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Lily Collins talks “Mortal Instruments” with Next Movie, assures filming will happen this year

Check out Lily Collins as Lucy in "Priest," which hits theaters this Friday. Photo: Screen Gems

Lily Collins might be Hollywood’s next “It” girl according to Next Movie.

Collins has been on a press tour for her upcoming movie “Priest,” which hits theaters on Friday (who’s excited?!), and recently sat down with Next Movie, where she shed some light on her role as Clary Fray in “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.”

“I’m Clary Fray, and we’re looking at the casting for the rest of the characters, and it’s based on the most amazing series of books by Cassandra Clare,” Collins said. “And being a fan of “Harry Potter” and “Twilight,” to be able to have my own franchise, and one based on a girl heroine, it’s a complete honor. And I love [director Scott Charles Stewart, who also helmed “Priest”] and [Screen Gems exec Clint Culpepper].”

Collins was also cast as the lead in “Snow White,” and it was revealed that filming for “Snow White” would come before “Mortal Instruments.” But not to fret, Collins assured that filming for “Mortal Instruments” will indeed happen this year.

“We’re in the process of it,” Collins told Next Movie, “and I just got cast as “Snow White,” and that goes before. Filming on “Mortal” will happen this year, though, for sure.  It’s just pushed a little.”

Collins also revealed how excited she is to be part of a project that could be “the next “Potter” or “Twilight,” as well as how amazing support from “Mortal Instruments” fans has been.

“Seriously, I read the series of books and loved it,” Collins told Next Movie, “and I forget how many fans – I mean, I’m a fan of it – but  how many of us are out there. The second casting hit the internet, it’s like an uproar… You read a book about a heroine and you have this vision in your mind, so the second it’s cast it could go either way. So to have their support and enthusiasm behind me was a complete honor. And it’s a crazy thought to think it could turn into that.”

Be sure to head over to Next Movie to read more of Collins’ Q & A, where she sheds light on “Priest,” her first acting gig, the great Harry Potter vs Twilight debate, Twitter or Facebook and what she would be doing if she weren’t acting.

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10 Comments on Lily Collins talks “Mortal Instruments” with Next Movie, assures filming will happen this year

  1. Still don’t see her as clary…

  2. Trish Castro // May 11, 2011 at 7:01 PM // Reply

    Lily is going to make a beautiful Clary!! Cannot wait!

  3. cheryl becker // May 11, 2011 at 7:29 PM // Reply

    i love the cassandra clare books i am reading the firest three of the mortal instruments series and waiting to get city of fallen angels and clock work angel from the library. they are great and i am looking forward to reading all the rest in the series. I am a big fan of her books.

  4. I don’t see her as Clary at all. Nothing like I pictured.

    • That’s understandable. But as long as she embodies Clary and understands the character then that is the most important part. Hollywood can alter looks not essence.

  5. Hate the Twllight/HP comparisons. mostly because Twilight can’t hold a candle to HP, but anyway they’re apples and oranges. There can never be another Twilight as much as there can never be another Harry Potter – they’re completely all their own, just like Kate Middleton will never be “the next Diana.” Why not celebrate Cassie’s series for the awesome original work it is, without silly ocmparisons?

    • The Twilight/Harry Potter comparisons I believe is in regards to money wise. Basically the next blockbuster. None of these series can be replicated but the big thing with film adaptations is getting the fan support to generate a blockbuster.

  6. Saved as a favorite, I enjoy your blog! 🙂

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