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Alex Pettyfer chats with fans, remains mum on ‘Mortal Instruments’

Photo: Glamour UK

Popular Jace Wayland contender, Alex Pettyfer dropped by Glamour UK offices for a Twitter Q & A with fans.

Pettyfer divulged information such that he loves to play the bad guy, that performing in front of a large crowd scares him, that he has performed some of his own stunts and that his guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore.

There were a bunch of “Mortal Instruments” questions that were asked but only one that answered:

Are you going to play Jace Wayland in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones? (@ShadowGirl_)

-“Love the books. I can’t tell you anymore than that at the moment.”

Should we have expected any different?

As long as negotiations are still on-going with Screen Gems, Pettyfer cannot really talk about it.

For those who missed it, here is the transcript from Alex Pettyfer’s Twitter Chat from Glamour UK:

Hello! It’s me! Please go see Beastly!

Who’s your celebrity crush? (@AmyAndPhilippa)


Why does he think Hollywood is currently obsessed with reworking fairytales? (@sharonforrester)

-“People love seeing things that they can relate to in a new light!”

Do you have a twitter if so what is it? Because there are about 5 Alex Pettyfer’s on Twitter? (@bhxc4life)

-“I’m sorry I’m not on Twitter. This is my tweet experience!”

Which of your tattoos did you get first? (@TeamPettyfer)

-“My cross.”

LOVED Beastly!! Went to see it on Monday. (@IzzahGrimshawTW)


Are you going to play Jace Wayland in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones? (@ShadowGirl_)

-“Love the books. I can’t tell you anymore than that at the moment.”

People have asked what I’m wearing – it’s my friends brand Death by Daylight.

Do you prefer to play the good guy or bad guy in movies? (@jenniferNxJaceW)

-“I prefer to play the bad guy – it gives you more freedom as an actor.”

What is your ultimate dream-role to be able to play? (@jenniferNxJaceW)

-“James Hunt!”

Who would you like to work with and who did you like/enjoy/love working with? (@NarroAna)

-“I liked working with @stephenfry

Hey Alex, which is your favorite band? (@Andrew_Garfield)

-“The Police.”

Did you get to do any awesome stunts in a film? (@Jennifer_Henley)

-“I did the backflip off a waterfall in I am Number Four.”

If you could live in another period of time, which would it be? (@gabylafara)

-“The 1960s . It was a more peaceful time.”

Do you have any guilty pleasure? (@xLightwood)

-“Jersey Shore.”

From 1 of your interviews, you said you were scared of horror movies. Are you still scared? (@jenniferNxJaceW)

-“Yeah a little bit.”

What do you do when you are not filming? Or what places do u want to visit?? Kisses from Puerto Rico. (@karymartinez)

-“I  read. My favourite books are Charles Bukowski Post Office & Women.”

Do you get nervous on red carpets or do you like them? (@_eleanorxo)

-“I get very nervous.”

Have u ever thought of performing in a theatre? (@maggiegogler)

-“I’m too scared to perform onstage. I’m not very good with big crowds.”

Do you happen to support a Uk football team, if so, what is it? (@Jennifer_Henley)


Alex how does it feel to work with Vanessa in Beastly? (@IHeartHillary)

-“It was a great experience.”

Thank you so much for joining me today!

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