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Cassandra Clare denies Jace casting rumor that actors narrowed down to two

Are Xavier Samuel, Max Irons or Ed Speleers in contention for the role of Jace?

Reports surfaced late last night that Cassandra Clare had announced at a conference at Auckland Writer’s Festival Wordy Day Out in New Zealand that she had received a text message prior to the event saying that the actors in consideration for the role of Jace in the upcoming “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” film adaptation had been narrowed down to two.

Clare cleared up the rumors and confirmed that it was in fact NOT true.

“I can confirm that that is totally NOT true. I didn’t get a text from anyone involved with the movie all day. Not surprising as they are 14 hours off from me in the U S. Sounds like a game of telephone.”

So the casting hunt for Jace Wayland is still in full swing, which means that Alex Pettyfer for Jace is not dead yet.

UPDATE: Clare posted this response in regards to the Jace casting:

“ON THE JACE CASTING TOPIC: I don’t know much, but I do know that after auditioning a lot of people, known and unknown, they are starting to narrow down the field to a smaller number of “finalists” (not that it’s a reality show game.) That most of the actors they seem to like best are British or Australian. That the actors have to test with Lily for chemistry anyway as part of the process. That there is no set date for “announcing” Jace because they haven’t chosen him and even when they do, they’ll still have to negotiate a contract, etc.

“As a side note, yes, I do know Alex Pettyfer signed up to play a stripper in a movie that’s in development. As to how this impacts him being Jace, honestly, I am not going to speculate. I don’t know more than you do. He was offered the Jace role, along with The Last Apprentice and other roles, a long time ago. Obviously all these projects have to keep moving ahead whatever he does. There are a lot of great options for Jace, both known actors and less known ones and I’m glad the producers are looking at a wide range of people before deciding.”

Fans have been waiting anxiously for the casting of Jace Wayland and now it seems like there may be significant ground made in regards to the casting.

According to a report from a fan in attendance of Auckland Writer’s Festival Wordy Day Out in New Zealand, Cassandra Clare announced during a conference that she had received a text message prior to the event saying that the actors in consideration for the role of Jace in the upcoming “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” film adaptation had been narrowed down to two.

Oh, um, I was at a signing for her today and she did a conference. She said something like: I got a text just before saying that Jace had been narrowed down to two people and hopefully he’ll be cast in the next few weeks.

The source also said that the actors in contention are not American but British and Australian.

On Friday, Deadline announced that fan favorite Alex Pettyfer will be starring in “Magic Mike,” a film based on the real life events of Channing Tatum’s time as a male stripper.

It was assumed that the role might interfere with the filming schedule of “Mortal Instruments,” which is scheduled to begin late summer or early fall.

The fact that there is reportedly two finalists in contention suggests that Pettyfer is out as Jace.

Pettyfer was offered the role of Jace back in February and has had over three months to take it into consideration. The fact that Screen Gems sought after him the way they did tells me that if he wanted the role it was his to take.

So the question becomes, who could these two actors be?

Possible British Actors in for Jace:

  • Max Irons
  • Ed Speleers
  • Douglas Booth

Possible Australian Actors for Jace:

  • Xavier Samuel

Is there anyone I’m missing on these lists? Let me know in the comments.

What do you think, “Mortal Instruments” fans? Who could the two actors in contention for the role of Jace be? Is Alex as Jace officially done? And just how exciting is it that we may be finding our Jace in the coming weeks? Sound off in the comments below!

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18 Comments on Cassandra Clare denies Jace casting rumor that actors narrowed down to two

  1. Well technically it could still be Pettyfer since he is British…right? I just hope it isn’t.

  2. GAAAH!
    It has to be ALEX PETTYFER! 😀
    But Xavier Samuel is okay for me. 🙂

  3. i’m still hoping that alex is still in the option for the role…

  4. IDC, IM STILL FOR ALEX AS JACE ! , im okaay with Xavier Samuel as Jace (:

  5. i will never care this much again I am going to go NUTS. I still think there is time for alex to do magic mike, overdrive and TMI-there is speculation that magic mike might be lower budget and maybe not take as long?

    • It is possible that he could have time for all three movies. Who knows if the script for Magic Mike is done yet? “Mortal” won’t start shooting til late summer or early fall for a few months so its possible that he could move from one project to the next.

  6. Alyssa I just read on deadline that lily collins snow white movie is starting in august (when I believe overdrive is supposed to film so that is not a problem) i think the big question is what the timeline on magic mike is. In other news jamie campbell bower apparently tweeted that he read for something but wasn’t saying what it was.(but cassandra clare either re-tweeted it or referenced it when a fan asked) basically we need an alex sighting in LA soon to keep my hope alive (my sources and research say he has not been there since late feb) i just wanna know. shooting could begin before the end of this year-there is a TON of stuff involved in getting a movie together.

    • Sounds like filming for “Mortal Instruments” won’t start until October/November so there is still plenty of time for the producers to cast Jace. I saw that tweet from Jamie and what a tease! LOL. I think the thing with Alex is does he really want it? The producers made it clear that they want him as Jace so shouldn’t it be his role to take?

  7. yeah that is what I have been wondering as of late-so yeah if he doesn’t want to do it then great let’s all move on.

  8. i’m still hoping that alex will finally accept the role…. cause i totally can’t see other jace aside from him….

  9. First I thought that Alex is perfect for the role but now when I saw the options I think that Max Irons will be perfect… or at least that’s my opinion.

  10. i want ALEX PETTYFER for JACE!!!! why can’t these people just cast him already

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