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Playing the initials game with Cassandra Clare

The mystery continues...

Cassandra Clare is all about mystery and keeping her fans guessing when it comes to her books.

The popular subject on her Twitter yesterday dealt with two initials that people who have read “City of Fallen Angels” might recognize.


It was “scrawled on a wall (in “City of Fallen Angels”),” Clare tweeted. “You have to find it yourself.”

The question is: who is it? Is it a new character or someone we know already?

Of course the first letter automatically makes you think of Jace. One fan even jumped to the assumption of Jace Goldfish. (“Yes. Jace Goldfish,” Clare responded on Twitter).

That’s out of the question then.

Clare remained mum on whether or not this was a character that we already know in “Mortal Instruments” or if it’s a new character that is being–or has been–introduced.

So, when can Clare tell us who JG is?

“I don’t tell you,” she responded to a fan via tweet. “The books tell you.”

One fan had a theory that, when you think about it, might actually make sense.

“I think that JG is Tessa,” she tweeted. “But she would have written her initials in cursive, and a capital T handwritten can look like a J.”

Another fan had a different take.

“JG was misread perhaps,” he tweeted. “Maybe it was a JC carved above the bed. Standing for James Carstairs maybe?”

To which Clare responded: “Could be.”

Perhaps the “Mortal Instruments” and “Infernal Devices” worlds might be intertwining more than we thought.

So what do you think? Is JG someone that we already know in the “Mortal Instruments” world or is it someone that will be introduced in “City of Lost Souls?” Could it be Tessa? Jem? Sound off in the comments below!

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4 Comments on Playing the initials game with Cassandra Clare

  1. Tessa’s parents?

  2. It’s Jessamine Gray. Remember in Clockwork Prince, she carves her initials into the wall in the silent city with the wedding ring Nate gave her.

  3. Jessamine gray

  4. It’s jessamine Gray. I remember rereading city of fallen angels thinking “this is never explained…why add this detail” and then I remembered

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