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‘Clockwork Prince’ release slated for December 2011

"Clockwork Prince" will be released December 6, 2011.

There has been some uncertainty surrounding the release date of “Clockwork Prince,” the second installment of “The Infernal Devices” series.

It was originally slated to be released this September but now, according to Simon and Schuster,  its publication has been pushed back to December 6.

Clare mentioned in an interview with The Mortal Instruments Examiner that her book schedule had been quite hectic, what with both “Mortal Instruments” and “Infernal Devices,” in the mix, and thus the release date for “Clockwork Prince” being pushed back isn’t really a surprise.

One positive?

There will be Advanced Reader Copies of “Clockwork Prince” prior to its release, unlike for “City of Fallen Angels,” which, along with the remainder of “The Mortal Instruments” series, has been embargoed.

The cover for “Clockwork Prince,” which features Jem Carstairs, will be released in May.

Fans can pre-order “Clockwork Prince” and view teasers here and here.

UPDATE: Here’s what Cassie posted on her blog about pushing the release back to December:

The release date for Clockwork Prince is, as Amazon says, December 6. (The cover will be revealed in May.) It was originally slated for end of September, but I was in an accident last year, smashed two ribs and injured my wrist, and couldn’t write for a few weeks. You’d think a slip of a few weeks wouldn’t matter and in most cases it wouldn’t but the deadlines on these books are so incredibly tight, since they’re producing them so incredibly fast (I know it doesn’t seem like it, but they are; I’m not taking less time to write them, so they’re literally crushing all their production dates) that missing one date snowballs: they had to scramble to find a new date, and the earliest was December. Again, it’s a production issue — for instance publishers “reserve” printers ahead of time so that they can get their books actually printed on paper; lose your spot in line and you have to take the next available. As long as books are physical objects we actually hold in our hands, this kind of thing can happen. I am sorry about it — really sorry — but there’s nothing I can do. This should not affect the publication of Lost Souls in May; beyond that, dates are tentative anyway: gives the general outline.
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  1. when is the earliest i can get this book???

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