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Fans react to the “Clockwork Prince” cover reveal

Will made a special guest appearance at BEA to unveil the "Clockwork Prince" cover. Photo: Mundie Moms

The anticipation that accompanied the wait of the unveiling of the “Clockwork Prince” cover was well worth the wait for fans of Cassandra Clare’s bestselling prequel series, “The Infernal Devices.”

The cover was unveiled at BEA in New York City, with some help from Mr. Will Herondale, and then our friends over at Mundie Moms revealed it for those who couldn’t attend the event.

“It’s absolutely fantastic,” said @goodbyelinda. “I have no words for my feelings.”

“Uh-mazing,” said @cancanchoco. “That’s exactly how I pictured Jem.”

“OMG,” said @DreamingTessie. “Jem is too beautiful! Love it!”

“The cover is a thing of beauty,” said @MaddaB_CH75.

“Is not how I pictured Jem,” said @shadowhuntersIT. “It’s much better. Stunning cover!”

“WOW WOW WOW,” said reader Shay. “How YOU doin’ Jem??!!

“LOVE it,” said reader Jemina. “I’m thinking it will make a nice addition to the wall in front of my desk at work. SO excited for CP!”

Even Will fans, such as myself, couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty that was Jem on the “Clockwork Prince” cover.

“Although I’m rooting for Will,” said @NikolMawin, “I think the cover is fierce!”

“My fav cover is CoB,” said reader Devon, “but holy moly! Gorgeous Jem! I wonder why we can’t see Will’s face very well on CA? That always bothered me. Oh well, it leaves more imagination to my team Will mind! Love him!”

Who else absolutely cannot wait to read “Clockwork Prince” even more than ever now?

Be sure to check out all of the “Clockwork Prince” teasers so far.

Mundie Moms also has a contest going over at their site where you can win a Limited Edition Clockwork Prince t-shirt and chapter samplers they gave out at BEA.

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1 Comment on Fans react to the “Clockwork Prince” cover reveal

  1. very excited-if TID become movies I am not getting as mentally involved in casting can’t wait to read clockwork prince!

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