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Cassandra Clare to reward ‘Mortal Instruments’ fans with Malec scene

“Mortal Instruments” fans have spoken and now they shall be rewarded.

Author Cassandra Clare pitched a challenge to her fans earlier in the week which involved upping her Twitter followers count to 30,000.

Mission accomplished.

The reward?

Fans’ choice.

Clare posted a poll, which saw thousands of responses, that included Will’s perspective on the holy water scene in “Clockwork Angel,” Magnus and Alec’s hookup in “City of Ashes” (or how Alec got all those hickeys), Jace’s perspective on manor house scene in “City of Glass” or Jem’s perspective on mizpah scene in “Clockwork Angel.”

Throughout voting it was a deadlock between Will and the holy water and the Malec hookup. Ultimately, the Malec scene took the top honor (Clare noted that the scene would be from Alec’s perspective).

But don’t fret, Will fans. Clare promised that once she hits 35,000 (she’s 657 away not that I’m counting or anything), she will unleash the Will scene on us.

Well, first she has to write it.

But we all know it will be worth the wait.

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