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“City of Fallen Angels” review: An emotional roller coaster you never want to stop (with spoilers)

"City of Fallen Angels" is now available.

Now that a week has passed since "City of Fallen Angels" was released (can you believe it has already been a week?!), I have finally decided to post my spoilery review. I actually read it twice for a couple of reasons. First, because I was an emotional wreck throughout the first reading that I had to make sure I didn't miss out on some significant details and second, because I just couldn't and didn't want to put the book down. When Cassandra Clare announced that there would be three more books in her best-selling "The Mortal Instruments" series, fans were excited and curious as to what would happen next to the characters in her world. The anticipation for "City of Fallen Angels," the fourth book in the series, was palpable and fans were just itching for any and every little preview Clare would give. The hype was so big for "City of Fallen Angels" that one had to wonder if it would disappoint. It did not. In fact, it exceeded its expectations. I found myself crying one moment and then laughing the next. That, my friends, was just a portion of my journey on the "City of Fallen Angels" emotional roller coaster. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD

“City of Fallen Angels” picks up a few weeks after the events of “City of Glass and there was a false sense of security tangible amongst the characters after the sinister Valentine had been defeated (and killed) and I should have known that Cassie was going to take advantage of that.

Clary and Jace have kept a dangerous secret to themselves in Jace’s resurrection from the dead. But Jace was also keeping a secret from Clary. He was having gruesome nightmares of killing her. Not exactly romantic, I know.

It was like a secret within a secret within another secret.

Jace was torturing himself thinking that he was not worthy of Clary’s love and began to hang out with Simon. Best. Idea. Ever.

One of my favorite relationships in the book was the newly developed “bromance” between Jace and Simon. They both had me cracking up with their back-and-forths and, lookie there at the “friendship” developing right before our eyes. I was teary-eyed, really.

It was nice to see Clary start to kick a little butt after being somewhat passive (though not a damsel in distress) in the previous three books and start to experiment a bit with her new power.

You have to feel for her as she blames herself for the events that are unfolding before her, with both Jace and Simon.

I loved how the series shifted to Simon and about him dealing with the consequences that comes with boasting the Mark of Cain. Not to mention how our once geeky boy next door has evolved into somewhat of a ladies man with three (yes, I counted Maureen) ladies vying for his affection.

I admit that I was Team Maia heading into “City of Fallen Angels” but coming out on the other end I am Team Isabelle. I loved how we got to see a different side of Izzy–some vulnerability does exist beneath her tough exterior. It really showed how much she does care about Simon, contrary to what she told Clary in the beginning of the book.

I found the addition of the new characters, Kyle/Jordan, Maureen and Camille (who we were familiar with a bit in “Clockwork Angel”), quite refreshing and they fit perfectly into the TMI world.

I was shocked to find out that Kyle was actually the supposed “evil” Jordan, who turned Maia into a werewolf. I was equally shocked to find myself shipping Kyle/Jordan and Maia at the end and I can’t wait to see their relationship develop.

The worlds of “The Mortal Instruments” and “The Infernal Devices” intertwined when Magnus and Camille were together (and I absolutely loved it) and now I am even more frantic about what happens to Will in ID after some subtle suggestions by Camille.

I wish there was more Magnus and Alec in this book but when they were given their screen time, they made it count.


I absolutely adored jealous Alec and equally loved Magnus’ devotion to Alec. It really worries me though about their future and that it won’t turn out happily ever after.

OK now let’s talk about that nasty cliffhanger. Three words: OH. MY. JACE.

I remember Cassie talking about how we were going to be shocked at the cliffhanger at the end of the book. As I was nearing the end and it seemed like it was going to end on a somewhat positive note, I was not fooled. And wouldn’t you know it, the final scene of the book would involve Jace, who was on the roof all by his lonesome, I knew the worst was coming.

As much as it pained me to see the whole Jonathan/Sebastian-Jace blood brothers thing unfold, it damn near killed me as I realized the agonizingly long wait until we can get some semblance of an answer as to what happened after that when “City of Lost Souls” is released in May 2012.

Clare definitely outdid herself in “City of Fallen Angels,” which is by far the best of the four so far. Once again that coincided with her characters and their evolution amid the plot.

Any author can write a story with a thought-provoking plot but few can do that as well as write thought-provoking characters to match. Clare has mastered that art beautifully over the course of the series thus far and I cannot wait to read more.

So what did you think, Mortal Instruments fans? What were your thoughts on “City of Fallen Angels?” What did you think about the addition of the new characters? The new Simon? The whole Jace dreamt of killing Clary thing? What exactly happened with Will? Will Joceyln and Luke ever get married? And what about that jaw-dropping cliffhanger? Sound off below!

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2 Comments on “City of Fallen Angels” review: An emotional roller coaster you never want to stop (with spoilers)

  1. Alyx Marie Grand // April 12, 2011 at 6:56 PM // Reply

    I still don’t understand completely what the hell happened at the end, though. Jace was impulsed, yadda yadda, but ‘We are one, little brother..’ I DON’T UNDERSTAND..! Help me, please?

    • I think maybe it means that if Sebastian dies then so does Jace but what makes it so agonizing is that we really don’t know what it means. We’ll have to wait until May 2012 to really discover what “we are one” really means or we could continue to berate Cassie until she tells us (which is very unlikely).

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