa will be, um, getting her Dirty, Sexy Balcony on with? Sound off in the comments below!

And just in case you wanted to re-watch Dirty Sexy Alley Scene, I’ve attached it below (come on, you know you were thinking about it).

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10 Comments on Cassandra Clare teases about Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene in ‘Clockwork Prince’

  1. I’d be happy is she has a DSBS with either Jem or Will… I love them both!

  2. WILL! I really hope it’s Will. Tessa and Will are perfect together and plus I love the Herondale boys πŸ˜€

  3. Will!!!! it has to be Will some how i doubt Jem would do anything dirty and sexy he just seems to nice

  4. Watch it be one of the lightwood boys… If you read the scene he reaches up and unlocks her fingers. Trust me, thats not easy to do when you are a tall girl… because ya know, she’d have to reach down and it gets awkward at that point!

  5. I hope it’s Will. I just think that him and Tessa have more of a fiery passion to make a dsbs rather than the gentle, caring Jem. He seems like he’d be more romantic while Will would just go for it lol.
    Either way its bound to be good!

  6. Mortal_Instruments_Infernal_Devices_Fan // August 1, 2011 at 7:40 AM // Reply

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! That scene is HOT! No matter who it is. DAMN IT!! Now i want to read the Clockwork Prince even more badly. It will be interesting if it is Jem because it will show a different side of him i think. But i have to admit I hope its Will πŸ˜‰

  7. Although I did read somewhere that Tessa starts to bring out different sides to the boys that we haven’t seen before…maybe it could be our dear Jem after all!

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