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Lily Collins discusses importance of fan involvement in “Mortal” movie process

Ever since Lily Collins was cast as heroine Clary Fray in “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” film adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s best-selling series of novels back in December 2010, she has been really receptive to the TMI fandom.

When she sat down with MTV to promote her latest project “Priest,” which is in theaters now, the topic of “Mortal Instruments” surfaced and Collins revealed the reason behind her tweeting as Clary Fray (@LilyAsClaryFray).

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“The studio wanted it to be very much about having the fans’ input,” she said, “because like the readers of the book, I’m also a big fan of the series. To be cast as the heroine that I’ve admired in books for me is a huge deal. Being one of them as well, I want to know what they think for certain characters.”

Lily Collins and Screen Gems want the fans involved in the "Mortal Instruments" movie process.

With some of the actors in contention for the coveted role of Jace Wayland rumored to be “unknowns,” Collins embraces the idea of bringing in an unknown and giving them a chance for any role.

“This movie may be about discovering someone new,” she said. “I was new talent not that long ago and I wanted a chance.”

Collins also talked about the importance of getting the readers involved in the process and noted that Clare has quite some input on the movie making process, as well.

“It’s very much about involving the readers as much as possible,” Collins said. “Cassandra Clare is obviously a huge part of this story, as well. She’s created a magical world where you can escape and go to a whole other place. She’s having a lot of input, as well.”

Collins redefined fanfare when she created a Twitter account dedicated exclusively to her character (@LilyAsClaryFray) and the “Mortal Instruments” movie. Since creating the account she has gotten in touch with fans, spilled secrets about the designs of some certain vampire bikes and promises more where that came from once the movie-making process really gets underway.

“It’s kind of the first time that someone is tweeting as a character,” Collins said, “giving inside information as to casting ideas or set pieces or costume design. It’s really to feel that everyone is as involved in the process as possible. The readers are a huge part of the story’s success so why not involve them in the movie process, as well?”

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