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The latest ‘City of Fallen Angels/Red Glove’ book tour stops in South Hadley

Cassandra Clare, along with friend and fellow author Holly Black, have been on a City of Fallen Angels/Red Glove book tour across the country and have met hundreds of their devoted fans, some who had driven several hours for the event.

One “Mortal Instruments” fan, Ashley, attended Friday’s book tour in South Hadley,Ma., featuring authors Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.

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Here’s her write up of the event:

Let me start of by saying that driving 2 hours plus makes the butt go numb…lol 🙂 As soon as we got there we meaning my sis @chiq777 her baby and my son mind u we were starving but we didn’t care cuz we got there on time. So we get there and it’s already packed thank goodness I reserved some seats. While waiting I bought a couple books.

So we’re waiting till Cassie and Holly showed up 7 o’clock rolls around and drum roll at cassie and holly came. Yay!!! *cheers* *claps* Sooo excited.

So first of Cassie reads as excerpt from CP (Clockwork Prince) and of course it makes us want more. Why Cassie why do you want to kill us slowly. But really I want the book like NOW! Then it was Holly’s turn and she reads Black Heart Book 3 of the Curse Workers, also can’t wait for that which comes out spring 2012…more toture. Slow death by not getting books can u imagine. Both were great of course.

Q&A was next people asked the same questions that are asked here on Twitter really like who does she want to Jace in the movie. She’s neutral of course. But the funny story was about how she got the idea of Magnus and she said that she was in a bar or club. I forgot but anyways there was a guys that was really glittered up and he goes to the bar and asks for his drink the bartender says wow he’s so sparkly and Cassie is there and says “what a character”. That’s how we got Magnus. She also said that he was only going to be a one time character but good for us she extended his character. Thanks Cassie!!!

Next is their lighting round where they ask the last 10 questions really fast and they answer really fast. Let’s just say that I felt like they were in fastforward…lol fun. Signing time next and the line was soooo long and to top it off I needed a potty break.. didn’t go though I was dedicated to stay in that line and get my things signed. Finally I got there they signed I got Cassie’s postcards. Holly’s postcard and my emotionworker wristband 🙂 plus both excerpts. Got a picture with both ladies. Sweet ladies lovely authors. My recommendation is if they are around… GO GO GO you won’t regret it! Best time I’ve had!!!

Thanks to Ashley for the write up and it seemed like she had a great time.

For a look at Clare and Black’s City of Fallen Angels/Red Glove book tour, click here.

Will you be attending a Clare signing? Email us at MortalInstrumentsSource [at] gmail [dot] com or message us on Twitter if you’re interested in covering the event for the site.

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