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Addressing the Jace casting situation: Be patient and have faith

Jamie Campbell Bower, Ed Speleers and Leebo Freeman

The Mortal Instruments fandom has been reeling since casting news surfaced on Monday about three actors in contention for the role of Jace Wayland in the film adaptation of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.”

The Wrap reported that Jamie Campbell Bower, Ed Speleers and Leebo Freeman were spotted at the Sony Pictures lot where they were testing with Lily Collins for the role of Jace.

It’s no secret that Alex Pettyfer has been the fan favorite to take on the role of the complex Shadowhunter. In the last several days the odds of Pettyfer playing Jace have dwindled and it has fans in an uproar.

Pettyfer was offered the role of Jace about three months ago and since then Screen Gems has been working hard to lock him up. Cassandra Clare herself even spoke to Pettyfer, though it’s not sure what they discussed.

The casting process for Jace has been long and agonizing.

Fans should find it comforting that the producers are really taking their time in finding the perfect Jace. Jace is such a pivotal part in this series that Screen Gems knows not to take the casting process lightly.

Another factor as to why the casting process has taken so long might be attributed to Screen Gems’ commitment to securing Pettyfer for the part. Even back in March they were still negotiating with him.

It seems more likely that Pettyfer has decided to move on from “The Mortal Instruments” and thus the casting for Jace must go on.

And I believe that Bower, Speleers and Freeman are all excellent candidates.

Keep in mind that we aren’t seeing their screen test with Lily Collins or any of their other auditions. The producers know what they are doing–they’ve been doing this for a long time.

As a reminder, these three contenders may or may not be the only three actors vying for the role. Nothing is confirmed.

Listen to my thoughts on the Jace casting situation:

Here are our three possible contenders:

Jamie Campbell Bower

Age: 22

From: London

Twitter: @JamieBower

Known For: Sweeney ToddThe Twilight SagaThe Prisoner and  Camelot

Should play Jace because: He’s by far the most experienced actor out of the three and he’s just a brilliant actor. He’s got an angelic face and blonde hair that can be tamed to fit Jace.

Ed Speleers

Age: 23

From: The United Kingdom

Twitter: @EdSpeleers

Known For: EragonEcho Beach

Should play Jace because: He has experience playing an action star in Eragon. He’s got those blonde locks and an angelic face.

Leebo Freeman

Age: 22

From: Florida

Twitter: @LeeboFreeman

Known For: Nothing except modeling. (Check out this cool behind the scenes video for a photo shoot where he shows off some kick-butt moves around the 2:55 mark)

Should play Jace because: He’s got the bad-boy look down. Just look at those eyes, they stare right into your soul. And that body *swoon*

What do you think? Out of Jamie, Ed and Leebo, who’s your Jace? Play nice!

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9 Comments on Addressing the Jace casting situation: Be patient and have faith

  1. On looks alone, I say Leebo Freeman.

  2. Look wise, I would say Leebo but he doesn’t look very 17 nor does he have an angelic face. But I like the fact that he’s unknown in the acting world. However, looks aside, I think Ed would be the better choice in terms of looks and acting ability. As for Jamie, he just doesn’t fit the part at all! I really hope they don’t pick him.

    • I love that Leebo is an unknown and that you can’t attach a previous role to him. I’d be satisfied with any of the three of them because that means that the producers see something in them to convince them they’d be a great Jace.

  3. I’ll just keep repeating Leebo in hopes
    screen gems is doing their homework 😉

  4. Why not Jamie for Alec? All he needs is to dye his hair hark and bam! Blue eyes dark hair!

    • Hmm interesting… If he doesn’t get Jace maybe he should audition for Alec. Sometimes that’s what happens to actors who don’t get the part they originally auditioned for.

  5. I’m so over Alex pettyfer, see you letter, move over. Leebo, no no no, can the guy even act? He looks to rugged and scary, and more of a sebastian. I don’t think he can pull of Jace’s complexity.

    JCB, see I really didn’t like him in camelot. Also I think he is way to feminine to play Jace and I don’t think he can pull it off.

    Ed speleers all the way!! He looks the part and I think he can pull it off, he can also act he should be given the chance.

    I’m rooting for you speleers!!

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