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Cassandra Clare talks movie, fans, smallpox hospital and more with TMI Spanish News

Cassandra Clare talked with TMI Spanish News in honor of "City of Fallen Angels" Spain release.

In honor of the release of "City of Fallen Angels" in Spain, our friend over at TMI Spanish News interviewed the woman behind our obsession, Cassandra Clare. They took fan-submitted questions from everything pertaining to the "City of Bones" movie adaptation to the writing process to seeing her fans inked up with runes to her run-in with police while trying to photograph an abandoned smallpox hospital.

Daniela Estrada: "What was the book that made you want to become a writer?" Cassandra Clare: "Hi, Daniela. There was no one book that made me want to be a writer. It was rather a lifetime of reading books that made me want to be a writer. Many writers have influenced me, not just one."

Sandra Jimenez: "How did happen to you to create the series? Did it take a lot of work to get it published?"

Cassandra Clare: "I got the idea years ago - I was in a tattoo shop in Manhattan's East Village when the idea came to me that it would be fun to write about characters who used magical tattoos to fight monsters. The characters came just after that. It took about two or three years to develop that into a consistent magic system and a book. Then I had to find an agent and a publisher, which took about another year."

Maria Isabel Gonzalez: "Could you tell us any anecdote that happened to you while you were writing the books?"

Cassandra Clare: "I got in some trouble trying to get close to the abandoned smallpox hospital on Blackwell's Island so I could photograph it. The police came to shoot me away and I told them I was a writer and I needed to get close to the building so I could see the details. They said, "Oh, writing a book about New York history?" I said, "No, demons actually.""

Alyssa Barbieri: "What is the most exciting thing about the writing process?"

Cassandra Clare: "Aside from the great feeling of finishing a book — meeting readers!"

Giuliana Caruso and M. Isabel Gonzalez: “Is there any character that has features you’ve seen in yourself or someone else and that these features has motivated you to create it? Is there any character that you feel specially connected or identify yourself?”

Cassandra Clare: “I always say that Simon and Tessa are the most like me, while Magnus is the most fun to write.”

Martha E. Chalé: If you could modify something of your books already published, would you change something? What?”

Cassandra Clare: “You cannot change an already published book, so I think it is a bad idea to think about it. You can only go forward, trying to get better.”

Francisca Hidalgo“Cassandra, we all are very anxious to watch the movie adaption of CoB, this leads to a lot of expectations, because as a reader, everyone has on their mind (and imagination) an idea of the situations and of the characters. My question is related to that topic, Do you have any worries related to the adaptation of your book? I mean, Are you afraid that the book could lost its own essence? In which way are you working on the adaptation to avoid that this could happen?”

Cassandra Clare: “Of course I have worries about the film. I have seen many writers have their books turned into movies they didn’t like. But on the other hand, I have seen many writers who had their books turned into movies that they did like. If you do not risk having a bad movie made out of your book, you will never have a good movie made out of your book. I do not think most people understand how little control an author has over what happens with their book once they sell the rights to the studio. I have only as much input as the studio feels like hearing from me. If they wanted they could make the whole movie without ever talking to me at all. So it is fortunate that so far they have consulted with me sometimes.”

Martha E. Chalé: “When you see your fans with runes on the arms, legs, etc., what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?”

Cassandra Clare: “That it is great that they are so caught up in this world that they want it to be real.” 

Carmen G.H. and Bea Olmedo: “Why did Dorothea said to Jace that he will fall in love with the wrong person if at the end Clary is not his sister? It has something to do with the Angel’s Blood they both have? Does it work with them like an “iman”?”

Cassandra Clare: “I don’t know what that is, but I do know that question is a spoiler. :)”

Bea Olmedo: “Are the irony and sarcasm genetic in Herondale family?”

Cassandra Clare: “Yes. It is the one thing they all have in common.”

Source: TMI Spanish News

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